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Subscribe Improvement! Issue 14. Answers to letters and how to sleep well and improve.


We start the next issue of the mailing with answers to the letters. They are mainly devoted to the exercise "Screen of Imagination". But first a few words.

1.       Exercise takes a maximum of half an hour a day. And the time of the day is not specially allocated, if you want - do it in the morning, if you want - before going to bed.

2.       You will feel the result without fail. Strictly speaking, there are already reviews of those who passed this exercise.

3.       And now weigh - "20 days for half an hour a day and a significant leap in development" and tricks like "but you can do once a week?" or "you can do first sound, then a big break, then sound plus video and again a big break?" etc.

Generally speaking, this property of human nature - laziness of the mother and zaderganny current. Here in the arsenal, we have one course, in which you need to practice 2 hours a day for a week. Efficiency is the highest, a person can easily change his life for the better, but we are afraid to lead.

The reason is simple - there is no certainty that there will be due fulfillment. A person will start, the routine will catch, and then the opinion "all this is nonsense!" or "it's insanely hard" or something like that. And therefore, probably, we will make this complex in the form of a full-time course or correspondence course, but that would get through and work. In addition, it's just not possible to post this course in the mailing list, it is still necessary in detail, with methodological materials. But, nevertheless, soon it will be advertised.

And now the answers to the letters, which ask questions on the merits. We will not bring the questions, we simply give the answers to the questions, especially since it seems to us that it will be useful to read not only those who asked these questions.

1. Of course, the film is not necessarily Soviet. You can also Russian, if initially he shoot on film. Here, for example, the series is shot directly on the video. So it is cheaper, but unnatural colors, camera angles, etc. appear. But Soviet films were a priori shot on film.

2. It does not matter if you've seen the movie before or not.

4.       The sequence of execution is just such - "sound - sound and video - video." It is impossible to rearrange.

5.       The same movie can be used to perform the entire cycle - 10 days the same episode and the next 10 days every day a new episode.

Well, and as a little joke. Despite all warnings. One comrade began to actively perform the exercise on the film "Six-stringed samurai." Such a funny American film. The question "why this film, because they said that it is impossible to cartoons, foreign films to use, etc." followed by a "murderous" argument - "but I liked the movie."

But we will assume that little by little the "Screen of Imagination" began to be carried out. And go to the next stage - "controlled flow of images . "

Generally speaking, what we have in our heads, we control little. It means conscious control. Most of the time, we have a flow of images in our brain. Regardless of whether we work or just dream. There is something like this, inspired by our feelings, emotions ...

Even if we study something, still images arise, which have nothing to do with the question under study. We do not pay attention to them, as they say.

Moreover, in us there is an internal censor who filters these images, does not allow them to seize us, otherwise people would not be able to work normally. Imagine a driver who "succumbed" to the flow of images.

But to learn how to control these flows, to consciously evoke streams of images is a powerful tool for the development of memory, intellect, and creativity. Simply put, it is, in fact, to cross our imagination and concentration of attention. Usually just these uncontrolled streams of images and scatter our attention in the end.

The least we can control the images that come to us in a dream. I will not be engaged now in interpretation of dreams like "the cow was dreamed - to purchase of cucumbers" or to find any psychological moments and nuances.

Just answer yourself to the question - do you remember your dreams? As a rule, indistinctly or completely we do not remember. So, some scraps.

This technique is developed - controlled dreams. That is, you lie down and dream of you, that you and Cindy Crawford ... or a "walk through Rio de Janeiro" ... Maybe it's useful, but in the development of intelligence has no practical significance yet. In addition, the technique of achieving such a state is rather complicated.

Learning to remember your dreams is a powerful stimulus in the development of memory and intelligence. Because in this case you recall the images that have arisen in memory. Not just they ran, ran in the head and washed away, and you bring them back to their place, that is, reproduce. And this is a good leap to recalling the images we need.

The most important thing is that remembering your dreams is enough.

Before you go to bed, prepare a notebook and pen. As soon as you wake up, even in the middle of the night, write down everything that you will be able to remember from your dream. The first few days probably will not bring any results, but I guarantee that after a couple of weeks of such exercises you will find that you wake up every morning with bright detailed memories of at least three different dreams. You will have such an incredible amount of material in your memory that you will simply not be able to write everything down.

To simplify the procedure, you can use the recorder. By the way, attempts to do without a fixing dream device (notebook, dictaphone) will lead to the fact that gradually you will abandon this case, and quite quickly, and you will not achieve anything. Start to remember the dream and gradually switch to something else, and you yourself will not notice how it will happen. The recorder simply keeps the direction of reflection on the spot. And excuses "I'm going to remember everything" - usual laziness-mother.

Start doing this and you will succeed. I will cite this case. At one of the seminars came a man with an absolutely undeveloped imagination. Not even what is not developed, but just a man could not bring himself to work in this regard. Associatively associate for him, say, a telephone and an armchair, did not work in any way. He could imagine a telephone, an armchair, but to present them all together, nothing at all. It's clear that his memory worked in the Miller number range - 7 plus or minus two pieces of information. He, of course, tried to enlarge these units, on which, properly speaking, all the mnemonics were built, but in their own way. The most interesting thing is that he was perfectly aware of this "lack".

"The screen of the imagination" he could not do for technical reasons. Although this is an excuse, of course. If you want to - you will.

And when I asked him about dreams, he replied that he did not see them at all. But this can not be - a person sees about 5 dreams per night. If he is a normal person.

In general, started work. I will not say that at once, but it began to work out. And when he could remember his first dreams in more or less detail, he was simply amazed how much his memory improved and how much more it became clearer to be perceived.

But we will continue the topic next time.

I anticipate letters in advance, the authors of which impatiently write that "we already remember dreams well, let's go further", etc. Try to fix dreams on the recorder, and you will be convinced that without special training and preparation you remember only the most vivid episodes of dreams.

And further. The system of occupations is a system of occupations. There is no revolution in the development of intelligence and the improvement of one's best qualities. You need to go through all the stages, only then you will get the result.

Dreaming is not harmful, but there are no memory pills and ampoules of genius. We understand that demand is stable, and people pozhulikovatee advertise such miraculous things here. The most interesting thing is that the people are actively buying it. From laziness. And since a person forgives himself his shortcomings, including laziness, then he will forgive the crook and the miracle-worker. Just say that it did not work out a little, that with the next tablet, without fail, etc., etc., etc. A woo continues to be in place.

By the way, in this sense, I am pleased with the letters of those who have already passed part of our Correspondence Course in Development of Memory and Intellect. Many have achieved excellent results. And such that gives the opportunity to be proud of their work and gives strength to the future.

A short message. Of the 100 sets that we have prepared, it remains to this day 34. The next lot will not be done soon, as in the plan we have a new course under the provisional title "Discovering our own genius." Everyone will be able to pass, but the result is expected to be fantastic.

Do not find it for a cheap promotional gimmick, but:

·          the course of development of Memory and Intellect was really successful;

·          Our work is such;

·          if we do not advertise our product, who will know about it then?

Applications are accepted at and .

Good luck everyone!

Perfection! Issue. 15

Subscribe Improvement! Issue 15. On the flow of images, laziness and inner vision.


We continue the conversation about the "controlled flow of images" - a huge step on the way to discovering their own genius. Sounds, of course, with the claim to ... in general, somewhat immodest. Nevertheless, steps along this path will bring you a lot of useful and interesting information. And such a thing as transferring oneself to a new qualitative level is simply guaranteed.

What usually hinders? Laziness and fluidity. Plus the expectation of a quick, even very fast result. Eternal faith in a miracle ... Fall asleep and wake up a genius.

By the way, this is precisely what explains the success of various "superpsychologists", twenty-fifth frames, ilon Davydov, miracle-warriors and tablets. Even if nothing happened (and this is the usual picture), all the same to the promises of the miracle are condescending. Well, it did not happen this time, in another it will work out! And time goes by, even leaves ...

So it is necessary to begin! Let for 20 minutes a day, for 30 minutes. But this is a movement.

By the way, we decided to launch one full-time course in the fall. It is clear that about the development of intelligence. 7 days to 3 hours. At the same time, no homework, trainings, etc. You only practice on the course. The result is decent, the first experiments have shown this. If you start to apply in life, then the skill is fixed. If not, do not worry. In six months you can repeat the course. All the same there will come a situation when you will start to apply the received skills and abilities. I suspect that the course will be in demand.

But after such a lyrical digression, let's return to the subject of mailing. We have already introduced you to the exercise "Screen of the imagination" and recommended to do morning remembering of dreams.

By the way, some people have already sent letters, in which they expressed surprise that in 10 days after the beginning began to get to recall dreams, and it is bright and in all details.

Let's note one important detail. When they write to us that nothing happens, we almost unmistakably answer why it was not possible.

1.       Just nothing was done.

2.       Laziness was to write down or dictate to the recorder. It was supposed that "in the oral-mental form" everything will turn out. That eats lying on the couch, morning coffee and parallel languid attempts to remember something. Immediately say that without fixing memories and observations, nothing happens .

What next? Now it's important to develop the ability to describe your flow of images. But first of all, let us address an important issue, like "the development of clarity of vision on the internal screen." Simply speaking, we will learn to present everything clearly and clearly.

Exercise is very simple.

Just take a white sheet of paper and carefully light it with a table lamp. On the sheet, put a simple object - a pen, boxes, etc. On the inspiration, fix it with a look, close your eyes and hold the breath on your inner screen. On exhalation compare the natural image and the mental view you saw.

We guarantee that at the beginning we will not get a clear and clear image. So, some contours, hindering color divorces, spots ...

As well, we guarantee that in about a week or ten days you will get a clear and vivid image. By the way, all those who did it, were simply amazed at their ability to receive a clear and vivid image. The feeling is extraordinary .

And it turns out for all who do it. By the way, it's enough to practice 5 minutes a day.

Another exercise. Preliminary character before we proceed to specific techniques. Take the recorder, sit back in the armchair and describe the two corners of the room. Well, imagine that you are talking on the phone with a friend and describing the room to him. The left corner describe emotionally, not just the enumeration of objects and picture of wallpaper, namely emotions, sensations.

Another angle is exactly the same and describe very specifically, like "the picture is hanging, the bookshelf is under it," etc.

After a few days, listen to the recording and compare your perception of the room with different descriptions. You will again be amazed at how brightly the room will appear before your eyes in the case of a description with the application of sensations and emotions. It is desirable, of course, that the audition does not take place in the room that was described. The impression will be much brighter.

We hope that you will have enough time until the next release of the mailing to make this simple experiment.

In conclusion, let us say a few words about our Correspondence Course in the Development of Memory and Intellect. We've already advertised it, we just note a few things:

1.       We searched for a long time, but we did not find any analogues. It's not even in some secret methods, but simply in an integrated approach to the problem. And only we have released to the brochure-lessons audio applications. As it turned out, this circumstance is of paramount importance for the successful passage of the Course material.

2.       Of the 100 manufactured kits, only 27 are left in stock. When we release the next batch, we do not know yet. The process of creating a new course has very much captured us. By the way, we will also develop its correspondence form. And those who passed our Course of Development of Memory and Intellect can, if desired, get it with a decent discount.

3.       To the comment that this is an open advertisement, and quite persistent, we will answer that, firstly, we are proud of our developments on the right, and secondly, if we do not advertise, so who will find out about all this?

4.       Orders are accepted at and . Do not put it off the hook!

Good luck everyone!

Perfection! Issue. 16

Subscribe Improvement! Release 16. Sharply progressing!


After a break, caused by objective reasons (excessive overload on work, conducting of on-site courses), we continue our mailing. In such a long break there were positive aspects - the general theme of the mailing was finally crystallized.

And as if anticipating future achievements, today is not a particularly difficult topic, but extremely important. It is called "Activating the perception of the world." Pompous sounds, does not it? The topic, incidentally, is very extensive, but we will only mention a small part of it.

So, let's start with the need to be able to describe your flow of images, describe your dreams, describe to some extent your thought process.

We will talk a lot about the flow of images, and today we will begin with a description of the unusual observation made by American researchers. They took three groups of experimental rats. The first group got the opportunity to play with simple toys. The third was simply placed in an empty cell. But the second was given the opportunity to watch the first group with might and main. It was supposed that some changes, if I may say so, in the intellect of the first two groups, will be noticeable.

But it turned out that if the rats from the first group really learned something, the other two remained at the same level. The ability to simply observe nothing gave the second group of experimental rats.

... In Central America, there are two Native American villages nearby. The inhabitants of one of them are smart, developed, have a decent speed of thinking. Residents of the second fast, more primitive, almost unable to learn.

Villages nearby, the living conditions are the same. Life style is approximately the same. Scientists have broken their heads ... But still the truth was discovered. The only difference was that in one of the tribes the kids were allowed to contact the outside world with might and main, to move wherever they pleased (within the limits of security, of course). In the second tribe, freedom of movement, contact with the world was limited. And this had a very, very significant effect on the development of the members of the tribe.

Passive observation gives little. When we listen to the lecturer, we summarize. We study the book - make notes in it. We answer in examinations. Active perception.

We think over something - we just think. In the head there are streams of images, but the process is passive. There is no contact with the environment. Productivity is low. It remains only to lament that "Well, not everyone is a genius, someone should be normal people."

The question arises: "How can we establish this connection with the world?" Well, we think, what else? How can we actively perceive it? ".

The only answer is at least to some extent describe the thought process. Describe the images that arise in our minds. Technically speaking on a dictaphone, writing in a notebook, telling someone. You ask: "What's the difference?". HUGE!

"The material carrier of meditations" is a way to establish a connection with the world, to perceive it actively. The ability to describe is the way to genius. Describe - we create. Just think - we dream, jump from one to another, do not fix either that or that. BRAKE process. We are in captivity of images and filters, which allow only individual images to pass into the conscious domain, and everything else is driven into the subconscious. Including brilliant solutions.

Describe - manage the images. It seems again, nothing happens. At first sight. But then in a dream comes the periodic system of elements, the solution of the equation, the talented poems.

And now practically.

1.       All exercises, which were and will be discussed, have an effect only when using a dictaphone or a notebook. You can also attract the listener, but it's if you're lucky.

2.       If at least 15-20 minutes a day you give to the process of describing the images that sweep in your head, in a month you will not recognize yourself. In the positive sense.

3.       You are reading a book, an article. And it does not matter on what topic. Have read the chapter. Thought about her. Recorded on the recorder. And just what goes into your head. Then, after a while, listen to the recording. The effect is amazing! By the way, if you simply dictate certain moments to a dictaphone, then listening has a gigantic learning effect. And these individual moments are not verbatim from the book, but in a "digest".

4.       The description is only in the present tense! "The electron went into orbit, where it collided ...", etc.

Well, it's a little thing. Try it. I assure you that you will then say thank you.

Example. One woman is really good at remembering dreams. And perfectly reproduces them, or rather, can reproduce. And I was surprised that there was no movement ahead. I was not able to persuade myself about the dictophone right away. The argument worked like "but you do not lose anything, just try it, you will not like it, you will throw it."

The result is a sharp advancement at work, a fantastic leap in English. Now everything does as it should.

One comrade did not do anything special, although he listened to our course "The Development of Memory and Intellect." He stopped at two points - the development of attention and concentration and the reproduction of dreams and sometimes the flow of images on the recorder. I did not seem to stand out before the course, but I won the contest for a job in a very well paying firm easily, despite the big competition.

Well, take the recorder in hand?

And if it came about the course ... Advertising, where without it. Now she is like, "until Pushkin's birthday was left ...".

Out of 100 ready sets, only 15 are left in stock. And the next batch, it is clear, will not appear soon. Not soon, because on the way a new unique course. The new course takes into account the following aspects: one does not always want to practice; I want results sooner; lazily; no time. Have overcome! We will soon lay out a description of the new course. The course, of course, will cost, it is painfully original. But those who have received the Course of Development of Memory and Intellect will receive a guaranteed discount.

One more thing. In online stores appeared pirated versions of our course. Well, at least I would mention the author. So no, do not bother. Moreover, we send letters like "send $ 15", and I will not distribute the course. "I want to say that those who ordered it from us will continue receiving email for a long time. Well, preferences for our new developments. thieves ... God is their judge!

Good luck!


Subscribe Improvement! Release 17. Return to genius.


For a long time there was no newsletter. I apologize for this fact, but I had to reconsider some priorities, I learned a lot about the new one, and therefore it was decided to do so.

Now I started developing a new course, which conditionally called "Discover a genius." Pretentiously, of course, but if you do not set high goals .... Moreover, potentially we are all geniuses. Genius begins to lose, or rather, "blur" from the moment of first contact with the world, that is, while still in the womb of the mother.

But not everything is so pessimistic. You can restore everything. Or almost everything. This is the focus of the course. And as the course progresses, I will also present it in the mailing list. Let's just say, a test site.

Then, of course, I will publish it, I will begin to conduct full-time studies. But so far.

That formed the basis of the course. Advanced and ancient methods of brain development. The best achievements of applied psychology, and especially the development of Jose Silva and Ernest Tsvetkov.

And I want to say that Tsvetkov gives a legitimate reason to be proud of our psychological school. Since I was convinced that Tsvetkov's teaching today is the strongest in the world with respect to achieving the result. True, less untwisted. By the way, the methods of Jose Silva and Tsvetkov are similar in many respects. And I do not want to belittle Jose Silva's method. This is an extremely powerful weapon.

I was convinced of this, since I myself had been trained by the method of Silva. I hope that at the end of the year I will receive a certificate and teach this miraculous method.

With Tsvetkovym sign on the books (yet). But even this was enough to understand how much everything works. By the way, with Jose Silva in this respect is worse. Books published in the CIS give an incorrect impression of the method.

And set a goal - to unite all the best and create a unique course of human development on an intellectual level. Judging by the fact that I already consider my course "The development of memory and intellect" to be the best in the CIS (especially its full-time view), I will succeed. Just do not say that this is presumptuous. It is self-reliance.


So, let's begin. Some things will already be familiar to you on the previous issues of mailings, but for the slenderness of the presentation it will be desirable to repeat individual moments. All that you read, has already passed approbation on our courses and proved its efficiency.

In this course, there will be no direct discussion of the development of memory and memory systems, the benefit of this issue is fully described in the Course on the Development of Memory and Intellect. It will be about the moments of development of qualities that are inherent in genius in a greater degree and ordinary people in less. But all people have this quality. And if these qualities exist, then they can be developed. Than we also will be engaged.

And let's start with the theory, since knowing certain moments will make your development and improvement more conscious. And we will try not to theorize too much, bringing the presentation to the level of clarity to a narrow circle of specialists.

In theory, we stick to the point of view of the great Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, who said: "If a theoretical physicist can not explain his most difficult theory on his fingers to a first-grader, he does not understand it himself."

So, in order.


This statement was born not by our universal love for children (which is quite natural for a normal person) and not by any other emotional moments. This is the result of scientific research.

It is proved that at the age of up to 4 years a person learns the bulk of information about the world. For comparison: if you imagine all the information that a person assimilates throughout his life, in the form of a room, then what a person learns after 4 years, easily fits into a cabinet that stands at one of the walls of this imaginary room.

There are several reasons for this, and they will be considered along the way. In the meantime, let's start with the theory of brain oscillations.

These fluctuations are not so long ago. It is established that the human brain radiates 4 types of oscillations in the course of its activity.

·          Beta waves . 14-20 Hertz. This is the frequency, if I may say so, of the activity of the brain in a state of wakefulness. That is, the perception of information in a conscious state. By the way, the subconscious "processes" the information by 7 orders of magnitude more than consciousness. It is from here that intuition starts, the process is largely subconscious.

·          Delta waves . 0-4 Hertz. The state of deepest sleep, when consciousness is completely turned off.

·          Theta waves . 4-7 Hz. The person in a dream is completely in the power of the subconscious, but the contact of consciousness and subconsciousness is.

·          Alpha waves . 7-14 Hertz. Many people know the state when you are still awake, but you are not even awake. Such an intermediate state between sleep and reality. The maximum possible contact of the subconscious and consciousness, unlimited practically the possibility of obtaining information from the largest repository of information - our subconscious. And the possibility of practically conscious recording of information in very large quantities.

Jose Silva calls this state an alpha state, Tsvetkov - immagination. They did not open it. Another yogi called this state "a state of alert watch." But Jose Silva and Tsvetkov put it in the foundation of their systems. It will also form the basis of the system being developed.

Practice has shown that the volume of the release of mailing should be small, otherwise in the sea of ​​dispatches yours slowly cease to read. Get on the box, read the name and immediately delete. To avoid this, we will try not to exceed the volume of 5500-6000 characters. This amount of information is easily and easily absorbed.

So in the next issues we'll talk about ways to achieve this state and its main characteristics.

For now, let's say that children under the age of 4 are in this state ...

Good luck!


Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 18. On entering the state of Productive Relaxation


In the previous issue, we started a story about the state of alpha. Now consider ways to enter it.

Recall that the alpha state - a state of relaxation, reminiscent of an intermediate state between sleep and reality. In this state, both hemispheres work synchronously.

Strictly speaking, the synchronous operation of the hemispheres is the main point.

We have already written a lot about one of the methods - the use of specially selected music. You can view the archive of this mailing list and the "Music and Intellect" mailing list, a lot has been written about it.

Recall only that the most suitable in this regard is the music of Baroque and early classicism. Even better, if it's specially selected fragments. That's why we created "Super Memory", "Super Learning" disks, etc. (You can consider this an indirect advertisement).

The music of new age in this sense is inferior to baroque music, since it is still written on electronic instruments. We do not want to belittle some performers like Kitaro, it's beautiful music, and if we get together with forces and release discs with recorded meditations, then we will primarily use new age.

But nevertheless, for the independent entry into a state of relaxation, baroque music fits best.

Entering the "State of Productive Relaxation" (hereinafter referred to as the state of the JWP), you can use many formulas. They are in the books. A beautiful formula in the book T. Powell and J. Powell, "Psychotraining by the method of Jose Silva." The formulas (checked repeatedly!), Given in the books of Tsvetkov, work well, by the way, he calls such a state "a dissolution."

We give one formula that also works perfectly. Again, we checked its effectiveness at the training sessions. You just read it and try to execute it. Not necessarily everything is accurate and word for word, the main thing - a sequence of steps.

Formula of the entrance to the ABM

1.       Sit comfortably, palms on your knees. You can lie, of course, but it's better to sit still. For example, in a comfortable chair.

2.       Calmly close your eyes.

3.       Take a few deep breaths.

4.       Gradually relax from the head to the toes.

5.       Count in reverse order from 20 to 1. For each figure, imagine how you relax more and more.

6.       A very important element is the eyelids. Not just closed eyes, and eyelids as if under their own weight lay on their eyes.

7.       Feel more and more heaviness in the body as you complete the technique.

8.       Use affirmations (positive-programming statements) - for example: "Each time I relax more and more deeply." You can repeat it through the number.

9.       Imagine images that cause you a state of peace and relaxation. It can be a sea shore, a forest clearing, your room.

10.   Try to perform this exercise several times. The main thing at the first stage is a confident entry into the JWP.

It is enough to enter this state once or twice a day for 5-7 minutes. What to do next - in the next issue. By the way, for those who are hammering something that is not very pleasant to read (traffic rules, chapter from the textbook), this condition can very much come in handy.

And just staying in this state is extremely useful. How to extract and feel this benefit - again in the next issues. In the meantime, just learn to enter this state.

Good luck everyone!


Subscribe Improvement! Release 19. On the JWP.


So, we continue the conversation about the state of Productive Relaxation. Last time we just learned to enter it.

I must say that this caused some interest. We received letters. And in many it was asked - "And how to determine that you entered this state?".

Purely externally, this manifests itself in slowing the rhythm of breathing and pulse. You almost do not pay attention to external noises. Of course, ideally this is clearly visible on the encephalograph. But, of course, this possibility is a rare thing.

They also ask how many times an exercise should be done. Ideally - three times a day for 5-10 minutes. Not ideally, but still with a good result - in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, when they just woke up. In the evening - before going to bed or when all the things have already been done, there is nothing to think about, nothing to worry about and do not bother (for example, you have to call someone or do homework and so on).

But when there is a skill - then it will be possible to enter the SPR (we recall that now for the sake of brevity we will call the Condition of Productive Relaxation) at any moment and significantly improve our lives and intensify our studies and work.

Once again we list the main physiological parameters of the SPR:

·          pulse about 60 beats per minute;

·          frequency of oscillations emitted by the brain - 7-14 Hz;

·          even breathing;

·          synchronous operation of both hemispheres of the brain.

By the way, you can help yourself in achieving the SPM with the help of sounds and visual images. The advantage of sounds is that they can be used, as they say, "live". Visual images need to be able to evoke, that is, imagine. But there is a great variety here, which is very good.

And today just stop at the "magic" frequency of 60 Hz. If you have a metronome or just a clock with a fairly loud turn, then use these devices. This will greatly help you in achieving the JWP. But not only in this.

Suppose you are studying something. A gentle tapping will help you to concentrate. We conducted several observations and came to the conclusion that this frequency gradually "takes" the nervous system, the brain and adapts them to itself.

Especially it is useful for schoolchildren, who are distinguished by some restlessness and absent-mindedness.

Another important point - it is desirable (except in the morning) to enter the PRS in a sitting position. In the recumbent, you can quite well enter the alpha state and go to the theta state. What, in principle, is not so bad, at least sleep well.

Do not think that SPR is simply a state of complete relaxation, when you want to sleep and nothing more. SPR is a state of inclusion to the maximum of your intellectual capabilities, maximum contact with the "most educated and receptive" part of you - with the subconscious.

Considering that there was a big pause in the output of the mailing, once again we recall the simplified formula for entering the SPM.

Formula of the entrance to the ABM

1.       Sit comfortably, palms on your knees. You can lie, of course, but it's better to sit still. For example, in a comfortable chair.

2.       Calmly close your eyes.

3.       Take a few deep breaths.

4.       Gradually relax from the head to the toes.

5.       Count in reverse order from 20 to 1. For each figure, imagine how you relax more and more.

6.       A very important element is the eyelids. Not just closed eyes, and eyelids as if under their own weight lay on their eyes.

7.       Feel more and more heaviness in the body as you complete the technique.

8.       Use affirmations (positive-programming statements) - for example: "Each time I relax more and more deeply." You can repeat it through the number.

9.       Imagine images that cause you a state of peace and relaxation. It can be a sea shore, a forest clearing, your room.

10.   Try to perform this exercise several times. The main thing at the first stage is a confident entry into the JWP.

And in the next issue, let's talk about how you can work out the "key to including attention" with the help of SPR.

Good luck everyone!


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We continue the conversation about SPR - a state of productive relaxation. And before we continue to theorize on this topic, we will answer the question that somehow sounds in many incoming letters - "And why is this necessary and what practical benefit can be from this very SPR?".

We will answer so - SPR can greatly advance you in development, in revealing your intellectual potential. But that this does not seem to you general words, let us consider a specific example - the study of foreign languages.

It is proved that approximately 70% of the effort is spent on memorizing words. It is also proved that if a person dictates 100 words of an unfamiliar language with an interval of 4 seconds and then read it in any order, he will remember the meaning of 7-9 of them at best.

Of course, there is a wonderful method of Atkinson, but not everyone wants to use it. And in vain ... He gives 100% of the memory.

But you can increase the memorization several times using SPR.

And now practically.

You need to learn this one thousand two or three words in a short time. We will cite specific technologies using SPR.

1.       Have you ever tried to record yourself on a tape recorder? Certainly. And did you pay attention to how unusually your voice sounds, to put it mildly? And all the surrounding people say that this is your voice. This fact can be fully used. In this case we are talking about the fact that this unaccustomed voice, sounding from the outside, can give an additional effect due to, let's say, "indifference" to the sound of its own voice.

Take a dictaphone and dictate to it approximately words 50-70 on such a system "word-translation - translation-word-word-translation". That is, the word with the translation is dictated three times. We call this a series. Between the series, you pause in dictation into 4 accounts, and consider yourself "21-22-23-- 24 " , this will allow a pause of sufficient magnitude.

You dictate that each pair has a different intonation, or at least dictate the pairs in the series at different speeds.

But at the very beginning of the tape record a countdown from 20 to 1.

Have written down. Now, after a while (best in a day), repeat the words, that is, listen to the cassette. In this case, on account of 20 to 1, enter the JWP.

And when there is already a record of words, you are most susceptible to information. That is, the words are listening in a relaxed state, which corresponds to a sufficiently high concentration of attention and synchronous operation of both hemispheres of the brain.

The experiment showed that with this method of memorizing words, a person remembers from the first call from 30 to 40 words out of 100. Naturally, it is advisable not only to listen to words, but also to represent the images caused by these words.

A pause in the dictation is needed so that you can switch from image to image. In addition, the breath will be synchronized with the sound of the recording, that is, you will automatically switch to the "sound - breath holding" mode, which also helps to increase concentration.

2.       Suppose you got a decent language course. And now go with headphones on your head, trying to pay more attention to the language. No doubt, this is not so bad. Moreover, during the day you somehow get into a state of trance for some moments, which in principle is similar to SPM.

But overall efficiency usually leaves much to be desired. But if you listen to this course in the PRS, the effect will be achieved fairly decent.

And when buying a linguaphone course, pay attention to the fact that the course was read not by the speakers but by the actors, and that at least 4 people took part in the recording.

Generally speaking, this method was tested by one pupil of our full-time course when studying the rules of the road. Actually, she dictated to the dictophone that part of the rules, which are usually required to memorize by heart. As a result of the rule, she learned before all and with minimal time.

In the following issues, we will continue the story about the practical application of the JWP, and now several announcements.

1.       We have only 1 set of correspondence course of Development of Memory and Intellect. So order. Though in this case the principle "all the same will not be in time" will work. We answer that if someone seriously orders, we'll leave him.

2.       We have prepared a cool piece - a simulator for learning foreign languages. We developed a sample for the German language. We tried the artisanal variant. That's the effect! Man for two months without much effort quietly mastered 1200 words and 350 phrases with very strong memorization. Now we do for the English language, physics, chemistry, mathematics. But we do not yet know the cost ourselves - we order the equipment. On the question - so why write - we answer that the mood of the thing to us raised, it worked so well, and secondly, we collect preliminary applications for simulators in German and English. This will go to us first.


Good luck to all of you!



Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 22. Confidence in your memory.


I understand that the break was delayed, but the work so sucked ... Honestly, in fact, it's even not bad. Simulators produced a very small-scale edition. In the new course there are already 3 books, now the fourth will be released. New musical development discs are already on the way. Full-time courses are underway, and with pride we note that their level is very high. That's just the topic for the distribution of the full-time course and suggested.

You know, on the full-time course, several directions, and mnemonic, that is, the art of memorizing does not occupy the main place. Activating memory (a lot that we know, but we think that we forgot), concentration of attention, observation ... In general, a lot of things. But there is one theme that does not externally produce a strong impression, but this does not diminish its importance.

No doubt, you always want something so unusual ... Say, a magic pill. Drunk - and all the problems are solved, the memory works great, the attention is on the level and so on. Or, say, a wizard. Waved his wand and see the result above. I do not want to do anything myself. In this, incidentally, the keystone to the success of intellectual lohotrons from schools of their businesses and distant St. Petersburg-Siberian cedar forests, where a variety of anastasis and other animals live.

Man can do everything himself. Not without the help of the Lord, of course. This applies to the topic, which will now be discussed. I even feel a breath of disappointment.

Confidence in yourself and your memory.

That's certainly not feel ... If you can perform a test for memory, IQ can be measured with respect to the intelligence, then it's difficult to make any precise measurements about the confidence in your memory. But the importance of the topic does not diminish.

On the face-to-face course, I address this topic several times. Because from the first attempt to persuade to address this issue is not all. Similarly, I will do the same in the mailing list. That is, we will return to this topic periodically. Water grinds the stone.

And now remember, whether there was with you this - you go to take the exam and you are visited by a treacherous thought: "Damn, what if I do not remember the formula ..."? Or you sit down to study something, look at the material at first, and again, from wherece the thought: "No, it is simply unthinkable to remember!"

Meanwhile, it has long been known that from what we think, what we expect, we get. And uncertainty in their abilities significantly reduces the chances of success.

Many people do not trust their memory to the full. Now answer - do you have a close, reliable friend? Do you trust him in the most extreme situation? Will you go with him on reconnaissance? Of course, you have such a friend.

But if you do not trust him in the depths of his soul, although you do not show it purely outwardly, he will certainly feel it, and in that case it is no longer necessary to rely on him for 100%. If you expect a friend of a podlyanka, then the resentment of a friend for this expectation will manifest itself.

The memory reacts in exactly the same way.

Our practice has shown that for many people, the acquisition of self-confidence, in its memory, in its concentration of concentration, has yielded so much that it was enough for radical transformations not only in school but also in life.

So, how to prove the memory that we trust her? How can I start trusting her more and more? Only through persuasion. And from what has been said, you may get the impression that the memory and you - though close friends, but still not the same thing. This, of course, is incorrect. Your memory is yourself. Therefore, you need to gain confidence in yourself first. At least in the intellectual sphere. And confidence in your memory, needless to say.

And here we will give the main mechanisms for developing this confidence. Try to read what you read in the newsletters, take it with maximum seriousness.

I could give you a lot of examples, when the fulfillment of what will be discussed in this topic gave truly miraculous results. I will limit myself to two.

Examples from our practice.

... Come to us on the course of two friends. Smart, the inner world is interesting. But before that insecure in themselves ... For them this was the main problem. And soon tests to hand over.

They convinced them to engage in developing self-confidence and their intellect. After three weeks - the best students in the class, tests passed brilliantly ...

Again, some curious guy enrolled in our course. He listened to the program, learned everything, but to do something special, to create a memorization system, to do the exercises did not. In addition to exercises to increase self-confidence and memory.

Three months after the end of the course, we received a letter from him via e-mail, in which he wrote that he had got a great job, having won a serious contest. And he noted that he only had to get this very confidence.

I do not know, maybe I could convince you with these examples. But, nevertheless, we will not put it off for a long time and will begin.

There is, however, an unwritten law of dispatches - the release should not exceed two A4 pages. Therefore, we assume that the topic was convinced in the importance of the topic, but we will begin to do everything from the next issue. The main production problems have been solved.

By the way, we will tell about our successes. First, a legitimate sense of pride. Secondly, maybe you'll like it.

1. The simulator for learning languages ​​and memorizing foreign words was first described in the thirties of the twentieth century. It allows you not only to memorize foreign words with a minimum number of repetitions, it allows you to implement a memory algorithm.

Many of you have studied or are studying. We will analyze the situation - in October a person learned some material, spoke at a seminar or a lesson, got an assessment or a teacher's praise, everything is fine. It's time for the session and what's going on? Quite right, begins reading the textbook, memorizing all the material on the new one. Why? The memory algorithm is not observed.

The simulator will allow you to memorize information for a long time, firmly and with minimal time and effort.

And the fact that he realized the example of English and German, so it's because in this case, the mechanism of the simulator is very revealing.

There were attempts to computerize the simulator, alas, only the desktop version works. Psychology...

2. There are already three books of the new correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". A week later comes the fourth book.

We want to note that the Course was a success. Very complete coverage of the material, the first reviews are highly positive. The most important thing is that the course deals not only with memory systems, but also with the activation of memory (you know a lot, but you think that you forgot it.) The course will help to "pull out" information), create an environment that maximizes intelligence, new levels.

So we tried not in vain. The plan has turned out.

Good luck!


Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 23. We continue to develop self-confidence and our memory


Well, let's take up the confidence in our memory? Once again, we warn that these exercises are simple. Not even that simple, but very, very simple. And the difficulties in their implementation simply can not be. Except one of the most important. It is necessary to carry out.

It's all the same to me, that this simplicity can be a little skeptical about what will be discussed next. Magic results are promised, and there are no attributes of magic close.

We'll start with the question. Answer, only honestly, did you say the inner voice: "You are worth more, you can very much" ?. If you answer that did not say, then at least you are disingenuous or, as a maximum, something with you is not the case in the mental plane.

At the same time, people tend to underestimate their abilities. But the potential of each of us is truly huge. And it needs to be realized how to realize its exclusivity and uniqueness.

On Earth, 90 billion people lived in the history of mankind. Now he lives about 6 billion. Scientists have proved that out of these 90 000 000 there was not one of him exactly the same! Your creativity, your intellect, like your fingerprints are unique.

Therefore, the first thing you need to urgently stop comparing yourself with others. Analyze your thoughts and discover those of them, in which you even involuntarily or from the best motives someone envied, compared yourself with someone. And thus, they slowed down their development, because your path, like yourself, is unique.

This does not deny such an important thing as following examples or ideals. But in this case we are talking about incentives. A comparison usually happens to someone who is much closer to us - a friend, a friend, a hero of a newspaper article.

Therefore, the first step is to love yourself. "Eka is not seen, - you will say - who does not love himself, his beloved?". And psychologists consider the lack of self-love as one of the main causes of many mental illnesses. As well as its availability is the key to success in life. A. Maslow proved that Einstein, Spinoza, Washington and many others were able to fully realize themselves due to the high level of self-acceptance and self-esteem.

So what is love to yourself? Self-love is the understanding and acceptance of all your merits and demerits. And then often we somehow exaggerate our dignity, and often not the ones we need, and do not notice our shortcomings or even admire them, mistaking them as a kind of charm and a manifestation of individuality.

Love in itself is not self-pity ("poor thing, everyone offends you, but nothing ..."), not forgiveness, not touching the ironing of your head.

Love for yourself does not mean a kind of permission to get up, anything, and at the same time not to reckon with anyone. This is more typical of non-loving people and thus defending themselves and asserting themselves in the world.

You can talk a lot about this topic, but how can you love yourself? It's very simple. And it's difficult.

A very interesting exercise in this sense was offered by the psychologist AM Prikhozhan. You, of course, heard about it, maybe even started to do it, but quickly cast.

Every day, find a minute and stand in front of the mirror. It is important that it is a large mirror, and not a small mirror in the bathroom, where in the morning the sleepy physiognomy looks in.

Your task is to stand in front of the mirror a little, look into your eyes and say, calling yourself by name: "I love you, (name), such what (ah) you are."

By the way, when I dictate this phrase on the face-to-face course and ask it to write down, then immediately after that I look quickly from behind the writer's shoulder, albeit somewhat unexpectedly for him, that he wrote. In 75% of cases, instead of the name, there is an ellipsis. A good test, which speaks volumes.

Tell me and look at yourself again. In this case, you should not make faces, do not look at any defects, just look. After that, say again: "I love you, (name) and accept you as you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses." I will not fight with you and I have absolutely no need to defeat you .My love will give me the opportunity to grow and improve, enjoy life itself and bring joy to the lives of others. "

That's all. As we warned you, you heard about this exercise. And they even thought of doing it. Two things interfered. Doubts about its effectiveness due to extreme simplicity and routine fluidity, as references to lack of time here are out of place - you and so every day at least once in the mirror so look.

In addition, I want the effect of the visible now and immediately. And it does not happen. But from my own experience. From the experience of other people I can say that the effect comes weeks in two. And the most interesting is that in the first place it is noticed by others.

So, the first part of developing self-confidence and your memory is the exercise "Love yourself!" .

On the second part - "Control over thinking" we will talk in the next issue.

And, I ask you again, do not sigh disappointed and do not grin indulgently! That which was and will be discussed, is very serious!

As always, at the end of the mailing the story about our products, which really helps people and not without its help, many have achieved and felt their success and gained an advantage over others.

1.       About the new correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "we already wrote. It consists of 12 books with audio applications and we will start to slowly announce all the books in the next issue of the newsletter. In the meantime, we note that the coverage of the material has not yet been equal. Not that we want to trample our competitors, it's just that we got it. In addition to the usual mnemonics (the art of remembering), attention is paid to activating memory (you know a lot, but mistakenly believe that you forgot), the development of concentration. In addition, we included in the course and the Indian methods of memory development, and the yogis remember everything very well, although they have no idea about the mnemonics.

2.       A simulator for memorizing foreign words (English and German) will not only allow you to remember 1500 words quickly and for a long time. If it is correctly used, then you can also memorize formulas, dates, texts and so on.

3.       We often receive letters regarding the fact that we continue the series of Intellectual Music CDs, as the discs are effective, but two years of studying under the same music can podnadoste slightly. For a change, we have prepared the "Super Memory- 2 " , "Active Mind- 2 " , "The Energy of the Brain- 2 " . The appearance of new versions of other programs is just around the corner.

4.       And, finally, a message for those to whom we promised to send bonuses with "Super Memory" -2 " . Gradually overcome financial gaps caused by the establishment of simulators (even a very small-scale production) and will soon begin and send bonuses.

Good luck!


Subscribe Improvement! Вып.25. Let's pogovarivem our subconscious.


We continue the theme "Confidence in my memory." But first small ads, which, nevertheless, for us are very important. Up to the point that we will publish them, until we achieve the result.

1. When rearranging the system we overlooked the programmer. And our database was covered. Meanwhile, the next three books of the course are ready for dispatch. We remember all the names, but the addresses ... Answer me!

2. This is all the more topical, because we started one interesting thing. Experiment. Have carried it with one of our full-time groups. The result was planned to be certain, but they did not expect it to work so well. Of course, it caught fire on a larger scale. Especially since the geography of the experiment can turn out to be very broad. Luck, and in it we have no doubt, will bring glory to our Center (which is shy, the soldier is bad and all that ...) and the huge benefit to its participants. Also those who passed our first course are invited to participate. Also, let me know about myself. Look forward to! In the meantime, we write "Instructions for the Experiment participant". We describe everything carefully, they are seriously seriously aimed at success.

If the question arises, and what kind of experiment is this, then we answer so - wait a little, we'll start in about a month or two, then we will publish the results and feedback of the participants, process the results, make adjustments and try to repeat it next year on the scale of all our newsletters . And then ... (the imagination draws bright prospects up to ...).

But we'll go down to earth and, as it were, continue the announcements from the point of view that we BELIEVE in the success of the Experiment. So, everything will turn out.

In general, the question of Faith (in this case it is not a question of religion) affects all spheres of our life, including intellectual, about which we will talk.

In the previous issues, we have talked extensively about this topic, now we will give step-by-step instructions on how to develop certainty in your memory.

1. Be sure to perform the exercise in front of the mirror.

2. Remove negative through positive self-programming.

3. Do not give up on mistakes and remember that there are no failures. There is an experience.

4. Celebrate success.

As for the mirror, we wrote in previous editions. Items 3 and 4 are completely understandable. Here, point 2, it seems to us, requires detailed elaboration.

We are usually packed with negative programs, which we put to ourselves, and which others put to us. For example, the teacher called the schoolboy a stupid. Everything went wrong programming. You at a critical moment forgot the answer to the question, and, going out the door of the audience, everyone remembered. The signal went to the subconscious that at a critical moment the memory can fail you. And there are many such moments in a person's life. Let them, so to speak, tiny. But, accumulating, they can significantly block a person's ability. Man begins to forget, learn. And it is absolutely not necessary that the process will be avalanche-like. Slowly, slowly.

I saw a lot of people, on which the removal of such negative programs just had a magical effect.

... I remember when a woman came to the course. I do not want to offend her, but she was so, with permission, "zashugana" surrounding and herself, that it was simply not clear how she ventured on the course to come. And the main emphasis with her was made on the above points. The result - after three or so weeks of doing simple exercises, it was already a smiling, confident woman. Of course, she was even offered some kind of responsible post, which she had never dreamed of ...

No doubt, the case was quite pronounced and quite heavy. But the point is that everyone needs it!

We give a very simple, but convincing argument. Even if it seems to you that everything is in order and everything that we write about, nonsense is complete, just do the exercises and look at the effect. Refute us!

By the way, such attempts have been made. I warn you in advance - it all ended to everyone's pleasure. Our rightness is recognized, but the person from the realization of his wrongfulness received full moral compensation.

One moment. About our right or wrong. Everything that you read, we did not come up with. So when it comes to our right or wrong, we should understand this more as "the acceptance or non-acceptance of this concept."

So, positive self-programming. Again the points.

1. Identify negative thoughts.

2. Formulate and repeat positive statements.

3. Be sure to change your posture and facial expressions.

Identify negative thoughts is quite simple. Remember the situation when negative thoughts or mood prevented you from achieving success in any business. Honestly answer yourself, than you yourself are unhappy with yourself. Request - just do not engage in self-flagellation and consider that you are the worst in the world and that the situation is incorrigible.

After that, positive statements are formulated. The rules for their compilation are quite simple. But first let's do a little psychological digression. Let's talk about our subconscious.

We know everything about the fact that the subconscious is in command. There is a nuance. For the subconscious there is no time. It perceives everything in the present tense.

Suppose you received a summons to the military commissariat or the tax inspection. Appear in a week. You start immediately to shake, worry. And the more you experience, the usually the result is worse. Mood is spoiled, the state is not the best.

It's because the subconscious has taken our thoughts as fulfilled in the present tense. Respectively and reacts.

A very fashionable and even worn phrase "here and now" is full of philosophical and psychological meaning. There is nothing complicated in it, another thing is that it is one thing to shake the air with sound, another thing is to apply this phrase as a guide to action.

So, the key to positive self-programming is in this plane and is located.

Let's take a short pause (literally a day or two) and continue this topic. Spend this time on periodic reflections on the need for positive self-programming.

As always, at the end of the distribution of announcements about our developments. Finally. They are a very good tool for improvement.

1. We continue the admission to the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". It is written simply, brightly, convincingly. At the same time, the most complete coverage of the material. Although, frankly, about the most complete coverage ... There are simply no analogues!

2. Simulator for learning foreign languages. Received the first reviews. In particular, one friend for a month without straining learned more than 800 English words. And this is with good memorization and without cramming. He spent most of his time in public transport.

3. Music of the Intelligence. And this is akin to a pill. Acts, and most you can not especially strain. This is really our luck!



Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 26. Full of confidence!


Today we are finishing the topic of positive self-programming, the integral part of which is the development of confidence in our memory.

In the saying "arrogance is the second happiness" there is a certain philosophical meaning. The phrase can be both negative and positive. On a positive and we will stop.

If you behave modestly, with fear of intellect, then the result will be corresponding. But if confidently, boldly, then we intellect in every possible way encourage, support and he will answer with a confident and reliable work.

Previous issues have already clarified a lot in this regard, we need only talk about affirmations, their application.

We already wrote that you should analyze your negative programs and formulate positive statements or, as they are called, affirmations. We give the rules for the compilation and application of such statements, and then we give several options for the affirmations, from which you can choose something suitable for yourself.

1. The phrase should be simple, in one sentence.

2. The phrase should begin with the words "I ...", "Me ...", that is, it is addressed directly to myself.

3. Do not talk in the phrase about the problems, but emphasize what you wish to get.

4. The affirmations are composed in such a way that they are a reality or have already been realized. Remember that the subconscious mind perceives everything in the present tense?

5. The phrase should not be too general.

6. The phrase should not be straightforward. Frontal assault against the subconscious does not work. Remember the inertia of our subconscious mind?

7. Do not even subconsciously compare yourself to anyone!

And now, affirmations aimed at the intellectual side of your life. You can apply them directly, you can use them as an example.

"I like doing homework"

"I learn English more and more easily!"

"My memorization is improving every day!"

"Every day my concentration of attention is improving!"

"I'm full of confidence!"

"I remember everything I want to remember!"

"I feel that my memory is becoming more reliable!"

"The more I trust my memory, the better it is!"

"I remember better and better what I read!"

"My memory for names improves day by day!"

Let's talk about the application.

1. The phrases you use must be repeated 3 times in knocks 20 times in a state of relaxation or SPR. Recall that in the SPR (the state of Productive Relaxation) you can enter any suitable situation, for example, while driving in public transport.

2. It is very effective to record them on a tape recorder and listen to two or three times a day. In this regard, we came up with one thing, the advertisement of which you will read further.

3. Try to use these phrases to keep a straight posture. At least, make sure that your back is straight.

4. Do not try to use many phrases at once. At first, three to five is enough.

Now about an interesting novelty, which we offer to you. We called it "Individual Meditation". Suppose you sketched out a list of negative programs, saw that they were very many and even a little confused. We assure you that this set is seeming. Usually it all boils down to one of two problems.

And we came up with this kind of thing. The first experiments gave an excellent result. A person makes a request, he is sent a questionnaire, which he fills in and returns, and we at the studio record for him personal meditation (or several, depending on what answers are in the questionnaire) and make up an affirmation. All this is sent out and the person begins to apply all this. As a rule, in the case of correct (that is, regular) implementation of the change for the better, they come quickly enough.

Psychology is a great thing! Take into account its laws and your life will be better!

In conclusion, please - respond to those who are engaged in our course on "Memory. Intelligence. Success". It is necessary to restore the database and send the next textbooks. In addition, I really want to put the most interesting Experiment. I write the word with a capital letter, for the first time we spent it with one of our full-time groups, and the result was impressive. Now you can try on a larger scale.

Good luck!

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