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Turmeric-based medicines with which you forget the way to the pharmacy!

Лекарства на основе куркумы, с которыми ты забудешь дорогу в аптеку!

Turmeric (Latin: Curcuma) is a genus of monocotyledonous herbaceous plants of the Ginger family (Zingiberaceae). Rhizomes and stems of many species of this genus contain essential oils and yellow dyes (curcumin) and are cultivated as spices and medicinal plants. Curcuma longa (other names - Curcuma domestica, turmeric), the powder of dried roots of which is known as turmeric spice, is most widely used as a spice.

The healing properties of turmeric have been known in Hindustan since antiquity. It was believed that turmeric "cleanses the body." Turmeric also has immunomodulatory properties. Turmeric is a natural antibiotic. Milan Fiala of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) showed in vitro that one of the minor curcumin, bisdemetoxycurcumin (p, p'-hydroxycinnamoyloferuloylmethane), is an immunomodulator that stimulates beta-amyloid phagocytosis (the accumulation of which the cause of Alzheimer's disease in accordance with the amyloid hypothesis) monocytes.

Turmeric got into our kitchens along with pepper, saffron, zira and successfully won one of the places of honor.

Prescription medication for obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes

Turmeric can not only help to lose weight, but also cleanse blood vessels and lower blood sugar. It's no secret that this spice is part of many dietary supplements and diet products. But why buy them, if you yourself can prepare an equally effective medicine.


Pour 1 tsp. turmeric powder, red hot pepper on the tip of the knife and the same amount of ground mummy with a glass of boiled water. Stir this mixture thoroughly. Take one glass half an hour before meals three times a day.

Cold treatment

There are 2 recipes for effective turmeric cold medicine. The first is a general strengthening, anti-inflammatory warm drink.


Boil a glass of milk, cool to a temperature of about 40 degrees. Then add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoon of honey, best of all lime, to it. Stir this mixture thoroughly and consume it three times a day one hour before meals or two hours after eating.

The second recipe will come to the rescue if you have a sore throat

From turmeric, you can prepare a kind of local antibiotic, which is best used after thoroughly rinsing the sore throat.


Mix in a teaspoon a little candied honey and turmeric powder. Put this mixture in your mouth and dissolve slowly for at least five minutes. After that, you need to refrain from drinking and eating two to three hours. It is best to take this medicine before bedtime.

The medicine for burns, wounds and blackheads

Turmeric has healing properties, therefore, it is possible to prepare a medicinal composition from it for wraps and masks. Dressings with the product must be changed every three hours. Turmeric will help cope with soaking white eels. To do this, apply the treatment composition to a clean face as a mask and hold for 15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with boiled water.


Embankment 3-5 tbsp. l turmeric in a glass or porcelain cup. Then squeeze the juice of the leaves of indoor aloe there until you get a creamy mass that is convenient to apply to the skin. Do not store this mixture, use it immediately.

Honey sweets for hypertension

This prescription of traditional medicine will be a salvation for all who suffer from high blood pressure. Although the prescription is more complex, the effect of this medicine is invaluable.


Grind the first four ingredients in a coffee grinder and mix them with honey. From the resulting mass, roll 4-5 candies. They should be enough for 1 day of treatment. And for the prevention of hypertension, 1 candy per day will be enough.

The biggest advantage of turmeric-based medicines is their naturalness. This spice is guaranteed not to harm your health. Try replacing your pharmacy with your home-made ones.