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What you need and what not to do with a woman's breasts

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

Female breasts - two protuberances on the front upper part of the body, inside of which are mammary glands secreting breast milk for feeding babies. A little below the middle of each breast, approximately at the level of the fourth intercostal space or the fifth rib, there is a small protrusion on the surface - the breast nipple. Considered in the number of secondary sexual characteristics and in most cases are stronger erogenous zones than nipples in men. The appearance of a naked female breast can cause increased sexual desire in both sexes.

In many cultures for women, unlike men, it is considered indecent to publicly strip the breasts. In other cultures it is considered acceptable for women to strip their breasts, and in some countries there have never been such prohibitions. The question, in which cases is the exposure of the female breast (topless) considered acceptable, often depends on the place and context. In some Western cultures, the exposure of the female breast to the beach is considered acceptable, while, for example, in the center of the city this is considered indecent. In many cases, the ban on exposing the female breast concerns, mainly, the exposure of the female nipples, allowing the decollete. If the public exposure of the female breast is associated with feeding, then this is usually more loyal. According to feminists, the issue of the admissibility of a public demonstration of a naked female breast has a direct bearing on the problem of gender equality. A traditional symbol of fertility. In many cultures, the patroness goddesses of childbearing and fertility were portrayed as many-breasted or full-breasted women.

Throughout the history of mankind, men adored women's breasts. In the end, all of them began their life with her sucking, and then all the remaining years continue to be hers and cherish her in every possible way. And as well as in the beginning of man's life, and in their mature age, women often want to create instructions for the use of the female breast. In general, here's what men need to know about handling breasts ... And those few slaps that our authors received when compiling this list (and, most importantly, checking the collected data) could not extinguish the research fervor. Take care! Facts about the female breast!

How to fondle women's breasts correctly

Some important rules for treating a woman's breasts. You can cut out one of these notes and keep it on the bedside table by the bed - or where you usually find the female breasts there and remember with horror that you forgot how to treat it.
Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

Theoretically, this knowledge you absorb with more mother's milk, so it will be enough to release the instincts to freedom. Touching, licking, massaging, biting, drawing abstract pictures on it, admiring from afar, burying her face is not a complete list of what can be done with it. However, proportionate strength: nine girls out of ten can not stand, when a man is too vigorously squeezes his chest and twists his nipples. If you're going to get down to business thoughtfully, try our advice;)

Do not bite until we say. All women have very different sensations in the chest. One likes when their breasts are bitten, others do not. It is better to be careful, until you know better than the mistress of the chest and her charms. If you do not know how tender or rude you are, ask her about the sensations.

Some of us have a non-sensitive chest, so do not be discouraged if we do not moan with pleasure. It's sad, but true. For some women, you can caress the chest as much as you want, but this will not produce any effect on it.

Do not focus on the nipples alone. The whole breast is very sensitive.

The size does not affect the sensitivity. There are women with zero breast size, but they like it more when they are caressed by nipples than do Cooney. And some large-sized women do not like it when they touch their breasts.

If you too often suck our breasts, then we can go milk. This is true for those women who have children, and for those who do not. Just do not get scared if this happens.

The surest sign that a girl wants you to play with her breasts is when she puts her hands on her breast.

Some women are not even against breastfeeding their boyfriends. For some, this is very strange, while for others it is a measure of proximity.

Please do not just suck our nipples. Do not overdo it - it can be painful.

Rarely, what woman refuses to massage the breast. Especially during critical days, when the breast is poured.

If a woman has a large chest, then it is good to do it and massage the back and shoulders , which bear the main load due to its size.

The nipples live their life. If you suck them for a long time, and they are not excited, do not think anything bad. We simply can not control them.

We really like it when you use our breasts in foreplay .

How to unfasten a bra with one hand

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

How to buy her own bra

To make the girl a pleasant surprise, without using tactless questions or techniques of the Chinese struggle like "a creeping tiger with a tailor's meter", it is possible only in one case: if you read the label on her current bra. If you did not succeed, you should change the volume under the breast and the volume of the breast itself - this is the initial data for entering the world of higher mathematics. During the measurement, the girl should stand still with her hands down (Yes, we understand that it will be easier to look at the label).

In fact, the mysterious figures and letters used by the underwear sellers are easily deciphered. So, the letter D means only the fourth fullness of the chest, because it is the fourth letter of the Latin alphabet. Accordingly, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 and so on.

If you can not determine the size of the breast by eye, you can try to do this by the difference between the volume of the torso under the chest and the volume of the breast itself. 12 cm = A, 14 cm = B, 16 cm = C, 18 cm = D, 20 cm = E, 22 cm = F.

The number in front of the letter indicates the volume under the breast. Thus, if the chest volume is 96 cm, the volume under the breast is 76 cm, then the size of the girl's bra will be 75D. If you're lucky.

What the nipples are silent about

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

The shape of the breasts and sexuality are not so closely connected that you can find some interesting addiction. But the size and shape of the nipple can tell us a lot.


Small nipples not only look very beautiful? - They often have maximum sensitivity and react vividly not only to touch, but even to such nonsense as a light blow. It's a sin not to use it.


Nipples can also be very large: in a mature woman giving birth, they can easily reach 8-9 centimeters in diameter in the unexcited state. The sensitivity of such a nipple is usually reduced. The fact is that the number of nerve endings in it is about the same as in the small one, but their concentration is much less. Therefore, caressing them is more energetic? - For example, do not lick, but suck and clamp your lips.


If the nipple is always eaten and pointed or always remains flat and almost indistinguishable to the touch, this is the norm of physiology and will not tell anything interesting. But the nipple, which changes shape at the first touch, with the slightest change in temperature, simply because of a change in the mood of the mistress; the nipple, which then rises and cringes, then spreads out, is a sign of a woman's high sexuality. According to studies of Kinsey specialists, ladies with such "walking nipples" are extremely excitable and easily reach orgasm with almost any partner. The easiest way to test the intensity of a nipple reaction is as follows. Carry out several fingers around the chest circumference, rising and descending along a spiral trajectory. You can also gently pinch the nipple with your fingertips and pull it slightly towards yourself. The hypersensitive nipple immediately shrinks into a ball. After that, try a few times slowly, with a licking pressure: a sensitive nipple will dissolve under the heat of your tongue until completely smooth.


The color of the nipple can vary. There is no connection with the temperament of his mistress here: the coloring of the halos of the nipples depends solely on the amount of melanin contained in the skin. But to check the natural color of your partner's hair with the help of the color of her nipples it is easy: for redheads it is usually almost colorless, for blondes? - pinkish, and for brownies and brunettes varies from light brown to dark brown.

Facts about the female breast

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

1. Scientists from the University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) estimated that the average weight of one female breast is about 400 grams. Silicone was carefully taken out of the brackets and, of course, excluded from the calculations.

2. Each kilogram gained by a woman increases the weight of the breast by 20 g - and vice versa. Nutritionists - on the gallows!

3. The artificial breasts were invented in the middle of the XIX century by the French. Women who were not happy with their breasts were implanted with animal fat, wax or paraffin. But the joy was often short-lived: many of the victims of the upgrade were killed.

4. In 80% of women, one breast (usually the left one) is larger than the other.

5. According to scientists from the California Cancer Center, as a result of the effects of phytoestrogens - substances that are contained in plants and, you are surprised, in beer - there is an active growth of breast tissue. So, to feed your flat-chested girl, contrary to the popular myth, you do not need to cabbage cabbage (it's easier to push it at the décolletage), but with flaxseed, lentils, unprocessed wheat, beans, hops and soy. But chu! Listen first to the words of the gynecologist-endocrinologist, mammologist Aksamitovovy VP: "Phytoestrogens do give the woman a more feminine appearance, but take them carefully, under the supervision of an endocrinologist, they can cause breast cancer. "

6. The larger the breast size, the higher the level of intellectual development of a woman. Responsibility for this bold assertion was assumed in 2003 by a group of American sociologists from Chicago, headed by Dr. Yvonne Rossdale. They classified 1200 women in terms of breast size: smallest (A), small (B), medium (C), large (D), very large (E, F, etc.) - and then tested them for IQ. Dr. Rossdale - by the way, the owner of the size A - claims that girls with a size from D and above are smarter than their already complimentary rivals with sizes A and B by 10 points. Girls with a size C outstrip holders A and B by 3-4 points.

7. The breast consists of 15-20 lobules of glandular tissue - together they resemble a bunch of grapes. Lobules have their own milk duct opening on the surface of the nipple, and are surrounded by a fibrous (connective) and fatty tissue. The latter occupies 97% of the female breast. It is she who gives her softness and form.

8. In Japan, for many hundreds of years, lack of breast was considered a symbol of femininity and beauty. In order to hide forms, Japanese women pulled their bust with a cloth. Now the stereotypes have changed - well, yes, you yourself know about it, if at least once saw a legendary clip for this song.

9. Women's breasts slightly increase in size the week before menstruation.

10. Polimastia - the presence of additional mammary glands - a rare, but not unique phenomenon. The mother of the Roman Emperor Caracalla Julius Mamei and the second wife of Henry XVIII Anne Boleyn had three breasts, Marcel's resident Madame Ventr had an extra breast on her hip.

11. A woman can reach orgasm when caressing her breasts. Physiologists have proved that irritation of the erectile tissue, which is under the nipples of female breasts, can cause a reduction in uterine musculature and thereby bring the girl to orgasm. It works with about 8% of women. Aksamitova VP: "The connection between the uterus and the breast is the most direct, for example, vaginal infections cause diseases of the mammary glands. Indeed, with the caress of one's chest alone, the reception of an orgasm is possible. "

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

12. The female breast does not contain muscle tissue. At all. Otherwise, professional bodybuilders, of course, would have been a much more popular cultural phenomenon.

13. Alain Bernardin, the founder of the cabaret Crazy Horse, believed that the ideal breast of its upper part - from the top (A) to the nipple (B) - should be exactly 1/3 of the length of the AC (from the top of the chest to its base).

14. In the ancient Slavs, the southern Slavs believed that fairy dwellers of water bodies - mermaids - possess a breast of such size that they can easily throw it behind their backs.

15. Glasses for champagne, appeared in France in the XVIII century during the reign of Louis XV repeated the form of the breast of the royal favorite of the Marquis de Pompadour. Alexandre Dumas had two bowls cast in the shape of the Countess du Barry's breasts. The Duke of Lozen possessed a set of glasses, exactly repeating the shape of the breast of Marie Antoinette.

16. According to statistics, 58% of women wear a bra not of the size that they need. This is because they are trying to pick up a bra for a peephole, elementary without knowing their parameters.

17. 70% of women dream to enlarge their breasts or change their shape. Remember this percentage and read on. Psychologist A.B. Orlov, Center for Psychological Counseling Trialog: "This idea is formed as a result of increased sensitivity to often unconscious messages from a significant male environment. However, changing the shape of the breast (as well as other elements of its appearance) can not satisfy the more general need to be loved. So, if a girl dreams of a breast change, she should start by searching for a psychotherapist. " Conclusion: Conclusion: of four women, three need the services of the brain? Think about the opening ...

18. On the Internet there is a whole galaxy of sites that give women a chance to put pictures of their breasts - mostly amateur ones - on public display. But not just so, but out of empty vanity! Any visitor can put an estimate of someone else's chest and compare their taste with the opinion of hundreds of thousands of idle gapers. The oldest site is, the most recent (but confusing in terms of navigation) There are also, but because of the abundance of pornographic ads, it's even somewhat embarrassing to recommend ...

19. Surgeons of the American Clinic Mayo in Rochester, Minnesota, make 600 operations a year (for some reason, still not banned by the governments of all countries!) To reduce their breasts. 97% of their patients believe that a large bust has a bad effect on their health, 78% have a backache, 79% can not run, and 77% are not able to play sports at all.

20. The largest breast in the world - 82x266x193 cm - a sculpture made from polyester resin by the French sculptor Cesar. The cast is made from the chest of Victoria von Krupp, the dancers from Cabaret Crazy Horse. A monumental work can be seen in the gallery at Place de la Concorde in Paris.

21. Hippocrates advised women with flat chests to sing a lot and loudly to increase the size of the bust. The gynecologist of the medical center "EuromedPrestizh" LN. Bulatov: "Theoretically, professional pawns develop pectoral muscles and, accordingly, a purely visual chest can be larger. However, the hormonal background from singing does not depend, so that the impressive dimensions of opera singers are achieved rather by a certain diet regime. "

22. With the use of traditional implants, in 28% of cases, fibrosis develops in the breast - the outgrowth around the foreign body of the connective tissue. As a result, the breast feels like a tennis ball to the touch. With new materials, the situation is many times better, although there is no exact statistics.

23. Over a thousand years ago Avicenna proposed a prescription for preserving the shape of the breast, which could be easily applied at home. The ingredients of the miracle cure intended for external use included Kimolos clay, bleached seeds, as well as blood from the genital organs of the wild boar, hedgehog or turtle.

24. Bare-chested women - this is not a myth. The Amazons got rid of their right breasts by cutting off or burning them as a child. According to one version, it facilitated their handling of onions, on the other - they just did it to intimidate the enemies. For certain it is not known, however, whether the enemies retreated (or just experienced a little less pleasure, taking the Amazons prisoner). And in August 1985, a young Spanish girl named Muriel cut herself both breasts to take part in the bullfight. She did it completely voluntarily - she was helped by an American surgeon. So it turned out the famous matador Riviero El Primero.

25. In the XVIII century, when the decollete was particularly deep, the color of the nipples and areola intensified with dyes.

26. A group of British scientists, led by Mark Brand, found out in which European country women with large breasts (from C and above) live. A strictly scientific study involved 5000 women from 30 to 39 years old from seven countries: Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden and Austria.

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

27. According to a study conducted by the University Medical Center in Ulrich (Sweden), women who did not undergo breast resizing surgery are less likely to commit suicide than women with implants.

28. In 1886, the first bra appeared. The innovators were the English. This building was called the "device for improving the shape of the chest" and I could see from it I was reminded of two tea strains planted on a woman's breast and fastened with a ribbon.

29. In Africa and India, a lush chest with large nipples is popular, as the cult of motherhood is widespread in local religions. But Europeans, if you believe the questionnaires, the chest is more sympathetic with small nipples.

30. In 2001, the command of the Italian army informed the Government that too large breasts of women volunteers prevented them from successfully carrying out tasks to overcome obstacles and to run on rough terrain. Now in the Charter of the Italian army it is written that girls with a particularly large breast size should make an operation to reduce it if they want to serve in the army. Precedents with urgent operations have not yet been observed. So, if we fight with Italy, do not worry: the enemy will not be able to distract you by pulling your tunic.

31. Women are witty and creative people. Therefore, in addition to the actual chest, pistol and ciphers, you always have a chance to find interesting, but obviously foreign objects in the bra of the girl: cotton wool, foam pads (sewn into a bra), silicone inserts imitating the natural breast (stick to the body).

32. Before giving birth, a woman's breast adds significantly to weight - up to plus 700 g.

33. Australian aborigines considered women with small breasts to be inferior. To increase it, they rubbed the breast with fat and a "magical" red ocher, and around the nipples they drew circles. Those women who were not helped even by this, tried to pull off the breast with a bandage, pressing on the chest from above.

34. At the beginning of the 2000th year in Hunan Province (central China), there was a rule for several years: female civil servants should have the same size breasts (item 22 of the list of requirements). It was checked during the interview. Girls with an apparently asymmetrical bust were weeded out. In March 2004, a college graduate, who had a different size of breasts, trying to get a job and everywhere receiving a refusal, declared discrimination in the local newspaper China Woman, making a big noise. The rule was abolished.

35. Some ethnicities of the extreme North have a belief that conception occurs in the chest. Only after this the child falls into the stomach.

36. According to Adidas experts, in terms of the loads exerted on women's breasts, all sports can be divided into three categories: with a small load, with medium load and with a heavy load. The latter include running, tennis, mountain biking, game sports, equestrian sports, active aerobics classes. All of them negatively affect the female breast - moving too intensively, the girl can experience pain, especially with a large bust size. If you do not wear a special underwear for sports, the chest may hang. If the girl decides to do bodybuilding, she can lose her breast altogether: in this sport video the fat cells, of which the breast basically consist, burn very quickly.

37. The average breast volume of modern girls is 91.4 cm.

38. Italian scientists of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the University of Palermo derived the formula of the ideal female breast. According to their opinion, it is necessary to build a triangle ABC with the base AC and angles at three points - a hollow between the clavicles and nipples - and then calculate the value of the parameter of perfection. If the breast is ideal, the parameter is from 0, 4 to 0, 6. To calculate it, you need to divide the length of AC by 2 and the result - by the length of AB. If the parameter is less than 0.4, then the chest sags, if more than 0.6 - it is too high.

Женская грудь, что можно, что нельзя

39. To distinguish the elastic bust from not very elastic, a "pencil test" is carried out. It is enough to put the last under the chest and look at the result. If the pencil falls to the floor, the breast is considered elastic, and vice versa. The whole question is how to do it imperceptibly.

40. From the physiological point of view, the mammary gland is a video-modified sweat gland. Physiology in general is a gross and mundane phenomenon.

41. Having discovered the uprightness, the person realized that he had committed a serious mistake. If before a woman had the opportunity to give an unequivocal signal to a man with the help of pretty buttocks and bright red labia, now all this became absolutely impossible to consider at the first meeting. In order for a person to continue to multiply, nature came up with a special mimicry: the sexual signal was sent not in the back, but in front. That is, the chest and mouth began to serve as analogs of the buttocks and you yourself understand what. Adherents of this evolutionary theory believe that only this way one can explain the presence of plump lips in people, which differ sharply in color from the rest of the face, and enlarged mammary glands. In all other mammals, the breast increases only during the feeding of the young. It remains only to understand how nature managed to respond so hastily to the fact that we got up from the quadruple ... But in any case - thank you, nature! Thank you very much!

42. In European women, the breast has a hemispherical shape, in Asian - conical, in African - pear-shaped.

43. The name of the Ninchur mountain, which is located in the center of the Kola Peninsula near Seid Lake, is translated from the Sami as "female breasts".

44. The American company Dow Corning, engaged in the production of silicone implants, in the mid-1990s, paid $ 4 billion in compensation to women affected by their products. The company was accused of the fact that silicone implants cause breast cancer and other diseases. The number of claims reached almost two hundred thousand, and in May 1995 Dow Corning was officially declared bankrupt.

45. Under the influence of cold, the female breast is tightened and becomes more attractive. That's why a special employee in the Paris cabaret "Lido" holds a piece of ice along the breast of the dancers before they enter the stage.

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