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Water before meals or water after meals! I finally found out the truth!

Вода перед едой или вода после еды! Наконец-то я узнал правду!

Water (hydrogen oxide) is a binary inorganic compound with the chemical formula H2O. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, which are interconnected by a covalent bond. Under normal conditions, it is a transparent liquid that does not have color (with a small layer thickness), smell and taste. In a solid state it is called ice (ice crystals can form snow or hoarfrost), and in a gaseous state - water vapor. Water can also exist in the form of liquid crystals (on hydrophilic surfaces). It makes up about 0.05% of the mass of the Earth.

Digestion - the mechanical and chemical processing of food in the gastrointestinal (digestive) tract - a complex process in which the digestion of food and its assimilation by cells occurs. During digestion, macromolecules of food are transformed into smaller molecules, in particular, the breakdown of food biopolymers into monomers. This process is carried out using digestive (hydrolytic) enzymes. After the processing process described above, food is absorbed through the intestinal wall and enters the body’s body fluids (blood and lymph). Thus, the digestion process is the processing of food and its assimilation by the body.

Water is a necessary component in our body to maintain health, performance and youth. Water is useful and necessary, and its proper use will help prevent a number of diseases and help to live long and healthy. It is necessary to drink water before eating in an hour - half an hour, and after eating in two - an hour and a half , since water and all drinks dilute the gastric juice intended for digesting food and it is not completely digested there are substances that begin to rot and cause various diseases!

Research in the field of the benefits of water for the human body has been conducted for more than one year, but until now, scientists have not been able to determine when it is more beneficial to drink it: before meals or after ?



Water before meals helps to saturate the body and reduce the number of calories consumed during meals. Simply put, when you fill your stomach with water, you eat less food. And by drinking clean water while eating, instead of other cold drinks with lots of sugar, you protect your body from excess calories.


A glass of water before eating cleanses the body of toxins , maintains a normal lymphatic system and speeds up metabolism, and also effectively cleanses the stomach and intestines.


Water saturates the body with moisture . After sleep, our body is dehydrated, which is why it is important to drink water before breakfast. And also, a glass of water before meals will help speed up the metabolism and give a boost of energy for the whole day.



Water helps digestion. For a long time, it was believed that water interferes with the good digestion of food. However, recent studies have shown that water just helps this process. In addition, water after eating allows the body to absorb nutrients faster.

Remember that drinking water is useful and necessary, and when exactly to do it, it all depends on you. Getting enough water per day, you will always be in good shape, good mood and well-being.

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