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Psychosomatics of diseases - what and how affects our body

Психосоматика заболеваний

Psychosomatics (dr. Greek. Soul and body) - a direction in medicine (psychosomatic medicine) and psychology, studying the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence and course of somatic (bodily) diseases.

Psychosomatic diseases (from other Greek: soul and body) are a group of painful conditions resulting from the interaction of mental and physiological factors. They are mental disorders manifesting at the physiological level, physiological disorders manifesting at the mental level, or physiological pathologies that develop under the influence of psychogenic factors.

All diseases arise from our emotions , negative reactions to events, experiences, etc. Let's look at how to relate to an existing disease and prevent the emergence of a new one.

Psychosomatic diseases are diseases, the causes of which are to a greater extent the mental processes of the patient than directly any physiological causes. If the medical examination cannot detect the physical or organic cause of the disease, or if the disease is the result of emotional states such as anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, then the disease can be classified as psychosomatic.

In the framework of psychosomatics, the relationships between personality characteristics (constitutional features, character and personality traits, behaviors, types of emotional conflicts) and one or another somatic disease have been and are being investigated.

Popular opinion in alternative medicine is that all human diseases arise due to psychological inconsistencies and disorders that occur in the soul, in the subconscious, in the thoughts of a person.

The most studied psychological factors of the following diseases and symptoms: bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, essential arterial hypertension, headache, tension, dizziness, autonomic disorders such as panic attacks (often called "vegetovascular dystonia").

Somatic diseases caused by psychogenic factors are called "psychosomatic disorders." However, in human medicine the effect of somatic diseases on the psyche is also studied.

In recent years, thanks to the advent of new research methods, veterinary medicine has begun to develop an industry called veterinary psychoneurology that studies the systemic relationships between the activity of the nervous system as a whole with other organs and systems. A significant part of this discipline is the study of psychosomatics.

1. Headache - inferiority. The Mars problem: lack of determination, lack of faith in one's strengths.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

2. Ears - refusal to hear something important. The problem according to Jupiter: unwillingness to learn, to become wiser.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

3. Eye diseases - fear of seeing the future. The problem with the Sun is self-doubt, lack of thirst for life, clear goals.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

4. Throat, speech, asthma - a creative unit, the fear of self-expression. The problem with Mercury is the fear of expressing one’s point of view, the fear of trying something new, expressing oneself, envy and resentment.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

5. Heart - lack of joy and love. The problem with the Sun is the lack of optimism, prana in the body, the wrong way of life.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

6. Stomach - digesting new ideas. The problem with the Sun is unwillingness to cope with difficult situations.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

7. Intestine - rejection of reality. The problem on the moon is the inability to accept circumstances "as is."

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

8. Diseases of the anus - inability to get rid of the past. The problem according to Saturn is “freezing” in past experiences, inability to let go and live a new life in the present, lack of humility.

Психосоматика заболеваний — что и как влияет на наш организм

9. Diseases of the genital organs - perverted ideas about the body, a greater focus on the appearance of one and others. The problem with Venus is the desire to indulge in sensual pleasures excessively, to indulge one's whims, sexual licentiousness, increased sensitivity, narcissism.

10. Diseases of the joints of the legs, varicose veins, arthritis - dislike of one's work, stubbornness. The problem with Saturn is unwillingness to recognize other people, pride, anger at other people, money-grubbing, greed, inability to relax, desire to punish someone, criticism, anger.

1. Try to accept your illness, love it and thank you for wanting to tell you something important. (Saturn is humility).

2. Realize the destructive emotions that you experience most often. It can be fear, anger, resentment, sadness, cruelty, guilt, apathy, laziness, etc. There may be several. (Mercury - awareness).

3. Try every time this emotion comes to observe it. Notice what life circumstances cause this emotion and stop responding to this situation. (Jupiter is wisdom).

4. Emotions are our mind. The mind reacts as our heart sets it up. A good heart does not have negative emotions, the more a person acquires and controls, the more he demands from himself and others, the more he experiences negative emotions. (Venus - emotions, Mars - excessive activity and money-grubbing).

5. Analyze your life model - are you playing a sacrifice or a dictator, or are you taking on extra responsibilities? Do you know how to enjoy life, are not you mired in sorrow? (The moon is the mind, character, psyche).

6. Analyze your family tree. Remember your family at least to grandparents. What kind of karmic lesson does your genus teach you? Cleanse your birth canal by worshiping the ancestors (pitri-tarpan) and thanking them for your life. Release them and move on. (Rahu - generic scripts).

7. Begin to respect the laws of the universe. The Sun is responsible for health in the horoscope. If you live by observing the solar cycle, you will automatically solve your problems by 70 percent. (The sun is the laws of the universe).

8. Be mindful of your body. Your body is your best teacher, who tells you how to live properly so as not to harm yourself or anyone else. A disease is given to a person so that he cannot harm. A disease is a body reaction to destructive stress that we ourselves provoke. (Rahu - stress, many desires, dictatorship, suppression).

9. Learn to forgive yourself, learn to be a healthy egoist, learn to enjoy life. Stop living past grievances, wounds, stop controlling life. (The sun is a healthy self-esteem, recognition of their talents).

10. Engage in spiritual practice, discover in yourself the inexhaustible divine energy that can cure any of your illness. (Ketu and Jupiter - spirituality).

A natal chart compiled by a professional Vedic astrologer will show what diseases you may have as a result of negative emotions. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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