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Goat (whimsical)

1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Elegant, artistic, in love with nature, KOZA could become the most charming of the signs, if it were not also pessimistic, restless, bothersome, all the time wavering. KOZA is never satisfied with its fate. She leads into despair of others with her whims. Invader, although she does not admit it. Her lack of discipline, systematic delay - she does not have any sense of time - makes her unbearable and at the same time she knows how to like it when it is in her interests, to use others and live off others. Despite this, it has no dependence, but it easily adapts to any lifestyle from the moment when it is provided with a minimum of safety.

She is timid, feminine, sometimes pampered, she likes to complain. She likes to be talked about, supervised, advised, accepting her perpetual hesitations, tricks and complaints. She never knows which direction to choose, and always relies on others. Speaking of her, we can say that she has undisturbed pessimism. Her manners are wise and gentle, but the character is capricious. It often happens religious. At the same time, she will be fascinated by all the fantastic and supernatural, occult, horoscopes. The goat seems kind and nice. In fact, she is inclined to charity, she willingly shares with others, more unhappy than she. Unfortunately, what it shares does not always belong to it. It should be said that KOZA has no sense of ownership. Folk wisdom says that "A goat grazing in a good meadow will be calm and obedient compared to a goat grazing in a meadow with bad grass that will constantly complain and bleat." Her life does not depend on herself, but on others, or at least on the dictates. Whatever happens, it's never her fault.

However, the bad faith of Goats can be confusing. She has no sense of responsibility, no initiative, no will. It is not able to lead, because it is created for obedience, and with good influence it can succeed, even shine in some kind of art. She has taste and talent. She can be a good specialist, successfully perform work that is simultaneously combined with technical and artistic skill. The goat is smart. But she will never play the first role, and this is better for her. Her creature, full of fantasies, needs a strong will.

This is a female sign. Our perception and our traditions have taught us easier to forgive a woman for her independence. KOZA wants to live in peace and dreams of a marriage that will bring her wealth, or a profitable friend or patron. Can also live with rich parents. It is from the material from which courtesans, pimps, and also great artists and writers do. Everything depends on luck, on the income, on the quality of the grass in the meadow ...

But let her avoid commerce. This is a pathetic seller. Her speech is often incoherent, she expresses her thoughts heavily, she speaks too quickly, then too slowly, is tongue-tied.

She will never be in the war a winner, a commander or even a soldier. With a bad turn of fate, the goat can end up under the bridge. For her there will be no serious problems where it comes to clothes, table, comfort, so great is her ability to knock on the right door. If you have a well-equipped country house, visited by artists, avoid letting in KOZU there and letting it settle there. You can not get rid of it. Comfort is necessary for its balance, visiting artists - for its flourishing, the village - "she adores her." KOZA will often face love problems, and her life will be tumultuous. If KOZA connects his life with a CAT, a PIG or a HORSE, they can provide her comfort. Her whims will entertain KOTA. PIG also carries them (up to a certain limit), and they do not bother the egoist HORSE.

No other sign will be able to withstand KOZE for too long, especially the BULL. If the latter provides peace of mind in his family, he also demands much from her in return, and KOZA thinks only of himself. As for the DOG-DOG couple, in love and in work their connection is doomed to failure. These two pessimists all their lives would be like in an iron collar, dissatisfied with each other. In any case, under whatever sign its partner is, KOZA will never keep it "under the shoe".

The second phase of the life of KOZA will affect her feelings, but will be fortunate in the other two. It should be noted that in a good meadow, without material worries, having counselors, a goat can be successful.