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Purification of the lungs and the extension of life in the ancient Indian way

The lungs (lat. Pulmones, ancient Greek) are the organs of air breathing in humans, all mammals, birds, reptiles, most amphibians, and also in some fish (breathers, crosses and polyperers). The lungs are also called respiratory organs in some invertebrates (in some mollusks, holothurians, arachnids). In the lungs, gas exchange takes place between the air in the lung parenchyma and the blood flowing through the pulmonary capillaries.

In the medical writings of ancient Indian healers there is a special method of cleansing the body. It is based on the fact that digestion begins in the oral cavity. A person has many glands in the oral cavity. These are the salivary glands, submandibular glands, sublingual and parotid glands. One of the specifics of the salivary glands consists of excretion of metabolic products and substances contained in the blood.

Saliva is alkaline. When sucking or chewing the amount of blood flowing through the salivary glands, grows six times. A distinctive sweep of all the energy of man and his subtle bodies takes place. The subtle bodies are the etheric, the astral, the mental, the buddhic, with five positive energies directed upwards and five negative energies downward. Also, the sweep of all the blood passing through this particular filter, respectively, and their cleaning.

If the procedure described below is done systematically, while breathing air exclusively through the nose, the oil begins to clean the lungs, and also is absorbed into the blood. In this case, it is possible to recover from radiculitis, meningitis, frontal sinusitis, pharyngitis, chronic diseases of the stomach and paralysis, as well as many other diseases, in addition to this, to extend your life to 160 years.

The human body is so arranged that it tries to get rid of a large amount of impurities, namely through the upper respiratory tract - the mouth, eyes, tongue, nose, ears, and most importantly through the lungs. Those who practiced fasting, well know that the content of dirt in the body first shows us the language. In the case when you have a feeling that your body is already clean, you can do the cleaning of the lungs. To do this, you need to take one tablespoon of oil in your mouth, notice that you don’t need to suck it this time, but start controlling the breathing process.

What oil to use?

This procedure is best suited refined vegetable oil. Refined easier to keep in your mouth, it does not cause vomiting, moreover, it absorbs toxins better through the salivary glands.

Lung cleansing scheme:

  1. Breathe in through the nose, with the mouth must be closed.
  2. We hold our breath, at this very moment the oil enters the blood, while absorbing toxins, removing pathogenic microflora from the cells, which, affecting the human body, shortens its life. It may be salts and other substances completely unnecessary for the body.
  3. Exhalation is done only through the open mouth, for this, in order to avoid oil leakage through the mouth, the head must be lifted.

The whole process is repeated in exactly the same sequence for 24 minutes.

Sigh is carried out through the nose smoothly and slowly for 7 seconds, after there is a breath hold that lasts 5 seconds, then a smooth and slow exhalation through the mouth that lasts 10 seconds. Carrying out the inhalation of air through the nose, and exhaling it through the mouth thus occurs natural and spontaneous cleaning.

  • inhale through the nose - 7 seconds
  • breath holding - 5 seconds
  • exhale through the mouth - 10 seconds

In order to enhance the cleansing effect, mentally repeat during the expiration through the mouth for 12 minutes the following statement: "The lungs are cleansed, cleaned, and cleansed." At the end of cleaning the lungs spit oil in the toilet.

Factors affecting lung pollution and the effects of pollution

To maintain vitality at a high level, this procedure is well done in the morning on an empty stomach. When maintaining a proper and healthy lifestyle, additional purification of the lungs significantly prolongs life, since with healthy lungs their host also thrives. The air consumed by our lungs is a symbol of the mind, so that with healthy lungs a person thinks more fruitfully and reflects on his mood more optimistic. A person with sore lungs on the contrary, a pessimist, who sees everything in black, who sees only failures and disappointments.

The lungs not only manage our breathing, but the health of our skin and hair also depends on them. Indeed, only healthy people on the skin have a healthy blush and a fresh look, and hair is elastic and shiny. Despair, sadness and melancholy are very negatively reflected on the lungs. Longing and sadness can cause pulmonary tuberculosis. Despondency, especially for Orthodox people, is considered one of the deadly sins, and on the lungs it has an absolutely destructive effect. In today's world this is not prosperous from an environmental point of view, especially in large industrial cities, our lungs are particularly badly affected, and God forbid they get sick, because then all the functions of our body will be violated.