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A monkey


Monkey (cunning)

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

She has the most freakish character of all signs. MONKEY is often the soul of society, she has humor, but she is always cunning and cunning. Sociable and creates the impression that he gets along with all signs. But this agreement is deceptive. MONKEY is very self-serving. Playful, amiable, even helpful, she covers her miserable opinion of others with her ostentatious courtesy and affability. In fact, she despises all other signs and considers herself superior to others.

MONKEY is an intellectual. She has a great thirst for knowledge. She read everything, knows infinitely many things, is constantly aware of everything that is happening in the world. She is well educated and has an excellent memory that allows her to remember the slightest details of what she has seen, read or heard. Ultimately, she needs memory, because she is in a mess. She is resourceful to the extreme and is able to solve the most difficult problems with surprising speed. But if he does not immediately begin to implement them, he throws, just when he starts. The MONKEY has a lot of common sense and delicious dexterity to fool people. She manages to ridicule even the DRAGON, who is the most powerful, hardy and dexterous.

MONKEY does not lend itself to the magnetism of the TIGER, over which he laughs. Being very diplomatic and cunning, the MONKEY can always get out of the most difficult situations. It is independent, by the nature of an individualist. She can not be forced to impose anything. She chooses the option herself. It is not scrupulous and will not be shaken if it is required to be dishonest or to lie in its personal interests. She can commit dishonest acts if she is convinced of impunity, and it is not easy to catch her.

To some MONKEYS such a flexible consciousness leads to theft, but they are not all that, and not all of them are liars. Whatever happens, do not be too angry with her, for she is charming and very skillful in art. In short, MONKEY is a careerist. For this, she has every reason and chance. Despite her negative features (vanity, lies, lack of scrupulousness), other signs are looking for rapprochement with her because of her perceptive mind.

She is very clever for large-scale enterprises, tricky in financial transactions, an excellent worker in all areas that require intelligence and awareness. MONKEY can succeed in any field: politics, diplomacy, commerce, industry do not represent a secret to it. She can take on everything, all of herself, especially if she has a higher education. Often she achieves fame if she follows her vocation. She should only avoid verbal outpourings that can tire people. Despite some financial difficulties, she in general has a good position.

In love, she will not find happiness. The man-woman relationship will be bad. Passionate, she easily finds a hobby, but quickly becomes fed up and will seek another love. Unfortunately, these searches will be in vain. Relations with KOZOY have a non-permanent character. In addition, despite passion, a shrewd and critical mind will quickly cool off the MONKEY. Innate humor will save you from despair. Moreover, she can laugh at her own sorrows and draw the appropriate conclusions.

MONKEY can be in good union with the DRAGON. He will bring himself, his cunning, but will use his power. They can also be companions in the affair, although the MONKEY will always secretly try to furnish the DRAGON. She can get along well with RAT, which will fascinate. Rats will transfer everything from the MONKEY and will passionately love her all life, even if she does not pay her back. Although APE laughs at TIGER, she should have been careful. Any union in love or in business between the APE and the TIGER will lead to friction and outbursts. Such an alliance can turn it into a victim and it risks being eaten.

Whoever her companion is, she has a tendency to have many children. The first part of the life of the MONKEY will be happy. The second is stormy, vague, and her plans will often crumble. The third part of life is calm, but it is threatened by lonely old age. She will die away from her family, maybe from an accident