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EAT THIS! List of useful products

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов
The animal is saturated, a person eats, an intelligent person knows how to eat. ~ Brillat-Savarin

Forget your addiction to commercial products once and for all!

A list of useful products that must be consumed, they are good for your health!

Fatty fish

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

In such varieties of fish in large quantities contains omega-3, and, as you know, this acid is involved in the production of gray matter in the brain. Fish is rich and healthy for the human body. Eating fish helps strengthen blood vessels, cleanse them of cholesterol and improve blood flow, and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. The most useful fish are: salmon, tuna, sardines, eel and trout. Fish is recommended to consume 1-2 times a week.

Milk and any dairy products

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

The components of dairy products are easily absorbed by the brain cells, and their metabolism is improved, which has a positive effect on human intellectual abilities. This has been proven experimentally: people who regularly use milk have improved memory and logical thinking!


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

This traditional product is a complete source of essential nutrients. Eggs will replenish stocks of phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, iron, vitamin A, D and group B!


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

They are a source of folic acid and vitamin B. These substances do not improve the indicators of intelligence, but they affect the most important function of mental activity - they strengthen memory.


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

They contain lycopene (antioxidant), which neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals on the brain. By the way, scientists have proved that during heat treatment, the content of this substance in tomatoes only increases. Lycopene helps to cleanse and heal the body, renewing cells and rejuvenating the skin.


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

The root crop is rich in vitamins C, groups B, D, E, K, as well as many trace elements: potassium, iron, phosphorus. Served in baked form, the potato normalizes the cardiovascular system and metabolism.


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

It is useful to eat muesli and oatmeal for breakfast, these products are rich in carbohydrates, contain mineral salts, B vitamins and coarse fiber!

Brown rice

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

This cereal is useful to eat for lunch due to the high content of fiber and complex carbohydrates in cereal shells, as well as the complete absence of fat.


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Buckwheat is included in the list of useful products due to the high content of iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine and other trace elements that are valuable to human health. Porridge from this cereal replenishes the reserves of organic acids (oxalic, citric) and vitamins B, P, E in the body.


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Almost 40% of the carbohydrates contained in this product are fructose, which normalizes the enzymatic processes in the body. The benefits of honey - in a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system: the inclusion of this valuable component in the healthy breakfast menu will allow you to avoid adverse jumps in blood pressure throughout the day.


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Natural fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, thanks to which such food ensures the normal functioning of the intestines. The caloric content of many fruits - apples, citrus, pears, plums and others - does not exceed 40-60 kcal, which allows you to include them in any diet for weight loss.

Nuts and butter

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews) and oils (sunflower, walnuts, olive) contain a large amount of monounsaturated fats that help to increase the level of "good" cholesterol in the human body. It is very useful to eat walnuts and olive oil on a daily basis, because these products affect the shape, skin, condition of your weight, and also increase immunity.

Freshly squeezed juices

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

A healthy breakfast, started with a glass of orange juice, will help the stomach prepare for digestion. This nectar contains a large amount of vitamin C; Other natural juices (apple, carrot, tomato, etc.) are rich in pectin, carotene and other nutrients!


ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Compote is not just a drink, but a vitamin drink that provides our body with various vitamins, pectin substances, minerals, and fructose - fruit sugar, which is more useful and more easily absorbed by the body than glucose and sucrose.

Green tea

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Many of the beneficial properties of green tea are due to the high content of various chemicals. The main composition of tea includes about 500 (!) Elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fluorine, etc.), 450 types of organic compounds (proteins, fats, etc.) and almost all groups of vitamins. It is not surprising, therefore, that green tea brings so much benefit!

Whole grain bread or wholemeal flour

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

In addition to the rich content of fiber and complex carbohydrates, these cereal products are characterized by a large amount of orthophenol - a useful antioxidant that resists the development of cancer cells in the human body!

Low-fat white meat

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Low-fat meats, such as veal, beef, or turkey fillets, are a source of animal protein, many minerals (potassium, phosphorus, iron), and vitamins, especially group B. Healthy lunch can include stewed, boiled, or baked dishes that contain important body amino acids and nucleoproteins. Turkey is ideal for baby food, even for children with allergies!

Durum wheat pasta

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Being an important source of fiber, these flour products are very satisfying and do not contribute to the accumulation of fat. The benefits of pasta - and in large quantities of folic acid, participating in the female reproductive system and improving the absorption of iron.

Fresh, steamed or boiled vegetables

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

Fresh vegetable salads are low in calories and at the same time nutritious: their benefits to the body are a variety of vitamins and minerals: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and others. An important component is the vegetable oil (linseed or olive): it reduces cholesterol, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Heat treatment of plant foods provides easier digestion of fibers and fiber. In the list of dishes for a healthy dinner, you can add vegetables with a low starch content. Cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, cabbage, radishes and onions contribute to the complete breakdown of animal proteins, so they are well suited as a side dish to meat dishes. Calorie fresh and cooked without the addition of fat vegetables is the same.

Dry wine

ЕШЬТЕ ЭТО! Список полезных продуктов

With regular use IN REASONABLE QUANTITIES, white wine reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, enhances the secretion of the endocrine glands, supports the heart muscle and reduces the risk of developing heart disease, dilates blood vessels, strengthens the walls of arteries. Red wine was used by Hippocrates as an antiseptic, diuretic and sedative, and also as a medicinal solvent. The benefits of dry red wine is the high content of important for the human body elements - amino acids and chemicals, without which normal metabolism, cell development and growth is almost impossible. Red wine contains substances that contribute to the removal of cholesterol from the blood, and with its regular use, literally wash the blood vessels!

A list of useful products that are necessary to use, they are useful for health!

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