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9 types of pain that can not be tolerated

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

We all suffer pain. It happens too long. But it happens that it is absolutely impossible to endure it! Because you may not have a clue about the causes of some of them. These facts can save your life!

Scientific publication WebMD writes:

“It happens when pain occurs in one place, but manifests itself in a completely different one.”

In general, read about these pains. Have you been to them before? And what did you do?

This article shows various areas of the body in which you may experience chronic or acute pain. Scroll down to see what it points to!

1. Heart

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

If you have heart problems, you may experience pain in the chest area and in the heart area. However, pain in the left arm or in the upper back can also indicate heart problems.

Here is what they think about this at the University of Michigan Medical School:

“Heart pain is often manifested in the upper parts of the body. This is because the heart sends nerve signals through the nerves of the spinal cord. If you have a sore left arm, this can be a sign of an approaching heart attack. ”

2. Lungs and diaphragm

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Lung or diaphragm problems can cause pain in these areas. The upper part of the shoulder and neck are the “mirrors” of these internal organs. If they hurt, maybe your lungs are too dirty, and it's time to stop smoking. The fact is that the "information" about the pain in these areas transmits the phrenic nerve.

Therapist Paul Ingram writes:

“Diseases of the lungs and diaphragm can cause problems with the muscles of the neck and in other upper parts of the body. Most people suffer from these and other consequences of ineffective breathing, but do not notice this. ”

And again: any problems with the respiratory system should be considered seriously and require an immediate trip to the doctor.

3. Liver and gallbladder

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Problems with the liver or gall bladder can also be pain in the neck or upper shoulder areas, as well as on the right side of the body, just below the nipples.

The American Massage Therapy Association notes:

“The gallbladder can cause pain under the scapula. It happens that the pain appears in the neck and in the area of ​​the diaphragm. It is there that the phrenic nerve passes. So if you regularly have pain in these parts of the body, see your doctor ”

4. Stomach and pancreas

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Pain in these areas in the anterior and posterior parts of the body indicates problems with the digestive system of the body. writes that about 50% of patients with acute pancreatitis also experience acute back pain.

As a rule, in its upper part.

In general, this pain is extremely important. If she visits you, see your doctor. Simple painkillers will not help.

5. Small intestine

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

If you have difficulty with the small intestine, you may experience pain in the navel. Those. in front of the abdomen. writes that moderate pain in the navel can be a signal that you have a bowel problem or some kind of intestinal disorder. This can be very dangerous!

Agree, a very specific "problem" place. So tell the doctor the exact place of the pain, if it is suddenly about you. This will help him figure it out.

6. Large intestine

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Appendicitis and problems with the colon are often reflected in these specific areas of the abdomen.

PatientPlus writes:

"Pain in the right iliac fossa - the first sign of appendicitis"

A WHO adds pain to the lower abdomen may indicate problems with the colon.

Since both of these problems are extremely dangerous and can even lead to death, consult a doctor immediately if you experience acute or chronic pain in these areas.

7. Kidneys

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Kidney problems can manifest as pain that covers the widest parts of the body. It can especially hurt in the lower back, abdomen and pelvis. It may also hurt the front of the thighs. Pain under the ribs is a similar symptom.

If you experience severe discomfort in these areas, consult your doctor. Kidney problems are serious.

8. Bladder

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Bladder problems often manifest as pains in the lower pelvis. And from the front and back.

The American Massage Therapy Association writes:

"Any infection in this organ can cause a sharp pain in the lumbar region"

There are a number of serious problems whose development is provoked by an unhealthy bladder. If pain in the specified area of ​​the body is accompanied by problems with urination, be sure to consult a doctor!

9. Ovaries

9 видов боли, которую нельзя терпеть

Ovarian problems cause pain on both sides of the abdomen.

Womens-Health-Advice writes:

“An ovarian cyst can cause sharp stabbing pains in the abdomen. Ovarian cancer is also life threatening.”

Therefore, any severe pain in the abdomen requires an immediate visit to the doctor. Especially if these pains are accompanied by bleeding!

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