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20 secrets of eternal youth from Ekaterina Andreeva

20 секретов вечной молодости от Екатерины Андреевой

Beauty Ekaterina Andreeva, the host of the TV program "Time", looks great! Do you know how old she is? 52! And who will? No one!

- Staying young is not so difficult, - says Catherine. - I will gladly reveal all my secrets!

Sleep in the dark and cold

The bedroom should be no higher than 18-20 degrees. For health, and therefore - beauty, you need cool. Even in winter, I always open the window at night. On the windows hang thick curtains. Indeed, in the darkness melatonin is produced, which helps the body to recover.

Go to bed early and sleep eight hours

I try to go to bed at 10 pm, because from 22 to 24 hours in a dream a hormone is produced that is responsible for youth and beauty! No wonder the British call these two hours “beauty slip” - that is, the dream of beauty. Sleep at least eight hours a day and preferably on an orthopedic pillow!

Get up in stages

Wake up no later than eight in the morning. I sometimes get up at six! Do not immediately jump up from the bed. First stretch and then slap 10 times on the head. Then rub your ears - 15 times clockwise and the same number against. After that, start slowly turning your head left and right. And so - 100 times! You will feel the energy literally filling you! It is necessary to rise slowly, because a sharp transition from one state to another is very harmful. And still - buy an alarm clock with a low, pleasant sound for you.

Drink clean water

The first thing I do when I get out of bed is drink a glass of water. However, it should be at room temperature. And not from the tap! It is worth having filters or buying bottled water in the store. Personally, I prefer the non-carbonated mineral. Per day you need to drink at least 1, 5 liters of water an hour before or an hour after eating.

Choose the right tea

I do not drink coffee, but I love tea very much! Especially green. But not from bags, but custard, from whole leaves. However, only the one who is not more than eight months from the date of collection, and stored in the refrigerator. I even have a special refrigerator at home for tea from China.

Have breakfast porridge

In the morning I eat only after gymnastics. I have breakfast with berries and cereals from whole grains boiled in water. Sometimes I add dried fruits and nuts to them. I love buckwheat and black rice.

Healthy menu

I do not eat after 19 hours. And I do not eat anything fat, sweet, salty, flour and canned! There is no meat in my menu. I eat only cereals, fish, vegetables, and a small amount of fruit. Dairy products allow myself once a week or two! Almost three kilograms of various fungi, bacteria and microbes live in each person. Milk and all dairy products stimulate the reproduction of these organisms! Why load your immune system?

Organic Raw Products

No chemical additives! Everything is only natural! Now there are suppliers of environmentally friendly bio products. Set yourself to eat high quality - you will definitely find where you can buy such food! Try to give preference to foods that can be eaten raw: berries, germinated grains, greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts.

Cook properly

When cooking, never heat the oil, as it begins to emit harmful substances! Discard the big fire. And best of all - buy a special saucepan in which food is cooked at low temperature due to high pressure. Then all useful substances will remain in it! If cooking in the oven, then make sure that the temperature does not exceed 120 degrees.

Salt - yes, sugar - no!

Salt is necessary for our body. But you need to use it in minimal quantities, the best - sea. But I completely replaced sugar with dried fruit, honey and fructose.

Weigh yourself and fast

Save weight is much easier than getting rid of extra pounds. I always keep on hand scales. And if the arrow has swung forward, I immediately do everything to get her back! When necessary, I can sit for 10 days on the water. Or on green tea and rice without salt! But in order not to resort to such extremes, it is enough to observe all the posts. I also fast on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Do sports

To keep the body fit and slim, it must be trained. I go to fitness three times a week, three - to yoga, two - to tai-chi - this is Chinese fitness training - and another two - to Pilates - a special system of exercises. Plus a pool. In general, I train both in the morning and in the evening after work.

Walk fast and fast

Problems with excess weight will go without a trace if you walk a lot and quickly. Note: fat begins to burn only after the 30th minute. So take every opportunity to walk! You can, of course, run, but during the run there is a mini-concussion of the joints and the brain.

Skin care

Once or twice a week I go to the sauna. But peels do not do! But once a week I make a mask based on the cosmetics of one French company. It consists of extracts from plants collected in an ecologically clean place. Once a week, I also get the so-called oxygen therapy and energy facial massage with silver ailerons in the salon - it gives a strong rejuvenating effect!

Don't sunbathe

Ultraviolet causes early aging of the skin! Therefore, I go to the beach only in a closed bathing suit with sunscreen applied on the face and body of at least 50 units! In this case, I sit all the time under an umbrella! About sunrooms generally keep quiet!

Do not smoke and drink wine

I do not smoke for more than two years. Happy immensely! I began to feel much better, to distinguish even the most subtle smells, and, of course, the skin also thanked me - with a beautiful complexion. Therefore, immediately quit smoking! As for alcohol ... Dry wine is even good for health in very small quantities. I prefer Georgian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Minimum of cosmetics

If the skin is well-groomed, makeup may not be needed at all. But if you really want to "draw something" on the face, I manage to do a minimum of makeup. Sweep puff dipped in powder, gloss on lips, mascara on eyelashes. Bright makeup is usually old.

Reed native

Lead a healthy lifestyle is very difficult if there are no like-minded people. Therefore, unobtrusively, slowly draw into this business of relatives. My husband and daughter, like me, do not eat meat, drink clean water and play sports.

Work and do not rush to retire

The later you retire, the longer you will remain young! In Japan, even the deepest old men work. Therefore, there are so many long-livers. Work prolongs both years and youth!

Do not be angry and do not envy

Watch your state of mind. As soon as you learn to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you, stop being angry and jealous, you will immediately notice the changes: the wrinkles will even out, and the eyes will begin to shine, and the figure will become more complex! My motto is: “God grant me peace of mind to accept what I cannot change, give strength to change what I can, and give wisdom so as not to confuse one with the other!”