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How to read all important lines on the palm without the help of a fortune teller

Как прочитать все важные линии на ладони без помощи гадалки
A gypsy-fortuneteller, who wonders on her hand, depicted on the canvas by Nicolas Rainier. France, 1620-1622

Palmistry (from other Greek hand and fortune telling, prophecy) is one of the oldest systems of divination about the individual features of a person, the features of his character, the experiences he experienced and his future fate in the skin relief of the palms - the papillary and especially the flexor lines, and the hills in the palm of your hand and in appearance. One of the directions of chirosophy.

As an area of ​​activity palmistry, as well as astrology, fortune telling and esotericism, are legalized in the sphere of "personal services" at the national and international level. Chiromancy, along with esotericism, parapsychology, astrology, bioenergetics and other occult teachings, is not recognized as a science by any serious scientific community. Art as such palmistry is not due to the lack of activity aimed at creating aesthetically expressive forms. Nowadays, most researchers from the world of science classify palmistry as pseudoscience or pseudoscience .

Scientific chiromancy was invariably rejected, but the study of finger patterns gave impetus to the emergence of a new branch of knowledge - dermatoglyphics .

Palmistry and chiromancy (palmistry and chirology) are practiced all over the world. This science originates from Indian astrology and gypsy divination. The purpose of divination is to determine the character or future of a person, studying only the palms of his hands. If you are a novice palmist or just want to tell fortunes and entertain friends, we recommend you read this article in order to have a general impression of a man by his lines on the palms of his hands.

Choose your hand

In palmistry it is considered that:

  • In women, the right hand shows what you were born with, and the left hand shows what you have accumulated throughout your life.
  • In men - on the contrary. The left hand shows what you were born with, and the right hand shows what you have accumulated throughout your life.

In addition, the dominant hand can tell about the present / past (and the non-dominant one - respectively, about the future).

There are various schools of thought on this issue. Some say that the left hand shows potential and probability, not a guaranteed future. The difference between hands can also mean that a person is going to take some steps that will change his life.

Identify the four main lines

Как прочитать все важные линии на ладони без помощи гадалки

They can be intermittent or short, but they surely are present at all:

  • Heart line.
  • Head line.
  • Life Line.
  • Line of destiny (there are not at all).

Let's find out how to read each one correctly.

Heart line

The heart line indicates the strength of the emotional state of the subject , speaks about the abilities of the individual, how she can love and express her feelings.

The end of the line of the heart between the fingers speaks about the balance of feelings and mind.

Also on the line of the heart you can see the islands - these are problems related to the heart as an organ. But the line basically expresses feelings, and shows the quality with which all human attachments, that is, relations and all kinds of experiences, are related.

Near the heart line in the neighborhood you can often find the Ring of Venus - this is a line that strengthens the value of the heart line on the arm.

Head line

The head line shows us the state of the mind of a person and tells us how a person can apply his intellect in life and get the most benefit from it.

If the line of the head is straight and strong, fairly long and emerges on the distinct hillock of Mars, this indicates a person's ability to intensively defend his point of view and opinion.

It is worth noting the fact that a person with a head line , located at a great distance from the line of life, is prone to make mistakes: this is a sign of impulsiveness .

The headline displays events related to a person's mental achievements, which are displayed as a branch upward, as well as psychological problems expressed by branches of the opposite meaning, which will give an opportunity to warn a person about the consequences that can cause harm to human health.

Life Line

The life line is an indicator of health , vitality and stamina. With its help you can identify the main events relating to a person's personal life, as well as see everything related to health and well-being.

The long line of life, if it is clearly delineated and has a uniform depth, promises good health, helps overcome difficulties, as it rewards the owner with the strength of resistance to life's adversities and illnesses, predicts the possibility of a long and fruitful life.

The red line indicates that the person is prone to nervous breakdowns, and also speaks about the intensified life energy of the owner, sometimes so strong that there can be bursts of aggression and cruelty.

If there is a wide, as it were a blurred line, this indicates a poor physical shape and a tendency to disease, characterizing the person as being exposed to external influences.

Many people with a short life line live happily for a long time, since later the line can sprout if a person promptly prompts. It is possible, for example, that an abandoned bad habit will positively affect the weakened health and improve the situation.

The line of fate

The line of destiny is quite complicated, since the lines of destiny can be several, and besides, the line of destiny can begin with different parts of the hand.

This is the main line that reflects the career of a person, pointing out how he will follow through life. Here we will see all the main events, all the changes and inclinations in his life.

The line accurately characterizes what is happening in a person's life, all achievements and setbacks. Pay attention to the broken lines, tears and intersections, this can mean big trouble.

Determine the type of hand

Как прочитать все важные линии на ладони без помощи гадалки

Each type is associated with certain traits. The length of the palm is measured from the wrist to the extreme phalanx of the fingers.

The main interpretations are as follows:

  • Earth.
  • Air.
  • Water.
  • Fire.


Earth : wide square palms and fingers, thick rough skin, ruddy color; the length of the palm is equal to the length of the fingers:

  • Unshakable values ​​and energy (sometimes stubborn).
  • Practicality and responsibility, sometimes materialism.
  • He works with his hands, likes to make.


Air : square or rectangular palms with long fingers and sometimes protruding joints, low thumbs and dry skin; the length of the palm is less than the length of the fingers:

  • Sociability, talkativeness and wit.
  • Can be shallow, malicious and cold in communication.
  • He feels confident in the spiritual and intangible.
  • Does everything in its own way.


Water: long, sometimes oval, palms with long, flexible, conical fingers; the length of the palm is equal to the length of the fingers, but smaller than the width in the widest part of the palm:

  • Creative, insightful and responsive.
  • Can be capricious, emotional and withdrawn.
  • Introvert.
  • Acts calmly and intuitively.


Fire : square or rectangular palm, rosy or pink skin and short fingers; the palm is longer than the length of the fingers:

  • Spontaneity, enthusiasm and optimism.
  • Sometimes selfishness, impulsiveness and numbness.
  • An extrovert.
  • Acts boldly and instinctively.

Look at the mounds

Как прочитать все важные линии на ладони без помощи гадалки

These are fleshy bulges in the palm of the hand. To see them better, lightly squeeze the hand. What is the biggest hillock?

The lush, full-blown Venus hill (under the thumb) denotes a person who loves pleasure, a man who quickly falls in love and is also quickly disappointed. The poor development of this mound indicates the lack of a constant need for sexual relations.

The bugle of Jupiter is located under the forefinger. This mound of ambition, pride, nobility and love, expresses the desire to manage people. The absence of this mound is a sign of a lazy person without any ambitions or aspirations.

Under the middle finger is the hill of Saturn . With a great development of the hillock, we face a vindictive, brave and superstitious man, thoughtful and capable of seclusion. The undeveloped hill of Saturn is an indicator of superficiality and disorganization.

The hill of the sun is under the ring finger. He shows the ability to creativity and means a person spiritually developed, "winged", living not only in the material world. If the hill is weak or absent, it shows the opposite qualities - inability to the arts and lack of imagination.

The hill of Mercury is under the little finger. If it is convex, then what does the owner like to talk without stopping. Flat means the opposite - shyness.

Now estimate the size of the hand and fingers

The size of the hand , proportional to other parts of the body, is a sign of constancy and balance of character. In other cases, the hand belongs to an unstable, unstable person, prone to bad habits and actions.

Remember: the size of the hand should be measured in proportion to the body . Naturally, a two-meter tall dildo has more hands than a child of four years old.

Long fingers can be a sign of anxiety, and their owner is usually well brought up, well-looked and gentle character. Short fingers indicate that the person is impatient, very sexy and inventive.

Long nails mean that a person is good at keeping secrets. Short - a sign of a critical and sarcastic personality. Stretched nails are a sign of charisma and diplomacy.

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Как прочитать все важные линии на ладони без помощи гадалки