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We explain on the fingers: how much food you need to eat at a time. Yes, this is better than any diet!

Принципы ручной диеты

To lose weight, you do not have to limit yourself and give up your favorite foods! The secret to healthy and proper weight loss is in the amount of food you consume at a time.

The scientific journal Guard Your Health has published studies that prove that the problem of overeating has recently begun to gain momentum among all segments of the population.

We offer you a simple method that will forever wean you to eat in large portions!

How many grams of food you need to eat at a time - 5 principles of a manual diet

Принципы ручной диеты

  1. A handful of two folded palms is the amount of vegetables to eat per day.
  2. The front of the fist is the daily intake of carbohydrates (rice, other cereals, pasta, bread).
  3. An open palm without fingers shows which piece of meat you need to eat per day.
  4. A clenched fist in volume corresponds to the number of fruits that you need to eat per day to maintain good health.
  5. The upper phalanx of the index finger is the amount of butter and animal fats that can be eaten daily without harming the figure.

Using this knowledge is simple. It is enough to recall what the daily portion of food looks like and divide it into 3 parts - breakfast, lunch and dinner.