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Seven-year cycles of human life

Семилетние циклы жизни человека

Man is a living rational social being, the subject of socio-historical activity and culture. Distinctive features of a person that determine his uniqueness on planet Earth are his consciousness, the ability to think and the ability to make free choices, accept responsibility for actions, and the presence of moral judgments. Describing a person, they note his biological inadequacy, the lack of specialization of his organs for any particular simple animal existence, the ability to produce tools, fire, and use them, speechlessness, plasticity of behavior. No other being is known who has higher emotions, traditions, the ability to think, affirm, deny, consider, plan, knows about his mortality, loves in the real sense of the word, has a sense of humor, realizes his ideas, reproduces what is available and creates what something new. A person studies and changes both the world around him and himself, develops a culture and creates his own story. The essence of man, his origin and mission, his place are the main issues of philosophy, religion, science and art.

Age periodization - periodization of a person’s development from birth to death, determination of age boundaries of stages in a person’s life, the system of age stratification adopted in society. Each seven-year cycle ends with a certain crisis, a turning point, a situation that will necessarily require certain costs ...

Семилетние циклы жизни человека

Human life is cyclical and is associated with the number seven. Each seven-year cycle ends with a certain crisis, a turning point, a situation that will necessarily require certain costs: physical, intellectual, emotional and others. This tipping point is a guide to the next cycle. Throughout life, a person goes through a certain number of seven-year cycles, which differ in their characteristics.

From 0 to 7 years

Strong connection with mother. Horizontal knowledge of the world. The creation of feelings. The smell of mother, mother’s milk, mother’s voice, mother’s warmth, mother’s kisses are the first sensations. The period, as a rule, ends with the hatching from the protective cocoon of motherly love and the discovery of the more or less cold rest of the world.

From 7 to 14 years

Strong connection with father. Vertical knowledge of the world. Creation of personality. The father becomes a new and exclusive partner, an ally in the discovery of the world outside the family cocoon. The father expands the protective family cocoon. Father becomes a guide. Mother was loved, father should be adored.

From 14 to 21 years

Riot against society. Cognition of matter. The creation of intelligence. This is a teenage crisis. There is a desire to change the world and destroy existing structures. Young people attack the family cocoon, then the society at large. The teenager is seduced by everything that “rises” - loud music, romantic relationships, the desire for independence, flight, communication with marginalized youth groups, anarchist values, the systematic denial of old values. The period ends with the exit from the family cocoon.

From 21 to 28 years old

Entry into society. Stabilization after rebellion. Having failed with the destruction of the world, they integrate into it, wishing at first to be better than the previous generation. Finding a more interesting job than parents. Searches for a more interesting place of living than for parents. Trying to create a happier couple than parents. Choosing a partner and creating a hearth. Create your own cocoon. The period usually ends in marriage.

From that moment, the man fulfilled his mission and finished the first protective cocoon.

Семилетние циклы жизни человека

The end of the first square 4x7 years

After the first square, ending with the creation of one's own cocoon, a person enters the second series of seven-year cycles.

28-35 years old

Creating a hearth. After marriage, apartments, cars, children appear. Values ​​are accumulated inside the cocoon. But if the first four cycles were not completed successfully, the hearth collapses. If the relationship with the mother was not lived properly, she will annoy her daughter-in-law. If with his father too, he will begin to intervene in the affairs of the young couple. If a rebellion against society has not been experienced, there is a risk of conflict at work. 35 years - the age at which a poorly ripened cocoon often explodes. Then there is a divorce, dismissal, depression, psychosomatic illnesses. Then the first coco should be dropped and ...

35-42 years

It all starts from scratch. After the crisis, a man enriched with previous experience and mistakes reconstructs the second cocoon. It is necessary to reconsider attitudes towards mother, family, father, maturity. This is the period when divorced men have lovers, and divorced women have lovers. They are trying to perceive what they expect, not from marriage, but from the opposite sex.

Relations with society should also be reviewed. From now on, work is chosen not from the point of view of its security, but by how interesting it is, or by the free time that it leaves. After the destruction of the first cocoon, a person always wants to create a second one as quickly as possible. New marriage, new job, new relationship. If getting rid of the parasitic elements went well, a person should be able to restore not a similar, but an improved cocoon. If he did not understand past mistakes, he will restore exactly the same shell and come to exactly the same defeats. This is what is called "running in a circle." Since then, all cycles will only be a repetition of the same mistakes.

42-49 years old

The conquest of society. As soon as the second, improved cocoon is restored, a person can know the fullness of life in marriage, family, work, own development. This victory leads to two new types of behavior.

If signs of material well-being are important to a person: more money, more comfort, more children, more lovers or lovers, more power, he constantly increases and enriches his new improved cocoon.

If a person sets off to conquer new territories, namely spiritual ones, then the true creation of his personality begins. By all accounts, this period should end with a crisis of self-awareness, an existential issue. Why am I here, why am I living, what should I do so that life acquires meaning beyond material wealth?

49-56 years old

Spiritual revolution. If a person managed to create or recreate his cocoon and realize himself in his family and work, he naturally feels the desire to find wisdom. From now on, the last adventure begins, a spiritual revolution. The search for spirituality, if conducted honestly, without falling into the lightness of group activity or ready-made ideas, will never be completed. They will take the rest of their lives.

Семилетние циклы жизни человека

The end of the second square 4x7 years

NB 1: Further development continues in a spiral. Every seven years, a person rises one revolution and goes through the same questions again: relations with his mother and father, attitude to rebellion against society and the family.

NB 2: Sometimes, some people deliberately crash in family relationships or at work to be forced to start all cycles anew. Thus, they try to avoid or postpone the moment when they have to go to the spiritual phase, because they are afraid to face themselves face to face.

We analyze every year in a seven-year cycle

Each year in a seven-year cycle passes under the sign of a certain celestial body, which has its own unique influence on human life. A calendar year, in this situation, the concept is relative, each individual person may have a slightly longer or slightly shorter year, but you still have the opportunity to keep track of which cycle you are currently in. After seven years, the cycle begins again.

The first year of the cycle passes under the influence of Mars

Mars brings physical stamina, strength for physical development. Mars also strengthens health, gives a chance to cure ailments. But in every way contributing to the physical, Mars can dull the intellectual. Also this year aggressiveness and fighting qualities may increase, which will lead to rash acts, and will lead to the inability to compromise.

The second year of the seven-year cycle passes under the influence of Saturn

A person, as it were, cools down, becomes less aggressive. The time comes for the accumulation of experience, but this does not go painlessly, since we still often get experience from our mistakes. These mistakes are not so terrible, and do not lead to a state of emergency, since Saturn not only provides an opportunity to gain experience, but gives strength for analysis and reflection.

The third year of the cycle passes under the influence of Mercury

This year, intelligence dominates. Having the experience of past years, a person successfully learns to use it. The training is fruitful and active, giving the opportunity to develop not only intellectually, but also to increase entrepreneurship, communication skills. But, unfortunately, it happens that communication with people is mercantile in nature, thereby leading to damage to friendly and family relationships.

The fourth year of the cycle is under the influence of the sun

This is the time for rethinking, the formation of personality, which will remain with the person until the end of this seven-year period. There is a change in attitude towards affairs, people, understanding comes, in which mistakes were made in the past. A person begins to realize what is really valuable to him, what kind of people are important in his environment. Attempts are underway to realize their place in the world.

The fifth year of the cycle passes under the influence of Jupiter

This is the period when a person grows psychologically, even rather does not grow, but grows up. The need for physical activity is reduced, but mental activity remains high. Of the dangers of the year under the sign of Jupiter, it is worth noting the fact that a person is subject to errors of a philosophical nature, capable of unexpected, but sometimes false conclusions.

The sixth year passes under the influence of the moon

Feeling a certain severity of the intellectual experience of past years, a person strives to go into the field of sensory perception of the world. A person answers questions not only, and not so much with the help of intelligence, but more often with the help of intuition, he feels the origin of a previously unknown extrasensory principle.

Seventh year passes under the influence of Venus

Increasing the emotional background leads to increased creativity. This is a good time to realize yourself in the world of art, as well as to search for the second half. But increasing emotionality can also lead to disappointment in yourself, in a relationship.

Семилетние циклы жизни человека

From Bernard Werber’s book “Empire of Angels” & & wiki