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Horse (honest man)

1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

HORSE is personable, she has a good stature, she knows how to dress. He loves the spectacle, theater, concerts, meetings, sports, in short everything connected with the crowd. Often engaged in quite successfully some kind of sport. Able to make a compliment, cheerful, talkative, pretty and even popular.

HORSE can succeed in politics, which will bring her great satisfaction. She is brilliant, loves and knows how to manage people. Her mind captures people's thoughts before they can express them. Nevertheless, HORSE is capable not only of mental, but also of physical work. More clever than intelligent, in reality (and she knows it well) she lacks faith in herself. Despite this, holds confidently.

HORSE has hot blood (hence the expression "horse fever"), it easily goes out of itself and therefore often loses what has been achieved. Those who have ever witnessed her anger will never trust her, because her anger harbors something unbridled. To succeed, she must suppress it in herself.

HORSE is an egoist. She will trample those who will be on her way, and this will be done without the slightest remorse of conscience, since her ambition is too great. She is self-centered and most often interested only in her own problems, even if she has to interfere in the affairs of others. Very independent by nature, does not listen to advice and acts as she comes into her head. It would be nice if, even at a young age, she left her family to live her life. However, she will do it with pleasure, as the family hearth is pressing on her very much. When she herself creates a family, her presence will be beneficial, and she will be the central figure that flatters her. Everything will revolve around her position, her problems, ironing of shirts and folds on trousers. It should be said that such an attitude will be justified by the fact of her presence as a custodian of the family. With her disappearance, the whole family well-being collapses like a house of cards. Although this egoist works only for herself, for her own pleasure and success, everyone benefits from this work. HORSE is an individualist and hard worker, clever in handling money and even a good financier. Unfortunately, with her changeable nature, she quickly gets tired of what she is doing: whether it is work, some work or love. Later, it is again accepted for this business with the same success and with the same zeal. May have any specialty that does not require loneliness and contemplation. She always needs to be surrounded by everyone who is honored and to hear praise in her address.

In its relationship with the opposite sex, HORSE exhibits weakness. She can quit for love. The passion of a LOVE HORSE is so great that it can become indifferent to everything else. Therefore, often fails in his life, despite the undeniable quality. If she manages to suppress this weakness and if her mind is above passion, she can be happy and successful. HORSE can connect its life with the goat. They will be accomplices and together will pass over the abysses - the vagaries and changeable nature of GOATS will prevail over the HORSE selfishness. A good alliance HORSE can give with TIGER and DOG for various reasons. The latter, blinded by the solution of great problems and grandiose prospects, will not attach any significance to the inconstancy of the HORSE's feelings. She can live her life. But in no case should she link her fate with the RAT, especially if it is a HORSE - a woman and even more so if she is a FIRE-HORSE. The connection of these madmen can strike sparks and lead to drama.

The first and second phases of the life of the horse will be restless. In her youth, she can leave the family, and it will not pass without trouble. In the field of feelings, life will also be turbulent. The third phase of her life will be peaceful. It is impossible to talk about HORSE without mentioning the years of FIRE HORSE, which happen every 60 years (1906, 1966, 2026). These people can turn any noble influence into a pernicious one. Years of FIRE HORSE are unfavorable for all types of HORSE, as well as their families. Misfortunes, illnesses, catastrophes will affect the HORSE family this year. Men and women born in the year of the FIRE HORSE have the same characters as the ordinary HORSES. However, these characters are greatly enhanced both in good and in bad attitude. At the same time more industrious, more dexterous, more capable, alas, she will be more obsessed with selfishness, and her passionate temperament will push her to any extremes when she is in love. Some find it more suitable for the family, but popular belief asserts that FIRE HORSE causes complications in the house in which she was born, as well as in the family she creates.

Her life will be more exceptional, filled with surprises than the life of an ordinary HORSE. It carries the possibility of being famous, and no matter whether it is expressed through good or evil.