Bull (work, family, motherland)

1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

Patient and silent, restrained and slow, inconspicuous and balanced, accurate and methodical, BULL hides the original mind under a somewhat rustic appearance. He has the gift to call people to frankness, this is one of the main trump cards of his success. He is a beholder. Maybe that's why he loves solitude.

BULL can become a sectarian right up to fanaticism. He is often a chauvinist, sometimes a prude. Therefore, he is often criticized. Despite its calm appearance, it's a choleric. Restrained, and at the same time possessed. Although his anger is rare, but from this he is even more terrible. It is preferable not to resist him, he can be dangerous. Despite the unflappable appearance, he is stubborn and does not tolerate the failure of the undertaking. Misfortune is for someone who will be in his way. This is the boss, the head. Usually closed, but it happens to be eloquent when it's absolutely necessary.

BULL hates innovations that can shake his calm state. He is one of those who ridiculed Picasso, a new jazz, mini-skirts and long hair, and will not allow this to be accepted by any member of his family or loved ones. He is very powerful. It is an adherent of conventions and traditions.

The woman of this sign can be counted in life if she can bake pancakes and dress in accordance with the circumstances. But one should not expect courage or imagination in her clothes and in life.

BULL is a true hard worker who will bring prosperity to his family. His presence in the house is beneficial already due to the fact that he, as a rule, has his own business or works for him. A free profession is suitable for him. He is clever both physically and intellectually, can be a good leader. He is especially gifted in the field of agriculture.

In commerce and public relations is poorly oriented, they are difficult for him. It is more preferable for him not to choose a profession related to travel, travel. He loses his balance and health in them.

Woman-BULL is a homeward, very cares about her hearth. Magnificent and attentive hostess, she often leads a "family ship".

Unfortunately, BULL is rarely understood by others. This is a stubborn sectarian. However, he loves his family and is proud of his children. Applies his power without any tact for the simple reason that he is the head of the family for whom he is capable of any sacrifice.

Unfortunately, love for him is only an amiable free joke. He can be gentle, faithful, sensual, but will never become a romantic. He despises love flirting and problems of passion. The materialistic attitude to life is for him the source of many, including marital, grief.

BULL will not be jealous of her husband or wife, but marital fidelity for him is the first prerogative and the main advantage. He always does not change his feelings, but he is not appreciated for it. In his childhood and youth, nothing special will happen. In the second part of his life he will encounter difficulties connected with a husband or wife. His companion is in danger of becoming sad from indifference and begins to look for a romance that he can not find at home. In this case, the BULL, if, thanks to his mind does not get over himself, detects antipathy and restores those around him against themselves.

In fact, it is a hard worker, a family man, and can not understand the difference in views that exists between him and others. In the last third of his life he will have great difficulties, but if he manages to eliminate them, his old age will be calm.

For BULL, marriage with the COCK is ideal, to which it will allow to shine. The consent of the two conservatives will be magnificent. Everything will go well with the RAT. In love with BULL, she will be faithful to him until her death. The snake, although it is often incorrect, will be reasonable enough, and, in any case, will not leave it. Like RAT, BULL will be fascinated by APE. To have her success, he will need all imagination and imagination. Careful it should be with KOZOY: capricious and windy, it can cause drama by its impermanence.

The folk wisdom says that the BULL can not in any case live together with the TIGER. A struggle will begin, which will end only with the departure or disappearance of the Tigger. BULL, more powerful, will exert pressure on him until he destroys. Mother BULL will never be able to find mutual understanding with the child - TIGROM. The last one should leave the house.

In conclusion, we note that the BULL, born in the winter, is more happy: he will have less work. Born in the summer will have to work hard all year.