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Prohibited, falsified and useless medicines and their manufacturers

Annotation to the unauthorized replacement of more expensive drugs with their cheaper analogues

Many readers were hooked by the phrase about the unauthorized replacement of more expensive drugs with their cheap counterparts on the advice of the "pitiful patients with difficult financial situation" of the first-timers. Well, there’s such a proverb ... The wolf regretted the mare ... left the tail and the mane ... Screams that .... they say that evil doctors angrily prescribe an incredibly expensive treatment, when it could be done less expensive ... they start strain therefore, to the best of my ability, a little explanation.

In your life there is no more necessary and important purchase for you than buying medicines necessary for your health. Therefore, saving is not necessary. You can save on books, going to the cinema and theater, clothes, fashionable primambasy and devices, drinking ... if it’s really bad, then on food.

The fact is that sometimes the price / quality difference does not fit into the framework of ordinary consumer behavior. Sometimes (and more often not) the quality is better "a little", and the price is two times ...

In the case of buying furniture, building materials and washing powder, probably not .... however, everyone decides. But in the price / quality ratio in the case of a medicine, “quality” is the quality of your one and only life + the risks of developing side and unpredictable effects of course. Of course, it is up to you to decide ... but, I have been trying for a long time not to risk it ....

The most important thing is the predictability of the action of the drug, the predictability of possible side effects, the predictability of interaction with other treatment, etc., etc.

What is the doctor guided by? First of all, by their personal experience and the data of colleagues. Recently, there has also appeared “evidence-based” or “demonstrative” medicine that makes it possible to objectively combine the experience of many doctors, but this is a topic for a separate message and there are also some pitfalls there ....

So, the experience of each doctor is based on the use of a large, but generally limited amount of drugs, there is nothing to be done about this is life. For the predicted results of treatment, everyone wants to, and nobody wants to be an experimental rabbit.

Tells a professional pharmacist

Oh, what a pity that I found this topic late, otherwise I have a lot to say about the cheap analogues. So, in a nutshell. We take the same one, the first on the list, well, or the second or third, we prepare the sample, we sweep it into the chromatograph - at the output the picture is candy. The peak of the main substance, a couple of three tiny spikes - impurities and all things. Then we take a cheap analogue, put it in exactly the same way into the device and ... We squint at the stockade of any rubbish that creeps on the chromatogram.

The trick is that an expensive drug is defaulted from high-quality raw materials, most often American, Canadian or Israeli (well, there are still European ones, but this is rare already). And generics are polls made from Sino-Indian rubbish, miles sorry, so control over the feedstock is already much more approximate. Accordingly, at least due to impurities, we have a gorgeous distortion of the mechanism of action of the drug. The raw material is controlled by a certain finite list of parameters, and inorganic impurities are generally checked very conditionally. And there may be them - Mama Do not Cry.

In my personal ranking, the top position is the story of an American aunt, who decided to spoil a batch of aspirin from bitter emotions, throwing a decent dose of rat poison into the reactor. Do you think they discovered during the production process and pre-sale control? And nifiga! Arsenic is not included in the standard list of tests, and if you do not specifically look for it, then by chance you will not find it in life. Thank you, my aunt changed her mind in time and surrendered to the police, they managed to withdraw the aspirin from the sale ... It's just that the inorganic is "caught" extremely difficult, and there may be troubles from it - my mother is not sorry! And how many inorganics in Indian and Chinese raw materials, which are most often produced in violation of the basic requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, are unknown to anyone at all.

In general, this is my main professional callus ... I apologize for the verbosity. I’m just a damn cloud of years in pharmaceutical production, of which 10 years in Canada, I react a little nervously to the phrases “there is a cheap analogue,” because Zhvanetskiy’s answer is “those that you have or those that treat you”.


If you do not trust the doctor who prescribed, in your opinion, unreasonable expensive / harmful / unnecessary treatment - it’s okay. Only in such a situation is it necessary to change the doctor, not the one prescribed by him. And if you really trust the professionalism of the doctor treating you ... please leave creative approaches for some other area.

Black list of drugs (Black list of Roszdravnadzor)


- LLC “Iodine Technologies and Marketing” (45 series of four drugs were rejected)
- Tula pharmaceutical factory (26 series of seven drugs)
- CJSC Vifitech (22 series of eight drugs)
- LLC "Slavic pharmacy"
- Association of Biosynthesis OJSC
- OAO Tatkhimpharmpreparaty
- CJSC “Rostov Pharmaceutical Factory”
- OJSC "Dalkhimpharm"
- OJSC "Biochemist"
- OJSC Flora of the Caucasus


(The list is led by Indian pharmaceutical companies)
- “Plethiko Pharmaceuticals Ltd” (India
“Shreya Life Science Pvt. Ltd. "
- “Himalaya Drag Co.”
- The English company Recitt Benkizer Helskar International Ltd (Boots Helskar International)
- Ukrainian Farmak OJSC
- Belgian "USB S.A. Pharma Sector »
- Netherlands "Natur Produkt Europe BV"
- Pakistan Herbion Pakistan Private Limited
- Belorussian RUE "Belmedpreparaty"
- American Sagmel Inc.

Most often fake:

(name; number of fakes; average retail price (rubles))
- Trichopolum ; 41,619; 39.5;
- Mezim-forte ; 9334; 40;
- Valocordin ; 8910; 60;
- Festal ; 8445; 156;
- Novo-Passit (solution) ; 7622; 89;
- Essential Forte N ; 5888; 235;
- Claritin ; 3153; 174;
- Suprastin ; 1040; 70.


Phenacetin - Medical Use Prohibited
Cimetidine - Medical Use Prohibited
Gemodez - Forbidden medical use
Phenylbutazone (butadione) - Limited medical use
Gentamicin - Limited Medical Use
Nitrofural (furatsilin) - The medical use of oral tablets is prohibited
Nitrofuran - Limited Medical Use
Detoxification solutions containing low molecular weight polyvinylpyralidone - Limited medical use

Metamizole Sodium (Analgin) - Limited medical use

  • limiting the age of children when it is prescribed in tablet form - up to 12 years;
  • groups of patients were noted who are at risk of developing PR (with a burdened allergic history, blood diseases, impaired liver and kidney function);
  • the duration of continuous use of these drugs is no more than 3 days for all age groups (in the average therapeutic dose for adults, 0.5-1.0 grams);

Rofecoxib (Rofica, Denebol) - Limited medical use

  • the maximum daily dose is limited (not higher than 50 mg per day)
  • contraindication to use - people with an increased risk of the cardiovascular system (heart attacks, strokes, progressive clinical forms of atherosclerosis); age over 65 years.

Thioridazine (Sonapax, Ridazine) - Limited medical use

  • the highest daily dose is limited (not higher than 300 mg per day)
  • indication for use: extreme mental conditions, neuropsychiatric conditions, mental disorders of alcoholic origin

Nimesulide preparations - Limited medical use

  • use in children under 12 years is prohibited;
  • concomitant use with potentially hepatotoxic drugs
  • alcoholism, drug addiction
  • fever and flu-like state

Eufilin - The medical use of medical forms that contain the stabilizer ethylenediamine is prohibited.

Preprati Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) - Changes have been made to the Instruction that relate to the potential risk of neuropsychiatric disorders associated with Tamiflu, especially in children.

The experts got into the attention of:

  • Abilify Schizophrenia Medication by Bristol Myers Squibb Co. Clinical trials have shown its toxicity and harm to the liver.
  • Roche Holding AG Xenical Slimming Aid for the risk of rectal bleeding.
  • Antidepressants, serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, are associated with the risk of congenital anomalies in children of people taking these drugs.
  • The antifungal drug Lamisil from Novartis AG from Roche is at risk of mental illness.
  • Diovan from Novartis AG - for the development of anemia.
  • Plan B oral contraceptives (Postinor and Escapelle) from the Israeli company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - a high risk of loss of consciousness.