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tricolor violet (pansies, Ivan da Marya)

Viola tricolor L.

Фиалка трехцветная (анютины глазки, иван-да-марья) Фиалка трехцветная (анютины глазки, иван-да-марья)

Botanical characteristics. Family violet. Biennial or annual herb with thin branched, hollow, triangular stems up to 20 cm. The leaves are alternate, rounded-heart-shaped, petiolate or sessile. Beautiful single flowers with multicolored petals (purple, yellow, white) on long stalks are located in the leaf axils. It blooms from April to autumn. The fruit is a box, the ripened seeds are ejected from it with force.

Spread. Medicinal properties have two types of violets - tricolor and field. Occurs in meadows, fields, forest edges in the European part of Russia, in Siberia and in the Urals.

Used plant parts. The elevated part of the plant (grass).
Ascorbic acid, salicylic acid (0.037%), mucus (9.5%), ursolic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids (vitexin, izovitexin, orientin, isoorientin, viopantin, vicetin-2, etc.), rutin are found in the grass. The flowers contain essential oil and anthocyanin glycosides (violin, delphinidin 3-glycoside, and peonidine 3-glycoside), in the roots are found in a small amount of alkaloids.

Application. In folk medicine, use with neurosis, palpitations, insomnia. It is prescribed for inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract and lungs - as a good expectorant. Violet - a necessary component in the collections used for the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract, as it acts as a diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Grass is considered a diaphoretic and blood-purifying agent; it is prescribed for diseases of the joints, various skin diseases (furunculosis, acne). Outwardly widely used for baths in the treatment of joints, skin diseases.

Contraindications. Glomerulonephritis, hepatitis.

Cooking 1-2 tablespoons brewed in a thermos with 500 g of boiling water - daily dose. Another infusion (10.0: 200.0) - use 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.
In homeopathy, use Viola 3x, 3 for allergic diseases, eczema and neurodermatitis. Characteristic symptom: a rash on the scalp and behind the ears from which the fluid is leaking; the patient has a sharply smelling urine, resembling a cat's smell.