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Rooster (fanfaron)

1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

The Vietnamese often say "chicken" that little like the COCK. The Japanese are talking about "cock", because this dreamer takes himself seriously and loves flattery. COCK does not hesitate in expressions and sometimes manifests itself aggressively. It would not have been possible without collisions, if the victims had not treated such an attitude at the expense of frankness and eccentricity. His victims are not deceived. COCK, really, says what he thinks. But this frankness is most likely a tendency to selfishness. He is completely indifferent to the vulnerability of others and believes that there is no reason to spare them. This quality, of course, blocks him the way to a diplomatic career.

As for eccentricity, this is only an appearance. Of course, he likes to be noticed, and dresses so that others notice him. But truly COCK is deeply and completely conservative, even in political views, even to the detriment of himself. He thinks he is completely right, and he knows what he is doing. He does not trust anyone and relies only on himself. At the same time generously gives out advice. It is quite certain that he seems an adventurer. But do not believe it. He is bursting with absurd and unfeasible projects, which are all unrealizable dreams. He likes to dream, to contemplate, to imagine himself as a hero, but he does it in a home cosiness and room conditions. This is a philosopher with a few short-sighted views, who likes to improvise.

The COCK is not timid, on the contrary, he is brave and brave, if it is caused by necessity, dared to such an extent that he could risk his life with a smile on his lips. Therefore, a good warrior can emerge from it. People find it interesting, but it always runs the risk of disappointing them. Braggart really does say more than he can do. Often shining, more pleasant in appearance in society than in intimate relationships. Having a nature predisposed to contemplation can tend to laziness. At the same time, he is often a great hard worker. He always wants to do more than he can, he takes on tasks that exceed his powers, and when he does not succeed in carrying them out, he is very upset.

He has every reason to be active. Money will not fall into his "beak" without difficulty. He must work to secure his life, and if the field of activity is favorable, he can become rich. At the same time, it is also able to extract money from an ungrateful field. Vietnamese argue that because COCK has to be "scraped and beak and paws," it will always find a worm, even in the desert.

This symbol explains the constant action that characterizes it. But if suddenly the COCK allows himself to give himself up to reverie and laziness, as he likes to do, he can become one of the amusing wandering philosophers who are digging in the garbage dump, as this, in the last analysis, is also one way to attract attention.

COCK is capable of farming and professions, where it deals with other people. Likes to show off. Being wasteful, constantly spends all that he earns. It has a tendency to be exposed to greater financial risk. Often it can be affected by ruin, bankruptcy, a disaster as a reward for his excessive dreaminess, he will never be an economist.

In love, he will also have to hardly win and retain a loved one. Often, the COCK is disappointed, since reality does not always correspond to a dream.

Man-COCK loves society of women, among whom he can shine and prance, be loved, take care. But this will not go beyond this. However, it will rarely be possible to get out to your friends. Men bother him. A female COCK will love the society of other women and specialties, where she will be next to them.