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Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

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'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -47

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 47. The fourth lesson AT and AKP.


It is time for the fourth lesson on AT and AKP. We decided to change the order of mailing concerning this topic. Exercises will alternate with stories about the use of AT and PSR in a variety of situations, as well as give several applications relating to the specific improvement of some qualities, such as concentration and memory.

We will also remind that the reception for the correspondence course “Memory. Intelligence. Success ”, which is the art of mnemotechnics (memory), the development of memory as a mental function of the brain, classes on AT and PSR, progressive methods of working with information.

You can familiarize yourself with the content of the books that have already been published on the website , and in terms of another book-lessons “Psychic Self-Regulation and Intellect”, “Forced Mastering of Foreign Languages”, “Progressive Methods of Working with Texts”. These books can be ordered outside the course, but at the same time their price will be significantly higher.

But go to the exercise.



Now that you have learned to warm your arms, you can move your legs and muscles of the body. All the recommendations that were given to you in the previous lesson regarding the heat in your hands are relevant. Be sure to daily support the selected image of heat with real sensations.

If you chose an image of immersion in warm water for your hands, to warm your legs, you can imagine how you sit down to the waist in a warm bath. Be sure to do this process several times until you remember the right sensations. While practicing auto-training, pronouncing formulas for warming your feet, just remember the real sensations of heat that you have already experienced.

We have come to another important point. You have already learned how to relax all muscle groups. Perhaps you already have your own image that helps you relax better.

Now you need to choose an image that would be associated with complete relaxation of all muscle groups at once. And again, own experience must come to the rescue.

Think about what the feeling of relaxed muscles looks like? What do you associate it with?

For example, for a musician, the image of how to loosen a stretched string is well suited. He can even hear how the sound changes. Here the string sounds high, we begin to weaken the pegs, the sound becomes lower and lower until the string fully sags. If there is a guitar or any other string instrument at home, experiment with this image.

You can use the image of the test. Take a bigger piece of dough. Remember it well. Feel how soft and warm it is. Now drop it on the table. Watch carefully how it spreads. Saying the formula for relaxation, imagine that the muscles as it settles, limp like a dough.

You can represent the image of melting tar in the sun.

In general, get creative to this task, but do not get too carried away. As in the case of images of heat, in the next two days, select one image and practice with it. Remember that the image will work only as a result of training, and not by itself. Having chosen some image, be sure to experiment with its prototype. For example, since it was described above about the image of the test.

When to use this image? From this lesson, the first formula for muscle relaxation will be " All my muscles are completely relaxed ... ". By uttering this formula, one must represent the chosen image of relaxation.

Over time, one formula will be enough to relax all the muscles: " All my muscles are completely relaxed ... ". In the meantime, we will prepare the ground for this. Therefore, continue to work with each individual muscle group, while maintaining the selected image of relaxation.

I remind you that attention should be extremely passive. No need to do volitional effort.

Completely, this lesson is as follows:

I. Formula of rest

1. I am completely ... calm ...

2. All my muscles ... are pleasantly relaxed for relaxation ...

3. My whole body ... is completely resting ...

4. I am completely ... calm ...

Ii. Muscle relaxation

Alternately called the main muscle groups. The task: to focus on them, feel their residual tension and relax. The first two elements are recommended to be carried out while inhaling, and relaxation along with exhalation.

1. All my muscles are completely relaxed ...

2. Muscles of a forehead ...

3. Eye Muscles ...

4. Muscles of the mouth ...

5. Muscles of the neck ...

6. The muscles of the shoulders ...

7. Muscles of the forearm ...

8. Muscles of both hands ...

9. Focus on your breathing and adjust it to a calm (sleepy) rhythm ...

10. Relax your chest and back muscles ...

11. Muscle thighs ...

12. The muscles of the legs ...

13. The muscles of the feet ...

14. All my muscles are completely relaxed ...

III. Heat

1. I feel a pleasant warmth in my hands ...

2. The blood vessels of my arms slightly dilated ...

3. Hot blood warms my hands ...

4. Pleasant warmth spreads on the hands ...

5. My hands are warm ...

6. I feel a pleasant warmth in my legs ...

7. The blood vessels of my legs slightly widened ...

8. Hot blood warms my feet ...

9. My feet are warm ...

10. Pleasant heat spreads all over my body ...

11. I am completely calm.

Iv. Activation formulas

1. I had a good rest ...

2. My strength has been restored ...

3. I feel a surge of energy throughout my body ...

4. The head is clear, fresh ...

5. I seemed to take a refreshing shower ...

6. A pleasant chill runs through the body ...

7. I take a deep breath ... A sharp exhalation, raising my head, opening my eyes.

Stand, stretch, take a few energetic breaths and light exercises.

V. Record those feelings that arose during class.

To move on to the next lesson, you must learn to induce a noticeable sensation of warmth in the arms, legs, and muscles of the body. At the same time, it is especially important to learn how to warm hands and feet. Usually, the development of this exercise requires 1-3

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -48

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 48. The fifth lesson of AT and JDP, the answers to the letters, an interesting story about the AT.


More than half the distance in the development of AT and AKP passed. Four lessons are more than half. And today we will continue the combined edition - answers to letters, the fifth lesson and an interesting story. In this sequence and let's go. That is, let's start with the answers to the questions.


1. “In addition to the purely health-improving, relaxation effect, what other benefits can AT and AKP classes bring? Of course, I feel a significant improvement in well-being, but I would like something concrete. ”

We have repeatedly written that, as background effects, improvement of memory, concentration of attention, self-control, the ability to make quick and, most importantly, right decisions appear. But, nevertheless, we will expand the topic of practical applications. Moreover, at the end of the release, a story will be given that will partially answer this question.

2. Do you plan to publish any supporting materials during the publication of the book on AT and SDP - audio recordings, for example?

Of course, the book will be accompanied by an audio application, which will be recorded voice instructor, explaining some important points, given the formula of employment. In addition, wishing to be offered a device with which the development of AT and PPS is much easier. By the way, we will tell about the device in the near future.

3. Is it not easier to put the system of exercises on the site entirely?

It is possible that it is easier. But! If you lay out only exercises, without any explanatory points, without stories with motivation, you’ll have a set of instructions. It does not always work as it should. Plus, there is a moment in the style of conducting the mailing, the style of presentation of the material. A dry, boring presentation is simply not interesting to do yourself. Well, if the authors themselves are not interested, then the readers will be all the more uninteresting.

In addition, the book on AT and JDP is already finished, waiting for publication.

4. How does auto-training relate to your course “Memory. Intelligence. Success"? Are you trying to “harness a horse and a quivering doe in one cart” by including auto-training in the course program?

Not at all! In the course, among other things, the algorithm of memorization is considered, that is, how to memorize everything for a long time and maneuverable to reproduce, like a home address or a multiplication table. In this algorithm, four components, and one of them helps to achieve fully and as efficiently as possible precisely AT and PPS.

For now, enough questions and answers. It's time to move on to the next lesson.



You have already mastered (if you did, of course) the main basic skill of auto-training - muscular and vascular relaxation. Further exercises will be aimed mainly at deepening the state of autogenous immersion and the development of self-hypnosis.

The following exercise, which will be added to the complex, is called “heat in the solar plexus”.

The solar plexus is the largest ganglion of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the work of all major internal organs (heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, etc.). This is a kind of command post or junction box that provides the brain with information about the work of the internal organs and transmits control signals from the brain to the internal organs.

As a result of the exercise “heat in the solar plexus”, the regulatory abilities of the autonomic nervous system are improved, which has a positive effect on the work of all organs and systems.

The solar plexus is located on the midline of the body, midway between the navel and the lower edge of the sternum. Since it occupies a fairly large area, the localization of the sensation of heat in the solar plexus can vary considerably among different people. Typically, heat covers the lower chest and upper abdomen.

The easiest way to imagine this feeling is to remember the pleasant warmth of a hot tea or soup (or something stronger). You can also imagine that there is a small sun in the area of ​​the solar plexus.

As in the previous exercises, the mental image that will accompany the formulas for self-suggestion of heat in the solar plexus can be completely individual. And even well, if it will reflect your personal experience.

Here are some more options:

- the electric bulb lights up;

- ember (each exhalation as if inflates this ember even more);

- the vessels of the solar plexus expand, hot blood warms the solar plexus (this image is universal).

It is important that, choosing one image, in the future they use only it. Each formula of self-hypnosis should be repeated 1-3 times. Remember that attention must be passive. Do not try to force yourself to feel the suggested feelings, especially since at the beginning of the training you may not feel the heat at all. This does not mean that the exercise does not work, it just takes time for the training effect to appear.

So, your complex now looks like this:

I. Formula of rest - as in lesson 4

Ii. Muscular relaxation - similar to lesson 4

III. Heat is similar to lesson 4.

Iv. Heat in the solar plexus

1. My solar plexus radiates heat ...

2. Pleasant warmth fills all internal organs ...

3. The sensation of heat in the solar plexus is growing more and more ...

4. The whole stomach is heated by a pleasant, deep warmth ...

5. I am completely calm ...

V. Activation Formulas - Same as Lesson 4.

Vi. Record those feelings that arose during class.

You must learn to produce a sensible sensation of heat in the solar plexus area. In fact, the localization of sensations may be different. In some, heat is more pronounced in the upper abdomen, in others - in the middle or lower abdomen. This is completely normal. Ideally, “the whole belly is warmed up with pleasant, deep warmth”. Usually, mastering this exercise takes 1-3 weeks.

And now the promised story. Based on the specifics of the mailing in one of the next releases, we will put the story of Yuri, a case from the operational work, when he applied the acquired skills on AT. But first, we will write, we will coordinate with him, nevertheless, it will really be a matter of operational work, that is, some kind of real operation.

In general, with cases of life will be more careful. I already gave once in one of the issues some information, so it is still sour in my heart, as I recall. My fatherly, but very severely pointed out the inadmissibility of such ...


... One of the leading specialists in autotraining and AKP is Hans Lindemann.

Frankly, Lindeman is now promoted to the ranks of the leading specialists in AT, but he began a doctor who deals with issues of human survival in extreme situations. He worked in Liberia - the famous maritime power.

At the beginning of the 50s of the 20th century, the extremely dangerous myth that a shipwrecked for some time may well manage seawater, using it for drinking, began to circulate among doctors.

Lindeman decided to refute this error practically. Being a fairly experienced navigator, in 1955 he sailed the ocean in 65 days on an African dugout “cru”. Of course, he was glad that he had done this journey, but the more time passed from the moment of triumph, the more discontent he felt.

Although the experience of survival in the open sea replenished with important observations, Lindeman realized that he could not cope with the mental problems associated with such a voyage.

Lindeman carefully prepared for him in the physical, technical, navigation plans, but not in terms of psychology, because of what he got into extremely dangerous crisis situations that could end very sadly. Moreover, he knew that the majority of the shipwrecked people perish more likely not because of physical stress, but from panic, fear, despair. The psyche refuses faster than the body.

Lindeman asked himself the question: "How to influence the psyche and how to make it an ally?".

The answer was Autotraining.

And Lindeman decided to take a new journey across the ocean. Only as a ship did he choose the smallest ship he could find - a foldable kayak.

By the way, imagine yourself in a kayak in the middle of the ocean. With a certain vividness of imagination, the picture, as they say, is breathtaking.

Lindeman, using the experience of the previous voyage, maximally strengthened the boat, which, of course, increased his chances. Now I had to take care of myself.

Six months before the start of the journey, Lindeman, who was familiar with Autotraining, began to introduce into the depths of his psyche the first formula of auto-suggestion - “I can handle it!”.

In the morning he first focused on this thought. During the day before lunch, he conducted an ordinary training session (I dare to assure you that these were about the same exercises as we give in this manual).

But any formula of self-hypnosis is designed so that it must be repeated constantly and between workouts - when walking, sitting, eating and generally at every opportunity. The formula should be the motto of life.

Having lived for three weeks with this formula, he “realized” that he could survive this voyage. He constantly tried to activate the unconscious depths of the soul, so that even in a dream he would receive answers to the questions: “Was my journey justified? Will I come back alive? The answer was a feeling of “space security, comprehensive self-confidence and strength.

During the voyage, this formula appeared in Lindeman automatically when it was necessary to overcome crises. For example, when the kayak turned over for the first time, it was literally shocked by the appearance of the formula: “I will cope” from the darkness. Moreover, this formula came to the rescue of the inevitable hallucinations that when they appeared, the consciousness immediately gained full clarity.

One of the formulas was the formula "Course - West". At the slightest deviation from a given direction, it automatically floated in the brain. In order to wake up from the visions caused by constant lack of sleep, it was not at all required that the wave swept the boat and brought it around. The formula worked.

For example, once during a hallucination, he saw an African with whom he entered into an illusory conversation.

- Where are we going?

- To my master.

- Where does your master live?

“In the west,” the black man replied.

The word "West" immediately prompted the traveler, he looked at the compass and corrected the course.

This example proves that the formulas of auto-suggestion can even fight hallucinations. It turns out that they can have just as strong an effect as hypnotic suggestion.

Auto-training helped to overcome chronic sleep deprivation, giving you the opportunity to have a good rest while relaxing, to avoid ulcers and other negative consequences caused by the fact that you can only sit in the canoe while sailing.

Lindeman notes that only Autotraining classes helped him safely, without the slightest damage to physical health and psyche, to make such a long journey in the ocean in a small kayak.

Then there were many more attempts to overcome the ocean on this kind of boats. Only one survived.

Thanks to Autogenic Training.

Good luck!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -49

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 49. What to expect from AT and SDP and device annotation.


No lessons today. But there will be information that may well be interesting and useful. We have already given a part of it, today we place it completely.

The effect of classes is quite predictable, and we will give when and what can be expected if one condition, which is very important, is met, but about it a bit later.

What is the positive effect and when you can expect from classes AT and AKP.

1) After 1-2 weeks

After doing the exercise there is a feeling that I had a good rest. It is easier to fall asleep. With regular classes, many say that they become less tired during the day. Perhaps an improvement in mood.

2) in 3-4 weeks

Sleep is normalized (if there were problems with falling asleep before). Improves concentration. With the help of AT it is possible to quickly recover and relax. Improves well-being. Mood rises. The first signs of a healing effect are possible (pressure normalizes, headaches decrease or disappear (if any).

3) 1.5 - 2 months.

There is a feeling of inner strength. Confidence appears. The concentration of attention is further enhanced. Stress, fatigue can be easily removed through exercise. Improvement of working capacity, memory is possible.

The health and mood are noticeably improved. There may be cases of spontaneous resolution of various personal problems and health problems (many problems are solved as if in the background, due to the improvement of the brain and central nervous system during regular classes of AT).

3) 3-4 months.

All positive background effects from regular AT occupations manifest. It becomes possible to purposefully form various subconscious positive programs.

They can be directed to rehabilitation, development of abilities, solution of creative and professional tasks, correction and development of necessary personality traits, etc.

And now about this condition - in which case it all happens, as discussed above. Schulz wrote about this condition. In addition, we talked with the teacher of the department of psychology of a particular educational institution, and he answered the same thing. We give his answer:

- Absolutely anyone can master AT and AKP.

- The only condition is the regularity of classes. It is advisable not to make big passes in the exercise. If you miss a few days, then start the exercise over.

- After completing the main course (actually, seven exercises - this is the main course), your achievements are transferred to the skill and the question of classes is not so acute due to the fact that you begin to use the skill in real life. And this is a wonderful training.

Now about the device, which we casually mentioned and promised to talk about later. This "a little later" came.

In order to speed up the process of mastering the exercises, in addition to the subjective sensations that should arise in the course of their execution, it is advisable to get some kind of objective assessment.

We have already indicated that the state of autogenous immersion is accompanied by a change in body temperature, galvanic skin reaction, pulse, pressure, etc. That is, parameters that are amenable to real measurement and control.

In the USA, they have created such a device that measures the galvanic skin response, that is, the resistance of the skin. The device is a little inconvenient in operation, in addition, it is worth it.

We also offer a device based on monitoring the temperature of the skin surface.

For example, the exercise "Warm in the hands." Fix a small sensor on the outside of the brush with adhesive tape and work on it. When the temperature changes by 0.1 degrees, the device gives a light or a quiet sound signal. It is considered normal if you changed the temperature by 0.7 degrees during this exercise.

Priborchik very small. With the apparent simplicity of the algorithm, its work is rather complicated. The main thing is much cheaper than the American one. For orientation - American costs about $ 350. Of course, you can order it from us. Of course, ours, not American.

But at once we will say that it is quite possible to master the SDP and AT without the device. The device simply provides assistance in the classroom.

We receive letters asking for more information about our correspondence course “Memory. Intelligence. Success". We have already given information in the 58th edition of the DEVELOP newsletter, which can be found on the website.

But just in case, we will give it in this newsletter tomorrow.

And after two or three days - the next lesson AT and AKP.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -50

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 50. Planned.


Everything is going according to plan, as it was reported - this issue tells about our correspondence course “Memory. Intelligence. Success". And tomorrow or the day after, another AT and AKP lesson.

Periodically come letters, ask to tell about the Course in more detail. We do it with pleasure, as this is our pride, and it can contribute to progress. And this, in turn, will accelerate the implementation of some very, very interesting projects. Not that very sensational, but, let's say, unexpected.

So Course.

The first stage or part of the course consists of six books with audio applications.

Book 1. "Memory and Intellect."

This is a story about the mechanisms of functioning of memory and intelligence, specific practical to improve the performance of intellectual work without any exercises or exercises, simply by knowing these very mechanisms. It tells about the creation of "intellectual atmosphere", about the methods of development of the imagination.

Book 2. "Effective memorization."

Almost all known memorization systems, basic mnemotechnical techniques, their use in working with information are given.

Book 3. "Memorizing numbers."

One of the most difficult types of memorized information, at the same time, and the most demanded - phone numbers, physical constants, dates, prices, schedules, tariffs, and so on. There are many methods of memorization in the book and you can choose the most suitable for you.

Book 4. "Integrated memory training."

7 most effective exercises with which you can both develop memory and activate the information that you think is forgotten. It is not necessary to do all seven, just dwell on one or two, which, as they say, lay down for the soul.

This book we are proud of deservedly, its analogues do not exist.

Book 5. "The concentration of attention."

Very often, when a person complains of deteriorated memory, loss of acumen, slowing down of the reaction, these problems are solved simply - by increasing concentration of attention. The methods given in the book will help to do this without any particular problems and time. As well as develop and maintain this essential quality.

Book 6. “Mnemonics. Truth and fiction.

This book is written by the great Petersburg mnemonist, a very interesting person, Oleg Stepanov. For many, it was Stepanova’s book that triggered the beginning of perfection, it was written in such a way that you involuntarily get charged with the positive energy that accelerates development, makes you take care of yourself. The book also contains a lot of interesting information.

But the main thing is the 14th chapter, which has never been published anywhere before. This is a revolution in our ideas about memory and at the same time an exercise that allows us to develop the perception of information to unprecedented heights.

Books are complemented by audio applications, on which tests are given, as well as material that is better perceived by ear, and some moments from books are also duplicated to enhance the mastery of information.

In perspective:

Book 7. "Psychic Self-Regulation and Intellect." The combination of books produced and this manual makes the course a unique phenomenon. You are fully using the combination of memory engineering, memory development methods from the first six books of the Course and Psychic Self-Regulation to achieve truly fantastic results. Your abilities to memorize, process information, make right decisions in conditions of lack of information will increase dramatically. We will keep silent about additional features for the time being, but believe me, they deserve attention.

Book 8. "Forced mastery of a foreign language." Notice, not learning, but mastering. The methods outlined in this book will improve the memorization of words and phrases, in three weeks to develop firm pronunciation, in a relatively short time to develop decent literacy. The most important thing is that you will not learn to translate, this is, in our opinion, a hopeless occupation. You just start to speak the language. Think for yourself - when you communicate in Russian, you least think about where the subject is, where the predicate is, what is the word order in the sentence, what times to apply, and so on. You just use the language. And if you translate, then a foreign language will inevitably be perceived as secondary, and either will simply be pushed far into the background, or learning the language will require such effort ...

In general, if you need a language - this book is for you.

Book 9. "Working with the texts." Well, this question worries everyone. We will not describe in detail the contents of the book, the title is more or less clear, we say only that the methods of working with texts that you learn will allow you to increase the amount of processed and memorized text information several times.

The advantage of the course is that the information is interesting and it does not take much time to master, since everything that you learn can be immediately applied in work or school. That is, to build the knowledge gained in the degree of skills.

Do not feel like boasting, but we actually managed to create the best course for self-education and improvement. Probably, simply, as they say, it was possible, and the task was set high. It was interesting to work on the course.

The question arises - when the course will be released completely. Presumably by the fall. But this can happen much faster if the number of orders is sufficient to raise funds for the publication of the remaining ones. Book 7 is almost ready, books 8 and 9 are in the final stages.

In order for those who order the Course to get some advantages, we promise that they will receive the published books first. In addition, they will have two prices - one in the course, the second - for free sale. We hope that this will in some way stimulate demand.

In addition, in about two weeks, an online newsletter will start for the participants of the course, which will provide new information that is not included in the course books. This may be due to the fact that for some issues it is not appropriate to publish a separate book, or the information may complement the information in the course, and the format of regular mailings is not quite suitable for it.

I hope that this article interested you.

The next issue of the newsletter is another AT and PPS lesson.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -51

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 51. The sixth lesson on AT and AKP and cardinal news.


Just a bunch of news, the most diverse, and very, so to speak, cardinal.

Let's start with the response to the letter, rather angry. As an author of the mailing list, I am asked to stop doing nonsense, stop printing the AT and PSR course, arguing that “there are enough such nonsense on the Internet and everyone serves it as some kind of secret knowledge.”

I will answer. It may very well be that there are enough publications on this topic in the network. And it may even be that someone gives all this as “secret knowledge”. But we just want to show that there is nothing secret in AT and AKP, that it is quite accessible for everyone to master.

We do not seek to operate with terms like “magic keys”, “secret initialization” and so on. Moreover, everything that we give can be found in open sources. For example, in Levi’s wonderful book “The Art of Being Yourself” or with Kermani in “Autogenic Training”. There are actually a lot of books and publications.

Two "but."

But in this form, as we give, that is, as compressed as possible, devoid of water, embodied in the form of specific instructions, you are unlikely to find anything.

But we tried to get as close as possible not to the well-being of the AT and the AKP, which is actually described in great detail, but to the one that Shchultz embodied while in the position of the main psychologist of the Luftwaffe and who had adopted both the Abwehr and the NKVD in their time.

True, a fair question arises: “Kohl Schults was such a craftsman and the Nazis did a lot and invented all sorts of techniques, so why did they lose?” It seems to us that if the Idea itself is vicious, then no magic techniques will save it. But this does not mean that the techniques are no good. However, the arguments on this topic are beyond the scope of the mailing list.

Now go on the news. One is pleasant, the rest are not so hot. In order.

I received a letter from a single mailing server, which significantly exceeded the limit of sending letters. And very decently. And it is stated that according to the rules of conducting mailings for exceeding the limit I should pay a certain amount. That is, either pay or do not work so actively. And this position of the distribution server can be understood.

Therefore, after simple calculations it was decided to issue a newsletter twice a month. And when once a month. Which will lead to some changes in its format in terms of information submitted. The only thing I can guarantee is that it will still be interesting.

Again, an astute reader might ask: what is the distribution for? Surely because to advertise our products?

I agree, but only in part. Yes, advertising takes place, moreover, I suspect that many people don’t like its presence in the mailing list. I will add, however, that the number of incoming orders is not so large as to talk about super-profits and excellent profitability.

The second aspect of mailing is that you only know the material when you can explain it more or less clearly. That is, the very fact of conducting the mailing is also a great moment for me to develop.

By the way, this moment is very noticeable when you teach classes in full-time groups or when you work on correspondence course books. I just feel that if I don’t do this, I’ll stop at my height as a specialist. Just like in the joke about the teacher: “I explained everything to them several times, he finally figured out himself, but they didn’t.” The main thing is that he figured it out himself.

So, mailing management involves two things - advertising your development and your growth as a specialist. And it is not known what is more important. Most likely, both points are equally important.

From all the above conclusions:

1. In fact, dramatically reduce the activity of conducting the mailing. Altruism is of such a degree that it’s not even free of charge that you give knowledge, and you also pay extra for it, it looks like schizophrenia.

2. Paid distribution of the same subject will be opened, or maybe just something like an online course on the topic "Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services." It goes without saying that the name will be different. Like the format. More stringent in content. Weekly. With pictures and tables. Fascinating and interesting, here I will try. With some obscure technology. With the details that in the usual format of the mailing list is not stated. Not posted on the site. With a monthly fee of about $ 5-15 for six months (150-450 rubles, 30-90 hryvnia, 12-32 thousand Belarusian rubles, and so on).

3. Those who are engaged in the course “memory. Intelligence. Success "let them not survive. The material will intersect a little.

4. Nothing just happens. No wonder the CONTENT mailing server just a week ago sent an offer to start this kind of mailing.

5. Again advertising ... What to do ...

But it is necessary and something nice to report. And sweet is



The next exercise is called Breathing.

In many self-regulation practices (for example, such as yoga and qigong), much attention is paid to breathing.

We in this exercise do not set ourselves the goal of somehow influencing our breathing. In the process of relaxation, breathing calms naturally.

We repeat - we will not try to influence the breath, we will rather use it to deepen the state of rest and autogenic immersion.

In meditative techniques, breathing is very often used as an object for concentration. Observing the natural cyclical nature of breathing is like contemplating fire or surf waves. Remember how easy and pleasant it is to concentrate, looking at the surf or the fire of a fire.

The formulas of self-hypnosis in this exercise are used not so much for suggestion, as for ascertaining, confirming what is happening. Their main task is to deepen the state of rest and autogenic immersion.

While pronouncing self-hypnosis formulas, you can simply observe the flow of air that you breathe in and out, or imagine that you are lying on your back, on the surface of the water. For example, while inhaling, a gentle warm sea lifts you slightly, and as you exhale, it lowers you. You just enjoy the process.

Having said all four formulas of self-hypnosis 1-2 times, you can watch breathing or swaying on the waves for a few more breathing cycles. You will surely notice what a good rest this exercise gives.

Completely this occupation looks as follows.

I. Formula of rest - as in lesson 5

Ii. Muscular relaxation - similar to lesson 5

III. Heat - similar to lesson 5

Iv. Warmth in the solar plexus - similar to lesson 5

V. Breathing.

1. I am completely calm ...

2. My breathing is calm ... light ...

3. With each breath, I calm down more and more ...

4. I am completely calm ...

VI. Activation formulas - similar to lesson 5

VII. Record those feelings that arose during class.

The criterion of success in mastering this exercise is that, while concentrating on breathing, feelings of relaxation and rest are deepened. It also takes about 1-2 weeks to master the exercises.

That's just before March and have something to do.

I want to emphasize that you should not be deceived by the external simplicity of what is written. It's just that simple, but it requires a very serious attitude.

Kohl started, so I’ll post the course of AT and AKP to the end, albeit with delays. Fortunately there was one lesson left.

See you in March!

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -52

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 52. The seventh lesson of AT and AKP.


The break turned out to be quite large, but you could use it quite fruitfully - learn the exercises for the AKP.

As we said, the newsletter will now go out twice a month. That is, the next one will be released in about two weeks. And then again at the beginning of the next month and so on. But you can more clearly plan the topics of issues.

Today we have the seventh, final lesson on AT and AKP. And in the next issue - some aspects of the practical application of AT and PPS.

The message that we are somewhat changing the style of work caused a certain outflow of subscribers. Although we give credit to both readers and myself. Outflow is not so significant.

The announcement that the paid version of the newsletter would begin to be released did not arouse much enthusiasm either. Although a certain number of letters came in with a request to inform about its opening and readiness to subscribe. Therefore, we decided the following.

The KGB has a lot of interesting specialists, so to speak, an unconventional profile. And Vladimir slowly acquaints me with them.

Remark. A lot of letters come in which indicate that my enthusiasm for the KGB is somewhat exaggerated, to say the least. I completely agree!

It was just lucky for me that I caught such friends in this office. I already wrote that I met them in my glorious dissident times. They summoned me to talk, we talked, drank beer, they all understood themselves perfectly and filed reports upstairs that conversations had been held with me. Well, and parted until the next meeting.

Gradually began to be friends. They helped me several times to discourage from me and my friends gangsters of various and, so to speak, unscrupulous cops, I, in turn, somehow pretended to be a buyer of a large batch of uranium. It was not squealing, not figs to trade in uranium. By the way, they never offered me a knock on anyone. In general, these officers.

But, alas, it is impossible to idealize the KGB too much. My friends are my friends, and there are a lot of bad things too.

For example, now in Belarus, presidential elections are coming. So the KGB, together with the rest of the security forces, are simply rampant, trying to neutralize the active opponents of the regime.

But, thank God, my friends have nothing to do with this. One on the orders of the authorities to do a denser election said that he submitted a report on dismissal (this act will not bring him any special trouble if something happens, such a professional will not remain without work). We decided not to involve him in this filth.

The second in the main direction is so busy that it simply cannot be torn off. Elections are elections, and the case should be done.

By the way, the Chekist Putin, too, has somehow recently lost a bit of his aura and authority. At least in Belarus. So clearly demonstrating our international inconsistency ... Fighting terrorists is yes, but to hobnob with Hamas, which supports Chechen terrorists ... It is clear that Russian politicians got slaps in Ukraine, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, so support Lukashenko, so that at least we have something something like that didn’t happen - it's just self-humiliation. And when the Minister of Foreign Affairs of a great power begins to weave to the whole world that in Belarus everything is smeared with oil in terms of democracy and the elections are just a model of honesty and justice, this causes disgust. And the famous political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky ... Just disgusting.

Consolation - Russian pops is singing and dancing for Lukashenka with might and main. It so happened that they are the first heralds of the defeat of the customer.

So finally:

1. I do not idealize the KGB as a whole, but only my friends and honest people who meet there.

2. For all that, the secret services have developed a lot of everything, which would be worth a closer look and adopt.

Sorry for this political escapade, I just don’t really want to think that I am such an apologist for the KGB, and secondly, in fact, we have elections soon, it is painful. Although for the overwhelming majority of readers, this is a flashlight, as according to statistics, there are quite a few readers from Belarus.

So, Vladimir introduced me to a non-directive hypnosis expert and I had a real chance to learn something interesting. What is remarkable about the methods that I was told about is that they can be used in all situations, others especially will not understand that there is a certain influence, and the efficiency is quite high. Not a somnambulistic trance, but strong enough. And not NLP, which is also of interest.

Therefore, the old version of the newsletter will come out approximately in the same format, twice a month, except for global topics like AT and AKP, there is no reason to threaten it, because twice a month - from a cannon on a sparrow.

The new option, paid, will include all the information of free mailing, as well as touch upon an extensive topic of some practical importance and causing a certain interest. Outputs - four times a month at least. What will be the first topic - you guessed it.

Do not consider me for a grabber and a hapugu, but with the received funds I will be able to provide a stable way out, to pay in time for the mailing servers.

As for the subscription fee, so to speak, it will depend on the number of customers. The more customers - the less payment. For some reason it seems that it will be something like $ 3-5 for half a year.

So send applications. By the way, if there are no applications, then there will also be no point in announcing a paid list. It is also an option.

And the main topic today is the seventh, final lesson of the AT and the AKP.

Seventh lesson. Cool forehead.

Here you come to mastering the last basic exercise of autogenic training! You have done a really big and important job. I am sure that you have already felt the positive effect of regular exercise training.

The following exercise is called Cool Forehead. This exercise has two important goals.

This is the most difficult exercise and it most requires a developed skill of self-hypnosis. Therefore, this exercise is well developed ability to self-hypnosis.

In addition, this exercise has practical value. Everyone knows the saying: "Keep your feet warm and your head cold." Reducing blood flow to the head relieves headaches, improves mental performance and gives good rest to the brain.

Mental images when performing this exercise can be quite diverse. The image of a cool breeze blowing over the forehead (for example, from an open window) is most often used. Thus, the well-known Canadian psychotherapist V. Lute defined the sensations from doing this exercise as the sensations of a person sitting in a warm bath under the cool breeze of a fan. You can imagine that you breathe cool air through your forehead. At the same time, you can increase the feeling of coolness by imagining that you have a mint candy in your mouth. It is important that the image reflects the feeling of pleasant coolness. As in the previous exercises, choosing an image, use only it. The training effect in this case will appear much better.

I remind you that attention should be passive.

Starting with this lesson, you can reduce the number of formulas to the key ones in bold.

So, completely this lesson is as follows:

I. Formula of rest

1. I am completely calm ...

2. All my muscles are pleasantly relaxed for relaxation ...

3. My whole body is completely resting ...

4. I am completely calm ...

Ii. Muscle relaxation

1. All my muscles are completely relaxed ...

2. Muscles of the face ...

3. Muscles of the arms ...

4. Muscles of the body ...

5. Leg muscles ...

7. All my muscles are completely relaxed ...

III. Warm in limbs

1. I feel a pleasant warmth in my hands ...

2. The blood vessels of my arms slightly dilated ...

3. Hot blood warms my hands ...

4. Pleasant warmth spreads on the hands ...

5. My hands are warm ...

6. I feel a pleasant warmth in my legs ...

7. The blood vessels of my legs slightly widened ...

8. Hot blood warms my feet ...

9. My feet are warm ...

10. Pleasant heat spreads all over my body ...

11. I am completely calm.

Iv. Heat in the solar plexus

1. My solar plexus radiates heat ...

2. Pleasant warmth fills all internal organs ...

3. The sensation of heat in the solar plexus is growing more and more ...

4. The whole stomach is heated by a pleasant, deep warmth ...

5. I am completely calm ...

V. Breathing.

1. I am completely calm ...

2. My breathing is calm ... light ...

3. With each breath, I calm down more and more ...

4. I am completely calm ...

Vi. Cool forehead

1. I feel a pleasant coolness in the forehead area ...

2. My forehead is pleasantly cool ...

3. The head is clear, fresh ...

4. Nice cool forehead ...

5. My whole body is resting and gaining strength ...

6. I am completely calm ...

VII. Activation formulas

1. I had a good rest ...

2. My strength has been restored ...

3. I feel a surge of energy throughout my body ...

4. The head is clear, fresh ...

5. I seemed to take a refreshing shower ...

6. A pleasant chill runs through the body ...

7. I take a deep breath ... A sharp exhalation, raising my head,
I open my eyes.

Stand, stretch, take a few energetic breaths and light exercises.

Viii. Record those feelings that arose during class.

The criterion for the success of the development of this exercise is a subjective feeling of pleasant coolness in the forehead.

In the next issue in about two weeks - the final lesson and some practical aspects of the use of AT and PPS.

By the way, in April, the presentation of the book “AT, AKP and Intellect”, which opens the second stage of our course “Memory. Intelligence. Success". Which means that in the same timeframe, those already engaged in the course will be able to receive it at the lowest price.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -53

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 53. Big release, about a lot.


Today the release will be a bit bigger than usual. Kohl leave twice a month, so at least take volume. Today:

- Review of letters;

- What will be in the free and paid distribution options, that is, the announcement for the near future;

- Supplement to the previously published course of AT and AKP.

Review of letters.

As a matter of fact, the main shaft of the letters was caused by the demonstration in the previous issue of some political moments, in particular, the assessment of the beloved Lukashenko people. I am a literate person, but in this case I deliberately wrote the name with a small letter, because I wanted to emphasize that this is not a person, but a phenomenon.

I solemnly promise not to go into politics anymore. Moreover, the elections were held. Alas…

So well her, this policy. Dirty business.

What will be in the paid version of the mailing.

- A special program has been acquired that will make the issues more sensible from the point of view of design, including inserting illustrations normally, which is important.

- Will go out at least four times a month.

- The cost is determined while the framework - $ 10-15 per year. There will be two figures - for any consumer and for the one who ordered or orders our Course “Memory. Intelligence. Success".

- Will start coming out in April. When we prepare several issues, then we will once again announce the acceptance of orders. By the way, thanks to those who have already done it. This showed that, in general, readers reacted to the idea with understanding.

But let's talk about the topics separately.

First, this is a special non-direct hypnosis . They have already sent reproaches to me that I will simply rewrite Gorin and trade these. I must say that I will not rewrite Gorina. There are many other things that have not been published in particular, and it will be difficult to call hypnosis in the true sense of the word. Rather tooling influence. Maybe the topic may seem uninteresting to someone, but nevertheless letters with requests to publish this topic were.

Secondly, self-hypnosis . And in the form in which my friends Volodya and Yura do it. Self-control and their excellent, which characterizes the fact that one of them recently received an award from Putin, of course, that the celebration lasted a week, but at the same time the hero kept decently and firmly and did not confess that he was awarded. It remains to console himself with the thought that this is not politics at all, he simply hates it.

Thirdly, the long-promised topic of processing and searching for information . By the way, I accept claims that I promised to put books on this topic on the website. Wrong, wrong. But the fact is that, firstly, they are written in such a language ... Secondly, in order to put them on the site, they need to be prepared. Scan, check errors, format. Hands did not reach.

And then I will start processing these books into one, I will write, it seems to me, a little better, and at the same time I will post the originals on the site. It seems to me that writing is interesting and, most importantly, useful, I will succeed.

Fourth, the art of concentration . Well, everything is clear here, the topic is the most important. He has written a lot on this topic, but all the time some new facets and possibilities are opening up.

Fifth ... And W about the "fifth" thought came after visiting the book collapse. Among other things, I saw there a lot of books like "The Occult Secrets of the Third Reich," "Hitler and the Mystic," and so on. It's a shame! NKVD worse? Therefore, the topic is about such “NKVD and mysticism” or something like that. At once I will make a reservation that there will not be the slightest educational sense in this material, especially since you will not acquire many secret knowledge without personal contact with the Teacher. But it will be interesting to read, and if so, then this will serve as a kind of incentive for development. How many people came to physics, having read fiction!

What will be in the version of the mailing list that you now receive.

- Necessarily useful techniques and methods for the development of memory and attention;

- Some applied memorization techniques;

- Strategies for behavior in difficult situations and psychological preparation for them.

- And certainly something just interesting.

Seven lessons AT and AKP passed. What next?

Even if you have completed all seven lessons, this does not mean that you should stop classes.

By the way, we received rave reviews about the Neurotrener-TM1 device, which was described in one of the issues. Recall that this is a biofeedback device that allows you to get an objective assessment of the success of mastering the course of AT and RPS. Not to say that this is a large number of people, while only 9 people, but they all note that learning the course went much more confidently and faster.

Keep practicing every day. This should be your habit of brushing your teeth and washing your hands. Personal external hygiene must be supplemented by internal hygiene, which can be called mental hygiene. Only in this case you will get a long-term result.

However, we think that Auto-training and Psychic Self-Regulation have already harmoniously fit into your life and have become a habit, a need, and you do not need to convince yourself that you need to work out. And you do not need to comply with some kind of schedule. Just every day free minutes are given, which you can gladly fill with classes. When you feel that you are tired, and there is still work to be done - 5-10 minutes of rest in an autogenous state or self-inspired sleep provide the necessary rest and a burst of energy.

How to continue self-study.

Keep practicing, doing all the exercises. Gradually, the necessary sensation will be caused faster and faster, and the formulas for auto-suggestion can be curtailed literally to this kind:

Rest ...



Solar plexus…


A heart…

Pleasant cool forehead ...

……. (Target formulas)

Mobilization! Output!

Now that you have mastered self-hypnosis well enough and are able to immerse yourself in an autogenous state, you can use targeted auto-suggestion formulas that can be aimed at achieving a variety of important results for you .

Target formulas can be inserted after the basic formulas, before exiting. Remember one important point. To achieve a result, you need to really want it and show patience. As a rule, the effect of the target formulas noticeably manifests itself not earlier than in 2-3 weeks of their regular use.

General principles of the practical application of methods of psychic self-regulation

In its most general form, it can be said that RPS methods can be applied for:

· Problem-solving (this is what you already have, but you do not need it)

· Achievement of goals (this is what you do not have, but you want it)

In any case, first of all it is important to understand what exactly you want. The more accurate and detailed you are aware of your goal, the faster and easier it will be possible to achieve a result.

Let's start with problem solving.

The solution of the problem can be simply represented as a transition from state “A”, in which the problem occurs, to state “B”, where this problem does not exist. This transition requires some resources and some work needs to be done.

If you ever climbed a mountain, then you should be familiar with the feeling of enthusiasm and a surge of strength when the summit is close and well visible. At the same time, another feeling is familiar to you. The feeling of apathy and powerlessness, when you have to move towards a goal that is not visible and it’s not at all clear how long to go - hour, day, year ...

To quickly and confidently go to the goal you need to know where you are at any given time and where you need to go .

So, your first step is to determine as precisely as possible what your problem is. What exactly bothers you. What exactly bothers or disturbs. This will allow you to take the next step - to transfer the problem to the task. That is, you already know where you are and now you need to decide where to go. Without a clear understanding of where you want to go, you will circle on the spot and come back all the time to the “A” problem point (Didn't that usually happen?).

As you have probably already understood, if the task is not to solve a problem, but to achieve a goal, then you start right away from the second step (try to define this goal as accurately as possible).

It is very important that the “B” point should be as detailed as possible. You need to know exactly where you want to go. To do this, you should ask yourself as many questions of this type as possible:

- What do I really want?

- What will happen if I get rid of this problem (or achieve this goal)?

- How will it look like?

- What are the signs that I find out that the problem no longer exists?

- What are the signs that I find out that I have achieved my goal?

- How will I feel at the same time?

- How will I look?

- How will people treat me around?

- How to change my behavior?

The more questions the better.

As a result, you should get a clear image of what you are striving for. Perfect image. This ideal image will later be used for self-suggestion in the same way as you used, for example, the image of immersing your hands in hot water to cause the vessels to expand. The more accurate and brighter the image - the better the result!

Choose a concise and positive formula that describes this perfect image. No need for detailed descriptions. You already know what it is about! The formula should inspire, call. Let the rest of it even seem abracadabra. It does not matter.

Next step . To achieve this goal will require certain resources. For example, confidence, perseverance, tolerance, determination, creativity, etc. By analogy with the previous step, you need to create an ideal image of yourself with the necessary qualities and choose the appropriate formula for self-suggestion.

So, you are clearly defined with the goal and means. You have formulas and images of the ideal goal. You also have formulas and images for the qualities you need. You can get to work.

A few more words about the formulas. Try to do them in a positive way. Better instead of "I do not want to smoke" - "Smoking is indifferent to me." Although you should not dwell on it too much. If you feel that you have found the best version of the formula - use it, regardless of the canons.

Do not hurry. First, take one problem. Do not try to solve everything at once. Concentrate efforts on one goal. Try to engage in AT and AKP at least 2-3 times a day and each time insert formulas - goals. In this case, be sure to use the appropriate images. You can repeat the formulas and in the normal state during the day as many times as you want. Another important practice may be “getting used to” the image of a person with the necessary qualities.

Be patient!

Everything in this world lives in its rhythm. Periods of enthusiasm may be replaced by periods of some apathy. This is normal. Do not be angry and do not scold yourself. Give yourself enough time to achieve a result.

The most important thing that you do not forget about this. As with the practice of auto-training, it is important to maintain a passive concentration. And in general, as much as possible a neutral position in relation to the result.

Nothing hinders Autotraining more than volitional efforts and a passionate desire to achieve results. That is why you were engaged in AT and AKP, to assimilate this principle. This is the biggest trick. On a conscious level, maintain some indifference to the result.

Let's summarize the work with problems.

Sample action plan:

1. Understand the problem.

2. Re-formulate the problem into a problem.

3. To form a bright image of the goal (the ideal image).

4. Choose a formula for auto-suggestion for the goal.

5. Determine the necessary resources.

6. Build a vivid image of yourself with the necessary resources.

7. Choose the appropriate formula for self-hypnosis.

8. Regularly use formulas and images during classes.

It must be said that it is not always necessary to create images and formulas separately for the purpose and resources. Sometimes, the resources themselves can be the goal.

For example, your goal may be to have such qualities as calm and confidence, because it is their lack that creates the problem. Then you can use one formula. Maybe this: "I am calm and confident." But this is a rather impersonal formula.

You may want to clarify in which circumstances you need to have these qualities. It is possible and more creative approach to this problem. Using the analogy of the animal world, you can present yourself as a lion, king of beasts. Remember how royal peace and confidence radiates this animal. In general, more creativity and imagination!

And the last. It is not necessary to dig up the seed all the time and check how it grows. Using the goal formulas for 2-3 weeks, then take a break for a few weeks. Try to forget at all this time (as far as possible) about this problem. Most likely, it is at this time that the most important positive changes can occur. This is the same as when you solve some important task and cannot find a solution at all, but then it comes by itself, for example, in a dream. After the break, repeat the cycle if necessary.

But nothing prevents to start working on something right now.

And for example, in the next issue we will give practical recommendations on the development of foreign languages. And what you read, do not learn any language courses. Moreover, I am now completing the next book of the course “Memory. Intelligence. Success ", which is called" Forced mastering of foreign languages. " So, one of the conditions for the successful application of the methods outlined, as well as the methodology that will be given in the next issue - no language courses.

In my opinion, I already tired you a little.

Good luck!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -56

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 56. A simple psychological defense.


As already mentioned, in the newsletter now we will consider some topics that do not require a large number of issues, but quite fit into one, maximum two issues. We will leave global themes for the paid distribution option, since the distribution program has started to function and things are getting better. Recall that in the paid version we start two topics - “Deconcentration and concentration of attention”, dedicated to working out such an important parameter as the distribution of attention between several objects, and “NKVD, SS and occultism”, in which just interesting information is given, which, nevertheless in a less definite manner can act as a stimulation in development. You know, as it happens - you will read something interesting and from somewhere there is an interest in studying any subject that, to put it mildly, has previously caused no interest. So you can subscribe. The price is small, covering only the necessary expenses and regulating our relationship with the mailing servers.

So today the topic is complex communication . For a start, why and why will we look at this topic? All the arguments prepared by your intellect, at some crucial moment due to a certain psychological discomfort or overt pressure may simply not work or they will not be able to be retrieved from memory and applied in time.

For example, you defend your point of view before the person who is repressing you. Or you just came to check. Or you were detained on the street by the police. Or just a conversation that does not add up, but it is necessary to adjust its flow.

In general, there are many situations in which a speech strategy called OVUP can provide the most significant assistance. It is clear that you have already guessed that this is an abbreviation, an abbreviation. We decipher it, and then we will show the use of OVUP in some situations.

O - a description of the behavior of the opponent.

"You talk like that, that ..."

B - express your feelings and thoughts.

"... I just can not get together and say something sensible ..."

U - clarification of changes that suit you.

"... but if you reduce the pathos of your speeches by half a tone ..."

P - consequences.

"... then, to our mutual pleasure, we will find a solution that will suit both of us!"

For example, you are faced with the police. They, of course, behave aggressively. And the next phrase, as practice has shown, has a truly magical effect.

“Listen, you somehow zealously fulfill your duties, that I was even a little confused, but if we begin to talk more calmly and respectfully to each other, then you will find in my face the most sincere help and you will be able to perform your hard work.

By the way, only the phrase should be uttered without the slightest hint of irony or banter, and the effect of its use may turn out to be somewhat different.

Suppose you went to a venerable bureaucrat who does not want to solve your problem in any way, and even speaks in such a way that it just makes you angry. Of course, it's easier to yell at him, to threaten newspapers and a chance meeting in a dark alley. And thus deliver him a certain pleasure, but not one iota closer to a positive result. And you can say something like, “You are having such a masterful conversation that it’s difficult for me, an inexperienced person, to object or clarify the situation somehow, but if we try to translate the conversation into a concrete and constructive channel, then you can help me too and show yourself as a real statesman. "

You know, my friends from the KGB taught me this technology when I had a certain relationship with the so-called OBEP. "Relationships" arose from scratch, but if they did, then the press decided to squeeze at least something of their situation and let them pay a fine, but somehow unleash me. Usually they like to fly like ravens, put pressure psychologically, take advantage of a person’s confusion and the fact that he doesn’t know all kinds of laws and on this basis to violate them, based on the immortal “winners are not judged.”

It is clear that from one time the most beautiful phrase, compiled by the OVUP method, did not work. But after the third sentence, the situation changed dramatically. Hence the conclusion -

Use the method until the method works. And he will definitely work sooner or later .

And as a supplement one very beautiful phrase, I use it often, I am sure that it will be useful to you. Agree, how often you need to be able to say “no”, but something stops to say it right away. And sometimes there is also no firm confidence in the finality of the answer. In general, it happens differently. And this phrase comes to the rescue:

"Now I will answer you" no ", but if you give me a little time to think, my answer may be different."

Notice, "maybe", which does not mean "necessarily."

I hope that the story will be useful to you. The main thing - just try to apply everything in real life. And the first successes will give impetus to the study of some more complex techniques. And we will try to give you something very useful and practical.

In the meantime, that's it for today. We remind you that the reception on the correspondence course “MEMORY. INTELLIGENCE. SUCCESS". Within its framework, by the way, the book and the disc “Auto-training. Psychic Self-Regulation. The revolution of intelligence. Start…". Once the beginning, then there will be a sequel. Well, the book "Forced Mastery of Languages" is forcibly completed and will be released soon too. But as part of the course, it will be much cheaper. It's a hint.

Good luck to everyone in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -57

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 57. News and the beginning of a very useful and effective psycho.


I suspect that many are subscribed to my other newsletters, so I will bring news information concisely. It mainly concerns the reasons for the delay in the release of the newsletter.

1. Conducted an exit course, 4 days, the result is excellent. The audience is satisfied, I am satisfied, and two of them noted that they had attended a wide variety of courses and concluded that mine is still the best. Extremely nice.

2. Tried in Minsk to hold an in-person seminar on Autotraining and Mental Self-Regulation. The course failed with a decent crash. Not in terms of methods and material, but in terms of attendance. But the conclusions I made are very important and instructive.

- In the two-day course, the first three lessons were mastered. You can get acquainted with them in previous releases. Let me remind you that this is a preparatory exercise, rapid relaxation and warmth in the hands. I will add that these lessons you can learn without a teacher. So, almost all of these brave heroes who dared to attend the seminar called back a day or two and were surprised to share the fact that they had various pains and sores (for example, one student noted that simply doing these exercises led to her refusing from the services of a massage therapist about back pain, they were gone), they began to sleep better and get enough sleep, and in general a lot of all sorts of amenities.

- It is clear that the majority of those who attended the seminar were my students, who had already completed full-time and part-time training in the course “Memory. Intelligence. Success". They were convinced that the addition of auto-training and mental self-regulation gave them the opportunity to improve the results so that they themselves did not understand where it came from. The most interesting thing is that one of them, who started to study according to the book, got an impressive effect doing only the first exercise.

- The book on AT and JDP has been published and I have already started sending it to those students who ordered it. It goes without saying that I included it in the course. You can order it in addition to the course, but then its cost is slightly higher. The book is completed with two discs.

- The greatest harm to the spread of AT and JDP is caused by three-page publications in magazines like “Health”, numerous publications on the Internet. Incidentally, during the publication of a series of lessons on AT and AKP, I received letters in which I was so scornful, condescending and with some degree of disregard that “there’s nothing to build a guru from myself, write about the supposedly secret knowledge” everywhere in bulk. " You know, I do not even know what to argue in this case. Superficially everything looks like. But only in appearance. What we give is simple. What is often published is primitive. Catch the difference? And in many publications on this topic, the authors add something like that, esoteric, mystical, connection with the Cosmos, the astral and everything else that confuses the matter. We do not claim exclusivity and Gurianism, but after reviewing the mass of publications we came to the conclusion that ours is very good.

In addition, one very interesting technique was demonstrated on the course, which I will dedicate to the next two issues. The first will be very short. This is an introductory exercise. I'll just describe it, you do it. And in the next issue I will comment on it and say what to do with all this. Giving something more now - knock you down with a pantie. I won't even tell you the purpose of this exercise. Just trust and execute it.

Exercise is carried out for 1 minute. If possible, do it with someone in the pair. If not, record the following on a tape recorder or voice recorder - “Start - 10 seconds - 20 seconds - ... - 1 minute”. That is a simple timekeeping. Run and watch the stopwatch can not, you can not concentrate. It goes without saying that the second participant in the experiment will simply do the same thing, timing.

And during this minute, you just slowly squeeze your fingers into a fist. Not abruptly, but so slowly. Timestamps every 10 seconds will allow you to navigate. That's the whole exercise.

You can, by the way, describe the sensations. I, again, will not suggest anything for now.

I want to say that this exercise is the tip of a huge iceberg, that there is hidden “under water” - we will consider in the next issue in a couple of days, when most people will squeeze their fingers.

I want to apologize to those who subscribed to the paid newsletter, in May I will catch up with all issues. One consolation is that the issues are interesting. But I can only release them with the admin, and he is away. One of these days will come and everything will go down in a rut.

We remind you that we continue to accept applications for the course “Memory. Intelligence. Success, in which there are already seven books and nine audio applications. In a month I will finish “Forced mastering of foreign languages”.

Good luck to everyone in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -58

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 58. So why fist clenched?


Frankly, the previous issue and the reaction to it gave rise to me in certain doubts about the topic touched upon. After all, such experiments are conducted only on some kind of in-person classes, under the guidance of an experienced specialist. Because, for all its external simplicity, this is an extremely effective technique. "Technique of what?" - You ask. With a little patience, everything will clear up soon. And I would be very pleased if you use this technique.

But first, about the reaction of readers to the proposal in the last issue to squeeze the fingers of a fist in one minute. By the way, I wonder how many people did this trick?

Here are some letters of reaction.

1. At some point, there was a feeling that at first some, and then all the fingers, seemed to be “themselves.”

2. At some point, there was a feeling of discrete movements.

3. After the end of the runtime, it was difficult to open your fingers. Here, however, a special topic, since it was impossible to make excessive efforts. A little - yes, but not twisting fingers. Another explanation will be later.

Now answer this question - what did you think about during the exercise? Most likely, about anything, or rather, only about exercise, that is, about how you squeeze your fingers. All extraneous thoughts are gone, all affairs and concerns remained somewhere ...

In general, I will not say anything special, but this exercise is one of the best means of self-hypnosis, independent entry into a trance. It is in this among other things, the explanation that some people could not immediately unclasp their fingers.

And how to use it? And for what? To include resources.

Now more. Consider options for different situations, especially since there are specific requests for the solution of some. I will describe situations from the pronoun “you”, no offense, it's just that way easier.

1. You are terribly lost before talking with your boss or when you contact with official authorities like the police, tax, etc. You are not to blame for anything, nothing is with you, but you still do not feel at ease. And you lose confidence in yourself.

2. You all know, understand the subject, but the terrible excitement on the exam literally paralyzes you.

3. You show decent results in training, but for some reason the results are worse at competitions ...

4. You argued about something, the dispute did not end in your favor, the conversation was over, and, unfortunately, compelling and convincing arguments began to come, but the “train has already left” ...

5. You are, after all, simply not true in yourself. Generally or in some situations.

Such situations can come up with a lot. You can think a little and find some specific problem of yours.

But in fact, you really have great potential. Remember the situations of raising your abilities, your skills, your strengths. Remember the moments when you managed everything, everything worked out for you. A joyful feeling of success and good luck. That, too, happened, didn't it? And bad luck, uncertainty, good luck, and confidence - it was all with the same person - with you.

You just need to be able to “turn on” the desired state.

In NLP, this is called "anchoring." In essence, what I propose is also “anchoring”. Is that this technique associated with clenched fist, acts much more efficiently. It is not so widespread, I was once trained by a specialist from the same educational institution. Since then I have been using you as an offer.

That is, put the "anchor" on the inclusion of a kind of trigger. We will write all the points.

1. Analyze what was said and remember the situation when you were, as they say, “on horseback”. Visualize it. Be sure to call and experience feelings of success, good luck, the necessary condition. The key word is “experience.”

2. It does not always work, somehow sluggishly remembered, there is a feeling that it is impossible to survive again with the same level of sensations ... Not everyone has this, but still a sufficiently large number of people. Including me. And here comes the magic power of art. You can try to “get used to” in any image, which, as you think, quite corresponds to the stereotype of behavior you need in any situation. Again, from personal experience - I have the most irritation and negative emotions when dealing with various kinds of boors and insolent from official bodies. And then I remembered the scene from "Heart of a Dog," the arrival of the house committee, headed by Shvonder, to Professor Preobrazhensky. That is what I was able to "survive" to the maximum extent. The roots of the fact that we often very well get "get used" in "someone else's skin" is, obviously, in deep childhood. Remember how often we imagined ourselves as different heroes ...

3. When the model of the situation, the necessary sensations are “ripe”, it’s time to put the “key”.

4. You do this in a relaxed atmosphere, try to relax and calm down. Visualize the situation, evoke sensations and begin to clench your fist. At the same time, you can even pronounce some installation formulas like “when my fist shrinks, I ...”, and instead of a dot, something concrete like “I will remember everything that is necessary for passing the exam” or “I will be extremely calm and collected”. If there are specific requests, in the next issue I will give some more formulas.

5. It is highly desirable as a visualization (including the right hemisphere) and verbal designation (including the left hemisphere).

6. Compressing the fist will allow you to enter a state of self-hypnosis, sufficient for the installation of the “key” to pass successfully. This technique is somewhat different from the traditional NLP-technician in that it is available to almost anyone and without any prior training.

7. Now, as needed, you can start the “key” by starting to clench your fist. Includes mechanisms that cause the desired state. Look like that's it.

Again, if there are requests, in the next issue I will give a few more options for setting the "keys". Because if you put the "key" on any specific situation, then something else can not be hung on this "key". Need a different mechanism.

I successfully use the supplied key “Professor Preobrazhensky”, I was convinced of its effectiveness many times. And here is another observation. Over time, my overall “moral” tone improved as I began to get used to the evoked state. And now often in some situations I start to cope with problems without a key.

I wish you the same, put the "keys" and use.

It may be that one time does not work, then try again. But in general, the technique is so effective that it starts to work immediately. Therefore, it is desirable after the first installation of the “key” to make an attempt to verify the effectiveness of its operation. Which, however, does not mean that you need to start looking for adventure. You simply turn on the “key” and make sure that you are in the right state.

I hope that you have to like what was said. I want to say that in our course “Memory. Intelligence. Success ”(yes, yes, this is advertising) is a mass of simple, interesting and effective techniques. So order, all the more so as several more cool books like “Forced mastering of languages” are being prepared for publication. And this, as you understand, will lead to a price increase (there will simply be more books) and it will be more difficult to purchase it than their financial considerations. In addition, the circulation of the following books will be much smaller, and will be tailored to the number of customers of the Course.

More or less adjusted output paid option distribution. Expectations of the signatories will not be deceived, since now the material is already relatively interesting, and in a couple of months exclusive will go, the results of one of our collaboration with one of the best psychologists in Belarus. The nature of the work will not imply wide publication. So subscribe!

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services' -59

Newsletter Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services

Issue 59. Once again about the keys and begin to develop the power of sight.


We begin immediately with an answer to the letters, which contain a fair reproach that the author "deliberately hides part of the issue, forcing him to sign up for a paid issue." That is, the issue is not readable in some places. She, unintentionally! The newsletter goes on three servers, and on some of them, part of the text actually disappears. There is a suspicion that In this case, the most reliable - go to our website on the ARCHIVES page and download the issue from there. In addition, all recent releases of all mailings appear on the start page of the site.

I apologize, but there is no intention in this.

Now about the last two issues, which dealt with the installation of keys or, as they are also called, anchors. This is a very effective thing. It is in this or similar performance. I will explain what I mean.

A few letters arrived that indicate that there is nothing special about this, the usual NLP reception. In general, yes, but ... The fact is that the variant we have proposed is the strongest version of self-hypnosis that can be carried out by any person without any kind of study or preliminary preparation.

Usually in NLP courses, which are now divorced by a great number of anchors, it is advised to place as if walking, seize the moment, and so on. Not sure that it always works reliably.

... Somehow I had to give a lecture in one hall, came early, while the hall was busy. It hosted the training "Russian model of effective seduction." The hosts liked me. I have always been sympathetic to funny scams and rogues. But as for the techniques ...

It is clear that in some cases they can bring success. Especially if the object of seduction is not against it. Then all these techniques can even amuse the very object.

The contingent of training did not leave any doubt that they need to work on something else first, and not on the temptation to think.

But the cost of training caused respect. Also psychologically true - a good thing should be expensive.

So one should not think that a variety of psychological techniques are easy. And the techniques that anyone can master are worth their weight in gold. With all the external simplicity, they are extremely effective. And I note that we are talking about simplicity, and not primitive. One of my favorite phrases is “Simplicity, not past the stage of complexity, is a primitive.” We write about simple things.

So, once again about this technique - the slow compression of the fist, the benefit of yet another explanation is asked by many readers to give. The points.

1. Record on a tape recorder or just ask someone to pronounce time stamps every 10 seconds.

2. Recall and relive a situation in which you were absolutely confident in yourself, experienced a moment of recovery, held a lucky bird by the tail. Identification of oneself with some kind of literary or film image is completely permitted. And the main thing - that this experience was possible to the maximum in intensity. In general, fully immerse yourself in the situation.

3. During this experience, make a fist. Slow. Without effort and excessive tension. Such compression will allow you not to be distracted by something else.

4. Return your fingers to their original position.

5. Now, when you need it, you will start to slowly make a fist and with a high degree of probability turn on your resources, as it was in the situation you were experiencing. The reliability of such a key is very high.

Now let's start a new topic.

... Just now I had to meet with Vladimir, and it so happened that at that time he was talking with one person. I do not know what he has done or was going to do, this is not the point. I paid attention to his look. Under such a look, lying and getting out was simply unreal.

Then he remembered another episode. We once walked late with Volodya in the park near his house. A flock of shallow "kings of the area" came up with a kind of traditional request, such as "give me a light" or "give me some money, a little bit missing." And they behaved quite arrogantly. Moreover, several people were left behind.

Volodya did not show his ID or demonstrate the techniques of combat sambo. He just looked at the defective. They quickly disappeared and withdrew with a sports step.

In general, I asked him:

- Are you being taught this, or is it given by nature and are you selected for this parameter?

Volodya said that there is no mysticism or something like that in the strength of the look, you just need to be able to “turn it on”. And it often happens that some people do it as if it were a failure.

In contrast to the technology associated with clenching a fist, there is still a need for training. And the main thing is the ability to concentrate.

For those who pass or have completed our course on Psychic Self-Regulation, the development of the power of sight will be given without effort, as a kind of practical moment. But you can just do exercise power of the eye.

The method of incorporating the power of sight looks like this. You need to focus on your eyes, breathe deeply, transfer respiratory tension into your eyes, then clearly look into the pupils of a person, how to penetrate the center of the brain and imagine not some verbal order, and it is an action that a person must perform. How to mentally give him an order or task.

It is interesting that the famous trainer Durov used this technique with all his might, who with his eyes forced the animal to do something. True, Durov always took into account the capabilities of the animal and did not ask, say, a dog, to extract the square root of 16.

By the way, I tried it on my Barsike. It does not always work, but more often Barsik executes orders. And this is despite the fact that cats are wayward animals and walk by themselves. The order should not contradict the feline installation and make an obedient servant out of the cat. But to order to drink water from one of the three dishes is quite.

It does not always work, because I just started to train myself. Volodya chuckles, but watching the workouts. Then he promised to give another technique to reflect such views.

The very essence of training, I will publish in the next issue, three days later. While it is necessary to prepare. I note that training takes no more than 10 minutes a day.

And now our news.

1. We are going to conduct a sleep deprivation group near Minsk. Together with a well-known specialist on this issue, Igor Zheldak, we will conduct a week-long training session, during which a person will develop a 4-5 hours sleep mode with excellent eruption and well-being. The system for producing such a mode is simple, but it is unrealistic to execute it in the domestic environment. By the way, the system we are going to give is somewhat similar to the Burmese sattipathan. I once read a book about her. Everything is also simple, but go and do it without removing the hustle and bustle and the help of an instructor.

2. As part of the correspondence course, the book “Auto-training. Psychic Self-Regulation. The revolution of intelligence. Start…". Once there is a beginning, there will be a continuation. Continuation will concern attention, memory, and especially the inclusion of resources and reserves that each of us has.

3. Supplement the book "Forced mastering of foreign languages." At the time of its completion in the printing house will be ordered exactly as many copies as at the same time will be the customers of the course. For new customers we will print it on a printer and weave it by hand, which is clear on the price as it will. In addition, the more books there will be, the higher the price will be. It is more rational to order now, when it has not yet reached the full price of the course. And then order the rest as you exit.

4. More or less improved release of paid mailing.

So order and subscribe!

Good luck!

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