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Eyelash extensions at home

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Наращивание ресниц

Every real woman dreams of beautiful expressive eyes, deep and shining, like the night sea in the light of stars.

And the eyelashes, of course, should be thick, long and fluffy.

And if there are no such eyelashes by nature, then no matter how much you paint them with expensive mascara, no matter how much you twist it, you will not achieve the “butterfly kiss” effect.

But progress as such, and in the field of cosmetology, does not stand still.

To solve the problem of thin and rare eyelashes, Hollywood minds have created a simple eyelash extension technique.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions +38 (0909) 912-9539 (Kiev, Zolotonosha) Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions
We all know that it is the eyelashes that make our eyes expressive . Together with the shape of the eyebrows, the length, thickness and direction of the eyelashes will make a miracle and make your face attractive. All cosmetic mascara manufacturers rely on length and volume. They also invent mascara curling eyelashes. But we still often get upset when we discover that using these carcasses does not make our eyelashes the same as the girls in advertising. In fact, if eyelashes are extended, then they will look exactly the same as in advertising, and without any mascara. Eyelash eyelash extension technology This became possible thanks to the eyelashes created using special technologies from natural materials. Each artificial eyelash is glued to yours. The work is quite laborious and long (2-3 hours), but the result is worth it . Eyelashes look very natural. Gluing places are not visible. Your interlocutors will be fascinated to look at you, not understanding what happened to you: something seems to be wrong, but no traces are visible.
Artificial eyelashes are practically no different from ours. Unless, they are longer and more black. These eyelashes are sorted by size, and the wizard prompts you to choose the desired length. Skillfully alternating the length of the eyelashes, you can achieve a stunning effect, for example, a “fox” look (this is when longer eyelashes grow on the outer corner of the eye - the angle of the eye rises to the top). And yet, the eyelashes have a natural bend and, even if you have naturally straight eyelashes, the result will be curved eyelashes to the top, which will give greater expressiveness and openness to your look. Hold such eyelashes from 1.5 to 3 months. They fall out with their eyelashes. You know that the life cycle of our eyelashes is 2-4 months. Before our eyes, young growing cilia side by side with the old, which may soon fall out.
If you want to go with eyelashes for a long time , it makes sense to do a planned correction after 2 weeks. Then with the eyelashes can be held up to six months. Since all the same own eyelashes are loaded, it makes sense to nourish the roots with special oils. Care for extended eyelashes uncomplicated. With them you can actively go in for sports, go to the sea, go to the sauna. Make-up cosmetics also need to gently milk makeup remover. Although, it should be noted that usually extended eyelashes do not require additional liner. Eyelash extension - this is what makes every woman feel confident in her beauty at any time of the day and in any setting: wake up, at work, on vacation, at the seaside, in the pool, in the fitness center, at a party and on a date!

What is this procedure?

Наращивание ресниц
Наращивание ресниц

Eyelash extension is the attachment of a few artificial eyelashes to the base of your own eyelashes with a special glue. This procedure is carried out only in the salon and only by a highly professional master, in order to avoid the sad consequences.

Eyelashes are divided into:

  • - short, medium, long;
  • - black and brown;
  • - from natural and artificial fibers.

The specialist selects the length of the eyelashes for each individual, depending on the state of your own eyelashes, on the shape of the eyes, on your preferences and situation (you gathered for a party or just the boss decided to build eyes).

In the evening version, longer eyelashes are preferable, creating the image of the film star. In the spotlight, surrounded by heated men, you look like just a goddess ... well, why not dream. With the same daily version, eyelashes grow medium length, and only at the edges are longer.

But, despite such restraint, you will look great and completely natural, each time, slamming fluffy eyelashes in response to the chief’s angry tirade.

Which eyelashes give preference - natural or artificial?

Наращивание ресниц

Here you need to prioritize. What is more important to you: price or quality / health?

Natural eyelashes are more expensive, but when using artificial nylon fibers, if hair gets into the eye, there is a risk of allergies.

Eyelashes are attached to the eyelid with a special adhesive based on rubber.

The adhesive may be clear or black. When applying black glue, it creates the appearance of eyeliner.

Technology eyelash extension consists of several stages.

Наращивание ресниц
Наращивание ресниц
  • 1. Make-up is removed from the eyes. Then the base of the eyelashes is degreased with a special tool.
  • 2. Next, the master selects the appropriate cilia along the length, which are collected in bundles of 3-7 hairs and proceeds to gluing.
  • 3. You close your eyes, and in anticipation of the beauty of unearthly, do not open them for an hour.
  • 4. And at this time the master, with his dexterous experienced fingers, takes tweezers, and in the direction from the outer corners of the eyes to the inner ones, sticks on one bundle. Eyelashes are glued with separate bunches, and not a solid fence, in order to look natural. For eyelashes "for every day" enough 3-5 bundles. For the solemn event you can afford up to 13 beams for each eyelid. The procedure is absolutely painless.
  • 5. After the last bundle takes its rightful place, you can finally slap your gorgeous eyelashes.

With the observance of simple rules, you will be able to pass with extended eyelashes for about 2 weeks.

After the time has passed, the eyelashes will begin to peel off on their own. But do not be afraid that they suddenly all disappear abruptly at the most inopportune moment.

The process of prolapse occurs gradually and imperceptibly to prying eyes. If you really do not want to part with your favorite cilia, you can make a correction. You just replace the dropped beams with new ones.

Eyelashes can also be removed at any time, either in the salon or at home. In the cabin, this is done with a special solvent liquid. If you decide to remove the eyelashes yourself, then apply quality olive oil to the eyelid and leave it overnight. By morning, the eyelashes will come off easily.

As in any business, with eyelash extensions, there are positive and negative sides. How important they are is up to you.

Advantages of extended eyelashes

Наращивание ресниц
  • - the look becomes irresistible, the eyes are beautiful, and the eyelashes are long and thick;
  • - there is no need to apply mascara every morning, and then wash it off in the evenings, because they look impressive without paint;
  • - if you suddenly decide to break the tear, or simply decide to swim in the pool, then you should not worry about the leaked carcass;
  • - no need to curl eyelashes, because they are already slightly twisted;
  • - there are no medical contraindications for this procedure, except in cases in which there is an individual intolerance to the composition of the adhesive;
  • - since they are glued not on the hairs, but on the eyelid, there is no risk to remain without their own eyelashes;
  • - among other things, eyelashes allow you to visually change the shape of the eyes. For example, too narrow eyes will seem wider, and too round eyes - more elongated, if you choose the right length of hairs.

Disadvantages and inconveniences

Наращивание ресниц
  • - bearers of contact lenses eyelashes will last a shorter period.
  • - if you constantly pull at the eyelids when dressing or removing the lenses, the eyelashes will fly off very quickly. The most basic rule - less touch the eyelids and eyelashes;
  • - when washing the eyes can not be rubbed, but only gently cleaned with skim lotion or milk;
  • - You can not use fatty creams, oils for the eyelids and eyelashes;
  • - you need to sleep carefully, experts advise not to lie face down and rub against a pillow. These "sissies" of such bullying can not stand;
  • - if you have oily skin around the eyes, then it is often necessary to remove the fat with lotion so that the eyelashes do not peel off prematurely;
  • - sometimes quite funny situations happen. For example, one of my friends, has increased long eyelashes and with a strong gust of wind it seemed to her that instead of her eyelashes she had sail, which swell and carry her into vast expanses. So, do not forget about the sense of proportion;
  • - after you still parted with artificial eyelashes, your family may seem very "unusual and scarce" from the habit.

And finally, if you decide to arrange a small holiday for yourself, or to conquer all the men in the district with your stunning look, and for closer communication with the secret of the butterfly kiss, then go only to a proven high-class salon. And even then - slam your eyelashes, and take off ...

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions +38 (0909) 912-9539 (Kiev, Zolotonosha) Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions

Q: Can I increase eyelashes if I wear lenses?

A: Of course you can. There is no medical contraindication to this. The main thing is that at the time of extension or correction you should be without lenses. And then please wear to health.

Q: Do artificial eyelashes color?

A: If you have a great desire and you can make up, of course. Only in this there is no need. The experience of our clients shows that the extended eyelashes and so look very bright and expressive. And then, every day, removing paint from them, you strongly risk shortening their lives.

Q: How to remove extended eyelashes?

A: Removal of extended eyelashes is carried out by a specialist, in the conditions of the salon for 40-50 minutes. To do this, use a special tool that allows you to dissolve the glue and remove the extended eyelashes, without damaging your natural cilia.

Q: Can artificial eyelashes cause allergies?

A: If they can, then in extremely rare cases. To do this, you must have an individual intolerance to the glue, or to its components. Of course, each adhesive of this type is dermatologically tested before use, so the probability of an allergy is extremely low.

Q: Do I need to make a correction of "eyelash extension"?

A: If the eyelashes are applied correctly, they can last up to 3 months, depending on the growth cycle of the client’s natural eyelashes and on the experience of the specialist who performs this procedure. The correction lies in the fact that other eyelashes are newly enlarged on the newly grown “young” eyelashes. Most clients prefer to make a correction every 2-4 weeks.

Q: Are there any recommendations and limitations in the care of such eyelashes?

A: If you want eyelashes to serve you "faithfully" follow the following guidelines:

  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Be careful with your eyelashes.
  • Do not wash your eyes for 24 hours after eyelash extensions.
  • Avoid oil based mascara. It is better to use a specially developed mascara and apply it only on the tips of the eyelashes.
  • Comb the eyelashes from the base to the ends with a special brush.