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Why mosquitoes bite some people more than others

Почему кусают комары

There are many opinions why mosquitoes bite some people and do not bite others.

It is assumed that beer lovers, fat people, people who produce more carbon dioxide and sweat, more tasty for mosquitoes.

One thing we know for sure: genetics and body chemistry are the keys to understanding this, their mosquito, selectivity. It is said that every tenth person is attractive to a bite.

Tricks against mosquitoes that will help drive away the ubiquitous insects and remain "uneaten."

So why do mosquitoes attack certain people?

Let's see what the mosquitoes want, landing on our skin. Without a share of sexism, we say that only females bite. In order to breed, to feed the eggs, they need the blood of mammals. The males of all mosquito species known to the world feed exclusively on plant foods and do not digest blood.

The females are very selective, and for their future offspring they want only better blood. As you know, each of us has its own unique body odor. And mosquitoes know exactly how to "sound" the perfect flavor for them. They can feel it for 30 meters.

Just imagine, in the human body there are about 100 trillion microbes. We even have our own, so to speak, "microbial signature", which is determined mainly by genetics. These microbes are the main part of our immune system, so remember that too frequent water procedures do not bring benefits and they, of course, will not hide your smell from the acute sense of smell of mosquitoes.

Is the blood type important?

If the mosquito liked your scent, it will not leave you behind. In addition, the conducted experiments showed that mosquitoes prefer people with I blood group twice as often as with II.

This means that in 85% of cases a person with his blood group himself lures mosquitoes.

So what is that perfect perfume?

Again, a large role is played by the amount of sweat and carbon dioxide emitted by the human body. However, even more important is the smell of our body itself.

Lactic acid, as it turned out, is very attractive for most mosquito species. And certain foods such as cheese, soy, yogurt or pickled vegetables, combined with physical activity, lead to the formation of more lactic acid on the surface of the skin. And it draws us buzzing bloodsuckers.

Make yourself completely unattractive to mosquitoes is impossible. All we can do is apply precautions: cover large areas of skin with clothes, do not go out at dawn and in the evening during high humidity, and also use protective creams and sprays from insect bites, aromatic oils. But even after all this, mosquitoes will not "love" us less.