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How to properly cook cereals. An experienced chef shared his secrets!

Как правильно варить крупы. Своими секретами поделился опытный повар!

Porridge is a dish consisting of grains boiled in water (or in milk), sometimes with additives such as salt, sugar, condiments, milk, fruits and dried fruits, jam.

"If you do not forget about the porridge - you'll be healthy all your life!" - so says the folk proverb, whose wisdom is priceless. It's not for nothing that pediatricians advise starting from seven months to introduce nutritious cereals in the ration of infants.

Do you remember rice milk porridge or a manga from kindergarten? Such delicious not every chef will cook! Believe, or remember the foam :) ? Each cereal has its tricks of cooking: one grape is better to soak for the night, and the other needs to be boiled only a couple of minutes until ready. Secrets of delicious cereals from popular croups was revealed to us by an experienced chef and we share with you.

How to properly cook cereals. An experienced chef shared his secrets!

wiki About porridge

Porridge is very common in our kitchen; in many countries, traditional food for breakfast. Traditionally, porridge is cooked in clay or cast-iron pots in a Russian oven, now also in pots on plates or in special dishes in microwave ovens.

Porridge has always been the most frequent hot food in the army, especially in marching conditions. Hence the frequently used name of the profession of the army cook - "cook". The soldiers themselves give some porridge some slang nicknames, for example, pearl porridge in the army is called shrapnel or bolts for a characteristic appearance. Also pearl porridge in the army is called kirzuhoy, addictive porridge (from the distorted name of the groats - pearl). Also porridge is an integral part of baby food.

Porridge can be seasoned with milk, olives, cheese, low-fat cheese, butter, raisins, dried apricots, dried fruits and other useful and tasty supplements.

wiki Types of cereals

  • Buckwheat porridge - porridge, cooked from buckwheat, a popular dish of Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish cuisines;
  • Pea porridge - a dietary product, has a great nutritional value and calorie content;
  • Manna porridge - used for first courses as a filling, or in the form of semolina dumplings; for second courses - in the form of porridge, pancakes, casseroles, bitovki, cutlets; for sweet dishes - in the form of sweet semolina porridge (gurievskoy), soufflé, pudding, mousse, etc .; for baking pie (so-called mannika); as well as for the addition of minced meat;
  • Oatmeal porridge - a useful dish for breakfast, is available and very easy to prepare. For the Scots oatmeal porridge - almost the main dish of the country;
  • Pearl barley is a dish from boiled pearl barley, which is cooked both on milk and on water;
  • Barley porridge - made without grinding and polishing, therefore contains a large amount of fiber;
  • Millet porridge is millet seeds, peeled from the outer shell;
  • Rice porridge - rice porridge. To prepare the dish, rice is boiled in water until it softens. There is a special device for cooking rice - rice cooker .;
  • Corn porridge (Mamalyga, Polenta) - Do it not from whole grains, but from cereals;
  • Masha porridge - it must be necessarily with a thick bottom. Otherwise, the lower layers will burn. If there is no such pot, then it is better to take the cauldron. And it is very important to be able to install the weakest fire - what is called the languor mode. Then you will get a gentle and at the same time satisfying and energetic dish, which is remarkably suitable for a hearty breakfast;
  • Bitter porridge - flour from grains of oats or barley, which are pre-steamed, dried, fried, cleaned and pounded. The technology of making fiber is reflected in the name (from the word "chisel");
  • Wheat porridge - porridge, prepared from wheat cereals, a popular dish of Russian and European cuisines;
  • Lentil porridge - a dish is prepared in any thick-walled dishes. A cast-iron frying pan, a scallop or a pan will do;
  • Kasha "Dubinushka" - a recipe for cooking from several types of cereals and vegetables, which are stacked in a pan layer by layer;
  • Guryev porridge - cereal, prepared from semolina on milk with the addition of nuts (hazel, walnuts, almonds), kaimak (creamy foams), dried fruits.

Rich and tender rice milk porridge

Как правильно варить крупы. Своими секретами поделился опытный повар!

To get rich and tender rice milk porridge, bring to a boil 1 liter of milk, add salt and sugar to taste, then pour 1 stack. washed round rice. Cook for 2-3 minutes, then remove from heat and wrap. After 30 minutes, the porridge is ready for use!


Как правильно варить крупы. Своими секретами поделился опытный повар!

Buckwheat can be soaked for the night, and in the morning it is enough to change the water, rinse it and bring it to a boil. Classic recipe for cooking buckwheat groats without soaking: you need to take one part of buckwheat and two parts of water, bring to a boil, remove from heat and wrap up for 15 minutes.

Oat flakes

Как правильно варить крупы. Своими секретами поделился опытный повар!

Oat flakes are more delicious and tasty if prepared in the evening and left until breakfast. At 8 tbsp. l. flakes need to take 1 liter of milk, bring the boil, remove from heat and wrap. In the morning, the porridge should be simply heated.


Как правильно варить крупы. Своими секретами поделился опытный повар!

It is a mistake to believe that semolina should be poured into boiling milk. Porridge will get better and without lumps, if you pour 4 tbsp. l. Manki with a liter of milk and, stirring, boil. After 2 minutes, the pan should be removed and covered, leave for 20 minutes.

Corn porridge

Как правильно варить крупы. Своими секретами поделился опытный повар!

Corn porridge, perhaps, is the only one from our list, which must be cooked for a long time, for 30 minutes. For 1 stack. Grits are taken 2.5 stacks. water, it is necessary to fill the groats in boiling water. Often such porridge is cooked in the oven: it is necessary to pour the rinsed cereal with boiling water, add salt, sugar, raisins to taste, cover and send to the oven heated to 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Then take out the pot and mix the contents, return it back for another 10 minutes.

Each landlady has his own secret of making delicious cereal, is not it? Share it with us in the comments: it will be very interesting to read to us and other users.