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Passwords to achieve the goal

Слова-пароли для достижения цели

Words passwords can connect the consciousness with the subconscious and help in achieving the goals. With the help of these words, you can get everything - wealth, success, love, happiness ... The word passwords are called switches, and working with them is switching (from English). When working with these words, you need to follow a certain order of constructing phrases. The first will always be the word TOGETHER. It connects our consciousness with the subconscious. And the last is the word NOW. It will speed up the desired event. I will give examples of how it will look?

Suppose you are very upset because someone offended you, everything inside you is just bubbling with resentment. You can’t let go of the situation and scroll through it in your head over and over again. You understand with your mind that you need to let it go, but you cannot control yourself. Already and the heart jumps out of the chest, and the pressure just rolls over ... Call for help the word password CLOSE.

The phrase is built like this: “TOGETHER CLOSE NOW TOGETHER” . It is necessary to repeat and repeat this phrase, and then anger and irritation will soon disappear, and you will calm down. This word-password will also help in the case when you need to make any physical effort, for example, jogging for the outgoing trolley bus ... You must admit that after such runs it is rather difficult to quickly recover your breath. And with the use of the word password "CLOSE" your breath will be restored in a minute. When you're in a hurry, use the word FORWARD. Let me remind you, the phrase will sound like this: "TOGETHER FORWARD NOW . " Then the transport will fit in time and everything else will miraculously develop in your favor. With the word password "TOOL" people are much faster and easier to climb up the stairs, are engaged in the transfer of various weights, work in the garden, ie, cope with the movements and hard work.

Find the lost item will help you the word "search for". You can endlessly cite various examples, but I think you have already grasped the point, so by choosing the right words from the list (see below), you can easily make passphrases and continue to work with them.

Everything is simple, but you should remember some rules.

It is necessary:

  1. Sincerely wish to achieve the goal.
  2. Believe in what you are repeating.
  3. Repeat passwords (phrases).

Good luck to you! Let all your dreams come true!

Ps. This method is described in more detail in the book by James T. Mangan “The Secret of Easy Life. How to live without problems. ”


stop smoking - count

be polite - affectionate

refrain from something - the end

inspire - for

remember something - custody

win the competition - fight

cure wounds - myself

get the job done on time - done

straighten your back - the name of the person who is always slim

pull the mote out of the eye - change (change)

the children were obedient - gather

succeed - patience

succeed at work - personally

finish small things - next

make a lot of money - count

fall asleep - around

make someone be polite - small

get rid of pain in any part of the body - change (change)

get rid of bad habits - away

get rid of constipation - turn

get rid of evil thoughts - push aside

get rid of the inferiority complex - right

get rid of loneliness - be

get rid of concern - push aside

get rid of longing - attention

get rid of boasting - lie down.

get rid of excessive vulnerability - dive

avoid all dangers - protect

avoid need or debt - push back

avoid delay - done

avoid distraction - attention

appear rich - spend

convince someone - turn on

it is better to dress - to spend

gain experience - abide by

find a way out - done

find a lost item - to gain

learn to anticipate - slower

find a common language with people - together

start acting in a good way - now

provide a means of transportation - forward

stay or appear young right away - knowledge

stop sulking - set aside

stop criticizing - praise

stop offended - thanks

stop drinking - save

swim - finish

boost ambition - go ahead

to know the future - listen

love to read - rate

prevent your opponent - fight

help others give

feel the enthusiasm - the name of the enthusiast you know

turn defeat into success - enthusiasm

overcome inertia - move

attract someone's attention - a hole

acquire good taste - imitate

sell - give

show energy - move

do the impossible - foresee

do something unpleasant - adjust

create a project - intriguing

create advertisements - intrigue

keep healthy - be

keep the secret - forever

keep well-being - stretch

become tougher - finish

become beautiful and pleasant - praise

be nice to others - small

become a leader - take

become bolder - wobble

become a good speaker - act

build - forward

form a character - hold

keep someone from creating problems for others - push aside

learn the secret - wait

strengthen will power - done

improve your telepathic abilities - between

smile - the name of the person who often smiles

calm your mind - be

think a good mechanic

to seem educated - classic

build something - put

come up with something

do something - together