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A very short psychology lesson

Очень короткий урок психологии

Psychology (ancient Greek. - the soul and knowledge) - academic and applied science of behavior and mental processes.

Scientific psychology is a system of theoretical (conceptual), methodical and experimental properties of cognition and the study of mental phenomena; the transition from an unlimited and heterogeneous description of these phenomena to their precise objective definition, to the possibility of methodical registration, experimental establishment of causal connections and regularities, ensuring the continuity of their results.

Psychology is a field of scientific knowledge that explores the characteristics and patterns of the emergence, formation and development (changes) of mental processes (sensation, perception, memory, thinking, imagination), mental states (tension, motivation, frustration, emotions, feelings) and mental properties ( orientation, abilities, makings, character, temperament) of a person, that is, the psyche as a special form of vital activity, as well as the psyche of animals.

If a person laughs too much, even at stupid things, this person is sad deep down inside.

If a person sleeps too much, he is lonely.

If a person speaks little and quickly, he keeps a secret.

If a person cannot cry, he is weak.

If a person is in abnormal quantities, he is tense.

If a person cries on trifles, he is kindhearted.

If someone asks about you despite being busy, then this one really loves you.

Traditionally, the sections of psychology are divided into 2 large groups:

  • • Fundamental: general psychology, developmental psychology (age psychology), differential psychology, clinical psychology, pedagogical psychology, experimental psychology, labor psychology and social psychology, religion psychology.
  • • Applied: legal psychology, child psychology, acmeology, gerontopsychology, neuropsychology, oncopsychology, pathopsychology, psychogenetics, zoopsychology, special psychology, psychology of creativity, organizational psychology, family psychology, psychology of advertising, psychology of sports, military psychology and others.