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101 thing that can save a marriage + "Men from Mars, women from Venus"

101 вещь, которые могут спасти брак

"Men from Mars, women from Venus" - one of the greatest bestsellers of our time. This is a book that has changed the fortunes of a great many people for the better.

Most of the problems in the relationship between men and women arise because we are really different. And not just different people - we are from different planets. Our approach to most questions is so different that for a real understanding, a special common language is needed.

And this book will help everyone and everyone find and master this language. And when we learn it, most of the reasons for being unlucky in love, in the family, in business relations will disappear.

The book is intended for all men and women over 16 years.

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1. The first thing you should do when you return home is to hug your wife.

2. Ask her about the past day. Your questions should show that you are aware of her plans. (For example: "Have you been to a doctor?" And what did he say? ")

3. Learn to listen and ask questions.

4. Suppress the temptation to solve her problems, instead express her sympathy.

5. Within twenty minutes concentrate all your attention on the wife. Do not read the newspaper and do not do anything that could distract you.

6. Bring your wife flowers, both on the occasion of the celebration, and without a specific reason. Let it be a pleasant surprise for her.

7. Do not wait for Friday to ask your wife how she would like to spend the weekend, plan everything in advance.

8. If a wife needs to cook dinner, and she is tired or very busy, offer to help her.

9. Make compliments to your wife.

10. Respect her feelings when she is angry or upset.

11. Offer your help when the wife feels tired.

12. When traveling, plan extra time so that your wife does not have to rush.

13. If you are late, call home and warn her.

14. If the wife asks for help, agree or refuse, if there is no possibility, but do not blame her for speaking to you.

15. If the feelings of the wife are hurt, express her sympathy: "I'm sorry that you are so worried." And do not say anything else. Give her an opportunity to appreciate your attention. Do not offer advice, do not try to prove that her experiences are not your fault.

16. If you need to be alone, tell your wife that you need time to think about some issues.

17. When you regain consciousness, explain the cause of your anxiety. Speak convincingly and in a balanced manner so that she does not imagine the worst.

18. In winter, suggest that you build a fire.

19. When the wife is talking to you, postpone the magazine or turn off the television to listen to your wife without being distracted.

20. If the dish is usually washed by the wife, from time to time offer her services, especially if she is tired.

21. Notice when the wife is upset or tired. Ask what she needs to do. Then perform several of the wife's household chores.

22. Leaving the house, ask if you need to go to the store. Do not forget about what you were asked to do.

23. Tell your wife if you are going somewhere to go or plan to take a nap.

24. Embrace your wife four times a day.

25. Call your wife from the service to find out how she is doing, or to share the news, and sometimes just to say: "I love you."

26. Tell your wife: "I love you" at least twice a day.

27. Make a bed and clean in the bedroom.

28. If a wife wears your socks off, turn them out beforehand so she does not have to deal with it.

29. Follow the garbage can and take out the garbage as needed.

30. If you need to leave, call on arrival and leave a phone number where you can be found. Simultaneously, you can inform your wife that you have arrived safely.

31. Wash your wife's car.

32. Before you go anywhere together, wash your car and clean up the cabin.

33. Before you have sex, take a shower and refresh yourself with cologne if she likes it.

34. If someone brought his wife out of peace, take her side.

35. Suggest to give her a massage back, neck, legs or a general massage.

36. Do not forget about the caresses, not related to sex.

37. Be patient when the wife shares her experiences with you. Do not look at the clock.

38. If you are watching TV together, do not switch channels constantly.

39. Be attentive to your wife in people.

40. While holding your wife's hand, make sure that your hand does not become sluggish.

41. Find out what kind of drinks she likes, to occasionally offer something that she likes.

42. Advise a particular restaurant where you are going to go together, do not shift the burden of choice to it.

43. Order tickets to the theater, philharmonic society, opera, ballet or other places where she likes to be.

44. Find an excuse for dressing smartly.

45. Be sympathetic if the wife lingers or decides to change the toilet.

46. ​​With your wife in society, pay more attention to her than others.

47. Give preference to the wife in front of children. Let the children see that your mother's attention is first and foremost.

48. Make little gifts for your wife: sweets or perfumes.

49. Buy clothes for her. (Have a photo of your wife and its sizes with you, in the store you will be able to pick up the necessary things.)

50. Photograph your wife on solemn days.

51. Make short romantic walks.

52. Let the wife know that you carry her photo in the wallet. From time to time, change the photo.

53. If you stayed with your wife at the hotel, order in the room something special: a bottle of champagne or flowers.

54. On solemn occasions, such as an anniversary or birthdays, write a letter or a card to your wife.

55. If you have a long trip, offer to drive.

56. Drive carefully, do not exceed the speed. Take into account the wishes of his wife.

57. Pay attention to how the wife looks, and do not forget to speak about it. Note: "You look great today" or "You look tired", and then ask: "How did your day go?".

58. If you are going somewhere to go by car, study the route well so that your wife does not have to tell you the way.

59. Attend dancing evenings or take dance lessons with your wife.

60. Write a love letter to your wife or devote a poem to her to surprise her.

61. Give her the same attention signs and try to behave with her as you did at the beginning of your acquaintance.

62. Suggest something to fix in the house. Ask: "Is there anything you need to repair? I have free time". Do not go for what you can not do.

63. Suggest kitchen knives.

64. Buy a special compound to glue the broken objects.

65. Propose to replace the burnt out bulbs.

66. Read aloud extracts from the newspaper that might interest your wife, or make clippings.

67. If you get a call and are asked to give your wife some information, carefully write down everything.

68. Help to find use for old things.

69. Keep the floor clean in the bathroom and wipe it after taking a shower.

70. Open the door to your wife.

71. Offer help to move the purchase.

72. Help her carry heavy boxes.

73. During the journey, take care of the baggage.

74. If the wife washes the dishes, offer to clean the pots or perform other laborious work.

75. Write down what needs to be repaired in the house, and hang up the list in the kitchen. Refer to this list when you have time. Do not over-tighten with the intended.

76. When a wife is cooking, evaluate her culinary art.

77. When a wife talks to you, look at her.

78. When talking with your wife, touch it with your hand.

79. Ask your wife about the past day, show interest in her acquaintances, books she reads.

80. Listening to your wife, confirm your interest by saying: "aha", "uh-huh," "oh," "um."

81. Interested in how your wife feels, what her mood is.

82. If she was unwell for some time, ask how she feels or how she is doing.

83. If she's tired, make her tea for her.

84. Try to go to bed at one time with her.

85. When leaving, kiss your wife.

86. Laugh when she jokes.

87. Thank her when she does something for you.

88. If the wife has done her hair, give her a compliment.

89. Find time to be alone with her.

90. Do not answer phone calls in intimate moments or when she shares her experiences with you.

91. Take joint bicycle rides, even short ones.

92. Organize a picnic and prepare everything for this. (Do not forget to grab a tablecloth.)

93. If she deals with linen, offer to help or carry things to the cleaning.

94. Walk together with your wife, without children, for walks.

95. Discuss this or that question, try your way to show that you want to take into account its interests and at the same time you want to get what you need. Be compliant, but do not make a sacrifice of yourself.

96. Show your wife that you were bored when you were away.

97. Buy your wife's favorite cakes or pies.

98. If the wife usually purchases the products, suggest that you do it instead of her.

99. When you mark an event, do not overeat so that you do not feel sluggish.

100. Give the wife to get acquainted with this list, and let her complement it if she wants.

101. Lower the seat in the bathroom.