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10 useless medicines you take (updated list 2016)

Список самых бесполезных лекарств

This list has been compiled mainly to draw attention to the problem of practicing doctors and those specialists who are directly involved in the supply of medical facilities.

Large manufacturers of medicines have long realized that in order to successfully sell a particular drug, it is not at all necessary that it has healing properties. They are much more profitable to invest in advertising and in the promotion of drugs than their clinical trials. First of all, I would like to draw attention to the fact that in our country enormous funds are thrown into "medicines", the effectiveness of which has not been proven by reliable clinical trials.

And even if, during the course of the studies, the ineffectiveness of the drugs was proved, many of them, thanks to the efforts of pharmaceutical companies, continue to be prescribed by doctors on a huge scale.

1. Actovegin, Cerebrolysin, Solcoseryl

Drugs with proven inefficiency!

2. Arbidol, Anaferon, Bioparox, Viferon, Polyoxidonium, Cycloferon, Ersefuril, Imunomaks, Likopid, Isoprinosine, Primadofilius, Engistol, Imudon

Immunomodulators with unproven efficacy. Are expensive. The studies do not give reason to consider arbidol as a drug with proven activity in trials for the treatment of colds, including influenza. Researchers from abroad are not really interested in this drug.

3. Bifidobacterin, Bifiform, Linex, Hilak Forte, Primadofilus, etc.

All probiotics. The diagnosis of "dysbacteriosis", put up by our pediatricians, nowhere else in the world. The use of prebiotics in developed countries is treated with caution.

4. Validol.

Peppermint, remotely related to medicine. It freshens your breath well. Having felt pain in the heart, a person puts validol under the tongue instead of nitroglycerin, which is obligatory in such situations, and leaves for a heart attack with a heart attack.

5. Vinpocetine and Quinton.

Today it is not recommended for use: not a single benign study of clinically significant effects has been revealed in it. This substance is obtained from the leaves of the plant Vinca minor. The drug is poorly understood. Therefore, in the United States and many other countries refers to dietary supplements, and not to medicines. $; 15 jar for the month of admission. Discontinued in Japan due to sheer inefficiency.

6. Nootropil, Piracetam, Fezam, Aminalon, Phenibut, Pantogam, Picamilon, Instenon, Mildronate, Cinnarizine, Mexidol

Placebo drugs.

7. Wobenzym.

Manufacturers claim that it heals, prolongs life and youth. Do not believe in a fairy tale about a miraculous drug that has not been tested in experimental studies just because it is expensive. Pharmaceutical companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in drug trials, even if there is little hope that they will be able to prove its effectiveness. One can only guess why these studies on Wobenzym have not been done so far. But a lot of money is invested in his advertising.

8. Glycine (amino acid) Tenaten, Enerion, St. John's wort preparations, Grippol, Polyoxidonium

Drugs with unproven effectiveness.


The drug has not proved its effectiveness in acute respiratory viral infections. Erespal in syrup is contraindicated in patients with bronchial asthma and allergies. Due to the dyes and honey flavor contained in it, it can itself provoke bronchospasm.

10 Gedelix

Effectiveness in acute respiratory viral infections in children, and in adults, has not been proven.


Contraindicated in children due to high toxicity. It is extremely careful to prescribe to adults with a disease of the nose and paranasal sinuses. In case of ear disease, use caution in case of damage to the eardrum.

12. Bioparox, Kudesan

No major studies have been conducted; all articles on Pubmed are mainly of Russian origin. "Research" was carried out mainly on mice.

In the list of the most useless drugs, scientists give the first place to Actovegin . Doctors prescribe it to everyone in a row - pregnant women and women in labor, for the treatment of burns, rehabilitation after heart attacks and strokes.

It contains an extract from the blood of calves, which supposedly helps to saturate the cells of the human body with oxygen and its general healing. But there are no data on clinical trials of this medicine. Actovegin is generally prohibited in the US and Europe.

It is sold exclusively in the CIS countries, China and South Korea. In Ukraine, this medicine is among the top 5 best-selling drugs. At the same time, doctors do not warn that the use of actovegin is associated with a risk of catching spongiform encephalitis, a carrier of which may be contained in raw materials - calf blood.

Another “dummy” medicine is cerebrolysin , which is prescribed for patients with central nervous system disorders.

Meanwhile, in 2010, one of the most respected organizations in the world, Cochrane Collaboration, published the results of clinical trials of cerebrolysin, which stated that this medicine did not help any of the patients in the focus group.

Various immunomodulators ( arbidol, alfaron, kagocel, ingaron, etc. ), which are actively prescribed by doctors to treat the flu, are considered completely useless.

Clinical trials show that patients taking immunity stimulants recovered in the same way as those treated with folk remedies - tea with lemon and herbs.

Moreover, it is believed that immunomodulators not only do not help, but can also harm the body, provoking an immune system disorder.

The myth that helps pharmacists make good money is stories about the therapeutic effect of probiotics ( bifidumbacterin, linex ), which should treat intestinal dysbiosis.

But, according to experts, their effectiveness is zero. According to manufacturers, one capsule of the same linex contains at least 12 million live lactic acid bacteria.

The same amount can be obtained by consuming the daily rate of kefir. In addition, up to half of beneficial microorganisms die during the production process.

Hepatoprotectors (drugs to restore the liver), such as essentials, livolin, etc., have a similar effect on the body . Manufacturers have not presented convincing data on the effectiveness of these drugs.

It turns out that even old and beloved by our grandmothers heart medicines do not cure.

Corvalol , which includes a potent drug - phenobarbital , does not affect the course and outcome of cardiovascular diseases, but it accumulates in the body's tissues, eventually destroying them. Phenobarbital is prohibited in most developed countries.

Valocordin contains psychotropic components - ethyl ether and the same phenobarbital, so it may have only a mild sedative effect.

The mesima forte , which is recommended for improving digestion, is very doubtful. The preparation does not have an enteric-soluble membrane, which is why enzymes dissolve with acid in the stomach and, as a result, do not give any effect.

Our doctors also exaggerate the healing effect of sedative new-passitis .

In fact, this is a set of herbs mildly acting on the body, which is sold at a sky-high price.