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Signs worth noting

Знаки, которые стоит замечать

If you can notice the various signs that are sent to you from above, then you will be ready for any life situation.

Experienced people always notice these signs, analyze them and make decisions for further actions.

Imagine a situation: you go to some meeting to sign an important paper, get permission, etc., and along the way you meet a man with an empty bucket. You don’t even pay attention to him, but then you will lament, having defended a huge queue that you were not accepted. And if you were observant, then you would notice the Token, because empty buckets warn of failure.

If you are planning to go somewhere and suddenly hear a crow cry, postpone the trip. Eagle owl and crow are birds that portend trouble. If you can’t postpone the trip, be very careful on the way.

If you are choking or clinging to something at an event, you should know: soon you will be here again.

It is very bad if something starts to creak in your house, it means that hard times will come soon, but if you meet a beggar with a full bag, you will find happiness and wealth.

Signs can be prevented if you are very careful. For example, many people know that if a coin lies eagle up, this is a good sign, and they will try to raise it. If the coin lies in tails, it will be left in place. However, it is worth remembering that lost money almost always causes harm to the finder. Know, if you are faced with such a Token, it has already begun its action.

When you drive in a car and the hare crosses the road, do not be surprised where it came from. To neutralize the effect of this bad Sign, you need to get out of the car, go around it three times clockwise, reading “Our Father” three times. And if you met a black cat, cross the road three times with two fingers, grab the third button with your right hand and spit three times over your left shoulder.

Be attentive to the Signs, they will help you avoid failures and find happiness.

1.When you walk along the street and see a feather lying on the ground, pick it up and bring it home, you can put it in a vase, you can hang it or even just put it. This is a powerful amulet granted to you by heaven. Notice such signs of Spirits. (Karagay)

2. Collect stones from the rivers. They have great strength, energy! (Karagay)

3. To be fed by the energy of the sun, it is necessary that the sun is at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizon. It is necessary to fold the thumb and forefinger of two hands to make a triangle and look through the triangle in the sun. Then the energy will penetrate your body as much as possible! (Karagay)

4. Do your best to help others. If you can’t bring joy, then at least do no harm. (Karagay)

5. Take care of your life, no risk at the level of life-death ... Death can make a joke, and her jokes are flat and vulgar. (Karagay)

6. Go ahead and do not turn around! That was, then leave, everything has its own lesson that you need once you can let go. (Karagay)

7. Difficulties ... formality! Serious difficulties, serious, but formality! There is a sky, it is sometimes behind the clouds, but it’s worth the effort (to board a plane) and the same blue sky is still above these clouds. Peace to all! (Karagay)

8. To get closer to a dream, sometimes it’s enough to take at least one step. Do not be afraid of difficulties, they always are and will be. White road to you all in all your endeavors! (Albert Talipov)

9. Your first moral principle should be the refusal to cause harm to anyone. This principle in your life must be very firm: "I will never harm anyone." Think ... (Karagay)

10. When you become a source of happiness for living beings, you yourself will become the happiest. And if you become a source of suffering for others, you will become unhappy first. Think ... (Karagay)

11. At least an hour a day, give silence ... You need it as much as communication. (Karagay)

12. The ability to love the highest that is on earth. Know how to love everyone, even your enemies! (Karagay)

13. Do not throw garbage in water. No. The spirit of water can get very angry. To appease the Spirit of water, bread, milk, coins can be thrown into the water. (Karagay)

14. Usually we call our past golden time, golden days. This is mistake. It is very important to understand that every moment in your life is just that golden time. (Karagay)

15. Creating the causes of suffering is very simple, and creating the causes of happiness is not easy. To burn a big house, there is no need to study, even children are capable of it. And in order to build a big beautiful house, you need to know a lot. Think it over. (Karagay)

16. The Summer Solstice is the highest point in the celestial circle of the Sun, when, having reached its peak, the Sun gives us all its Power. It's nice to meet this day in a cozy place by the water. Swimming in the river, the lake will be cleansing. You can make a supply of water from a well, a key - water is considered healing. (Dmitry Ilyin)

17. There is no perfect religion and faith, there is no worse of them, God is one, so pray to anyone you want, but remember very important commandments: live according to conscience, respect your ancestors, love. (Karagay)

18. If you have a goal to change the world, first change yourself. Learn to possess the energy of joy and the energy of love. These are the main points and experiences of a person. Smile, laughter, joy possess tremendous power. When you learn this, you will discover “love” (Albert Talipov)

19. Wild trees have no place in the garden. They are good in the front garden, at the gate and at the gate. If the site is large (more than 25 acres), then wild trees can be planted along the entire fence, or as a hedge. Wild trees inhibit the growth of cultivated plants: chaos struggles with order. For example, a birch draws moisture from the soil within a radius of 30 meters, in spruce the root system is generally superficial and the higher the spruce, the larger the area it collects nutrients. In addition, spruce, like oak, attracts lightning. (Dmitry Ilyin)

20. Break the birch branches. Put some of them in a vase to decorate the house, which will create a bright and kind atmosphere. Finely chop some branches, but do not use a knife or scissors. Put the fragments of twigs in clay, glassware and pour boiling water for at least 3 hours. If there is a zest of lemon or orange, add it. When infused, dip a cotton or gauze swab in the infusion and wipe yourself after an evening bath. You will feel the effect yourself. (Dmitry Ilyin)

21. There is such a very good saying: "The hand of the giver will not become impoverished." Whenever possible, try to give money to the poor and needy. No matter what amount it is, the process itself is important. (Albert Talipov)

22. Life is a hell of a short time. Do not waste it on swearing and tears, profanity and alcohol! You can do good, give birth to children, relax and do a lot of other pleasant things! (Karagay)

23. Rain ... He can control the feelings and emotions of a man ... can remind him of any moments of his life ... or, on the contrary, wash away all his memories. Rain can clean. When everything is very bad ... I go out and just stand in the shower ... (Albert Talipov)

24. If your loved one begins to be angry with you, if you are not to blame - hug him and hold him tightly, he will calm down. (Karagay) 25. Respect your ancestors, whatever they may be. (Karagay)

26. If you feel bad and feel lethargic, just sing ... Sing what your soul wants. Sometimes she also wants to talk ... (Albert Talipov)

27. Be respectful to everyone and do not put yourself above anyone else, even if you are helping someone. This is very bad. If selfishness begins, megalomania you must hit yourself on the ground and lower from heaven, because nothing good will come of it. (Karagay)

28. People of all classes, of different sexes and ages turn to me, and almost everyone has the same problem or the root cause of the problem - roots, roots with the earth and with ancestors are lost. Remember the deceased, whatever they were during their lifetime, they are wiser than you, Spirits help you later. Bake pancakes, cakes, put the chula in the huree, go to the temple ... (Karagay)

29. Remember always: there is no the most faithful religion, there is no the most correct faith, the most intelligent priests of various cults. God is one. God is the peak of the mountain, and different faiths and religions are approaches to this peak. Pray to anyone you want, but know that your main goal is not to be without sins, but to reach and know God. (Karagay)

30. If you decide to do something, then do not doubt yourself. Fear makes you retreat from the right path, for this is the main tool of all evil. At the same time, do not lose hope if the first time something did not work out. Each small victory brings closer to the Big. (Albert Talipov)

31. Remember one very important thing in life: everyone receives what they deserve. Do not allow problems in your Soul, in your thoughts, then the problem will not reach your body. (Karagay)

32. True love is always free. The first sign of vampirism is that a loved one, for some reason, has cooled down to you, but continues to use your feeling, i.e. you see that it pleases him and he encourages you in expressing your love, you need to carefully analyze your relationship. And, if you realize that you are addicted, start getting rid of it. After all, addiction is not love, and it should not have any value for you. (Aigo Aidana)

33. Having acquired the Force, the shaman enters into a special relationship with her that resembles an act of hunting, therefore the fate of the shaman is the Path of the Hunter. Sometimes it happens that the hunter and the victim change places so that this does not happen, first train the hunting flair, and then hunt. (D. Ilyin)

34. No magic can force a person to love someone who is indifferent to him. A love spell only ties the victim to the initiator, causing him to experience unconscious discomfort when trying to leave or somehow break off the relationship. This discomfort, in the end, torments a person, drives him to despair, deprives him of health and gives rise to a feeling of hatred for the object of attachment. Do not mess with love magic. You can destroy a person’s life, and with it your own. I wish you great true love! (Aigo Aidana)

35. Life can turn to face you, it can be a different place, but few people understand that you yourself are turning it. All evil thoughts towards others turn to you. All envy also comes, after all, to you. Why is this necessary? Live calmly and measuredly ... It’s impossible to envy, and there’s no reason .. Well, that person has a big car, but his face will not get any better from this car ... Gold is generally dirty metal, he has nothing to envy. Smile more often and passers-by, relatives and even life itself will also smile at you. (Karagay)

36. Want to be respected, respect others. Answer good, answer evil with indifference. The person who caused the evil will suffer more because you did not pay attention to it (Albert Talipov)

37. Do not drink alcohol at all. Alcohol destroys the body, brain, and soul. If you are a shaman or an esoteric, or someone else who is engaged in these things and is drinking, then you will soon run out of all strength, Spirits will punish you. Alcohol really kills, don't do stupid things. In order to relax there is a bath, in order to have fun there are songs, in order to find a common language there is tea, and in order to get to know the woman closely, there is, after all, sweets ... (Karagay)

38. When you are in a bad mood, do not frustrate him with others. They do not deserve it. (Karagay)

39. In case of heart pain, try not to go to bed, but to sit in a more comfortable position for you. Breathe deeply and forcefully stroke the tips of the little fingers and the center of the palm. It is advisable to massage until pain occurs, at least 1 time in the 2nd day for 10-15 minutes. (Albert Talipov)

40. When looking for your soulmate, never listen to anyone, say the wrong face, the wrong figure, or the estate ... Listen only to your heart and think with your head, and not the one below. (Karagay) 41. Now is the most tick-borne season. There is an excellent conspiracy (my great-grandfather passed it to me). At the entrance to the forest, stand up and say out loud: “I am in the woods, a tick from the woods”, emphasis on I and IZ. Ticks do not fit, and even if they do, they definitely will not bite. (Karagay)

42. Smile, smile more often and give smiles to people passing by! This will give you and your interlocutor strength, energy. (Karagay)

43. Appreciate your personal space and the space of others. Never come too impudently close to strangers, they can be very uncomfortable at the energy level ... (Karagay)

44. Never regret anything, this is superfluous. Everything that happens, happens by the will of the Spirits, and all for the better. (Karagay)

45. Stones similar in appearance to animals cannot be taken without a rite, otherwise misfortune can be incited. If you have found such a stone and want to take it with you, then turn to the host spirit of the place with a request to take the stone and make an offering to it. Then cover the stone on the ground with a white cloth ... (Kagaray)

46. ​​To protect yourself from the harmful effects of the Internet, you need to take a picture on an avatar before fire or smoke, then reading out information is extremely unlikely, including the impact. (Karagay)

47. Smoking. Two monks sat at the entrance to the temple and smoked. One asks the second: “Why so? Here is the Master who allowed you to smoke in the temple, but I don’t ... "Another answers-" And how did you ask Him? "-" Well ... Master, can I smoke during meditation? he said sharply NO "-" Here ... but I asked if I can meditate while smoking? And he said Yes ... ”(this parable was told to me by one student of Osho, in India), one can have a different attitude to smoking and the same will be the effect. It is better, of course, not to smoke, but if you smoke and are not going to quit, do not read what they write on packs, because this is programming yourself for the occurrence of a disease. Do not smoke a pack a day, but only when you want ... And as much as you want. Do not treat this as a bad habit that kills you, and the harm from smoking will really be less. (Karagay)

48. Listening to good music you cleanse yourself of the negative energy accumulated during the day. Music is a kind of meditation that can bring you to a sense of harmony with yourself (Albert Talipov)

49. To breathe better, so as not to crush the heart, know how to cry ... (Karagay)

50. If you quarrel with a person and he tells you disgusting things, curses you, and you begin to feel bad, you can make a return (return the negative that he sent to you), out loud - “your speeches are on your shoulders, yours thoughts on you and hung *** name ** ". (Karagay)

51. Your power is in your thoughts. Never think badly about your loved one in anger, otherwise you yourself without implying it, bring misfortune on him. Thoughts are one of the sources of hidden energies of consciousness. Each thought generates an action, if not of yourself, then of the world as a whole. (Albert Talipov)

52. For people to reach out to you, go to meet them! Be altruistic, it will add strength, energy, perhaps it will be counted in the following lives, but it will definitely affect you very well, but you should not confuse sincere altruism from self-serving (I think you understand me ...) (Karagay)

53. As a shaman, I always respect other religions with Respect. To remember a person, you can make ritual “pov” cakes (flour, water, salt, fry in sunflower oil) and eat them with the words “eat spike, spike, eat spike”. These pancakes as Christians pancakes are funeral, cult and ritual food, they should be eaten with special reverence and should not be thrown away. (Karagay)

54. If you feel that the situation that has developed is unsolvable, raise your hand higher, then abruptly release with the words “let it go ...” and think again! As the Great said, “even if you were eaten, you have two ways out” (Karagay)

55. Learn to love, learn not to be offended, and if offended, then quickly forgive! Be happy, love each other! (Karagay)

56. When a woman buys groceries, she buys future days of happiness for her family. Each fresh, beautiful, ripe and pleasantly smelling vegetable or fruit is a day of a happy and calm life in this family. The man, for his part, must provide the woman with money so that she can choose the highest quality products. A family in which they save on food becomes poor and unhappy, since saving on food is saving the happiness of their own relatives. (Aigo Aygan)