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TOP-10 ways to quickly strengthen the potency

TOP-10 ways to quickly strengthen the potency

To get up from a woman with a sense of duty, press the eggs, cook broth with crayfish and enter into your menu flower pollen.

According to ruthless medical statistics, almost every third man from time to time faces a sexual problem. And sometimes with a whole set of them.

For someone, this bell becomes a signal to trot to the doctor. And someone, waving to his failure and not wanting to recognize her, begins to slowly get drunk.

Is it possible to organize an early intimate care at home without involving official medicine? Completely. It is enough to apply one of the best ten folk remedies for strengthening potency:

  1. Omelette. The simplest version of an intimate ambulance is eggs fried in oil with onions. This simple dish gives the male body energy, contributes to increased sexual activity.
  2. A fish. Well cooked mackerel or broth from crayfish also help to improve sexual potency.
  3. Seeds, sesame seeds, nuts (walnuts, almonds). Excellent means to feel like a man again. If you decide to "treat" sesame, do it in Indian - fry the seeds and crack them with honey.
  4. Figs. For centuries it has been used in the East to increase potency. The fig strengthens men's strengths, stimulates the work of the heart (which is very important in bed), and in addition heals the liver and kidneys.
  5. Ginseng. While you read these lines, the Chinese peasants do not lie idle. And all because to prevent sexual problems, take the grated ginseng root daily. A little bit at the tip of the knife.
  6. Ginseng and apilac (milk of the queen bee). This magic mixture is recommended for exhaustion, including nervous. But the main thing is that even hopeless forms of sexual impotence treat it.
  7. Pollen. Better than any medicine restores the male hormonal balance and activates the sex glands. Plus improves the overall condition. Take half a teaspoon 2 times a day.
  8. Honey and pollen. This combination perfectly helps with weak potency and infertility. Take one teaspoon per day.
  9. Onions with honey. Not only restores potency, but also has a general strengthening effect on the entire body of a man. Grate the onion, mix with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. Take a tablespoon in the morning and evening for a month.
  10. "Male Tea" This mix is ​​good for any malfunctions in the work of the male gland itself - the prostate. To make tea, mix in equal proportions a cowberry leaf, parsley and raspberry leaves. And drink at least once a day.