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Perfection is 27

Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 27. Thought is material.


A small afterword to the previous topic. I'm afraid that to many it seemed some kind of primitive, trivial. Like, nothing new.

That's interesting, but how many of the readers followed the advice given?

I will only say that the practice of conducting face-to-face classes has shown that:

1. It is often thought that such simple things do not work. I want magic, mystery, a psychic. To the entourage was appropriate. And only simple things work, which are first of all understood by the one who does them. That's why we dwell at some length on some points. It seems like something to say, and so everything is clear ...

Nevertheless, there are three levels of comprehension of truth.

The first is when you understand every word, the whole sentence, but no more. For example, in the sentence "to live for today" all words are clear. But nothing more.

The second is when you understand what this phrase actually says.

The third is the most difficult. It is not only understand, but also act according to the truth.

Another vivid example - the biblical phrase "hit on the right cheek - turn the left one". If you look at her forehead, you really did get it in the face - you must prepare the ground for another blow. And in fact?

2. The result we guarantee is 100% absolutely for everyone on one condition. Start and continue.

And today we will designate a new topic, which is in some way a continuation of the previous one.

Creating visualization and creative thinking.

A lot of literature has been published on this subject, especially the translation. Translated literature is all good, but it is not written for our mentality.

Firstly, there are a lot of allegedly motivating examples in it, like "Housewife N was a complete fool, but after ..." or "Manager X vegetated and wielded, but after applying ...". At some level, this starts to irritate, especially since in fact it is written quite enough, but it is blurry and smeared throughout the book. Now if so - a short instruction and then examples. Although one Western author in this regard writes famously - Tony Bucin. I recommend.

Secondly, often used images are calculated explicitly on the Western reader and on our person simply will not work.

Thirdly, the authors are so adept at the problem that they do not make accents where they should be done. That is, they just skip some points that are fundamental. As a result, there is nothing to complain about - everything is written honestly, nothing is hidden, and does not work.

Fourthly, sometimes very simple but significant questions arise, to which the answer is needed immediately, and it is smeared again throughout the book.

Only for God's sake, do not think that the author is so steep that he does not pose any authority and tries to belittle his colleagues. In no case!

Simply, there is some experience in the application and subsequent teaching, which can be generalized and, at the very least, to avoid the advent of a bunch of people on the same rake. Enough is that in due time the author himself trampled over them.

I will also say that now we are working on the repositioning of many popular manuals and books on psychology in the "Brief instruction and soundtrack on CD-ROM" option. That is, read and do. To make it absolutely clear - listen to the disc and go! As far as the outputs of these options are concerned, we will report this.

And now, in addition to marking the general theme of the forthcoming issues, let's designate the topic of the next issue.


Also, I suppose, heard repeatedly and said it yourself. Especially in the case if you thought about some kind of muck, but she bang - and it happened!

We'll talk a little differently. That is, for the beginning we will learn to mentally move an easy object. Very light. Practical application this will not have, to the level of "lying on the couch mentally open the refrigerator door and order a bottle of beer to come not a subject of quenching thirst" is unlikely to reach.

But this experience will be of paramount importance. You will feel that the idea is material not speculatively or in a deferred version (they thought - a week later it happened, there are not many coincidences), but, as they say, real and, as they say, "here and now". By the way, another popular phraseology. He even heard from Zhirinovsky somehow ... But he does not lose from this depth. In the sense of not Zhirinovsky, but phraseology.

So get ready. We'll start in a couple of days. But then many things will not be easier to explain, but rather you will believe in them for all their simplicity.

And now advertising, because what we write about in mailings is not just a hobby or a craving for improvement. This is also our work.

1. On the beginning of the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "we reported. Now in our newsletters we will begin announcing its editions-lessons. The first one is called "Memory and Intellect". It is about the connection between memory and intellect, why we, to put it mildly, do not always remember the educational material well. It tells how to create an "atmosphere of intelligence" to strengthen it without any training and exercises. The audio application touches on important issues, including such important as laziness. And in fact, it's not about laziness as such (after all, in fact, you are not lazybones and desperate slackers), but that we accept games of the subconscious for laziness. And if the cause is clear, it is easier and more difficult to overcome it.

2. Our music programs began to be used by doctors in clinical practice. The results are positive, and even very, so after some time, after abundant statistics are typed, we will be happy to tell you about them. Recall that we are talking about our music programs "Super Music Music", "Energy of the Brain" and so on.

3. Well, and a simulator for learning languages. The first results from those who started them apply - a lasting memorization of about 300 words a week. Say a little. In the dictionary, say 10,000 words. With the simulator - only six months for such vocabulary. And not vyzubrennogo, namely, remembered forever. In addition, without much effort, including on yourself ...

Good luck!

Perfection - 28

Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 28. Art preparation


The theme "The idea is material: Creative visualization and the development of intelligence" we will start next time. I understand that it has been promised for a long time, but what to do, he gave to read, and take comrade and go to Thailand. It seemed he had come, he would return it all the other day.

You, of course, can object: "And why records, notes and books? Is it impossible from memory? ".

Of course you can. But here is what a thing. The main drawback of many lecturers, teachers and mentors is that they often "slip through" things that seem obvious to them, do not focus on some points that can be extremely important for the listener.

For example, at one of the seminars of a very famous person on the development of memory, one basic exercise was given in passing, that is, the accent was not made. Well, I had the opportunity to talk outside the seminar and asked him: "And how do you achieve that?".

He replied in astonishment: "Exercise such and such."

This answer was for me like a bolt from the blue. At first I did not immediately realize what kind of exercise I was talking about, it "dissolved" in the mass of other exercises performed at the seminar.

I write somewhat veiled, because the person is very famous and I would not like to enter into any confrontation with him.

But the conclusion for myself made a clear - DELETE ACCENTS!

The topic that I was going to raise is very interesting, I've been doing it for quite a long time, and I do not want something important, something that is very customary for me to miss. And in this will help me those same notes.

But solemnly declare - as soon as they will be in my hands - I will immediately start mailing at a forced pace, in order to catch up with the backlog.

And today we will conduct art training. It is interesting that it is more correct to write "art preparation" from the point of view of grammar, that is without a hyphen, but writing with a hyphen more accurately reflects the essence of things - "art", as you know, means "art, creativity".

... Especially since a friend of mine once complained that with this very visualization he was rather weak and asked for something to develop the right hemisphere of the brain .

It is commendable that he realized this problem and decided to eliminate it, which is half the battle. On the face-to-face courses on the development of memory and intelligence, I strongly recommend that many people engage in the right hemisphere of the brain, since this is the basis for the development of memory, intelligence, personal growth, and so on.

On the other hand, one should realize that the recommendations should not lead to the fact that to achieve a tangible result, a large time cost will be required. Otherwise, without waiting for some shifts, a person will abandon this matter very quickly, with each passing day finding ever more diverse excuses from doing any kind of actions. It's a shame that sometimes it happens half a step from the goal ...

So, in my opinion, you can start with something that fits within a time frame of 5-10 minutes a day and can easily be combined with any current activities and activities.

And very often it happens that even a very small achievement serves as a kind of "trigger", after which there are forces and time for more in-depth studies. A sort of "snow avalanche" effect, when everything starts with a small snowball, and then it's impossible to keep the avalanche.

But enough intrigue, it's time to move on to business.

So, the basis of the methodology for the development of the right hemisphere. Practice has shown that the following recommendations and exercises at the initial stage are more than enough.

Let's begin with the exercise " especially knowledge of the right and left hemispheres of the brain"

We concentrate on our brains, divided into two halves using Corpus callosum (corpus callosum).

We sit straight, with our eyes closed, and we make contact with our brains, alternately looking with our left eye to the left brain, and right - to the right. (It goes without saying that we do this in our imagination).

Then, breathing calmly and evenly, with both eyes we look inside, into the middle of the brain with a calloused body.

This localization is necessary in order to direct consciousness to the right place, and now you can directly go to the execution of the exercise.

Slowly inhale, fill with air and briefly hold our breath. During the exhalation, we direct the flow of our consciousness, like a searchlight, to the left hemisphere and "look" at this part of the brain. Then we inhale again, hold our breath and on an exhalation we direct the searchlight to the right hemisphere of the brain.

Let's imagine : on the left - a clear logical thinking; right - a dream, intuition, inspiration.

In order to better know both hemispheres of the brain, we can extend the exercise in the following way:

Left: breathing, pause, exhalation is related to the projection of the number.

Right: inhalation, pause, exhalation is connected with the projection of the letter.


number 1

number 2

number 3

On right:

the letter a

letter b

letter in etc.

This combination of numbers and letters must be continued until it causes pleasant sensations, numbers and letters can be interchanged or moved to other subjects, for example, summer-winter, black-white.

The action : improving the brain, increasing creativity.

This exercise was tested by many students of the courses and showed its effectiveness.

And the recommendations are very simple and even pleasant enough.

1. For sufficient development of the right hemisphere of the brain, categorically refuse to listen to pop music, extreme forms of metal, techno, rave and such music. It has been experimentally proved that such music depressingly acts on the right hemisphere of the brain. Especially in this respect, the strong influence is exerted by pop. And it is more dangerous not in terms of conscious listening, but rather in the case of using it as a kind of background sound - at the wheel of the car, even at a small volume of the sounding FM station, etc.

2. But for development as a sound background it is desirable to listen to the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Haydn and other great masters. You can, by the way, read about this in our mailing lists "Music and Intellect" and "Develop!". The archive of mailings is on our website .

I will not fail to notice that our specially designed music programs "Music of Intelligence" work very well in this respect, which you can also read on our website. They work, as in these programs music is specially selected and arranged.

And since we talked about our products, then again I will remind you that we published six books of the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". We are pleased to say that we have already received positive feedback on the course, students who study it say that it is interesting to study it and that the level of memorization has increased several times. Check this statement simply - book a course and do it. We are sure that the result will be good.

Good luck!

Perfection - 29

Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 29. We warm up. Move the objects with thought.


Finally, my books and abstracts were returned to me, now I can lead the stated topic more actively. Let me remind you that the application was quite global - creating visualization and creative thinking.

But we will begin, as promised from the warm-up. With real confirmation that thought is material. It is clear that we all, one way or another, utter these words, but often invest in them rather psychological or some kind of moral sense, rather than physical.

And still many do not give rest to stories-legends about masters of the East and India in particular, which can be moved by cars from place to place and materialize various goods right before the eyes of the amazed public.

Forgive me, as a physicist, I do not believe. I just know the capacities that should be involved in this, and I can safely say that all these stories or testimonies of clever tricks, or just a man himself, really wants to believe all this.

By the way, we have such a great man. Yury Andreevich Longo. A sorcerer and magician of all kinds. He was not born there. If it were in the West, Copperfield would have dragged on a miserable existence and would have been warmly heated in the rays of the glory of the Great Magician.

So, miracles do not happen? No, there are! And you can make them! Because the thought is actually material and can very much. Only without cheap or expensive tricks.

And yet to start a little experience. It is extremely simple.

Make either a paper cylinder, or a hemisphere made of foil, or a small rocker, in which you can slightly mark a small hole in the center. And, in the case of a rocker, you can place small pieces of foil on the stakes for efficiency.

Position this product on the end of a vertically standing knitting needle or needle. My students usually use a variety of adaptations for this. Someone is building a structure from plasticine, someone is gluing something. The main thing is that the needle should be stable.

For the purity of the experiment, many people cover this case with a large glass jar to exclude external influences. For the same, they sit at some distance from the table, so as not to touch it.

And then you should concentrate your eyes on the device. And under the word "concentrate" is not supposed to hypnotize the device and not taking a strenuous stand following the example of an inexperienced goalkeeper, who is expecting a penalty kick.


Mentally order the cylinder or rocker to rotate. At the same time, do not just command verbally, but imagine how quietly the cylinder began to rotate in the specified direction.

And after a while you will see that the cylinder has started to rotate. Tell him to change the direction of rotation. He will by inertia quite a bit go in the former direction, then pause, and go in the new.

By the way, we received an approximate estimate of the power of thought. Do not think that any Sai Baba is much more powerful. In the end, he is also a man.

But we were convinced that it was really material. And she really can move mountains.

The question arises: how? This is what we will pay attention to in the next issues of the mailing.

I would like to know what percentage of their readers will want to do this and do it? The percentage of who will do it from the run, I imagine.

Let's now stop for a day (for a day, a maximum of two, no more, I have abstracts!) And continue this topic. I will tell you why it works and why it may not work at first. And why, in the end, it turns out for everyone who wants it.

And also we will talk about wonderful American books on creating visualization and fulfillment of desires, about wonderful psychotraining, on which this is taught and about why all this does not work for many. Almost all.

The standard answer "you need to practice more" in this case looks like a half-truth.

And we will learn together. Fortunately, there is someone. I do not mean myself, or rather, the fact that I was lucky - I learned a lot and know the Teachers. Just do not think again that these are overseas gurus. Our, Russian. Although I live in Minsk, but somehow unlike politicians to unite with Russia is not going to. I did not detach myself from her.

By the way, in terms of growth, the passage of our correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". Pay attention to the last word in the title - "Success". And be attentive to the fourth and fifth books of this course, if you are already engaged in it. If you do not do it, you can order it from us. This is advertising. But the course was a success.

Good luck!


Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 30. Problems, questions, algorithms.


We continue the conversation about creative visualization and creative thinking.

But first a small, but very important announcement.

Many readers of this mailing list are subscribed to our other mailings. Nevertheless, we understand that many are subscribed only to this one. But sometimes information is sent to one of the mailings, which can cause interest to the readers of all mailings.

In this case, we are talking about the 36th issue of the mailing list "Stimulators of brain work". I went for a long time to this issue, for me it is largely significant.

I posted it yesterday on the home page of our website and you can get acquainted with it. Read up to the end, I am sure that he will not leave you indifferent. At least, this is evidenced by the letters that have already come.

Well, now directly to the mailing list.

It is interesting, but how many people tried to put the experiment, which was discussed in the previous issue? I am perfectly aware that there were not so many brave souls. Well nothing. Maybe with time. Perhaps this experience will stimulate the message that those of my students who have done it start to get things that they did not think of before. In particular, this is the most creative visualization and creative thinking.

Let's note once again that many schools, currents and teachings are engaged in this, and so the books on this subject are written simply nemeryanno. The most famous belong to Robert Stone, Napoleon Hill, Bryan Tracy, John Kehjo, Shakti Guevayn, Anne Weiss. There are many authors, there are many systems.

The most important thing is that all these systems work, and all books do not contain false information. It is also true that few people have achieved anything by these methods and systems. Your humble servant is no exception. Something happened, but for the most part, not everything conceived was realized. So I have to grow with you.

Do not be scared, with theory I'm all right, and I have wonderful Teachers. Only now I do not want to pretend to be such a guru, all-knowing, all instructing ... I do not want to be a "shoemaker without boots", but do you know how it is?

One cool master of learning to achieve goals came to us one day in Minsk. And thus began to promise in advertising of everything and everyone, earnings not less than one million, an apartment, a summer residence, success in love and other, other, other. But in dealing with him, the question arose involuntarily (believe me, not without reason) - "But how?".

So I'm really honest about saying that yes, I do a lot. But even more is not possible. Probably, so very many.

In order to understand this, consider the algorithm of creative visualization.

1. Setting the goal and understanding the task. Here, by the way, very often there is one slippery moment. When nothing works out, follow the philosophizing that the desired is not really the desired, they say, really did not want to. In principle, often there is a place to be, but still with this issue you need to understand a little differently.

2. Entering a special state. I wrote "special" because it is often called differently - "alpha state", "altered state of consciousness," a state of productive relaxation, a state of creative insight, and so on. But in principle, it's the same thing. As well as the fact that almost all authors pass this stage in passing, they will tell the technique, and then "Enter the state ..." and send all sorts of techniques that the authors describe with great pleasure. And in the case of full-time seminars, they run up to the questions "How do I know that I entered the state ...? And do I do everything right? ". You know, there was only one clear answer. I will also call the name of this man later.

3. Visualization of the desired. Here then all the books and manuals give a lot of useful information.

4. Exit from the state. Also, it turns out, one must be able to.

5. Getting the result. Here it is, a necessary stage, for which everything was done.

We sorted out the algorithm. So why does success not always come? And how do you know if everything is being done right? No doubt, you can learn from the final result. Has come - all correctly was carried out. Did not come - everything was wrong.

But after all, how often there are situations when a person stops in one step from the result, because he was tired of waiting and disbelieving, because there was a lack of faith in his own strength and in the correctness of his performance. And he does not know that happiness was so close ...

So, the questions are posed. We will formulate the answers.

But still I will say specifically what we will do in terms of creative visualization. Considering that all the same we are the Center of Intellectual Technologies.

1. The maximum manifestation of a person's abilities in various fields.

2. Increase the ability to learn and overcome the aversion to learning, which sometimes occurs, especially in higher education, where you have to teach a lot of things to which the soul does not lie.

3. Training in a dream. This is not a myth. Reality. By the way, in this respect, we have some successes observed. We force this topic, especially since it evokes the most lively interest.

4. Setting and achieving specific (very specific!), And not vague desires like "I want to become better and richer". By the way, in this regard, I again urge you to read the 36th edition of the mailing list "Stimulators of brain work".

Well, let's stop for now, so that everyone can think about the issues that arose in the release.

By the way, at the same time I will answer a question that simply can not fail to arise. And did the author himself get experience with controlling the pendulum by an effort of thought? And then he writes everything, writes ...

It turned out. Not the first time, but quickly enough.

So, I again call on everyone to read the 36th issue of "Stimulants ...", and also annoyingly hint that we have a wonderful Correspondence Course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". By the way, the fourth and fifth books of the course oh how can come in handy in terms of goals announced a little higher. Order it!

Good luck to you all and in vivo!


Subscribe Improvement! Issue. 31. Learning in a dream.


Analysis of the mail showed that the mention of training in a dream caused both a keen interest of readers, and no less lively skepticism. Apparently, everyone remembers the film "The Great Change", in which this method of teaching is derided with good humor.

By the way, he is ridiculed fairly, though not by the method itself, but by how his idea is at the philistine level. Well, it would seem, what is training in a dream? I switched on the timer on the music center, lay down bainki, and in the morning a trained and enlightened one got up. If everything was so simple ...

Meanwhile, the physiological prerequisites for learning in a dream are available. The person perceives information and during sleep. Another thing is that it is very rarely realized. But examples can still be cited.

Mom, remember, when your children were still very small, how tired you were and how you slept soundly when given such an opportunity! A tank column could go along the street, but this could not prevent sleep. But if you only move a little bit or just give a little voice, as you immediately woke up. And the point here is not at all in the energy-information connection "mother-child", but in the fact that the mother has formed Nature by setting the perception of the slightest signal from a little man.

At the front, the platoon commander sleeps quietly under the roar of cannonade, but it's only necessary to sound a low alarm signal, as he immediately wakes up.

And anyone can remember something similar from their life.

But as for the educational information, then there is no such situation. Well, we do not lay the foundation for the perception of information in a dream. But you can lay it down!

In the literature, there are very few descriptions of experiments on learning in sleep. Therefore, much work does not make a sort of digest on this topic.

The first of the domestic scientists to learn in a dream was A.Svyadoshch and VL Raikov.

The experiments were as follows.

At first, really simply sleeping students dictated the training material. The result was approximately the same as in the mentioned film. Nobody remembered anything.

The next stage - the students woke up at the height of their stay in the kingdom of Morpheus and read them the texts. At the same time, they swore that they would remember everything, everything. In the morning, of course, it was not that nobody could remember the text, some could not even remember that they were awakened at night.

And, finally, the third stage. Raikov is primarily a magnificent hypnotist. He introduced the students into a very strong hypnotic state and taught them that they would remember everything they heard at night. Created the installation. And the result did not keep itself waiting. Of the 200 foreign words, the experimental group remembered about 185-190. Wow!

But there was one "but". In the third stage of the experiment, only hypnotic people participated. And such, as you know, 20 percent.

If only these 20 percent are included in the hypnotic state of the third degree and, accordingly, are able to perceive the installation for memorization, then any person is able to create for himself this installation, another thing is that it turns out with the run of all the same 20 percent.

Interesting experiments with the same result were conducted by AS Romain in Alma-Ata and we will return to his works.

So, a person is able to perceive information in a dream, if there is an appropriate setting. We will talk about its creation, but for now, let's note that remembering in a state of sleep is much better than during wakefulness because there is no control of consciousness, the contact of consciousness and subconsciousness is maximal, both hemispheres work synchronously.

The same Svyadoshch noted that when studying, say, foreign languages ​​such a "receptive" state not only during sleep after the appropriate installation, but also at the time of transition from wakefulness to sleep. Such an intermediate option, which with the light hand of Jose Silva is called the alpha state.

This option is much easier to achieve the result, although somewhat less productive in view of the fact that this state lasts not so long. By the way, the training time in sleep is more than 40 minutes unproductive, especially since sleep is also necessary.

By the way, many people do the following. Include at night radio, which is broadcast in the language of study. And they fall asleep. Among other things, moments of perception of information in a dream can occur in a random way. Only the volume should be made small. It is noted that with this version of radio use the speed of language learning is increased two to three times.

So, you do not know yet, do you fall into the number of those 20 percent. By the way, the fact that a person is hypnotical does not at all speak of his inferiority. Many, by the way, like to say that "hypnosis does not work for me" and at the same time it's terrible to be proud that they are such strong-willed people. First, they do not know about this, as a rule, they are hypnotic or not, and secondly, hypnosis speaks only of hypnosis and nothing more.

But let's say that you get. You can just prepare a recording, set the timer for turning on the music center for an hour or two after falling asleep, and mentally order yourself: "I'll remember at night what I hear. And so it will be. " And fall asleep. In the morning everything will become clear.

And if not ... Use the "night radio" reception and learn to create an appropriate installation.

We'll talk about this next time, but for now, let's say that in terms of the second part of our correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "is a lesson" Psychic self-regulation. Increase the ability to learn and remember information in a dream. " The corresponding brochures are prepared for printing and soon those who are already engaged in the course will receive relevant letters.

Who is not engaged yet, can the Course be ordered. Or maybe just order this part of the Course, but I just want to say that for the participants of the Course the cost will be significant and even oh as much lower. Although, however, the prices will try not to frighten anyone.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 32

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Issue. 32. On the leading role of the subconscious and why I do not trust assuring.


Honestly speaking, today the issue is not that about anything, but just speculations, thoughts inspired by reading a variety of literature and letters that come to me in abundant quantities.

And the first question I want to ask you.

Do you know that they are potentially genius?

Only for God's sake, do not accept this rhetorical question for purely rhetorical reasons and do not think that now I will start out in some general reasoning, of which you have already read in sufficient quantities.

Now I will ask another. And did you know that you were geniuses, then went into the category of talent, and now, do not be offended only by ordinary people?

It will be nice if someone stirs a protest against this statement. Who wants to consider himself an ordinary person, like everyone else? Everyone, I assure you, yes, you confirm this yourself, at least once in your life (and, in fact, more than once for sure), he used to say to himself: "You are not like everyone else! You deserve more! ".

In order about genius, talent and transition to the rank of an ordinary person.

Here's an assignment for you. You need in three years to learn Swahili language to the extent of free communication and lack of emphasis. Of course, the answer suggests itself, something like "This is unreal!".

But you did it once. With Russian language. Have mastered. Reasoning about the "need", "immersion in the language environment," and the like are not recognized. Especially about this very dive.

I talked with linguists who know the question and modern methods of study, so they give students not "learning the language" but "mastering the language", while "immersing" in the form as it is commonly understood, that is, casting into a foreign land and where you get to, they call it nonsense. They immerse themselves in the language in a different way. Children learn.

Then the era of talent. You absorb information with a crazy speed. You learned how to read quickly.

And then ... Then gradually the delivery of positions begins. Somewhere parents helped, somewhere a school, somewhere around. And we ourselves. We will not talk and paint the whole mechanism, let's just say that:

1. The most important enemy of our genius is to work at nine, to work, football, beer, disco, clone, TV, sleep, to nine to work, five from work ... We already wrote about this. The monotony of life.

2. Our subconscious. Every negative moment, every negative signal form stable programs and installations. Parents, by the way, pay attention to the fact that positive attitudes should be several times greater than negative ones. But usually, after all, the person gets more negative signals. Given that due to the innate self-esteem of a person and attitudes toward self-assertion, negative attitudes and programs on the subconscious affect more strongly.

"Is it really hard to remember?" "Lord, how could I not have guessed?" Admit it honestly that somehow it touched everyone.

We have already covered the topic "Confidence in yourself and your memory" in the framework of this newsletter. Surely many read, but condescendingly smiled, they say, some nonsense, you'll think, everything is too simple.

Simply that is simple, but not primitive. One of my favorite phrases (I'd like to ascribe authorship to myself, but, alas, I read somewhere, I did not pay attention to the author): "Simplicity, not past the stage of complexity, is a primitive."

Most importantly, I saw real results for those who applied all this. And he deduced for himself an approximate period of feeling the effect of using the exercises "Confidence in yourself and your memory." From two weeks to two months. But it works absolutely for everyone.

Why not right away? The subconscious mind is terribly inertial. He must be persuaded, pogovarivat.

Why up to two months? So after all, we are all different and the degree of negativity in internal programming is also different.

I had two girls in the course. From the point of view of mnemotechnics, they did nothing. Did only exercises "Confidence". For a month of two gray mice turned out to be real ladies, intelligent, confident. Both have arrived.

EA, 64, except for morning exercises for the brain and memorization of poems in the Atkinson system, too, did the exercises "Confidence". A month later she proudly noted that her husband became jealous of her.

G. dealt only with concentration of attention and self-confidence. I won a serious contest and got a decent job in Moscow.

There are many examples and I did not bring them to show the steepness of my course or the proposed exercises ... In the American books on psychology of such positive examples, even too much is cited. Probably, this is correct, the motivation is all the same. Another thing is that according to our mentality, they should still be smaller, but more philosophizing. But they should be.

You know what phrase I like, and I often use it. Albert Einstein. "If a person wants to see the results of his work immediately, he must become a shoemaker." Immediately nothing comes. In fairy tales there is an enormous meaning. Everything magical and good in them necessarily come true and miracles happen. Only here compilers and writers for the sake of brevity of the presentation have omitted the fact that a certain time passes between the desire and the stroke of the magic wand and the result.

In past editions we have shown that a positive attitude can be made. Subconscious. Try to find contact with him and make him an ally of consciousness. Affirmations are the simplest and most laborious way to do this.

... In preparation for this issue, I received a letter requesting the publication of an article. I liked the article in fact, I did not like the style of writing. In the imagination, even at first appeared the image of a person involved in network marketing.

You must have come across representatives of this cohort of people. Radiant smiles, strong optimism, speeches including positive programming, but still feel the strongest desire to sign you to the company, sell you the goods and nothing more. And even if they themselves believe in what they say and that they treat you like a brother and want only good.

But the subconscious mind can not be fooled ... As the big businessman, the creator of the network company "Black Cat" Karp Gorbaty said: "You can not deceive the subconscious ... It sees the heart ...". True, with the ecstasy of a true networker, but also unconvincingly said: "We are going to a holy cause, helping a friend out of trouble ...".

I was somehow given a pack of newspapers "Good News". All about network marketing. But here you look at the radiant happiness and wish you all the very-very face, and immediately recalled the famous "Do not believe it!". Although, however, believe them. They have achieved their goal ...

In order to achieve success in network marketing, it is necessary at the subconscious level to believe that without bioadditives there is no happiness in life and can not be. And in such nonsense believe how difficult ... Probably, the authors of articles in the "Good News" and do. Or simply the breeders are good.

I wonder why all the network companies distribute only food supplements and cosmetics? Is there nothing else, or what?

Stop! Something I left aside. I myself, by the way, sometimes take networkers from individual goods, I use. Maybe it just got me advertising on the Internet company "Glorion", assuring me that if I take care of their products, then in a couple of years I "will have a villa, a house in Chicago, a lot of women and cars"?

I will return to the article. After reading it, I realized at once that the author is a young man, at the end he gives his own title, the style leaves much to be desired. But man is on the right track. And youth ... This is the defect that quickly passes. And I'll learn to write with time.

Read the article, and after it we say something else.


Author - Andrey Belyakov

Many authors who write about the philosophy of success tell us that everything depends on us and it is necessary to become more responsible, to act correctly, and then what we want will achieve.

But is it? And do many of these tips help?

If everything is so simple, why do millions of people continue to suffer. Try to dig a little more money, start your own business, and time after time fail.

While they can work hard until night and give all the best. Work hard to eradicate bad habits and the development of useful ones.

So what is holding all these people in place, who are trying to do their best?

Subconscious. Or rather, the beliefs held in it.


Reread the last phrase again. This is the main thing that you need to understand from this article.

I saw people who came for the exam at the university completely unprepared, but for some reason, with a strong conviction that they will pass a minimum of "four". And they turned in for "four".

I do not know where they got such a conviction, but in the end it was realized.

Others could learn more than necessary, but they were CONVINCED that it would be very difficult to hand over. And they found the way to pass such knowledge to "three".

I'm not saying that they did it on purpose. But they really did everything to destroy all their chances. Imperceptibly for themselves. Subconsciously.

Now, if you accept the idea of ​​subconscious self-sabotage (could not think of a better name), the question arises. How can one stop it if conscious effort does not help much?

You need to program your subconscious mind to create the right beliefs. And this is not so difficult, because the subconscious generally perceives everything.

It forms beliefs from all that you see, hear and feel. Therefore, you just need to start consistently enter into it the necessary information.

At Napoleon Hill and many other old coryphaeuses of the genre you can read about the methods of visualization (just a regular representation of what you want) and oral auto-suggestion.

At once I will tell by the experience - methods this heavy and insufficiently effective. With them, you do not cook porridge.

However, there are methods easier and stronger. One of them, borrowed from the American millionaire Richard Brooke, I will now describe.

Start applying it right now, and you will see a strong change in your life in the next 48 hours.

Write on paper a story about the day from your ideal future (for example, in 5 years). Imagine everything you want.

Describe in DETAILS everything that you see, hear and feel. Use the wordings: a) from the first person, that is, with the "I", b) in the present tense, c) positive, that is, without the particle "NOT".

When the story is ready, reread it every day and present as realistically as possible, what is described there. Brook advised doing this at least 2 times a day.

However, my own experiments showed - two times small, at least - in the first months.

Really need to read at least 4-5 times a day. Carry this story with you and read at every opportunity.

If you read it enough, then very soon you will begin to experience a state of mind, which I would call the "flight state".

You seem to rise to a higher level. You "stop hearing" petty chatter, gossip and complaints. You start to look at everything as if from a greater height, more globally and in the future. And just as during the flight, the speed of your movement through life tends to supersonic.

It is necessary to make sure that this state is preserved. And for this you just need to reread the story many times every day. That's all - it's enough to stop doing self-sabotage in secret from yourself and start moving towards what you really want.

I wish you to achieve this as soon as possible ... and start moving again - to something better!

Andrei Belyakov is an expert in the field of universal laws governing human prosperity in business and life. To learn more about these laws, and how to use them in your life, you can visit

You can post this article on your website or in the mailing PERFECTLY FREE, provided that you retain the full text, including the author's block and the terms of publication, and notify the author about the publication by e-mail.

The idea that the subconscious determines being, I fully support. Think about it. And do exercises "Self-confidence and your memory." Slowly come to the idea of ​​the need to confidently create positive programs, to self-confidence that you - if not brilliant, at least, are excessively talented.

If the subconscious believes in this, it will be so.

Not without reason the second part of the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "will be opened exactly with a handbook on this topic. But not in a general sense, but in terms of specific methods and techniques.

And from today you will become at the mirror and ... (see the archive of the mailing PERFECT).

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 33

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Issue. 33. New Year's gift.


Excessive workload and business trips caused some interruption in the management of the mailing, and here also pre-holiday days, which also added trouble and some fuss.

Nevertheless, it was decided to make a pre-holiday issue and even present you with a small New Year's gift.

This gift is, of course, an immaterial property, although how to say ...

Without revealing the essence of it, I will say that what will be offered to your attention is extremely simple in execution and equally effective. And if you start using what you read about, then I assure you, you will benefit from the very first days of use.

So, this gift is meditation. It is possible that this word is not quite applicable in this case, because meditation involves a fairly long process, at least 15-20 minutes, but here everything happens within a few minutes. But if we proceed from the fact that meditation is a form of concentration, then this designation will be quite appropriate.

But it's enough to intrigue, it's time and a gift to hand over. And first hand, and only then give a couple examples of successful application, although examples can be much more.

Meditation "Protection from undesirable effects"

This meditation is an example of one of the many ways to protect yourself from being injected into your psycho-energy shell or, more simply, from various "raids", unpleasant communication, and so on. The proposed simple method can be useful to people who have to deal with this.

You can apply it prophylactically, for example, in the morning, for protection for the whole day, or once - when you feel that something is going wrong. Ways to determine this "something is wrong" go beyond the topic of our mailing, so we will not dwell on them, we will only denote the sensations that arise in such phenomena-a deterioration in mood, depression, a loss of ability to rejoice and empathize, P.

So, the method itself.

Accept a comfortable meditative posture, close your eyes.

o Relax the body.

o Watch your breathing for a few minutes, this will help to quickly concentrate.

o Imagine how a protective bright silvery cocoon forms around you, through which no one and nothing can penetrate, even an alien view, even an alien thought reflects from it and returns to the one who sent it.

Mentally repeat the following formula: "By the power of Christ-God in me, I defend myself against all evil energies and vibrations, let them be reflected from me and return to their source, repeatedly amplified and transformed into positive energy."

o Thank your protective cocoon for its power and ability to hold a punch.

o Bless all who have gone astray and wish them to find their true path.

o Stay a few minutes in silence.

o Finish meditation.

o Everything.

Of course, you can exclaim: "Is it really working?". We dare to assure you that yes, it works. Two examples.

Example one . You are well aware that there are no more skeptical people than doctors, who often with some negligence treat such things. Nevertheless, the owner of one medical center of M., experiencing constant attempts on the part of colleagues, and from some unpleasant state structures, began to regularly apply this meditation.

The result was felt in a few days. After applying this meditation for a month, the woman literally changed - looked younger, prettier, the fire appeared in her eyes. She turned from a creature entangled by our reality into a Woman.

Example of the second . Bank employees can not be reproached for being too gullible. Therefore, when in our conversation a problem arose with some trusted clients (sometimes referred to as the abbreviation VIP), who actively interfered with the work and because of their incompetence, they caused some damage to the work, the only argument that the deputy bank manager set up to perform this meditation was in fact, he, in fact, does not lose anything.

After receiving a very impressive result, skepticism gave way to enthusiasm and now every morning a person begins with this meditation.

These examples are not invented, they are quite real, and I have not named names only for reasons of ethics.

By the way, the same argument for all the other doubters - try it, you do not lose anything.

I hope that this gift will be appreciated and even send me letters in which you will tell about the beneficial effects of this meditation.

And now let's proceed to the congratulatory part.

In the beginning, I want to thank all my readers, especially those who do not just read, but in life apply at least some of the read.

I want to thank everyone who writes us interesting and informative letters, especially if they contain reports of successes and achievements.

Many thanks to all those who ordered our products - the discs of the "Music of Intellect" series, the simulator "Inaz-mnemo", meditation programs, the Correspondence Course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". In many ways, thanks to you, we are developing, we are working on new interesting topics, which you will learn about.




'Perfection!' - 34

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Issue. 34. "Funny" thing for public transport.


Noisy holidays, it's time to enter the working regime. By the way, came the feedback on the New Year's gift - protective meditation. However, it is not enough, but nevertheless ...

... Employee of a company engaged in food trade, brought to naught the "attacks" of the authorities. She noted that the attitude towards her from the side had changed drastically. In addition to everything, and with customers and customers, conflicts also ceased.

... One letter came from a very young reader. No doubt, you can laugh, but he claims that he was never called to the board, if he did not learn the lessons. True, the schoolchildren were engaged only a week. But, on the other hand, why not?

... God loves a trinity, therefore a case from my practice. Several days I was summoned for a not very pleasant conversation with the tax inspectorate, and on the phone the inspector was severe and strict, my voice read the desire to deal with me with all the rigor of the tax code. Just like Yaroslavna from the idiotic advertising of the tax police. Remember, which birds with burning scraps on the city let down, and then a terribly hypocritical voice with a false tear in his voice insisted that the birds still felt sorry for them. Hmm, one phrase "pay taxes laid in human nature" says a lot.

Accurate before the visit I did meditation. Everything went perfectly, the conversation was very peaceful, he came home and began to assure his wife that "the tax people are working nice," which in turn caused suspicious questions in the wife, like "You where you really staggered, just do not assure, that in the tax, there ... (hereafter, non-profane swear words) "...

I have not led these examples to boast, but to motivate everyone to use this wonderful tool.

In fact, Americans are right when in the books on the case put a couple of dozen pages, and all the rest of the space of the book is given this kind of stories. Motivation is the most important thing!

Such smart meditations, short, but very effective, are quite enough for me in my arsenal. Today I will propose one very "cool" one.

In general, I am interested in this issue actively. And especially, so to speak, the transfer of eastern practices to our soil. Let's say, why rely on the famous "OM" mantra, when we have something stronger - Heart Prayer? It is clear that theirs seems more mysterious and effective, but believe me, in our Orthodox tradition there are things at least not weaker than newfangled rails, DEIRs, transfings, etc.

But I will not, I will not, or I was already reproached in religious obscurantism in one of the newsletters.

And today's meditation will be the last in the newsletter, because I'm sure I tired you with this issue. Well, if not the last, then just make a big break in this regard.

Now I am preparing the first issue of the magazine for those who are engaged in our course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". A week will be sent by mail. So, there I'll lay out all these "treasures" without fear. Not that I regret something, just the mailing list subscribers are much more than engaged in the Course, and a flurry of letters with requests to continue this topic was not. That is, in the mailing slowly change the subject without fear of losing subscribers.

Let's return to the next issue of "Creating visualization and improvement".

One more message. January 27, 2006 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of a man, without which perfection is unthinkable. This is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In our newsletter "Music and Intellect" we started publishing a biography of Mozart. In our opinion, it is written interestingly, not at ease. If anyone wants to see - on the site in the ARCHIVES section you can find all the editions of this newsletter.

And now the promised meditation. It is done in public transport.

Well, we all use it one way or another, and often the atmosphere in the trolley or bus leaves much to be desired. That is, passengers are sullen, eager to hurt your elbow or step on your foot, and such a blunder on your part is not forgiven. About "rush hour" I did not say.

And then I once found this meditation, read it, laughed indulgently, but for reasons of "what exactly am I losing?" I decided to apply it. The result - after a few stops the whole trolley bus was smiling! And my mood was just great. Happened! Since then I apply regularly.

But enough to torment, this wonderful thing.

1. If it is possible, then find a place where you could sit down for meditation, make sure that your back and neck are straightened. If you sit down nowhere and you stand, then put your feet to the width of the shoulders for greater stability and also straighten the spine.

2. Put both hands on your knees. If you have a bag or a backpack on your hands, then put your hands around them in a ring. If you are standing, then firmly hold on to something with your hands.

3. Cover your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. The breath must come from the abdomen, gradually filling the lungs with air. Exhale necessarily through the nose. Movement should begin at the top of the chest. Make sure that the exhalation is longer than the breaths, this will help you to relax faster.

4. Feel the inner relaxation, get rid of stiffness, stiffness, aggression.

5. Try to breathe out all the irritation, all your dissatisfaction.

6. When your breathing becomes rhythmic, focus on the point between your eyebrows and begin to slowly analyze the sounds surrounding you. Feel the sound of cars passing by, the conversations of people around, the sounds of the car. Feel how sound vibrations enter your body. Sound vibration in any form is energy. Your body is filled with energy. Take this energy. Performing deep and rhythmic breaths and exhalations, let the sounds become a part of you, imagine that you have dissolved into a sea of ​​different sounds and vibrations, let them become a part of you, and yourself - a part of them.

7. You feel how you are filled with energy. Send it to the people around you, let them also become easier. The universe is overflowing with energy. It is enough for everyone, you just need to remove the barriers from anger, fear, envy and disunity. Feel the oneness with all the surrounding people.

8. When you leave, then wish all the mentally happy journey, all the best and thank for the joint trip.

To refute the foregoing is very simple - to do several times. But if you do it with your soul, it will work out! Actually, if everything is done with the soul, the results will not make you wait.

And, as usual, a small ad.

1. We continue our admission to the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". I want to note that even a simple reading of the course books significantly improves your effectiveness, since many of the recommendations given in them are simple and can be immediately applied in work and study.

2. We continue to research the positive impact of our "Music of Intellect" series. And again and again we are convinced that we have something to be proud of. Do you want to save time on your studies or work more productively? Order discs with our programs.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 35

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Issue. 35. Apply the color.


Today, let's talk about color. We will not argue, that the green color is concentrating, the red excites and so on. Let's leave it to the specialists of color therapy. And just try to immediately apply color in our work, study and, of course, improvement. And this will be outlined on two counts, which are not directly connected with each other. And start with a simpler one.

So, item 1.

On this occasion, I read something, which I derived empirically, although I do not claim the authorship of the discovery, I suspect that all this is well known.

We all learn and write something down. That is, we outline. And then on the synopses we remember the information, because the repetition is the mother of the teaching. But "traditional" abstracts have a lot of shortcomings. It is clear that we are accustomed to our handwriting, but still it is worse perceived than printed letters. And often the accuracy of reference leaves much to be desired. And all sorts of cutbacks ...

The main drawback is that the main and secondary is not distinguished, unless the size of the letters or underlining.

I now keep all the synopses of the intellect-card method. This is an extremely productive method that allows you to place an entire paragraph or even a chapter on an A4 sheet (better, of course, A3, but they are not comfortable to wear, and not always available), and in such a way that everything is easy and understood , and remembered.

You can read about intelligence cards in Tony Buzen's author of this method "Teach yourself to think," and we included this method in the book "Working with Texts", which is going to be part of the second part of the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success".

But now I just want to give two tips, extremely simple, but very effective. The most important thing is that you can start using them right away.

- Keep notes and notes with two or three colors. It is proved that the level of remembering at the same time increases at least twice. And there is nothing mysterious in this - just increases the visual impression of the outlined information. The most interesting thing is that I did not really puzzle myself when and what color to write or draw. Everything seemed to go by itself ...

- Keep notes on yellow paper. It is also proved that records made on this background "work" much better. I also tried this and found out that this is actually so. True, it was difficult to find a notebook with A4 sheets, but on occasion bought them at once pieces 5 and use it. Of course, that with me, I also have a four-colored pen (I've been looking for a decent one for a long time) and a set of gel pens.

Do not find these tips a trifle. We often neglect such trifles, but we do it completely in vain, since to take them into account is worthless, and the habit of using them can serve a good service.

And now point 2, or about one interesting psychological reception.

Suppose that you have a responsible event tomorrow (employment, business negotiations, etc.) and you need to tune in to it, create a version of the flow of events you want. This depends largely on your condition, which many, if not all, problems will help you solve.

On the eve, when no one interferes with anything, you can include meditative music - it is necessary both for creating a special adjustment with your "deep part", and for disabling the Critic, internal dialogue that may prevent you. Here, perhaps, it is better to "include" your own Dreamer, and go on a confidential journey towards your unconscious.

You can take color pencils, markers or colored helium pens and start drawing. The process is similar to meditation.

You choose colors, draw some abstract lines that seem to lead the hand, they are connected in an intricate pattern, something is shaded. There is some logic in the drawing, during work some thoughts can come, they place on paper - add color or lines to the drawing - the thought turns into a sign.

Then look at it all from the side. And if you like your drawing, like the metaphor of your desired state - and, accordingly, the desired development of events, you can "connect" with it, literally absorb it, take it inward.

If you do not like it - you can set aside, redraw.

Such work allows you to create the reality of the future, designate it, and, being in the present, "move already on familiar territory," living deeper life. The picture becomes also a visual anchor.

If you do not have enough of your own resources or resources, you can draw them, and, therefore, have access to them - so there will be a picture of "flow of love, happiness", "resources of the universe", "health" or something that I would like to add to my own a life.

The usefulness of working with a visual metaphor lies in the fact that it provides an opportunity for expressing negative feelings in a socially acceptable manner and freeing oneself from them (such exercises as "Draw your own fear, anger," "Draw your negative emotions," popular enough among psychologists) . This is a way to safely discharge. Subconscious conflicts and inner experiences are more easily expressed through visual images than, verbally, because there is no conscious censorship.

This kind of drawing exercises

They help to achieve the state of SPP, which we have already mentioned, in which in fact many different methods of creative visualization begin to work.

Recall that in the mailing "Secrets of the development of intelligence in the special services" (see the archive and subscribe can be on the site) is now in full swing the course of Psychic Self-Regulation, which can help you very, very effectively in many things.

And in issue 58 of the mailing list, "Develop!" (You can also find it on the site) - a detailed story about the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". Too useful thing.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 36

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Issue. 36. Psychology and the assimilation of information. It is important!


First of all, I want to congratulate wonderful readers with a wonderful Holiday - March 8! This is absolutely wonderful, sincere Feast. What is a real holiday? This is not a date, it is a state of mind. And rarely this state coincides with the date. But the 8th of March is the very case.

I wish all the kind women all the best! The whole world to your feet! You are wonderful!

I received the first reviews of the previous issue, which dealt with some aspects of the application of color. In particular, there were people who were not too lazy and bought notebooks with yellow sheets, got multi-colored pens and began to actively apply all this for a summary, not thinking particularly about any tricks, but simply doing everything as God puts it on soul.

And I am pleased to note that all noted that it was not just easier to learn or simply work with information, but also showed a tendency to increase interest in learning in general or some specific subject. Strictly speaking, we already observed this with those who studied with us on face-to-face courses.

And today I want to start the topic "Optimizing the psychophysical state for fruitful work and study."

The name is complex, beautiful, science-like, but it will be really simple, but very effective things.

The effectiveness of the assimilation of any information is determined, among other things, by the psychophysiological state of a person. The trainee must be able to manage his state purposefully.

The main conditions for high efficiency of data assimilation are:

1. The desire to engage in - the main principle of any learning activity. The learner must be able to consciously evoke and maintain a state of desire to engage in himself. Desire is the source of our energy. To do without an inner desire means to sharply reduce our educational efficiency.

And, for example, the desire to learn the language and the desire to learn is not the same. Numerous experiments of psychologists dealing with learning problems have shown that any attempts to assimilate educational information without the presence of an internal desire to learn, that is, without internal motivation, have a very low result, since in this case at the level of mental processes there is a blocking of channels of information entry into long-term memory .

And it is enough only in some way (one of the options will be proposed later) to cause a person a state of desire to engage in, how at the level of our psyche the processes of assimilation of information are immediately activated, and memory becomes receptive to the learning material.

2. The principle of joy . Any work, including training, must be performed with inner joy, in conditions of inner psychological comfort, against the background of positive emotions. Only in this state a person is able to easily assimilate and process large amounts of information.

If the assimilation of information occurs against the backdrop of negative emotions, internal psychological discomfort - there is an information stress that is familiar to every student in the form of fatigue, headache, irritability, a sense of anxiety, the disappearance of the desire to engage.

The root cause of information stress (neuroses) is not the assimilation of large amounts of information in itself, but negative emotions in the learning process.

3. The principle of complete relaxation . Experimental studies have proved that excessive internal physical and psychological stress sharply reduces the effectiveness of any activity, including intellectual activity. If you do not learn to relax during the training process, remove muscle clamps (blocks), especially around the face, neck, shoulders and hands that are maximally present in the cerebral cortex, then you will not achieve high results, as you will quickly tire.

The assimilation of information in a state of internal physical and psychological tension (as well as with negative emotions) can lead to phenomena of information stress.

4. The principle of total attention or concentration. "To be here and now" - the phrase became a common, beaten, but this has not lost its relevance.

The main condition for effective education is that during the entire study time, you should be completely focused on the teaching material, mentally stay in your inner space, just stay "here and now". If during your training you are mentally in another place, then until your consciousness returns to the inner space and focuses on the educational information presented, the learning efficiency will be practically zero.

Only the simultaneous availability of all these conditions will allow you to realize yourself and your abilities in any intellectual activity. How can we learn to introduce ourselves into this optimal intellectual state (OIS)?

The main application for the introduction of OIC is autogenic training (AT) or Psychic Self-Regulation (AKP).

In the dispatch "Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services", we finished the course of AT and AKP. Seven lessons, complete, so to speak, basic kit. We recommend that you read it, especially since, in spite of the external similarity to the already published courses on auto-training, this is a "combat system". Technological, quite suitable for independent study.

We do not want to say at all that everything that was published before is worse or worse. Moreover, we do not pretend to any secret knowledge or magic known only to us.

We just managed to minimize the exposition of the exercises. In addition, practically all the manuals on AT and the AKP have, in the first place, a health-improving direction, and this is actually very good and effective. And here we pay tribute to the authors of benefits on AT and AKP, which do not fool people with a head of idle pseudo-esotericism, but they give a powerful tool for healing.

Some skepticism about AT is caused only by the fact that people more or less know only one part of AT - verbal self-hypnosis. And I want magic, magic, results immediately and immediately, and to not work at all. Often, many systems offer just that, find a response in the broad masses. The most interesting thing is that the practical lack of results of many does not bother, they have enough faith in the promised.

Meanwhile - AT and AKP - a powerful weapon. It is not for nothing that we have included the course of AT and AKP in the program of correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". By the way, we consider this decision to be cardinal and innovative, as long as the combinations of development of memory, intellect and ability to control our psychophysical state did not come across to us. We are sure that this combination will have a powerful positive effect, if not more.

As for what has been said earlier about the effectiveness of training, in the forthcoming issues we will give such a compact, abbreviated version of AT and AKP, which has only a specified direction - optimization of the psychophysical state for fruitful work and study.

Once again, tactfully we will hint that we accept orders for the correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success".

And once again we congratulate the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN on the Feast of Infinite Rapture and Adoration for them.

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 37

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Issue. 37. We continue to enter the optimal state of the intellect.


Let's continue the topic that was started in the previous issue. And I will immediately say that we will periodically return to this topic. It seems to me that she will not lose her urgency, at least in the near future, and I would like to hope that it is in the near future, although I do not feel optimistic for the moment.

It's me that, as often with all the obvious benefit to a person, it's difficult to start regular classes with something. Do some exercise, study any disciplines and so on.

Therefore, the question of motivation is the most important!

We've come up with one interesting thing to increase interest in learning or self-education in any subject. It seems to work, although it is unusual. They did not find out if everyone would work, so we are burning with the desire to post information and feedback. But in order not to violate the consistency of the material in the newsletter, we will finish the topic.

So, again we are talking about how to enter the optimal intellectual state, that is, when you want to learn, and do not distract yourself with any nonsense, and the level of mastering the material is maximum.

In this respect, it is simply impossible not to note the opportunities that autogenic training can give us. And so now it will be a question of that of its modification, which will help to effectively solve the task.

Before you start training to master auto-training, you must disclose the content of each individual element that makes up the optimal intellectual state. These elements were given in the last issue - DESIRE-JOY-RELAXATION-ATTENTION. They also should become elements of auto-training, which we will later call AT for brevity.

What is the content of the AT element? Under the content of the AT element we mean the totality of subjective sensations that arise in our body when attention is focused on this element. At each person these subjective sensations will be individual and depend on personal past of experience, features of the person. The more subjective sensations you will have when you concentrate on a word, the more impact this word will have on your psyche.

Let's try to disclose the content of the AT element "The desire to engage." First of all, we must find for this word a bright mental image. And everyone should find their own individual image, which will work in it in full force, that is, cause a burst of inner energy in the form of a desire to engage.

Someone will have an image of a desk attracting a neat stack of books and a beautiful set of pens, someone has an image of a room filled with a beautiful glow ... It is not necessary to use my images that I just described, it's better if it's there will be your unique images.

Next, "color" your image, that is, make it colored. Connect tactile sensations from a mental touch with your image. Feel the smell of your image. Now, mentally, say to yourself the words "the desire to engage in" and simultaneously call for a corresponding bright image and a complex of other sensations that you "tied" to this word. Train in this way with the word "desire" until you achieve more or less satisfactory results in the form of a vivid image and the sensations corresponding to this image.

After that, go to the disclosure of the terms "joy", "relaxation", "attention".

For example, "joy" can be imagined in the form of such an image as a bright light sun, birds singing, children's laughter ... "Relaxation" - like a mildly melting plasticine, like a sea beach and sand, on which it is so nice to lie and feel, and legs ... "Attention" as a large white wall, on which there is only one green dot ...

Generation of such images is mandatory, and it is desirable to dwell on one image. You can experiment, sort out images. But then note the most vivid and use only it.


1. We understand that this seems quite simple, but we strongly recommend that you remember the chain of DESIRE-JOY-RELAXATION-ATTENTION, and so that, as they say, "bounced off of teeth".

2. Before going to bed, when you are already in bed and about to start falling asleep, think about the images that are associated with the elements of the chain.

At this preparatory stage, you will be enough for a few days, after which you can proceed directly to autogenic training. You need to do it, especially since you do not need to apply any effort. And about its development, about overcoming obstacles, it never hurts to think.

However, another little practical advice. The chain WISHING-JOY-RELAXATION-ATTENTION write in a beautiful large handwriting or with a printer print on A4 sheets and place these sheets where possible - in your workplace, in the kitchen, above the TV. It will be easier to make this chain a part of your consciousness.

In the next issue, we will talk about how to directly conduct AT in order to WISH-JOY-RELAXATION-ATTENTION were always with you.

In conclusion of the issue, I invite you to read the latest issue of our mailing list DEVELOP, which you can find on our website . I do not want to duplicate this issue on all my mailings. I will only say that the speech in it goes beyond all else that even a simple reading of the books of our course "Memory. Intelligence. Success "and, importantly, listening to audio applications to books allows you to achieve very high results in development.

I just thought that the first audio application recorded one, I think, successful meditation of a motivating nature. With this meditation, I usually finish the last lesson in full-time groups, and it produces a pretty strong positive impression. This, so to speak, the product in general can not be called a meditation in the classical sense of the word, rather, a small dramatic work with elements of suggestion aimed at overcoming the internal obstacles that interfere with improving. Probably, I will think over how to once again form this meditation and write it down separately.

And you may not wait for this record, you can simply order our course and start listening to it.

Good luck to you all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 40

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Issue. 40. We begin the conversation about the development of interest.


After the gradual 39-th issue there was such a long break, which was caused primarily by excessive overload on the work. Off-site course, the release of a new book of the course "Memory. Intelligence. Success ", the preparation of the long-awaited" Forced language acquisition ", the holding of a seminar on auto-training in Minsk ... But now everything seems to be on the right track, so the newsletter will be ready.

If you remember, in previous issues it was about entering the Optimal Intelligent Status with the help of working out the formula "Desire - Joy - Relaxation - Attention". We will return to it in other issues of the newsletter, and now we will address such an important issue as developing interest in reading and studying a particular subject.

You can talk a lot about memory, attention and other useful things, but if there is no interest in learning or it is not enough, then you must apply a lot of strong-willed efforts, and this is not always effective and fruitful. "Do not fight with yourself, you will lose anyway" - Stanislav Jerzy Lec has correctly noted this. True, it is impossible to do without them at all.

No doubt, to read the detective is much more interesting than the textbook "Fundamentals of Law." Probably, this is one of the reasons that the detective is remembered immediately and for a long time, but with the right position a little more complicated.

We already wrote a lot about the role of imagination in the educational process in all our mailings. The poorer the imagination, the more difficult it is to learn, the more difficult the material is given, the faster the interest in learning disappears. So develop the imagination, the benefit we have given exercises on this topic.

But now we are talking about some motivating internal moments that can be fully worked out. In advance we warn that everything you read in the next issues about interest is not applicable in the situation "today is Tuesday, on Friday the exam, you need to read the textbook, but not interesting". For such a short period of time, interest can not be worked out by any methods, except perhaps by strong material incentives like career prospects, admission to a prestigious university, and the like.

The development of interest is a process, and the process is not as fast as one would like, conjugated at first with one or the other strong-willed efforts. Some of the methods and recommendations that we give will appear to you to be extremely simple, but this does not mean that they are incorrect or ineffective. You just have to believe it or at least trust us that it works.

Something complicated or mysterious-esoteric causes more confidence, because a person would always like something of this sort, a tablet of a magical, psychic, so that all at once, instantly, and that most especially nothing to do is not necessary. Therefore, I am always touched by questions like "Can I write information on the subcortex?", In which it is clearly read "Well, I do not want to do anything, how to get everything without doing anything?". Alas, alas, I dare to assure you that absolutely nothing like this exists and can not be. But many gurus, by the way, promise miracles and, despite the total lack of results, still enjoy the immutable confidence of the broad masses, despite the frank "blizzard" they carry. They are still believed because they want to believe in a miracle, that if it does not happen now, it will certainly happen later.

Although no placebo has yet been canceled. If to give, for example, the announcement of the type "The hereditary sorcerer, the academician of the Academy of Energoinformational Sciences, the honorary member of the Society for the Search for the Astral Truth, Uncle Ivanitch will remove the evil eye, make a conspiracy and sentence, deprive the crown of celibacy, give success in business and much more. Guarantee of 35% ", then this will be pure truth. Another thing is that 35% is somehow unconvincing, but it's true!

All these arguments are aimed at preparing the reader for the fact that witchcraft will not be, all methods will be simple and mundane, but magical in terms of efficiency, not external effects.


You sincerely love your future or already a real profession, but you do not really want to read books on it. You are somewhere even a romanticist, who, for example, as if by your signature, financial flows are sent in different directions, how cleverly you find financial mechanisms and all that, but at the same time you do not want to read "Fundamentals of Accounting". Moreover, the third page covers a sleepy stupor and reading in general loses all meaning.

And then I noticed one thing. Well, to say that I myself am such a genius and myself, I can not, just by reading different books, I paid attention to this feature. The simplicity of further reasoning should not lead you astray, since it often happens that quite obvious things in all depth do not immediately reach us.

In general, the assimilation of truth has three stages. At the first stage we understand absolutely all the words with which it is stated. For example, the popular "be here and now." All words are clear. The second stage - we understand what this actually says. But the third - the most difficult - is to integrate this truth, that is, to accept it as a guide to action.

And this is the truth. Every object, every profession, every science has its own language. And while this language is not mastered, it does not become an active part of your language - even the most complex texts will cause boredom and seem incomprehensible.

There is such a brilliant teacher Academician Shatalov. By the way, he is a real academician, and not some new academy, which now is mushroomed after the rain, and every self-respecting psychic, guru and charlatan certainly becomes a member or at least a corresponding member, although it's a bit humiliating for masters various magic and orders. It will be necessary to establish an academy on occasion, take a couple of "miracle workers" there, pour oil on them in a bucket, they like it, and even print a diploma on the good printer, hang it on the wall in the office, so everyone would tiptoe and respect in advance. Of course, with this, the most important element is a beautiful frame with glass. And the more pompous and tasteless the better.

Shatalov has courses he conducts for schoolchildren during the holidays. For example, "School physics in 10 days." The most interesting thing is that this is not charlatanry. It works, and how. Do you know where Shatalov starts from? Since, say, the study of trigonometry schoolchildren begin by integrating into their active part of the language the language of trigonometry. But after that, not the thickest textbook goes through a little more than an adventure novel of the same size.

The question arises: which of these is the practical conclusion? Very simple.

In parallel with reading of the special literature it is necessary to read an explanatory dictionary-reference book on this discipline. I suspect that many are even disappointed by the simplicity of the council. Do not hurry.

First, open any book on the subject you are studying, find any term, and then quickly and without hesitation explain it in plain Russian.

Secondly, with parallel reading of the textbook and an explanatory dictionary, the most interesting will begin. When you read even a quarter of the dictionary, the level of understanding of the textbook grows at least twice. The integration of the language begins - a new level of work with the textbook begins. And, most importantly, interest in the subject is beginning to appear.

Thirdly, it seems to me that very few people have done this. The search for an incomprehensible word in an explanatory dictionary and reading an explanatory dictionary is by no means the same thing.

Begin to follow the advice given, and you will soon see how effective it is.

The last argument. For some time, I myself began to read smart dictionaries. And the result was simply magnificent. Now I am buying up all the dictionaries on psychology, pedagogy and so on, regardless of their cost. Will pay off.

I subtly hint at another point. Study. Also your language. You need to learn, too, to learn. To this, by the way, our correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". Also a kind of an explanatory dictionary. By studying and learning large amounts of information.

Good luck!

'Perfection!' - 41

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Issue. 41. About crossing of dispatches and the interesting technics.


That's what it means when you're worried about a topic. Started in the previous issues the topic "Interest in pursuits", as the same topic went in parallel in my other newsletter "Develop!", And managed to refer to this newsletter. And now, in general, the comical situation - the continuation of the topic will be in the mailing list "Develop!", And readers of this can get acquainted with the topic there.

Do not count for idiocy (although an element of this is present) and for a tricky trick to increase the number of subscribers in both mailings, but somehow do not want all about the same thing. You know, I compose the issues on improvisation. Think about a topic, read something on it, then without drafts and all such pains of creativity you take and compose the issue. So the lining does happen.

And by the nature of this mailing (meaning "Improve yourself!", I completely fooled you!) The next topic is more suitable.

I conduct full-time groups in Minsk "Memory. Intelligence. Success ", there is an experience of visiting events, there are, among other things, extramural courses. And besides the moments of development of memory, I still give something that very, very much can be useful in life. "Revive" thus the word "success", which is present in the name of the course. And you know, very often my students note that these are the very moments that help them so much that they think that this alone makes their course on the course not in vain.

So, what are these moments? Pure psychology with a minimum of esotericism. Under esotericism in this case we mean not "astral essences", "biofields", waving hands, "evacuation" and other demons, but joining the psychology of elements of religion, other sciences adjacent to psychology. By the way, here there was a place even for physics.

Immediately answer, why it is "religion" in the first place. Religious rituals are often stronger than psychological practices. I do not intend to enter into a discussion on religion and atheism, faith is strictly personal, I will not build a preacher myself. But! Religious rituals have been practiced for centuries and the subjective factor has been reduced to a minimum. In psychology, the personality of the psychologist is of great importance.

I myself am a believer, an Orthodox, but I will not be campaigning again, for as Joseph Joubert said: "It's easy to understand God, unless you try to explain it." Another aphorism on this topic: "There are no atheists in the trenches!" William Kipling said, very aptly.

So, in the class I offer a variety of psychotechnics, which in fact have a positive effect. By the way, in the last two issues of the mailing "Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services" one powerful technique was quickly introduced, quickly digestible and yielding results. At least, the issue came out a couple of days ago, and the responses on the topic "It works, and how!" I got already decent. Here is an example of skillful agitation for signing up for my mailings with further reading!

They enter the program and meditation techniques. And those, the development of which does not require a long time and special training, but they start working immediately. I'm not a supporter of meditations by the hour, I think that in most cases this is simple zadurivanie, which, however, also sometimes gives an effect.

I gave an example of such meditation in the 33rd issue of the mailing, and received a lot of letters, in which the authors told how effective this meditation is.

Today is another example of a short but very effective meditation. But first a small lyrical digression.

... One of the most prominent psychologists is considered, and rightfully considered, Milton Erickson.

And in this chapter, we'll tell you about an amazing man whose name you probably know well - about Milton Erickson. He is considered one of the most outstanding psychologists of the 20th century. More than 140 articles, more than 10 books, and most importantly - the direction he created in psychology, which can boast only a few.

A man who suffered polio at age 17 and was essentially sentenced to death ("I heard three doctors in the next room say to my mother:" By the morning, the boy will die. "Being a normal child, I did not believe it"), newly learning to walk, for the rest of his life he remained a cripple and spent many years in a wheelchair, lived 78 years of life, which can be called bright and saturated, became the father of eight children, fully showed what reserves are hidden in a man.

Erickson studied at the university, studied perfectly. Not only thanks to "good brains", but also due to a certain tuning for classes.

I will bring this technique now. Let's call it

"Preparation for the perception of information."

This meditation is a kind of preparation for the enhanced perception and is used in those cases when there is a need to assimilate a large amount of information. It allows you to program the brain for intensive work. The points:

1. Take a comfortable pose, close your eyes.

2. Mentally walk through the body, paying attention to the muscle groups and trying to relax them. Well, for example, the sequence is the muscles of the face, shoulders and neck, forearms, hands, hips, feet. This should not be wasted a long time, literally one or two minutes.

3. Watch your breath for a couple of minutes.

4. Try to feel how the frequency of vibration of the brain decreases and how it reaches the level of SPR. In this regard, you can imagine that you have an eye inside that "considers the brain". And imagine how both hemispheres begin to radiate a pleasant light together, whose flashing frequency slows down, or instead of light use the image of heat, or sound. In general, to that that is pleasant. You can imagine how the Good Fairy or Sorceress is stroking you on the head, and you calm down, the hemispheres are working together. On this, too, a lot of time is not necessary.

5. Repeat the formula three or four times in your mind: "At the moment when I open my eyes, my brain will be in the alpha state and stay in it ... (indicate the required time interval, for example: five hours before the end of the session) . At this time, my brain will be maximally receptive to the information reported during classes, which will allow me to remember everything in detail and clearly, so that all the learned information is available to me at any time. "

6. Thank your brain for the willingness to work hard.

7. Open your eyes.

8. Confidently go to class, digestion will be maximum. And you can do this operation just before classes, the procedure, as you saw, does not take a lot of time.

A few words about paragraph 6. Do not forget about gratitude! And in general, get used to as soon as something you ask, immediately thank for it as if you already have it or what you ask for has come true.

I was the one most intelligent woman who explained this in such a convincing example, when she told me about prayer and that it is necessary to thank the Lord if you ask something.

... Imagine, Ivanych, that I went to the States and then called you and asked you to send me, say, a book. You're going to go to the post office tomorrow, and the parcel will not come at once, you need time. And the next day I looked in the mail box, but there's nothing. And I'm offended to call you and say: "Well, you did not send me anything?". What is your reaction?

And now imagine that the next day, right after the morning, I called you and said: "Oh, thank you, Ivanovich, you are such a good fellow, you have fulfilled my request!". What is your reaction now?

In my opinion, convincingly!

There are many such techniques in my arsenal. The main selection criteria - the techniques should be effective, performed anywhere (for example, in public transport), do not take a lot of time, just a few minutes.

I even now came up with the idea within the framework of an extramural course to release such a book, with the name roughly "Placer of useful techniques" in which there would be the basics of NLP at the level "picked up and applied" (something like this analogy - you buy a computer and use it , not studying how he works), and short, but capacious meditations, and spetsnaz technicians staging "keys", and "Roman massage", and a lot of stuff! Great idea, I liked it myself.

By the way, in the course there were already seven books and nine discs. Accordingly, the price has increased, which, however, is not yet reflected on the site.

Now I am finishing the book "Forced mastery of foreign languages". It will be printed according to the number of course customers, of course, not in the printing house and in the usual sale it will not. And the material is unique.

It's all I'm luring to order a course. Moreover, after the publication of the book on languages, the cost will still grow. And there will be two or three more books ... So do not put everything off for long, order it. Then it will be more difficult!

Good luck to all and in everything!

'Perfection!' - 42

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Issue. 42. Quickly focus!


Several letters came, among them there are letters asking to talk about the methods of rapid concentration, concentration, inclusion in the working regime. For example, you go to an exam or a responsible conversation or are in a slightly excited state, but you have to start working. In general, there are many situations.

I already wrote something on this topic, now I will just make a digest on this topic. I understand that few of the mailings will deal with something systematically, so I will give only recipes that work right away.

1. The most powerful advice was given in the latest issues of my mailing "Secrets of Intelligence Development in Special Services". It was about installing a specific key. I will not repeat myself, I just strongly recommend that everyone just turn to issues 57 and 58 of the mentioned mailing.

2. To remove the natural excitement of ordinary beads help. We somehow conducted such an experiment in the senior class of one of the schools in Minsk. Teachers allowed students during the answer at the board to pick rosary. The level of answers increased sharply, the students themselves noted how much they feel more confident in answering.

Only the maximum effect of a rosary will be given in the event that you do a little work with them. And the essence of training is very simple. You need to learn how to sort them at a frequency of 1 pea per second. You can do this if for a while you simply sort through them to the sound of wall quartz clocks that "click" once a second. You can also go to the Internet, search the search engine and download the program "Metronome". Set the beat rate to 60 per second and do the same.

It has long been established that an external stimulus with this frequency calms a person, concentrates and raises the level of concentration.

A positive moment may also be that, for example, the interlocutor or the examiner may well find himself in a light trance, examining how you pick the rosary. And in this state you will achieve your own much easier. And you will make the impression of a confident person.

Anecdote is not an anecdote, however, I noticed that in many films of "cool authorities" they depict with rosaries or something similar. These very authorities like to suppress a person psychologically, so the hypothesis that the rosaries, including them, help in this, is not without foundation.

Some people prefer to spin metal balls in their fingers. This is just not a very good thing. Here something is being impressed with some nervousness.

Well, and finally I advise you to choose your fingers with your fingers.

3. Concentrate on your feelings. For example, watch your breathing for a few minutes. And breathe should be calm and steady. Say, you pulled out a ticket, "shaking" begins, and you calmly, for a minute breathed. The excitement is gone and you are ready to work. By the way, about the "breathe". With pleasure I will bring one of my most favorite phrases: "Any decision taken in a state of emotional instability is certainly wrong." So do not chop off your shoulder, breathe first.

4. Once I found it on the Internet, tried it - it works great.

Doctor Rolf Alexander offered an interesting technique of relaxation and concentration that can be used anywhere and anytime.

Clearly imagine the two crosses that cross your body. Mentally draw a vertical line on the spine - from the coccyx to the top of the head - and two perpendicular to it: the first - from one shoulder to the other and the second - passing through the hips.

Imagine that the cross is made of a durable and flexible metal that bends according to the movements of your body. To relax, just let the cross take a natural position. Thus the head and a backbone straighten, shoulders settle down at one height, femurs are leveled.

If you learn how to mentally create a cross like this - as if fixed in the air above your head - then in your arsenal there will be a very convenient method of quick relaxation. Thus the head slightly extends upwards, shoulders straighten, arms hang freely, muscles of a back support a direct bearing.

In fact, this is also a focus on your feelings. Only the form, so to speak, is more, as they say now, "cool".

5. Suppose, you sat down at the desk with a firm intention how to work. They opened the book and ... Hmm, somehow the picture on the wall is crookedly hanging, it is necessary to correct it. Again at the table, and then there is dust on the shelf. Urgently wipe! Now it's for work, but somehow I wanted to drink. From the kitchen on the way to the table, the intention "now now ..." is suddenly interrupted by the need to urgently call a friend. But after the call ... Certainly, be sure! Yes, but what about Luxembourg and the Antilles? And so on...

It's a familiar picture, is not it? Honestly, I know exactly. There is one recipe. Three minutes - and you are no longer distracted by trifles. True, it takes three minutes of violence against oneself. In the end, a sense of duty will allow it. So, what is the "violence"?

You take at random the first noun from a book or textbook. Say, the "vector". And three, or even better five minutes without stopping to write sentences with this word. And you need to do this without thinking and without thinking about "How the vector spent the summer" or something in this spirit. Write any rubbish that comes to mind. One condition - do not dwell on reflection. For example.

"Vector has eaten noodles"

"Vector travels in a tram without a ticket"

"Vector moved Kirkorov on the head for singing to the soundtrack"

"The vector sat down in the chair of the hairdresser."

Well, and so on, and so forth.

This simple procedure will make it possible to overcome the "postponement syndrome". Three to five minutes - and you work quietly, and the dust itself lies on the shelf and waits for your time, and the result is a match between Papua New Guinea and Greenland.

You just work.

6. At a low volume listening to baroque music or early classicism, with a preference in this regard given to music for keyboards and strings. It has long been proven that such music is not enough to develop intelligence, so it also has a strong concen- trating effect.

In this respect, by the way, we have released a series of CDs "Music of Intelligence", which shows the positive properties of Music to the maximum extent. In the end, Mozart did not write symphonies to study mathematical analysis, and Haydn did not write quartets for high-speed learning English.

But if everyone takes a few specially selected fragments, then it is quite possible to call such a work "Concert Sonata for increasing the level of memorization of traffic rules three times".

True, we have a name simpler - "Super Music Music", "Energy of the Brain" and so on. The site says enough about these discs.

It seems so far. I have given those methods that any person can use without prior training and preparation. Just take it and do it.

And finally. Many letters with applications for the forthcoming book "Forced mastery of foreign languages" come. The book really turns out to be sensible, the methods that are outlined there, are already fully used by the students of our full-time courses, and they work perfectly.

As for the book itself, it is written in such a way that studying it is expedient only as part of our correspondence course "Memory. Intelligence. Success". Otherwise, it would have to triple its volume, and this adds to the scribbling and it takes a lot of time, besides I have to write about what I have already written in other books, and this is boring.

It makes sense to order now, since then it will become more expensive because the number of books and disks in it is growing. And it will grow constantly.

Therefore, it will be distributed only within the framework of the course. This is such a brazen advertising move.

Good luck to all and in everything!

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