Cat (calm person)

1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

The cat always falls on its paws. It's a lucky man. Gifted, moderately ambitious, pleasant companion, modest, restrained, refined, virtuous. Everyone knows this. He speaks well and knows how to evaluate himself. But in many advantages there is one drawback, although small, but this is no less important: CAT - a superficial person and his best qualities are also superficial. He loves society and society loves it. He loves social gatherings and sometimes gossips, but does it subtly, tactfully and cautiously.

He likes to receive guests, and at home everything is done with a refined taste. This is a secular man: some would call him a snob. He is pedantic. A CAT woman exhibits her culture with relish. She can deeply study some objects for the sole purpose of shining, while other more important things have no idea.

The cat usually does not come off balance. He is calm, unperturbed. It has more sentimentality than real sensitivity. A small personal trouble upsets him more than the great troubles of other people. War and hunger in the world touch him only when he personally suffers from this, but he suffers so much that he can not stand and die. CUT for a minor occasion can cry, but quickly consoles. The melancholy of women of this sign is one of the main trump cards of their charm.

COT conservative. He hates everything that can shake his life, anything that can cause complications. Most of all he seeks comfort and security. He does nothing without weighing all the pros and cons in advance. For this caution, people admire him and trust him.

In the financial situation, he will always be happy. A breakthrough in business and the one who signs a contract with him will never lose money. This is a good speculator, he has a gift for profitable transactions. In short, a calm cat is dangerous as a business man. He will succeed in trading. Possessing good taste, can be the owner of an antique store. Can be a lawyer (lawyer, notary) or diplomat, provided that his life is not at risk.

A woman of this sign can shine in all kinds of activities that require taste, hospitality and good representation. A politician should choose his wife, born under the sign of KOTA - both secular and modest, which will bring a lot of his presence.

Affectionate, obliging with those whom he loves, CAT is easily separated from his relatives in favor of friends. He does not have a sense of responsibility to the family and often he treats his relatives and children as foreign people, preferring friends to them at his own choice. The maternal instinct of this sign is very limited, but mothers always fulfill their duty.

KOT takes good care of the KOZOI, which appreciates the artistic taste. He will bring her own comfort and her whims will not touch him. Everything will go well with DOG and scrupulous PIG. But the COCK takes him out of himself with his fanfare, and he should avoid the RAT as a plague.

With the TIGER his relationship in love and deeds will be strained. CAT, less strong, can always make a pirouette and quit the game - they have a common breed and he is not afraid of TIGER.

KOTA will have a restless existence for three phases of life under one condition: if he does not meet exceptional situations, a dramatic event, an insurmountable obstacle. Wars, revolutions, catastrophes are not his business, he does not like being an adversary. But if he does not resist, he can go insane, commit suicide or leave his homeland, being weak. Asian peoples distrust KOTU. They say that sorcerers turn into cats. In Europe, they were burned alive, accused of collusion with the devil. But, apparently, such a bad reputation is not very well deserved. The Egyptians, for example, revered KOTA as a god. God, a sorcerer or a man, there is something mystical in his gaze. His visible weakness can turn into dangerous force!