Scientists named the most harmful household appliance - microwave oven

Ученые назвали самый вредный бытовой прибор - СВЧ Печь

Microwave oven (also microwave oven, microwave oven, microwave oven) is an electrical appliance that uses the phenomenon of heating up water-containing substances with electromagnetic radiation of the decimeter range (usually at a frequency of 2450 MHz) and designed for fast cooking, heating or defrosting food.

In industry, these furnaces are used for drying, defrosting, melting plastics, heating glues, burning ceramics, etc. In some industrial furnaces, the frequency of the radiation can vary (so-called English variable frequency microwave, VFM). Unlike classical ovens (for example, an oven or a Russian oven), the food in the microwave oven is heated not only by the surface of the heated body, but also by its volume containing polar molecules (for example, water), because the radio waves of a given frequency penetrate and Are absorbed by food products at a depth of about 2.5 cm. This reduces the time for heating food.

Microwave ovens appeared in the life of modern man not so long ago. But for many, they have become the most important attribute of the kitchen after the refrigerator. After all, in a microwave it is possible not only to defrost and warm up a portion of grub in a couple of minutes, but also quickly cook almost any dish. But few people think about the reverse side of such a "useful" device, are the products useful after heat treatment in a microwave oven?

Is the microwave harmful or not?

Microwave radiation damages DNA in such a way that the body is not able to recognize it.

As a result, the body tries to protect itself from dead food - food processed in a microwave oven, enveloped by fat cells and quickly excreted.

The results of Swiss, Russian and German scientific research and clinical trials speak of such terrible things that we can not continue to ignore the harm of microwave ovens. These studies give the following conclusions: Harm to the brain. The constant use of food cooked in a microwave oven causes irreversible damage to the brain. Electric impulses in the brain are shortened.

The tissues of the brain are demagnetized / depolarized. Harm to digestion. The body can not absorb the products unknown to it, resulting from cooking in the microwave oven. Harm to the hormonal balance. Frequent use of foods from the microwave oven inhibits or alters the production of male and female sex hormones.

Harm is irreversible. The harmful effects of frequent use of products that have been processed in a microwave oven are irreversible. Harm to digest minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Heating in the microwave oven destroys or changes minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances in such a way that the body is not able to absorb them. Many compounds, having got into the body, do not split. Blood cancer. Long-term use of such food causes the growth of cancer cells of the blood.

And finally, the microwave oven worsens the insulin indices of the products. That is, hello, obesity!

How does the microwave oven work?

Ученые назвали самый вредный бытовой прибор - СВЧ Печь
Magnetron switching circuit

Each microwave oven contains a magnetron that converts electricity to radio waves. These very short electromagnetic waves are also called microwaves, microwave radiation or microwave fields. Microwaves with a frequency of 2 450 MHz move with the speed of light - about 300 km per second, and resonate with water molecules, causing them to randomly fluctuate.

The widespread opinion that the frequency is chosen by the corresponding resonance frequency of water is not true - the latter is 22.24 GHz while most household microwave ovens operate at a frequency of 2,450 MHz, in the US some industrial models at 915 MHz.

The frequency is chosen for practical and constructive reasons:

  • Magnetron, with a power of 500 watts, should have acceptable efficiency, cost and dimensions;
  • The frequency should be in the allowed allocated radio frequency band (in this case ISM range);
  • The depth of penetration of radio waves into the heated object should lie in the region of several centimeters (the lower the frequency - the greater the depth of penetration).

Microwaves freely penetrate into any food product and bombard the molecules of water that are in all, even in the driest, food. From such an attack, water molecules begin to rotate millions of times per second, creating molecular friction, which leads to the heating of the product. Such disorderly friction causes considerable damage not only to water molecules, tearing and deforming all food at the molecular level. The microwave oven causes decay and changes in the molecular structure of food products during the radiation process. The more water - the faster the heating occurs. The longer the irradiation time by microwaves is, the hotter the product.

Ученые назвали самый вредный бытовой прибор - СВЧ Печь

Heating in the microwave oven is based on the principle of molecular "dipole shift", which under the action of an electric field occurs in substances containing polar molecules. These substances include water. The energy of electromagnetic field oscillations leads to a constant shift of the molecules, aligning them according to the force lines of the field, which is called the dipole moment. Since the field is variable, the molecules periodically change direction. Moving, the molecules "swing", collide, hit each other, transferring energy to neighboring molecules in this material. Since the temperature is directly proportional to the average kinetic energy of the motion of atoms or molecules in the material, this mixing of molecules increases the temperature of the material. Thus, the dipole shift is a mechanism for converting the energy of electromagnetic radiation into the thermal energy of a material.

wiki Microwave radiation leads to the destruction and deformation of food molecules. The microwave oven creates new compounds that do not exist in nature, called radiolytic ones . Radiolytic compounds create molecular rot - as a direct consequence of radiation. It remains only to guess how the molecular rot from the microwave will affect health.

Who invented microwave ovens?

American engineer Percy Spencer worked at Raytheon in the manufacture of equipment for radar. He drew attention to the ability of microwave radiation to heat surrounding objects , including food. He received a patent for a microwave oven in 1946. And already in the first in 1947 the first microwave "Radarange" from firm Raytheon has been let out. It was adapted for defrosting food in military canteens and hospitals. The mass of this microwave oven was 340 kg and was about 2 meters high. The mass production of these units began after 2 years, and the retail price was about $ 3,000.

In the USSR in the late 80's microwave ovens were produced at the ZiL facilities of the YuzhMASH, but they used Japanese-made magnetrons.

Medical research on the biological effects of microwave ovens has been carried out around the world, an international warning has been published on harmful substances, biological and environmental, produced by exposure to microwaves . In the USSR in 1976, microwave ovens were banned because of their harmful effects on health as a result of many studies. The ban was lifted in the early 1990s after perestroika. Here are some of the research results. In Eastern Europe, harmful effects of microwave radiation have also been identified and severe environmental restrictions have been imposed on their use.

Microwaves are dangerous for children!

Part of the amino acids L-proline, which are part of the breast milk and infant formula, under the influence of microwaves are converted into d-isomers, which are considered neurotoxic and deform the nervous system, as well as nephrotoxic - poisonous for the kidneys.

Scientific data and facts.

The study "Cooking in a microwave oven," published in 1992 in the US, states:

"From a medical point of view, eating food exposed to microwaves is much more likely to do harm than good . Food from a microwave oven contains microwave energy in molecules that is not present in foods cooked in a traditional way. "

Studies at the time argue that people who consumed milk and vegetables after microwave treatment, changed the composition of blood, decreased hemoglobin and increased cholesterol. And in the control group, who consumed the same food, but cooked in the traditional way, the state of the organism did not change.

Swiss clinical trials.

Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel (Hans Ulrich Hertel) was involved in microwave radiation research and for many years in one of the major Swiss companies, but was fired for publicly divulging the results of the experiments. In 1991, together with a professor at the University of Lausanne, he published research data proving that food from a microwave oven can create a greater health threat than food cooked on a conventional stove. In the journal Franz Weber, No. 19, an article about the malignant effects on blood of food prepared in microwave ovens was published .

In between two to five days, volunteers received one of the following food options for an empty stomach: fresh milk, heated milk, pasteurized milk, microwave milk, fresh vegetables, stewed vegetables, thawed vegetables, vegetables from the microwave oven. The blood test was performed immediately before each meal. Then a blood test was performed after taking milk and plant products.

Significant changes were detected in the blood after eating food exposed to the microwave oven. These changes included a reduction in hemoglobin and a change in the cholesterol composition , especially the ratio of HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). The number of lymphocytes - white blood cells increased. In addition, some of the microwave energy remains in the food, using which a person is exposed to microwave radiation from the inside .

Also, there are many alternative studies that protect microwaves and even attribute them miraculous properties. But, as you know, producers of consumer goods are much more profitable to create a whole science and conduct research than to lose the whole production with multibillion-dollar sales . For this reason, in this paper, the "positive" qualities of microwaves are not considered. Who wants to amuse himself with fairy tales - independently can find them on other sites.

Myths about microwave ovens


The microwave effect allegedly changes the structure of water and food products, turning beneficial micronutrients into carcinogens. In fact, the effect of microwave radiation in the furnace on substances is associated with ordinary heating. Although chemists also studied (extremely rare) reactions, the course of which, in their opinion, was influenced by the nonthermal effect of microwave radiation, independent experiments established that the observed "nonthermal" effects were in fact determined by the heating inhomogeneity, and the assumption of nonthermal microwave Effects should be reviewed. In addition, water (except frozen), according to modern scientific data, can not have any structure (see the relevant article).


For the first time, the microwave oven, called Radiomissor, was allegedly created by German scientists during the Second World War, it was even used in the current German army to warm up food, but was unsafe and was abandoned (however, Russian websites refer to it Foreign, and foreign - on the research of the Soviet Union, conducted in non-existent Russian cities "Kinsk" and "Rajasthan").


Microwave ovens (with the door removed) supposedly can be used in military affairs for inexpensive imitation of radars, in order to force the enemy to spend to destroy their expensive ammunition or the resources of jammers. Usually publications refer to the experience of the Serbian army in Kosovo.