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What will your feces tell you about

Что ваши фекалии расскажут о вас

How ridiculous it does not sound, it is they who carry important information about the state of your health.

Hippocrates believed that all diseases originate in the intestines, remember this.

Therefore, the certainty that what comes out of us, it looks good is important for everyone.

So, three things that you should pay attention to:

  • Regularity
  • The form
  • Colour

1. Regularity

We advise to defecate once a day. You must feel that your bowels are completely emptied.

However, some go to the toilet 2-3 times a day. This may be due to faster metabolism, the amount of beneficial bacteria, or the amount of food that they consume.

If you defecate more than 3 times a day, this is a symptom of diarrhea, which we'll talk about a little later.

Some people think that going to the toilet once a couple of days is normal. However, I do not agree with this statement. Exercise is the best way to cleanse our body of toxins, acids and other toxins, so it's worth doing it every day.

2. Form

This is also important, and few will tell you about it.

We must be sure that our bowel movements are in the right form. This indicates that our body has digested, learned all the useful substances contained in food, and now thoroughly cleansed of acids and toxins.

Что ваши фекалии расскажут о вас

Before you benefit, or the so-called Bristol medical card:

  • Type 1. Separate solid lumps, small balls
  • Type 2. Similar to sausages, but lumpy
  • Type 3. Like sausages, but with cracks on the surface
  • Type 4. Similar to sausage or snake, smooth and soft
  • Type 5. Soft balls with relief edges (easily pass)
  • Type 6. Pile pieces with sharp edges, soft stools
  • Type 7. Watery, without whole pieces. Absolutely liquid.

Have already guessed which of these types is considered a sign of health?

If you chose 4, congratulations. You are absolutely right!

Ideal feces easily come out, they smell rather like overripe fruits, rather than as something terrible, and you barely need to be wiped.

It should also be noted that type 3 is better than types 5 and 6.

Diarrhea is more difficult to control and, as a rule, it is a consequence of more serious health problems. Diarrhea can also be accompanied by malabsorption, as a result of which your body does not receive all the vitamins and minerals it needs.


If your bowel movements are soft, mushy, liquid or too frequent, you can take the following steps: First, I would talk to your doctor and insist on analyzing the stool.

At the same time, to fasten the feces, consume more products of the diet BREAK:

  • Bananas
  • Rice
  • Apples
  • Tea

These products contain tons that strengthen the chair.

You can also include in the diet one or two teaspoons of food-grade bentonite clay. This not only strengthens the stool, but also removes toxins.

Drink probiotics, gluten, consume wheat or other grains, nuts, seeds until your bowel is fully healed.

A hard chair?

If you have a hard or irregular stool, you can also talk with the doctor and insist on carrying out the analysis. Also think about the study of hormonal activity of the thyroid gland.

Adding magnesium to your diet will also be of great help.

Fish, other healthy fats, seeds of Spanish sage, seeds and nuts can also improve the process.

Do not forget about the pears: two per day will have a beneficial effect on your intestines.

Yoga and massage the abdomen are also a win-win option.

Success is enjoyed and castor oil: apply it with massage movements on the abdomen several times a week.

Another secret remedy is peppermint oil. Add one drop to your toilet and sit down. This stimulates the work of the intestines and often leads to defecation.

3. Color

So, we have discussed the form. Now let's talk about color. Believe it or not, color is also very important!

The golden mean for our chair is from the color of milk chocolate to dark brown.

If your feces are black, this indicates the presence of blood in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract.

Yellow and green colors of the stool can be acquired as a result of violations of fat absorption, liver or gallbladder work.

Drink brown kvass, Swedish tincture, take hydrochloric acid / pepsin or any other digestive enzymes to help the body break down fats.

Remember, if you eat beets, leafy greens, or food colors, the color of the stool can change and it's absolutely normal.

Pops up or does not pop up?

And the last ... since this issue sooner or later appear in the comments:

"Should your feces come up?"

The question of a million dollars and here the opinions of experts differ.

Some argue that the first case indicates a sufficient amount of fiber in the diet.

Others are of the opinion that this is a consequence of a violation of fat absorption.

The second option is better - this is the conclusion. However, the truth is in which of the cases you feel healthy.