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Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

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'Secrets of Intelligence in Special Services'-38

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 38. Additions to the first lesson on SDP.


Today, we will make a small addition to the first lesson on the SDP, which, in our opinion, can play a stimulating role in conducting classes. I hope everyone already knows that this is a "Mental Self-Regulation", so we will continue to operate only with a reduction.

We understand that so far not all have started classes, but, nevertheless, positive feedback already exists. And here is one of them:

"... I started doing exercises from the AKP course - I did it only two times. Today (just finished and decided to write to you) the sensations after 10 exercises were amazing - a negative throughout the body, a sense of comfort. Some muscles already half an hour "radiate good" - I would characterize my feelings ... "

But what a positive effect is seen in the AKP. Considering that we are still at the beginning of the road, we note the effect that is easily achieved by almost everyone who started regular classes.

1) After 1-2 weeks

After doing the exercise, you get a feeling that you are well rested. It is easier to fall asleep. With regular classes, many people say that they become less tired for the day. Perhaps an improvement in mood.

2) After 3-4 weeks

Normal sleep (if there were problems with falling asleep earlier). Improves concentration of attention . With the help of AT it is possible to restore forces faster, to have a rest. Improves well-being. The mood is rising. The first signs of a healing effect are possible (pressure normalizes, decreases or passes headaches (if there were).

Now let's talk about the criteria for the correct course. Naturally, while it will be a question of the preparatory stage, that is, the first lesson of the AKP. Recall that all of them will be seven.

Try to even put, if I may say so, the assessment of the course.

Evaluation "satisfactory" - regular exercise during the week.

Evaluation "good" - regular exercise for a week. It is easy to recall the sensations of relaxed muscles.

There is still an assessment of "unsatisfactory" - nothing at all.

By the way, we specially measured the time required for one cycle of the first lesson - ten exercises. 9-11 minutes. And do not say that there is no possibility that time is written down literally by the minute. Agree that it is useless to lose it in much larger quantities. We hope that today's release will still give an incentive to start classes.

And one moment. One reader wrote to us that he had long been looking for literature on Autotren- ging and the AKP. And did not find anything.

And nothing in fact and no. It seems that the word "auto-training" was heard by everyone, but, as it turned out, there are practically no books for good people in the whole country (we mean the USSR) from a dozen times.

At least we know three. "Autogenic training" by Hans Winckelmann, "Autogenic training" by Kay Kermami and "Autogenic training" by VS Lobzin and MM Reshetnikov.

The first two books are more motivational, they are beautifully written, but it is difficult to learn from them. The third is a fundamental work, on its basis and taught by AT in educational institutions of a special profile. You can not learn from it either, it is more suitable for specialists. That's all, perhaps.

So you get a unique material that is unlikely to be found somewhere. Practical and on which you can really learn quickly. A maximum of three months. And then such prospects ...

It's clear that now psychologists have something fashionable (like Gestalt therapy, NLP, existential psychotherapy), or lying on the fine line between classical psychology and esotericism.

We will not deny the achievements of esotericism, although there is enough garbage there, even more than enough.

Do you remember, we started the topic "telepathy and intuition", and then took a break? And not in vain took. Because it's one thing to give information, it's another thing to do so that this information can be used in practice.

So, the basis for the practical application of many techniques, including intuition and telepathy. is AT and SSR. So after the seventh lesson on the AKP, let's return to the promised topic. And then we no longer have the feeling that we entertain people from idle curiosity and to make the newsletter more popular. At least, anyone who wants to apply something in practice, can do it. Or will know exactly how to do it.

A small message. We almost prepared a brochure under the provisional title "Psychic Self-Regulation and Intellect" within the part of the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". It is with her that the second stage of the Course will begin.

Those who ordered and ordered the first stage, it will cost quite cheap. By the way, answer those who were engaged in our very first course! Well, the database has been erased, but we really want to offer this opportunity to our old friends.

It goes without saying that anyone who wishes can order and receive the manual on the AKP.

In the meantime ... Begin! Right now! Break away from the monitors! Only 10 minutes!

Good luck everyone!

'Secrets of intelligence development in special services'-39

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 39. The answer to the malicious letter of a certain Kayumov and the repetition of the first lesson of the AKP for those who did not receive it.


An extraordinary issue, forced by the fact that, judging by letters, not all readers reached the 37th edition, in which the first lesson on the AKP was given.

Newsletters are published on three servers, everything seems to be working fine, but sometimes failures occur. And this happens from time to time with all mailings, but I have six.

Therefore, if you notice that something is wrong, the mailing of the mailing or the numeration of the issues is broken, then go to and download the missing publication from the "Mailing Archives" page.

And today, just in case, I repeat the exercises of the first lesson on the AKP and will respond to the malicious letter of a certain Shukhrat Kayumov ( ). Excuses to some extent only that he probably did not receive the 37th issue, or maybe the person simply ... He stated, among other things, that I did not answer such letters and would be afraid to answer them publicly.

So, I'm not afraid, but if the author asks for publicity, then I brought all his data. I understand that it will not be interesting for anyone to read, so you can immediately go on to describe the exercises. Who has read already - let him read it again, who missed it - let him get acquainted with the new one.

So, I answer the letter. Errors and style, I did not correct.

"... Dear author of the mailing" Secrets of special services ...... ". Unfortunately I'm writing this letter to you not to enthusiastically exclaim about the steepness of your course. For about a year I receive your letters and they are all 99% dummies consisting of the following:

1) Oh, I'm just out of vacation (business trips, trips, etc.) - well, now we will work well;

A comment. So in fact, in fact, a lot of work, and go on business trips. In addition, if you notice, like the regularity of releases has been adjusted.

2) My kent from the GRU (KGB, Stasi, etc.) speaks to me about my course - Simply steepness and not a course

A comment. To begin with, I do not call names like bluff words like "kent". Moreover, I have respect for the fact that they have been squeezed and crushed by every criminal and gangster, and never, unlike the cops, they did not enter into alliances with them and they did not provide a roof. At least, I can say with certainty about Volodya, and about Yura. And the fact that they appreciate the course - so I can say that they are principled guys and if there was something wrong, they would say everything frankly.

3) Now we will dwell a little on the feedback of course listeners - and at the same time come up with a couple of reviews;

A comment. And this is in vain ... Want to be honest? Reviews yourself to invent just laziness. Why do this, if they already come? Otherwise I would have to strain myself, write in different styles to make it more believable ... What do I have, there is no other business? The fact that I do not give names and email addresses, so often the authors of letters ask not to publish their data. I'm doing this.

4) In order to get started, you need the following - and a couple of terms abstruse very similar to the development of superintelligence and then ...... the end of the letter. And next time the same. Only in 1-2 letters there was a rational page among this whole rubbish. And all the rest is botology and advertising courses. I personally after such a mailing wish
lost to go to these courses. You'd better start giving the right and useful (without
any boltology) and would give the initial level. A medium and advanced level should be on the course. Then the people who felt real benefit would begin
tighten up.
I think I'll stretch a couple of letters, and then I will refuse this newsletter, and I'll poke some people with my unflattering opinion about it.

A comment. Spam, dear, spam, also advertising. Well, if anything in the newsletter did not find it useful ...

Sincerely, Shuhrat Kayumov.

PS: By the way, is it weak to post this in the next mailing list and answer publicly? I'm sure yes!

A comment. Well, what kind of respect, dear, ordinary rudeness. And do not hide behind the words "respect", etc. And, as you see, I was not afraid to answer.

I apologize for bringing it all to the mailing list, but firstly, the person himself asked, secondly, I do not follow the policy that only good letters should be published. We must be able to respond to the negative.

And now again, the description of the exercises of the first lesson of the AKP.

First lesson. Preparatory exercises.

So, the first task in mastering mental self-regulation is to learn to relax the muscles of the body .

It is the deep muscular relaxation that causes that special state of consciousness (autogenous immersion) without which the practice of self-hypnosis development is not possible. Therefore, before proceeding directly to the autogenic training, this next week you will devote preparatory exercises for the regulation of muscle tone. Take the exercises seriously; they are the foundation of your future successes.

We can easily strain our muscles at will. But deliberately relax your muscles is not so easy. The easiest feeling of relaxation is remembered in contrast to stress. In addition, after tension, the muscle relaxes deeper than just at rest. It is this effect that we will use.

First, carefully read all the instructions, and then go directly to the lesson.


1. The task of the exercises is to enable you to realize and remember the feeling of a relaxed muscle in contrast to its tension.

2. Each of the exercises consists of two phases: the initial phase (tension) and the subsequent phase (relaxation).

3. In the initial phase, the tension of the selected muscle or group of muscles should increase smoothly. The final relaxation ("dropping" of the voltage) is carried out abruptly. Discarding the tension should carefully "listen" to the emerging sensations of muscle relaxation.

4. Slow muscle strain is accompanied by a slow deep breath. Relaxation in sync with a free full exhalation.

5. Each exercise is repeated 3-4 times. All exercises are best performed while sitting.

1. Exercises for the muscles of the face

Pore ​​off. With your eyes closed, stretch and squeeze your face several times. Those. try in the beginning, as if to extend the face, and then, as it were, flatten. Do this 4-6 times.

The following exercises are performed sitting, preferably on an ordinary chair. Freely sit on a chair, legs are conveniently placed, hands freely lie on the hips, the back is relaxed. After the phase of tension of the next group of muscles is fulfilled, during the relaxation return to the starting position.

2. Exercises for the muscles of the neck.

Raise the shoulders, tilt the head back, strain the neck muscles - on inhalation. On exhalation - to relieve tension. Nerves the muscles of the neck should not be more than half the strength.

3. Exercises for the shoulders.

Trying to raise his right shoulder, with his left hand resist. Having dropped the tension freely, drop your hands in the starting position on the hips and carefully "listen" to the arising relaxation in the muscles. Change hands. Do not forget to breathe properly - on inspiration - tension, on exhalation - relaxation.

4. Forearms.

Hands in the starting position. (The forearms lie on the hips, the hands hang freely, take the hands on yourself, stretch the forearms, exhale - "drop" the brushes, and, similarly, press the brushes in the opposite direction.

5. Brushes.

On inhalation - squeeze the hand into a fist. On exhalation - to relieve tension.

6. Breasts.

Half-bent in the elbows to clasp hands in front of him, strain the muscles of the chest. On exhalation, relieve tension.

7. Back.

On inhalation - to bend backwards trying to keep the shoulder blades, straining the muscles of the back. On exhalation - to relieve tension. Gently tighten the muscles of the back and no more than half the strength.

8. Muscles of the thighs.

1) Slightly rising from the chair to stay in this position - the muscles of the hips in tension. On exhalation, "fall" into place.

2) Pulling your legs out in front of you, strain your thigh muscles. Letting go of your feet - relieve tension.

9. Muscles of the lower leg.

Pull the socks on yourself - straining frontal muscles of the shin. Reset the voltage. Socks on their own - strain the calves, relieve tension.

10. Feet.

Squeeze your toes, feel the tension. Relax.

Now sit quietly for a couple of minutes and listen to your body. Try to remember the sensations in the relaxed muscles.

You probably noticed that most of the exercises are in the muscles of the face and hands. The fact is that these muscle groups have the largest representation in the cerebral cortex. This is understandable, because the muscles of the hands, especially the brushes, we use most often in almost any activity, hence, more brain resources are required for their fine coordination. The muscles of the face in us are involved not less intensively, because they provide emotional expression. Our face almost always expresses the emotions and feelings that we experience. If we are irritated or agitated, it immediately reflects on our face. But there is also feedback. If you relax your facial muscles, it automatically causes not only physical, but emotional relaxation.

To complete this preparatory cycle, one week is enough, if you are engaged every day. By the way, you will feel better during this cycle. This is a positive background effect from doing relaxation exercises in this way.

'Secrets of Intelligence in Special Services'-40

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 40. We begin the second lesson of the AKP.


Let's continue the topic of AT and AKP, it's time to give a second lesson. Recall that all of them will be seven.

And I want to apologize to readers for the light scandal in the previous issue, where I responded a bit to a certain Shuhrat Kayumov. I just brought out my "acquaintances to acquaintances", "one mura is published ...", "you are afraid to answer publicly." But I'm not Yuri Moroz, who through scandals on the forums and sending everyone and everyone made a name for himself on the Internet. I promise that this type of reading on the pages of the mailing will be extremely rare.

However, against this background, I'm a little afraid of going back to the first lesson, or they'll start thinking that I'm pouring from empty to empty.

But a letter came from the reader, in which he quite rightly points out that it would be possible to describe the exercises of the first lesson better, that sometimes the formulations are a bit confusing. I read it again, looked unbiased and saw that it was really possible to write more clearly. Therefore I will do so - those who asked for this, I will write in person with new descriptions of the exercises, but if it is for the readers' will - then I will publish again. And it does not really want to receive a letter from someone like the aforementioned Shukhrat with a test like "Lazhu drive, kents cheer for nothing, do not really give anything ..." and the like.

Came letters, which indicate links to publications about AT and AKP. Thank you for these letters. Immediately answer that "AUTOGENOUS TRAINING FOR YOU" Nikolai Petrov ( ) is a good thing, but the orientation is more health-improving and anti-stress. As you remember, we still planned to give something else.

And Aliyev's keys are good, but the best is the enemy of the good, but in what we give, we are 100% sure.

And now it's time to move on to the second lesson.

The second lesson .

Let's call it "Peace." Relaxation".

This lesson in terms of the duration of classes is not much longer than the first, but the text part of all seven is the longest. Therefore, we split it into several parts, we begin the description of exercises in the next dispatch, today preliminary remarks. Only once I address Shuhrat Kayumov and his like - do not make hasty conclusions about the fact that we do not give information or do not give anything at all. Sometimes the preliminary part also has a meaning, moreover, considerable. And to finally reassure Shukhrat, we solemnly promise that a direct description of the exercises will be released in the next day or two.

We hope that having mastered the preparatory exercises and getting an idea of ​​the sensations that arise in the relaxed muscles, you are already fully prepared to proceed directly to the autogenic training (AT). But first a few general remarks about the organization of classes.

Schedule of lessons

The main condition for the successful development of AT is the regularity of classes . The ability to self-hypnosis arises naturally as a result of regular training. At the same time for each person there is a rate of progress.

A common mistake is that those engaged in trying to find a "particularly correct" way of doing exercises, "open a secret" and this supposedly will allow you to immediately master autosuggestion. They begin to try different techniques and look for the "right" one that will work right away. It's like looking for the right dumbbell or barbell when you want to develop muscle.

Without regular training, muscles will not grow, even with the most "heaped up" bar, purchased for decent money in the KETTLER store. The result when working with the tractor axle can be no worse.

The situation is the same with autosuggestion. Just do it regularly according to our recommendations and the quantity will necessarily go into quality.

Every day, exercise 3-4 times a day , and the last time - in bed, before bed. It's also good to start a new day with auto-training.

It is also not recommended to engage in auto-training (at least at the beginning of the training) immediately after a meal, because you may find it difficult to cope with drowsiness.

Now the Internet offers a large number of records for auto-training. Incidentally, we also made an audio recording in the forthcoming manual on the AKP (soon to be released!).

Do not try to speed up the training, doing each time an audio recording. In such exercises there will be no training effect. So you do not get to know auto-suggestion at all. Listening to the audio with the voice of the coach, as well as the group lesson, can not replace self-study. Let's say that self-study is the only way to master AT and AKP . The recording in this case is of a motivating nature rather than a training one.

In the end, after all, you are engaged in the training of SELF-PURPOSE.

Place for classes.

In the first weeks of mastering the course, it is important that there are as few factors as possible that distract you from classes. Explain to your loved ones not to disturb you within the next 10-15 minutes (or the time you decided to devote to AT). The room should be warm enough and not too noisy. The lighting should not be too bright.

All these requirements are important only in the first 3-4 weeks of classes. In the future, external interference will not distract you. Moreover, it is even desirable to learn how to perform exercises in an unusual or noisy environment.


Clothes for classes should be comfortable and free. Gradually, as with the place for classes, these requirements are of less and less importance. The only essential requirement is to loosen the squeezing pieces of clothing. Unbutton the upper button, loosen the tie and belt. By the way, this item was carried out at the higher courses of the KGB with special pleasure. The officers did, all strictly in the form, and then you are directly ordered to unbutton the collars.

Auto-training and music.

Music has a powerful potential for influencing the human psyche. It can soothe, sorrow, delight, excite, in general, cause a wide range of feelings, thoughts and even physiological states.

We already wrote a lot about the role of music, for the development of intelligence the thing is necessary. A smart person will listen to Dave Brubeck or Mozart, but not Katya Lel or Iron Maden. But in this case it's not about that.

For example, you can use a certain piece of music to automatically trigger the necessary state (creative activity, confidence, quick recovery, etc.).

However, in the process of developing the course, we recommend that you refrain from using musical accompaniment during classes because you must learn how to summon the necessary states yourself, without outside help.

After all, the main task of auto-training is to increase one's own autonomy. To enter the autogenous state it was possible at any time and in any place. You can not carry a tape recorder or an audio player with you all your life!

But when you begin to fully use the capabilities of AT and AKP, then the music you can very much help in many things.

Goals and objectives of the second lesson.

The main task of auto-training is the development of mental self-regulation. That is, he will learn to work on initially non-arbitrary mental functions, to master those psychic resources that are usually inaccessible to us.

The main tools of psychic self-regulation are words (self-suggestion) and mental images (sensory reproduction). Therefore, in the exercises we will use the formulas of auto-suggestion and the corresponding mental images.

For example, to warm your hands, you can use the mental image of how you immerse your hands in warm water. The need for a combination of words and their corresponding mental images is due to the fact that people think in words and in images.

As a rule, the left hemisphere is responsible for verbal-logical thinking, and the right one for imaginative thinking. Therefore, in order to involve both hemispheres, it is necessary to combine the verbal formulas of auto-suggestion with the corresponding images.

The use of mental images is commonly called sensory reproduction. Moreover, the more sensory organs involved in this process, the better. If you use the image of immersing your hands in warm water to evoke a sense of warmth in your hands, you should try and visualize this process and remember those tactile sensations that arise when you dip your hands into warm water. And if you imagine that pouring a hand with warm water from the shower, you can also imagine how the water rushes and splashes.

So, words and their corresponding mental images are the main tool of psychic self-regulation.

But for effective use of this tool, two basic conditions must be observed.

First , you need to be able to fully concentrate all your attention on the process of doing exercises. So, if the formula "my hands relax," then at that moment there should be nothing in focus of your attention except the image of your hands and the idea of ​​those sensations that arise in your hands when they relax. It is very important not to use strong-willed efforts .

This is the main difficulty in mastering autosuggestion. Usually we are accustomed to influencing ourselves with the help of strong-willed orders, and if something does not work out, make strong-willed efforts. In the process of mastering the exercises of auto-training, one should not force oneself to feel something. All attention should be on the process, not on the outcome. This is somewhat unusual, since we are taught from childhood that the more volitional efforts you put in, the better the result.

But in fact our psyche has such powerful resources that, having learned how to manage them, to achieve the result it will be enough to allow them to act and only occasionally gently direct.

If you travel with an unbroken horse, you will have to carry it and your cargo, but if you are a good rider and a well-ridden horse under you, it is enough to slightly loosen the reins for movement.

The first time, most likely, it will not be easy for you to keep such relaxed attention throughout the entire exercise. If during the class you realized that your thoughts "ran away", just go back to doing the exercise without getting irritated or scolding yourself. Your ability to concentrate will naturally develop as a result of daily training. In addition, we will offer you special exercises to develop this skill.

The second basic condition for the successful development of autosuggestion is a special state of consciousness, called autogenous immersion. This state of consciousness is like a hypnotic state. It is in this altered state of consciousness that words and mental images acquire the maximum power of influence. Therefore, the primary goal of auto-training is the ability to enter this state and stay in it the necessary amount of time.

Deep relaxation of skeletal muscles and smooth musculature of the walls of the vessels (especially the extremities) automatically causes this condition .

Those. one must learn to relax and warm the muscles of the body well. It's pretty simple. The trick is that understanding is not equivalent to mastering and to master this skill one must regularly train for several weeks (as a rule, 3-7 weeks is enough).

So, the ability to cause autogenous immersion is the basic skill for mastering mental self-regulation. Therefore, we begin our course with him.

But already in the process of mastering muscle and vascular relaxation (as a result of which there is an autogenic immersion), there is also training in concentration of attention and development of auto-suggestion.

That is, go to the background effects, which we wrote about earlier.

Strictly speaking, the letters that come to us show that even a few days of training with the first exercise bring a good sensory effect and indeed those positive background moments start to manifest themselves.

To maintain a normally readable output volume and being afraid of Shukhrat Kayumov (again he writes that I write reviews!), This time we will do without them.

We still recommend to practice our correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "in conjunction with the classes of AT and AKP. The result is phenomenal. Actually, it was conceived.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services'-41

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services Issue 41. Continuation of the second lesson of the AKP.


As promised, we leave in a couple of days with the continuation of the second lesson. I promise to continue not to respond to all sorts of attacks and do not waste space on mailing. Is that there will come constructive criticism, which should be answered.

I'm flying to Omsk for a few days, so, contrary to my habit, I'll make a very decent output, but I'll put the second lesson entirely. I understand that it will be difficult to perceive everything at once, like this from the screen, so I strongly advise you to print the lesson on paper, read carefully, understand and start classes.

If someone has not started to practice yet, then he can console himself with the thought that he gets an intelligent practical instruction on AT and the AKP. Print it, fasten it with a stapler, put it on the shelf. Maybe when he "shoots". In any case, nothing has been published in this form so far, so there is a certain moment of exclusivity.


Poses for classes

1. The sitting position is "the position of the driver on the droshky." This version goes back to the time of Schulz and is highly criticized by a wide variety of newfangled gurus. In particular, this argument is given.

Who was the unrivaled master of AT and AKP? That's right, Buddha. And immediately follows the advice to look for at least one of the images of the Buddha in such a pose. And they say - no, then the "cabbage posture" is wrong. And now remember when the person is most relaxed? During sleep. And now remember how you fell asleep at a lecture or meeting ... What position did you take? In addition, the Buddha achieved such enlightenment, which we achieve very, very difficult.

This posture for autogenic training is used more often because it can be practiced almost anywhere, where there is a chair or other sitting of a suitable height, so that the thighs of the practitioner are parallel to the floor.

The practitioner sits on a chair, his head is slightly lowered, his forearms loosely lie on the front surface of the thighs, the brushes are light and relaxed, the legs are conveniently placed. It is important to find such a position that you are comfortable, and when relaxing you do not lose balance. (I remembered how, after being late for a lecture on scientific communism, I could sit only in the first row, fell asleep quickly and repeatedly, to the great pleasure of my comrades and righteous anger, the teacher wanted to fall from his place).

2. Pose "reclining in an armchair" . The practitioner sits in a soft chair with a high back. The back of the head and back are comfortably and gently resting on the back of the chair (if necessary, you can put small pillows under your back and head), your arms are relaxed, lie on the armrests, your legs are slightly apart. If your favorite chair does not have armrests or you sit on the couch, you can either put your hands on your hips, or on the sides. How convenient.

3. Position lying on the back. This posture is usually used to practice at bedtime or in the morning, immediately after awakening. The practitioner lies on his back, on a low cushion, his hands lie freely along the trunk, slightly bent at the elbow joints, palms down, his legs stretched out and slightly spread out with his socks outwards. If you lie without a pillow, you will most likely be more comfortable to keep your hands palms up.

The first practical occupation of AT.

So, as you have already understood, the first task in mastering the AKP is to learn to relax the muscles of the body. In addition, that the ability to deeply relax is necessary for the acquisition of auto-suggestion, this skill has an independent meaning, so to speak, the "background" effect. In this state, the processes of recovery in the body and the central nervous system take place, the effects of stress and psychoemotional stress are removed, and the body's regulatory capacities are raised. Therefore, already at the stage of mastering the skills of the AKP, you will receive a significant benefit from regular classes.

As we have already said, the methods of self-action in auto-training are words (self-hypnosis formulas) and their corresponding mental images. Therefore, when pronouncing the formulas for auto-suggestion, accompany them with appropriate images.

The first lesson consists of three parts:

- General tranquility

- Relaxation

- Activation.

In the first part, the following formulas are used:

1. I am absolutely calm ...

2. All my muscles are pleasantly relaxed for rest ...

3. My whole body is completely resting ...

4. I am completely calm ...

Yet this material is prepared by men, so women are simply offered to change all formulas to the female gender on their own.

These formulas are designed for a smooth transition from normal activities to exercise auto-training. Relaxation of facial muscles reflexively causes calming. Therefore, you should begin to calm down with a relaxing face, with the creation of "Masks of relaxation." This is done so.

After taking one of the poses for classes, take a deep breath and a calm, slightly slow exhalation. Exacerbate the muscles of the forehead ("serene brow"), gently close your eyes, easily attach the tongue to the roots of the upper teeth from the inside (as when pronouncing the sound "t"), lower the jaw slightly, and slightly push it forward (as when pronouncing the sound "s" ). In this situation, which is called the "relaxation mask", the muscles of the face most fully relax. Each lesson begins with "Masks of relaxation".

A few words about breathing. In each respiratory cycle there is an active and passive beginning. Inhale is activity, work. Exhalation is relaxation. This effect can be used for self-regulation purposes. If you pronounce the formulas associated with relaxation, rest, rest on a calm, slightly slowed-out expiration, their effect is intensified.

In general, with prolonged exhalation, calmness and relaxation come reflexively, and with prolonged inspiration, activation occurs.

Therefore, try to pronounce the formulas of rest and relaxation either completely on a slightly slow exhalation or utter on exhalation that part of the formula that directly relates to relaxation and rest.

For example, mentally pronouncing "I'm completely ..." do a normal breath, and when you say "calm ..." you exhale. I will offer you variants of such splitting with the help of ellipsis. Longer phrases can be divided into several breaths-exhalations.

Saying the following formula: "all my muscles are pleasantly relaxed for rest", you can pronounce it on one breath-exhale cycle, i.e. "All my muscles ... (on inhalation) are pleasantly relaxed for rest ... (on exhalation)" or on two cycles, i.e. "All my muscles ... (on inhalation) are pleasantly relaxed ... (on exhalation, then again inhaling) for rest ... (again on exhalation)." Try it, and you will realize that it is very natural.

Saying the formula "I'm completely calm", you are, as it were, signaling your intention to move away from all the affairs, problems and worries for the duration of the lessons.

Mentally saying "all my muscles are pleasantly relaxed for rest" you just need to pay attention to the fact that a comfortable and relaxed pose with closed eyes in itself has to rest and relax.

Saying the formula "My whole body is completely resting ..." remember how, for example, it's nice to plunge into a warm bath after a hard day's work. Or how calmly and carefree you feel lying on the beach under the rays of the southern sun. Everyone has similar memories.

At the end of this block, saying again "I am perfectly calm", again note how comfortable, relaxed pose, calm breathing and corresponding representations create an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

The next block is relaxation. After doing the preparatory exercises, it will not be difficult for you to recall the sensations that arise in a relaxing muscle. Your task is to inhale mentally pronounce the name of the next group of muscles, focusing on these muscles, try to feel the residual tension and on exhalation - to relax these muscles.

In order to relax the muscles you just need to remember and try to imagine as much as possible the sensations that experienced during relaxation of the muscles in the preparatory exercises. If it is difficult to feel a certain group of muscles - tense these muscles slightly, as in the preparatory exercises, and then relax. After a few lessons, the need for such a preliminary strain will disappear by itself.

So, the relaxation unit looks like this:

1. Relax the forehead muscles ...

2. Muscles of the eye ...

3. Muscles of the mouth ...

4. Neck muscles ...

5. The muscles of the shoulders relax ...

6. Muscles forearms ...

7. Muscles of both hands ...

8. Concentrate on your breathing and adjust it to a calm (sleepy) rhythm ...

9. The muscles of the chest and back relax ...

10. Muscles of thighs ...

11. Muscles of the shins ...

12. Muscles of the feet ...

13. All my muscles are completely relaxed ...

Saying the last formula, try to feel the whole relaxation of the whole body. You can spend some time in this pleasant state, enjoy it. Then go to the activation formulas.

Each lesson, except for those that you do before bed, you must end with the activation formulas:

1. I had a good rest ...

2. My strength was restored ...

3. Throughout the body I feel a surge of energy ...

4. The head is clear, fresh ...

5. I seem to have taken a refreshing shower ...

6. Throughout the body runs a pleasant chill ...

7. I take a deep breath ... A sharp exhalation, I lift my head, open my eyes.

We will call this an "exit". The output is necessary to remove the state of relaxation and passivity. The solution must be done vigorously and resolutely. Otherwise, you may experience some lethargy and drowsiness after class.

While thinking about the exit formulas, try to represent the images corresponding to them as brightly as possible. Beginning to pronounce the exit formulas, go to the activating breath (the breath is more active and longer than the exhalation). Here a strong role is played by the firm intention to feel energetic and energetic.

Everyone had moments of special enthusiasm and energy. Remember these moments while uttering the activating formulas. When you finish the lesson, stretch, take a few deep breaths-exhalations and light physical exercises.

For example, you can forcefully couple and dilute your hands several times in front of your chest and make a couple of inclinations forward and sideways.

If you are prone to high blood pressure, make an output less vigorously. Do not use formulas 5 and 6. Concentrate on the fact that you are well rested and gain strength.

If you are inclined to lowered pressure, on the contrary, make a more energetic way out. Repeat 2-3 times the formula 6. Formula 7 can be replaced by "I'm all - like a cocked spring". In this case, feel the maximum fullness of energy, both before the start. The final exit formula is: "Attention ... Stand Up!". Make a sharp exhalation (like an archery shot), stand up vigorously and do some physical exercises.

Focus on your health and you will quickly find the best option for yourself.

All the formulas for autosuggestion must be learned and used only by them. Only in this case they will gradually gain for you more and more strength.

And about "learn all the formulas" we advise you to use mnemotechnics. For example, write out all the formulas on a piece of paper, on the other side, leave only the first letters of the words, read the entire text once, and then repeat on the reverse side, peeping at the full format only as a last resort. And then repeat by heart, peeping only on the reverse side of the sheet. By the way, this is how you should learn poetry and definitions.

Or make up a mnemonic story. In general, you can do different things. Then all this will be fixed and will pass "on the automatic machine".

In the next issue we will outline the essence of the second lesson once again, as well as the criteria for successful development and the expected "background" effects.

One more thing. You, of course, will say that everyone soothes and relaxes. But this is only an intermediate, moreover, the initial stage. Then there will be techniques for rapid sedation and inclusion of concentration. Well, about how it is required in operational work.

But you can not do without this stage.

Additionally, we inform you that all issues of our newsletters are on the website on the ARCHIVES page.

Please also respond to all students involved in the first release of the course of development of memory and intelligence. A couple of times a month we will be preparing something like a newsletter or a magazine for early pupils and those who started studying at the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success ", in which we will publish all sorts of interesting pieces, recommend literature, including making reviews of such. And one moment. The magazine is planning a bulletin board on the theme of who offers what and who is looking for. I'll be the first to announce the books I'm looking for. Maybe someone will help.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of intelligence development in special services'-42

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 42. Interesting facts from the history of AT and AKP.


I went on a business trip to Omsk, where I spent four days studying. It turned out very convincingly, so that the exit model of work has the right to exist. During the absence of letters podnakopilos, applications, all tried to answer.

It is very pleasant, that practically in all letters positive positive effect from employment is marked. Strictly speaking, it should be so. We dare to assure that further it will be even "more positive".

On arrival I discovered that the site does not work. It took several days and a car of nerves to restore the status quo. And therefore:

1. If the site does not work, it does not mean that we stopped work or disappeared. Simply technical difficulties or just troubles that are solved sooner or later.

2. There are still requests to send separate editions of newsletters. The site has a page of ARCHIVES, there are all issues.

And today we will continue the topic of AT and the AKP and touch on the historical aspects of their development.

No one is writing about what you are reading right now. Or just does not know. Or does not report for understandable reasons, the essence of which will become clear later.

So, everywhere, including ours, it is pointed out that Johannes Heinrich Schulz, the German psychologist and psychiatrist, is the founder of the auto-training. And that's all. In imagination, such a handsome professor with a bearded wedge, a follower of Freil and Jung, a lover of walks along the shady university alleys is drawn ... But in fact ...

A little remark. In Germany there has always been a heightened interest in the East. However, in the USSR, too, however, it is not so advertised. To be more precise, both there and there was clearly a desire to place the achievements of the East in the service of the army and to achieve political goals.

For example, Hitler sent several expeditions to Tibet to search for Shambhala, finding the time axis there and getting the opportunity to rotate this axis. I lost the Kursk battle - I took it and turned the time back. In the USSR, a similar problem was solved by Roerich, whose expeditions were financed by the NKVD. Unlike German expeditions, which advanced quite far in the knowledge of the secrets of Tibet, Roerich distinguished himself by a pile of rather lurid pictures.

The best minds understood that it is difficult to adopt Eastern traditions directly, they have to be adapted to the European mentality. And Schultz was one of the first to do it.

Autotraining is nothing more than a European version of yoga. It can also be said that this is the very link that will help the European to comprehend yoga.

Many immediately begin to practice yoga and there is an analogy. Before the man set a goal - to climb on a high obstacle. You can solve the problem with the head-on method, that is, immediately begin to climb. Some people manage it, but few. And you can just put a stack of bricks and calmly take an obstacle. Everybody can do this.

Autotraining is the same stack of bricks. Brick masters Schultz gave them to us. The followers, however, improved the quality of the bricks and added convenient notches and protrusions to them. But the very same Schultz began. And now a few words about this, to put it mildly, an extraordinary man, the fruits of which mankind enjoys.

Johannes Heinrich Schulz (1884-1970) in the years of the fascist dictatorship in Germany actively collaborated with the Nazis. This is reported by the German magazine Der Spiegel. This fact for many years was hiding and hushed up by the numerous admirers of the famous psychiatrist. His past was always surrounded by a veil of mystery.

Son of a theologian, already during the First World War served as a military doctor in the infirmary for the wounded. For "military neurotics," "fearing the front of psychopaths," "trembling in the trenches of soldiers," Schulz developed an effective psychotherapeutic tool - "productive work." After labor psychotherapy, the soldiers went back to the front.

After Hitler came to power, Schultz, an Luftwaffe officer, joined the "new order", holding senior positions at the German Institute for Psychological Research and Psychotherapy.

And originally, auto-training was conceived precisely as a means of survival for downed pilots caught in an extreme situation, for example, in cold sea waters.

The next stage was the development of auto-training for the purposes of the "Abwehr", from which autotraining began to migrate to the NKVD. After all, at first Germany and the USSR united a lot of things.

For example. Favorite song of the people "We were born to make a fairy tale happen," the note in the note (not like, note in note!) Repeats the march of assault detachments "HORST WESSEL".

In the series "The Life of Remarkable People" in the late thirties, the book "Adolf Hitler" was published, although with the beginning of the war it was quickly seized and destroyed. The fact is that the books of this series were previously distributed not through trade, but strictly by subscription. And at the right time to find the necessary books did not work, and if someone gave someone to read and the book was gone, then the issue was no longer solved with the book, but with the person.

In the Brest Fortress in the year 39, Heinz Guderian accepted the parade along with the Soviet military commanders, the German and Soviet columns alternated each other, and the liberation of Western Byelorussia, Ukraine is nothing more than a joint military operation. Actually, everyone already knows about this.

Both Hitler and Stalin considered themselves to be disciples of Gurdjieff. And they were very, very similar.

Now on Belarusian television there is a film about Stalin, which tells how good and ingenious he was. As for the "genius", there may be something in it, Count Vlad Tepesh-Dracula was also a genius military leader and founder of Romanian tourism, but what about the good ... It is clear that those who honor Stalin and on revolutionary holidays go with his portraits, They did not stay ten years without the right to correspond and did not starve in Ukraine. And if you fall under the flywheel of a repressive machine and after many years go with posters, it is already a matter of a psychiatric clinic.

But back to Schultz. Gradually, self-training became the property of elite German troops. As well as Soviet. Techniques for autotraining of the forties had secrecy marks and repeated word for word German.

The effectiveness of auto-training caused its further development and this issue was primarily the responsibility of psychologists of secret services.

We receive letters with links to different books on auto-training. The difference between these books is clear only to a specialist. Virtually all books are purely health-giving, and that's fine.

That option of auto-training that we offer in the mailing list and especially in the forthcoming lesson of the Course "Memory. Intelligence. Success »has an orientation more, as it were, to refer to the subject of mailing, and health effects are background.

In addition to works on auto-training, Schultz developed a violent "psychotherapeutic" activity, which has a specific focus. His "achievements":

- Proving the uselessness of psychiatric clinics for oligoraphrenic and epileptics. He spoke directly about the "destruction" of this "life, which has no life value." The psychiatrist believed that "hospitals for idiots will soon be rebuilt and empty."

- In the new world, according to Schultz, there was no place for homosexuals. Their psychiatrist unequivocally considered "perverts". With this "medical diagnosis" thousands of homosexuals went to grueling jobs in concentration camps. For many, this meant death.

In order to put a complex diagnosis on which the suspect's life depended, Schultz practiced the next eerie ritual: the candidate had to perform a sexual intercourse with a prostitute in the presence of the expert Schulz and his commission. Who was able to demonstrate in this stressful situation an existential threat to his male abilities, was saved from the concentration camp.

- Of course, as for the racial theories of the "millennium Reich" Schulz made every effort. Although before joining the ranks of the NSDAP he was married to a Jewess.

In general, Schulz's conscience is full of many things. Typical manifestations of "genius and villainy."

A complex question sometimes arises - what to use and what not to use. Yes, the Nazi invented the auto-training. The simulator for storing information, which we release and which was given the name "Inaz-mnemo" - the development of Abwehr specialists.

The only way out, in our opinion, is to apply this kind of development exclusively for good purposes and thereby purify them from the personal qualities of the creators and inventors.

To the history of AT and AKP, we will return, and today's release is considered a warm-up before continuing the course after the break.

Until the New Year we will go out again necessarily. Also we will congratulate, and we will load the information.

Once again, we remind that we continue our admission to our correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". Many of the methods cited in it refer to the arsenal of specialties, but they will also fit in for peaceful, educational purposes.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of Intelligence in Special Services'-43

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 43. Correction of blunders and something on the case.


I thought to rest a day, but not here it was. I made an inaccuracy in the last issue and letters fell down. We will correct inaccuracy. And at the same time, we will continue the topic of AT and AKP.

I did not expect that there are so many connoisseurs of Nazi art among the subscribers. Therefore, I will immediately say that I really made a mistake comparing the song "Higher and higher" with the march "Horst Wessel". In fact, our illustrious song is one to one like a march "Das Berliner Jungarbeiterlied".

At once I will tell, whence the information and an error source. Seva Novgorodtsev, was such a super-popular host of BBC programs. In combination, he worked as a consultant to prevent blunders in programs and films about the USSR (for example, he watched that the policemen did not dress in the uniform of frontier guards, the rank and file did not wear papakhs, etc.).

Once he was asked to pick up music for the frames, in which Soviet planes showed up. Well, what could a former Soviet citizen offer? Clearly, "Everything is higher and higher." He was immediately pointed to incompetence and suspected of sabotage, saying that Soviet aircraft against the backdrop of the Nazi march would not look absolutely, so to speak, ethical.

Seva was indignant at the depths of his soul. I immediately went to the German editorial office of the BBC, where the "terrible" truth was confirmed. He was told that it was Horst Wessel. And Novgorodtsev this song perekatal and put on the air as a curiosity.

He even tried to determine who got the tune from someone. Also has not installed. We will think that the palm tree is ours! Although another opinion takes place to be.

In general, about what art can do, you can recommend Leni Rifenthal's film "Triumph of Will" about the Nazi congress. On the first roles Fuhrer, magnificent plans. The most interesting thing is that under what Hitler said in the film, anyone can subscribe. Everything about the world, about progress, about youth. Close your eyes - and you are at the Congress of the CPSU.

Stalin repeatedly instructed to remove something as strong, but it did not happen, there was not that strength and persuasiveness as Rifenthal had.

There were also languid protests about the comparison of Hitler and Stalin. Damn, yes, both cannibals!

Calm down, and move on to a peaceful topic - the AKP.

Here is an evaluation of the criteria for the successful completion of the second lesson on AT and AKP.

Evaluation "Good" - Well relax all the major muscle groups. Possible sensations of residual stress in the muscles of the neck and back.

Evaluation "Excellent" - Well relax all muscle groups. Periodically, there are feelings of heaviness and / or lightness, heat, tingling, numbness of individual parts of the body or muscles.

Evaluation "Unsatisfactory" - I did not do anything.

We have already talked about a possible positive effect as a result of classes in about three to four weeks after the beginning of the classes. We will extend the time frame and give the possible efficiency from the sessions lasting 1.5-2 months. This is relevant given that approximately this time the topic of AT and AKP is covered.

For every one we will repeat at the beginning what you have already read. It's okay, the extra publication will serve the motivation for regular classes.

1) After 1-2 weeks.

After doing the exercise, you get a feeling that you are well rested.

It is easier to fall asleep. With regular classes, many people say that they become less tired for the day. Perhaps an improvement in mood.

2) After 3-4 weeks.

Normal sleep (if there were problems with falling asleep earlier). Improves concentration of attention. With the help of AT it is possible to restore forces faster, to have a rest.
Improves well-being. The mood is rising. The first signs of a healing effect are possible (pressure normalizes, decreases or passes headaches (if there were).

3) After 1.5 - 2 months.

There is a feeling of inner strength. There is confidence.

The concentration of attention increases even more.

Stress, fatigue are easily removed with the help of exercises.

Possible improvement of efficiency, memory.

Noticeably improves well-being, mood.

There are cases of spontaneous resolution of various personal problems and health problems (many problems are solved in the background, by improving the brain and central nervous system in regular AT exercises).

What is it? Right and I want to exclaim: "You are not engaged in AT and AKP? Then we go to you!".

Many people ask: "Is it possible to carry out the second lesson and continue to fulfill the first?". Answer: "Of course!" There is no clear boundary here, as in school - I learned one lesson and only then started the next one.

Engaged in the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success »we ask not to force employment AT and AKP, let all goes the turn. It is best if you combine mnemonics classes, classes in the 4th book and classes of AT and AKP. All this in theory should not take you more than 30-40 minutes a day. And best of all, if these minutes are broken into several intervals during the day.

The main result is a new level of perception of information, which has already been confirmed by a sufficient number of people involved. For example, M. stopped writing notes in lectures, limited only to small notes in the evenings in the workbook. V. Began to stand out sharply among the managers of one large company, which became the reason for her career growth.

I cite initials not because they invented these people. They simply did not authorize me to give their full names.

Soon the New Year and Christmas. I will try to leave this year with the third lesson, so that I have something to do during the Christmas holidays.

And the last for today. Those who received the first stage of the Course, we inform that the beginning of the second stage - manual on AKP and AT - is almost ready, it remains only to insert photos into the layout of the book. We do this in the newsletter, since it is easier to answer all at once to the same question.

This year we'll see each other again!

Good luck!

'Secrets of Intelligence in Special Services' -44

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services Issue. 44. The New Year is great, but on schedule - the third lesson.


Here you think that I now congratulate everyone on the New Year and Merry Christmas! Actually, of course, but later. I understand that the holidays are coming, but do not relax - the third lesson of AT and the AKP is waiting for you.

Third lesson. Heat in hands.

So, you have learned to relax the muscles of your body. I assure you that it was not difficult to learn the first two lessons, but many already felt a positive effect.

By the way, I received a couple of letters, in which I was asked not to publish correspondence with readers, their responses, friends' reviews, "lyrical" digressions, and publish only information, and in the most compressed and dry form.

But it's just boring! In addition, the maintenance of mailing should give pleasure and satisfaction not only to the readers, but also to the author. And writing instructions ...

But back to AT and AKP.

Your next step will be to learn to relax the smooth muscle of the walls of blood vessels. Why is it important?

The tone of the vessels is related to the level of nervous tension. You can easily recall how your arms and legs become cold when you are very excited. Indeed, with stress, the blood vessels of the limbs narrow, they receive less blood and the temperature decreases.

The state of rest, on the contrary, is accompanied by a decrease in the tone of the vessels, they expand, the temperature rises. Thus, if one learns to arbitrarily relax the musculature of blood vessels (to cause a sense of heat), one can achieve an even deeper state of rest and autogenous immersion. That's what we're going to do today.

The easiest way is to start mastering the art of managing the tone of blood vessels from the hands. If you clearly visualize the situation in which the hand warms and accompany it with the appropriate formulas of auto-suggestion, then as a result of the action of the reverse neural connection, the blood vessels of the hands begin to expand and the hands really warm up. What can not be done by a strong-willed effort is made possible by the power of autosuggestion.

Here are the new formulas for auto-suggestion for causing heat in the hands:

1. I feel the pleasant warmth in my hands ...

2. The blood vessels of my arms slightly widened ...

3. Hot blood warms my hands ...

4. Pleasant heat is spreading on the hands ...

5. My hands are warm ...

6. I am completely calm.

I remind you that it is better to pronounce autosuggestion formulas on exhalation . Also I remind you that you need to learn the formulas by heart and use them only. If you always invent new formulas, the effectiveness of the classes will greatly decrease.

The formulas for auto-suggestion must be accompanied by appropriate mental images of heat.

It is best to simply remember the real feeling of warmth that, for example, arises when you immerse your hands in warm water or bring them to an electric tile.

A very important point . Try several options for causing heat in your hands. It can be a container with warm water, a shower, an electric hot plate or a battery of heating.

I recommend that you use warm water. this is the most familiar and easily reproducible image. Make a final choice within 2-3 days, no more.

In the future, use only this image .

In fact, there is almost no difference what kind of image you will use. I repeat once again that the result will only be with regular training. Do not think that you can find some particularly "correct" image that will start working right away. So choose one image (I still recommend warm water) and use it only.

If you choose, for example, the image of immersing your hands in warm water, do this procedure every day , not just in the imagination during the sessions by auto-training.

Pour very warm, almost hot water into a container (you can just plug the sink with a cork and draw water). Next, first with your eyes open, slowly immerse your hands in the water, notice and remember the sensations. Take your hands out of the water, and load five. Feel the contrast when changing from cold water to warm water.

Do it several times with your eyes open and closed. Now hold your hands in the water. You can pour water more hot. Notice how your hands turn red. You can even feel how the blood vessels of your hands expand.

Do this procedure at least once a day, until the corresponding sensations are easily reproduced in the mind .

Saying the formulas of auto-suggestion, you just need to remember those real sensations that you experienced, immersing your hands in warm water. And do not constantly check yourself, warm your hands or not. This immediately derives from the passive concentration state. Imagine that as if your hands are immersed in warm water, as if they were already warm.

Once again I draw attention to this. Do not try to warm your hands with some kind of inner effort, do not concentrate on the result. Simply pronounce the formulas of auto-suggestion and recall those real sensations that you already experienced .

I clearly understand that during the holidays you will be diligent in this all to do, but, nevertheless, to read and psychologically prepare for the lessons does not interfere.

In the next issue, I will give a summary of the lesson. That is, in the form of really instructions. But, in my deep conviction, dry texts of instructions should be supplemented by explanations, digressions, distractions, stories, etc. Practice has shown that in this form the material is assimilated more easily and more firmly. And therefore, wait for something interesting.

I hope that this style of mailing is much to my liking.

And now I turn to the informal part. All the New Year's on the doorstep.

First I want to thank all the subscribers for staying with us. Naturally, I am especially grateful to those who do not just read, but apply something in practice.

Thanks to those who wrote us interesting and informative letters, sent interesting information.

Thanks to those who ordered our products - the discs of the series "Music of Intelligence", the simulator "Inaz-Mnemo" and so on. They helped us in our development, in that we started and continue very interesting topics, which you will soon learn. We are sure that our products have brought everyone undoubtedly good and, simply, liked it.

Thank you to all our students, who are engaged in the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". We are sure that even partial mastering of the Course gives excellent results.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year happiness, joy, success, health and the most beautiful!



'Secrets of Intelligence in Special Services' -45

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 45. Digest of the third lesson on AT and SPP


Noisy Holidays (almost, still Old New Year ahead), somehow you gradually enter the working track. But even on holidays we were not forgotten, sent letters with questions, suggestions, and, of course, congratulations, for which many thanks.

I remember that we devoted the previous issue to the third lesson on AT and AKP (we recall that there will be only seven of them). And in order, so to speak, to swing and not immediately to plunge you into the abyss of studies, but to bring it gradually, we, as promised, will give a sort of digest of the third lesson.

So, lesson 3 looks like this:

I. Formulas of rest - similar to lesson 2

II. Muscle relaxation - similar to lesson 2

III. Heat

1. I feel the pleasant warmth in my hands ...

2. The blood vessels of my arms slightly widened ...

3. Hot blood warms my hands ...

4. Pleasant heat is spreading on the hands ...

5. My hands are warm ...

6. I am completely calm.

IV. Activation formulas - similar to lesson 2

V. Write down the feelings that arose during the class.

To move on to the next lesson, you must learn how to warm your hands. In this case, especially noticeably warm hands. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks to master this exercise.

We emphasize once again the importance of point V, that is, the recording of our thoughts and feelings. No doubt, you can do without it, but ...

1. Remember how you attended any courses or trainings on psychology and every half hour you were asked about "what do you feel?", And you, a little afraid to blurt out something wrong, mooed something like "umm ... well, in general ... somehow so ... "and gladly agreed, when the teacher began to tell you what you felt. So, if you start doing this yourself, then after a while you can very clearly describe your feelings and emotions, and in quite a detailed and coherent way.

2. Very often right after the end of the lesson, some thoughts come, observations that are forgotten in about 20 minutes, approximately like a dream, which you remember well after waking up, and after the morning toilet is not very much.

3. In the end, if you make simple notes about the fact of passing the lesson, it will clearly show how you are progressing along the path of both the mastery of the entire occupation, and the vertices of AT and AKP.

And now a brief digest of all the material that has been covered.

Lesson 1. Preparatory exercises, mastering the feeling of relaxation.

Lesson 2. The state of rest. Relaxation.

Lesson 3. Heat in hands.

It is often asked - is it possible, for example, to continue to carry out previous lessons during the implementation of the subsequent ones? Of course, you can, then to the next lesson, go only with the assured mastering of the previous ones.

They also ask when the book about AT and AKP will be ready.

We answer. The book will be ready within two weeks (in the sense of being completed) and for another two weeks it is printed. The circulation will be small and for the beginning we will satisfy the requests of those who are engaged in the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". And then we will make a preprint in a short time, so that without a book, none of those who wish to order it will eventually remain.

Unlike the distribution in the book there will be photos and the book will be completed with a CD with instructions. But in terms of the amount of material, it will not be much different from what is given in the newsletter. So, if you want to master AT and AKP, you can also use the mailing texts.

I foresee a reproach that I promised to finish the book a little earlier. That's right, but here's just one circumstance.

Muscovites and guests of the capital are respected! Do not try to buy equipment in the widely advertised store "Eldorado", "low prices"! As it turned out, in this store is mainly sold unconditioned from the West and the East.

To prepare illustrations for the book, I bought a digital camera there and took them home to Minsk. Well, in the set, I also took a MP3 player-listen to audiobooks. The player did not work at all, and the camera for a long time brought to life, inventing such modes of operation that ... Here it is and the delay.

By the way, I take another reproach. About "Eldorado" could ask not after the purchase, but before it from his friends from FAPSI, which I was explained, as well as the fact that the main job in this chain of stores is to fight off clients and try not to return money to them under any pretext.

This I do not complain, it's just stupid. So, I warn you not to repeat such careless actions. Well, and for the delay justified in preparing the book.

But we will finish the release yet on a positive note.

January 27, 2006 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We on the mailing pages of "Music and Intellect" began to publish his biography. It seems to us that it is written in interesting and good language. So sign or go to and download it from the ARCHIVES page.

Good luck!

'Secrets of intelligence development in special services'-46

Newsletter Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services

Issue. 46. ​​Five sources and five components of AT and SDP.


I hope that the mastery of the third lesson is in full swing. The fourth lesson will be in the mailing tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. And today I will put a chapter of our and Dmitry Petukhov's manual "Psychic Self-Regulation and Intellect", which will soon be released as a continuation of the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success".

At first the publication of this chapter was not included in the distribution plans, since the volume of mailing does have limitations, but it seemed to me that if you know the origins, the prerequisites for the emergence of AT and AKP, then the classes will become more meaningful and new colors will appear in them. So,


You see, how much AKP and AT are richer than Marxism. Lenin wrote that in Marxism there are three of them, that is, the source and components. True, the above-mentioned Marxism brought more to humanity. Now, if everyone were engaged in AT ... But this has only to dream.

If we already undertook the holding of historical parallels with Marxism, then we also say that in the early 20th century, "The Ghost wandered through Europe, the specter of self-training ...". And indeed as a specter of communism.

So, the first source is SELF - PURPOSE .

The use of autosuggestion techniques is primarily associated with the works of the French pharmacist Emile Cue, who called his system "a school of self-control through conscious self-hypnosis."

In simplified terms, the essence of this system is that if a person repeats a set of times 20-30 times, then, in the end, he will act.

For example, a person was offered to be treated this way. Daily, sitting or lying in a comfortable position, mentally or in a whisper to repeat the formulas of auto-suggestions like "I'm getting better and better ... My pressure normalizes ...". Such sessions are recommended to be carried out 3-4 times a day, especially at bedtime, in a state of rest and relaxation. The general course of treatment should last from two months to a year.

In the 1920s the method was extremely popular. Even in The Forsyte Saga, this epoch-making work by Galsworthy, the main character was treated with the Kue method.

Kue stressed that autosuggestion should be carried out without any strong-willed efforts.

The external simplicity of the method gave rise to a mass of charlatans who compromised the method.

In addition, emphasis was placed on verbal language, and this was still not enough. Nevertheless, the Kue method can be safely attributed to the undoubted achievements of applied psychology.

To merit Kue should be attributed the same way that he showed the advisability of replacing the negative formulas of auto-suggestion with positive, positive .. For example, "I'm healthy" instead of "I'm not sick."

With these lines, the hearts of the admirers of Napoleon Hill and Louise Hay, these petrels of affirmations, must quickly begin to beat.

For those who have not yet heard the word. Affirmation is a positive statement, repeated many times and positively affecting a person. The most important thing is that this weapon is quite effective. You can start pronouncing 30 times in the morning and in the evening the statement-affirmation "Every day, everywhere and in everything, my business is getting better and better" and in about a week or two they will actually go better.

By the way, with the help of affirmations, Louise Haye got rid of cancer.

So this component of AT is very, very workable.

The second source is Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga .

Only a completely backward inhabitant of the hinterland (and even then we doubt that there is such a one) did not hear this enchanting and romantically filled word - yoga. The fantastic results and opportunities of the yogis led to the fact that it was not only the lazy one who started it. True, as far as not all the results were achieved. Not such a simple thing for a European man.

The founder of yoga is the ancient Indian philosopher Patanjali and the teaching itself has a history of almost 3000 years.

At the heart of the yogis' teaching about the influence on psychophysical functions lies the idea of ​​an individual life force - "kundalini", the center of concentration of which is the lower part of the spinal column.

The goal of the exercise of yogis is to unite the kundalini with the life-giving power of "prana", which gives the person supernatural powers and abilities. The means by which this is achieved include:

- abstinence ("iam");

- culture of nutrition, labor and recreation ("niyama");

- Positions ("asana");

- special breathing ("pranayama");

- removal of the senses (pratyahara);

- concentration of attention ("dharana");

- contemplation ("dhyana");

- concentration ("samadhi").

The first four elements refer to physical and physiological training, and the last four are already completely to the psychic sphere.

Exercises of raja yoga and hatha yoga have a profound physiological meaning. The methods of self-regulation of some physiological processes (hatha yoga) and powerful training of mental functions (raja-yoga) have significantly influenced the creation of auto-training.

A condition that is often called "sleep yoga" is essentially a state of autohypnosis, in which the functions of respiration, circulation, and metabolic processes slow down significantly.

It is impossible not to pay attention to the respiratory gymnastics of yogis, which not only improves the ventilation of the lungs and the saturation of blood with oxygen, but also leads to self-massage and improved blood supply to the internal organs.

An important aspect of the system of yogis is the establishment of a connection between the emotional state of a person and the tone of his muscles and facial expressions. Yogis develop an extremely high degree of self-action on the emotional-vegetative sphere.

In his work "The Highest Level of Autogenic Training and Raja Yoga" Schultz analyzes in detail the similarity and difference between the methods of auto-training and yoga. In particular, he points out that the "asanas" of yoga are very similar to the postures for practicing auto-training.

In general, the connection between Autotraining and yoga is more profound than simply the similarity of exercises and states or the simple attraction of some moments of yoga.

Both yoga and auto-training involve regular training and classes. It does not happen that in these systems something has been done, something has been achieved and it is possible to stop training. No doubt, the skills will remain, but it's about the same as climbing a mountain, stopping half way and so and stay there. Moreover, you can achieve very high peaks.

In addition, it is impossible to reduce Auto-training and yoga to a very effective, but simple, set of exercises that allow you to strengthen your health, get rid of stress, and so on. The basic idea of ​​these systems can be, in a few words, formulated as "in search of freedom." Freedom from the limitations of the body, society, psyche, spirit ...

In general, Schultz applied many of the achievements of yoga in the system he created and significantly shortened the way of Europeans to the treasuries of Ancient India.

The third source is GIPNOZ .

This "component" is exactly shrouded in an almost mystical veil. Hypnotists always inspired a slight horror and humble respect for their people. Well, who did not dream of us, like Wolf Messing, go to the store, hold out a white piece of paper, dial the goods and receive the change as from a hundred, or look at that teacher, and the one who, like a somnambulist, draws his hand to the student's record book and puts it "excellent" .

Meanwhile, hypnosis is not such a mysterious method, moreover, it is an ordinary psychotherapeutic device, and more let us say that it is not so difficult to learn hypnosis, if desired.

In his youth, Schultz was engaged in hypnotherapy in the ambulance clinic he created in the 1920s in Breslau. Practicing, Schultz noticed two interesting things:

- When the patients spontaneously mentally repeated the formulas of suggestions pronounced by the doctor, the effectiveness of hypnotherapy was significantly higher. This prompted Schultz to create fairly simple and easy-to-remember phrases intended for self-study - "self-hypnosis formulas".

- Schultz also drew attention to the fact that the hypnotized experienced feelings of heaviness and heat. The feeling of heaviness was due to relaxation of the muscles, and heat - as a result of the expansion of peripheral vessels.

Based on these observations, Schultz suggested that by conscious relaxation of the muscles and self-suggestion of a sense of heat, one can call a state resembling a hypnotic state.

That is, any person can hypnotize himself. This position is the cornerstone of AT.


American physician Jacobson has established that negative emotional reactions always reveal muscle tension and the corresponding vegetative-vascular changes. Based on this, he proposed his own therapeutic method, which became widely known in the US as a "method of progressive relaxation." Moreover, it somehow allowed Jacobson to claim that he was actually 10 years earlier than Schultz created AT.

The therapeutic rationale for this method was that an arbitrary relaxation of the musculature is accompanied by a decrease in the neuro-emotional tension and has a calming effect. This was the reason that at the beginning of the thorny path of AT, both therapies were often combined.

In fact, Jacobson closely approached the AT, but, firstly, the path was somewhat different, and secondly, AT is still somewhat wider as a method.

Jacobson discovered that to each type of emotional response corresponds to the tension of a certain group of muscles. Depressive states, for example, are accompanied by a strain of the respiratory muscles (remember "caught breath").

Subsequently, the "motor-visceral theory of James-Lange emotions" was created, the main content of which was that there is nothing in feelings that could not be observed in muscle, vascular and other changes in the state of the organism. Ie, as this theory claims, we are afraid (we experience the emotion of fear) because we start to shake, and not vice versa. Hence the opposite effect - if you stretch your mouth in a smile - the mood will improve or if you take a confident pose, you will really feel more confident.

Active regulation of muscle tone, proposed by Jacobson, is an important part of modern modifications of AT.


Rational psychotherapy (or clarifying, logically justified) is difficult to position, as an independent method. This, rather, is a set of general principles for the relationship between the doctor and the patient. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a doctor who, in the process of treatment, would not explain to the patient the essence and causes of the morbid condition, would not tell about the proposed ways of cure.

The founder of rational psychotherapy is the Swiss neuropathologist Dubois, who believed that neuroses arise as a consequence of the intellect and the fallacy of judgment. At present, this statement can not be accepted unconditionally, but many conclusions, observations, recommendations of Dubois have undoubted value. And Dubois presented the information to the patient in a very imaginative form, which had a positive effect on the treatment process.

Dubois, in fact, contrasted the notion of "suggestion" and "conviction," and Schultz, creating AT, made them allies.

The basic principles of rational psychotherapy should be included in the structure of any method of treatment. The active role of the intellectual (explanatory) impact should vary significantly depending on the treatment methods used, from the disease itself.

An atmosphere of trust and mutual sympathy should be established between the doctor and the patient. If this did not happen, it is better to transfer the patient to another doctor.

Dubois gave a special role to suggesting patient's confidence in recovery, underlining and even exaggeration of any, even the slightest, positive shift in the treatment process and the patient's condition.

It can be said that Schultz, having introduced methods of rational psychotherapy into AT, poured a certain amount of criticality and intelligence into his system.

So, we were convinced that the AT did not originate on an empty method, but was a synthesis of many achievements of the science of man, both ancient and relatively modern.

The external simplicity of AT should not be misleading. At the end of this section, we will quote a phrase that very accurately reflects the essence of the question: "Simplicity, not past the stage of complexity, is a primitive."

Autotraining is far from being primitive. Though it's simple. "

The fourth lesson will be released tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, especially since the ease of mastering the exercises should improve further, as you already know and know a lot. Provided, of course, that you were engaged. If you did not do it, then, as you already wrote, you can print the lessons, staple them and start studying when the corresponding mood appears.

After the publication of the fourth lesson, we will try to strengthen this attitude.

Also we remind you that the admission to the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "continues. And the more people are enrolled - the sooner the benefits that we planned will come out. Recall that further in the course we have planned "AKP and Intellect", "Forced language mastering", "Programming and enhancing abilities", "Working with texts. Productive reading strategy ».

Good luck to all and in everything!

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