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15 interesting things that happen to you in a dream

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

Sleep (lat. Somnus) is a natural physiological process of staying in a state with a minimum level of brain activity and a reduced reaction to the surrounding world inherent in mammals, birds, fish, and some other animals, including insects (for example, fruit flies).

In addition, the word "dream" refers to a sequence of images (formed during the phase of the so-called "fast sleep") that a person can remember (see also a dream). Physiologically, ordinary sleep is different from other conditions similar to it - anabiosis (so-called "hibernation" in animals), hypnotic sleep, coma, fainting, lethargic sleep.

Most people sleep about a third of their lives. But, oddly enough, we know very little about the lesson we spend so much time on. There are separate clinics that help people with sleep disorders, and a lot of medical research that focuses on the incredible things that happen when we fall asleep. We will tell about fifteen of them today.

1. You are excited

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

You may feel that you are excited in a dream because of your fantasies, but this phenomenon has a more scientific explanation. During the fast sleep phase, your brain is so active that it requires more oxygen. As a result, the blood flow in the body increases. And you know perfectly well what the rush of blood to the lower part of the body leads to. In a dream, both men and women are excited. In rare cases, some people even have sex in their sleep or show other sexual activity - a phenomenon known as sexnomy.

2. It seems to you that your head exploded

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

You probably have not even heard about the syndrome of an exploding head, but this is the strangest thing that can happen to us in a dream. People who experience this insane phenomenon hear stunned fictional sounds (for example, a bomb explosion) just before they fall asleep or wake up. Horror! In fact, people who suffer from this syndrome often have high levels of stress and fear. It is believed that instead of “turning off” at bedtime, the brain cells responsible for the sound work at the same time, which creates an explosion of energy that the brain takes for a loud sound. Fortunately, this syndrome is not very widespread.

3. Or just send a message immediately

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

A new phenomenon, which appeared due to the abundant SMS correspondence. Yes, a nightmare when you accidentally send a message to the wrong person is a reality for some people when they go to bed. This is a growing phenomenon among adolescents and those who are constantly in touch during the daytime. To protect yourself from this disaster, it is enough to remove the phone from the bedroom, or at least away from the bed.

4. You can also talk

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

About 5 percent of people talk in their sleep, but this harmless disorder is more common among children than among adults, and more often among men than women. Most people don’t remember what they said in their dreams, but many of us know from experience that these conversations are very strange!

5. You can even walk

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

Perhaps you either walk in a dream yourself, or you know someone who does it - this is quite a common phenomenon. It usually manifests itself early at night, when the body falls into a semi-conscious state, just before REM sleep. Scientists are still trying to figure out why some people go to sleep, while others do not. Of course, walking in a dream can be dangerous, so, contrary to popular opinion, a person in this state can not just be woken up, but even needed.

6. You release growth hormone

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

When we were children, we were always driven to bed early so that we would sleep through the whole night - for a variety of reasons. One of them is for us to grow and develop. When we sleep, the secretion of growth hormone in the pituitary gland reaches its peak. This hormone is obviously responsible for the growth of muscles and bones. It is also important for regulating metabolism and stimulating collagen, which makes the skin youthful.

7. It seems to you that you are falling.

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

A common, but rather strange thing that 70% of people experience - you feel a sense of falling right before falling asleep or waking up. Also known as hypnagogic twitching, this sleep disorder can be caused by remaining energy, which is manifested by random movements. There is also a version that this is the result of brain confusion - it seems to him that you are falling, as all the muscles relax, and it makes them tense up to “catch” you.

8. Your dreams repeat again and again.

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

Have you ever had the same dream over and over again? Do not worry, you are not alone. Many people experience recurring dreams, and perhaps it’s time to pay attention. Repetitive dreams are believed to symbolize the unresolved problems that we face while awake. Although sleep does not always specifically indicate what is happening in your life, it most likely includes significant topics. For example, when you are worried about failing in

9. You release gases

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

When you sleep, your body relaxes, and with it your muscles. Unfortunately, this also applies to the anal sphincter. Because of this, gases come out easier. This fact may confuse you the next time you are going to go to bed with your other half, but do not worry - fortunately, we do not smell in dreams!

10. Your sense of smell dulled

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

You can wake up and feel the divine smell of a delicious breakfast and coffee, but these wonderful smells are not able to wake you up. Because we do not smell in a dream. The reason is not precisely known, although this may be due to the loss of contextual stimuli. Therefore, it is important to get a fire alarm. Even if the smell is very sharp, you will not be able to feel it if you are sleeping. Although some people smell bad, they are actually created by the brain.

11. You solve problems

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

Have you ever gone to bed with an unsolved problem in your head, and woke up with the answer? This, oddly enough, is not uncommon, and explains the phrase "the morning is wiser than the evening." Although it may seem to you that your brain is resting during sleep, in fact it focuses on solving problems that were bothering you during the day. Researchers believe that a dream opens access to a network of associations in your head, which allows you to solve a problem (this is called “activating a wide network”).

12. You are paralyzed

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

During the REM sleep phase, the muscles in your hands are temporarily paralyzed. It is, in fact, very useful. Can you imagine that you dreamed that you were beating someone while you were lying next to the second half? Although this temporary paralysis occurs with everyone, some people have a condition called "sleep paralysis" - in this case, the paralysis lasts a few minutes after waking up. Sleep paralysis is not dangerous, but, of course, pretty scary for those who are experiencing it.

13. You lose weight

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

Sleep is a somewhat short post. You do not absorb anything in your sleep, but at the same time you lose water by sweating and exhaling humid air. This leads to a slight weight loss, especially if you manage to snatch seven or eight hours of sleep. In fact, an average person burns about 60 calories per hour in a dream. This is not much, but ultimately leads to a result, if you do not forget about healthy eating and sports.

14. Your eyes move fast.

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

If you have ever watched a sleeper, you probably noticed how his eyeballs move under closed eyelids. Pretty scary, right? The eyes move rapidly from side to side during REM sleep (BDG-phase, “rapid eye movement”), and this is logical. This is the phase when you have dreams, so your eyes just adjust to the changing scene or image in a dream. This is not the same as looking around in a dream - in this case we are talking about brain activity during the change of the concept of sleep. This explains why even blind people experience BDG in a dream!

15. You remove useless information.

Вещи, которые происходят с вами во сне

The amount of information that the brain absorbs every day is incalculable. As soon as you go out into the street in the morning, the brain immediately begins to absorb the colors around you, the voices of passers-by and a lot of other information that you do not need to remember. If you had all this memorized, your brain would be overloaded, and it would be hard for you to remember the really necessary things. Fortunately, the brain sorts all this information while you sleep, and erases unnecessary.


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