Rat (aggressiveness)

1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

RAT is born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. At first glance, she seems calm, balanced and cheerful. But do not believe it. This seeming visibility hides a constant excitement. It is enough to communicate with her longer, to open her nervousness, anxiety and choleric temperament.

RATS - the creator of the confusion, sometimes even a maniac. In any case, the brawler. She likes meeting friends and gossiping willingly. She does not shy away from slander, and therefore she has more acquaintances than real friends. She never trusts anyone, is restrained, she keeps her cares to herself. In addition, those who were born under this sign, are striving from all to take personal profit and profit: from friends, acquaintances, their money or friends' money, from their own charm. Its dangerous charm of the RAT puts it into play and abuses it without restraint.

The player, the gourmet, the RAT does not want to limit himself in anything and at the same time is constantly worried about his future and although he is intensively living in the present, he always dreams of saving to secure his old age.

A female RAT, for the same reasons, is distinguished by a pronounced accumulation, often absolutely unnecessary. It can also be found on the sale where she zealously buys everything in the hope of rolling out a profitable business. RAT is endowed with a developed imagination, can sometimes be a creator, but more often she is an excellent critic. It is recommended to listen to her advice. In some Rats, this quality can become a drawback and push them to the path of dangerous destruction - they all destroy for their own pleasure. Being a petty bourgeois, RAT remains honest, has the ability to go to the end in the affairs that it undertakes, even if - alas! - this case is doomed to failure. She manages to arrange her life and succeed in it if she can suppress her eternal discontent and excessive taste for this moment.

Any RATS prefers to live by cunning, not by work. She achieves a lot in life at the expense of others, working on her with the sweat of her face. In the worst case, it can become a genius parasite, a moneylender. Laziness and reinsurance can make some RATs cinuches and "clerical rats". She can succeed in business, in politics, and become a popular artist. She is more willing to do mental work than physical.

Unfortunately, RAT, accumulating money, at the same time they spend it. It does not limit itself in anything and if it lends, it is not disinterested. However, this seeker is sentimental - RAT is capable of generosity towards the one she loves, even if he does not respond to her love, since it is in love that the RAT expresses itself. RAT - gourmet, a drunkard, a gambler.

She will make a good choice if she ties her destiny with the DRAGON, which will bring her strength, and she will give a critical mind. BULL will calm her down. She will feel safe with him. MONKEY will bewitch her, even if she only wants to laugh at her. She should avoid the HORSE. A selfish and independent HORSE will not endure the proprietary nature of the RAT. There will be a real catastrophe if a man - RAT will marry a FIERY HORSE (1906, 1966). (Of course, the year of the FIERY HORSE is every 60 years, this reduces the danger ...)

The second part of her life can be stormy. She can lose all her condition in an unsuccessful business. The third part of her life will be arranged, and the old age will be as calm as you wish. But everything can be different, depending on whether the RAT was born in the summer or in the winter. If in the summer, then she will have to look for food. And let him pay attention to the traps set in its path, or else it can end in prison or death from an accident.