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Highlander Pochechnuyny (Pochuchuynaya grass) - polygonum persicaria l.

Family Buckwheat - Polygonaceae

Горец почечуйный (почечуйная трава) Горец почечуйный (почечуйная трава)

Botanical characteristics. Buckwheat family. Annual herb, stem straight, up to 50 cm tall, knotty, grooved. Leaves alternate, short-petiole, linear-lanceolate with dark red or black spots. White-pink flowers are collected at the ends of the stems in short and thick spiciform brushes. It blooms in June and September. The fruit is an egg shaped black nutlet.

Spread. Widely distributed throughout Russia, except for the Far North and deserts. The favorite habitats are the banks of rivers and lakes, wet meadows, gardens and vegetable gardens.

Used plant parts. All grass collected during flowering.
Tannins, gallic acid, flobaphenes, flavonoids, and essential oils were found in the aboveground part of the plant.

Application. Based on the pronounced hemostatic effect of the herb. In folk medicine, the Pomegranate mountaineer is used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, as well as uterine and gastrointestinal bleeding. The herb has a mild laxative and diuretic effect. It is sometimes used for enterocolitis, accompanied by spastic or atonic constipation.
As an external agent prescribed for eczema of the skin and for non-healing ulcers.

Contraindications. Pregnancy.

Cooking 1 tablespoon insist on 0.5 liters of boiling water - daily dose.