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The dog (justice)

1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

DOG is always restless, always on guard, never resting. She is always on guard, she guards. DOG is closed. It rarely shows its feelings, unless it is necessary. Stubborn to the extreme and knows what he wants. Often a cynic, and her fear for harsh and unpleasant remarks. The DOG seeks to drown in detail, criticize about and without reason, systematically look for any break. In fact, she is a great pessimist, who expects nothing from life.

DOG always boldly acts against all injustice. She is a skeptic, but her critical mind, sense of humor and the undeniable greatness of the spirit save her from pettiness. She does not like gatherings, crowds. In the field of feelings it seems cold, but this impression is deceptive. Despite all these shortcomings, all the noble features of human nature are merged in it. She is loyal, loyal, honest, has a developed sense of duty. You can count on her: she will not betray. Better than anyone, DOG can keep secrets. Very modest. However, she hates confessing and confessing others.

She has too simple a speech, sometimes with difficulty expresses her thoughts. Has a deep mind, and no one can listen like that. DOG inspires confidence. It is completely justified. Does everything possible for others. Her devotion extends right up to self-denial. People quite deservedly respect her. As far as we know, supporters of justice were always DOGS. Any injustice causes her to protest, and she will not rest until she does everything to rectify the situation. DOG suffers when around unhappiness, unemployment and war. She does not suffer from hunger on the globe, she suffers for the past, the present and for what may happen. Fortunately, DOG rarely rises in defense of stupid deeds. This is a philosopher, a moralist, a man of the left, not interested in money.

She is generous and unselfish. Regardless of whether this DOG lives on the street or in luxury, the intellectual principle prevails in it and it does without material comfort. Even if she uses it, she has no predisposition to chic. However, if she needs money, she will be better than the others to provide for herself.

DOG will be a good leader in industry, active public figure, priest, educator. In the field of love, it will always be perfectly clean. She has excellent ability to manage people. Any society is interested in nominating such people, because no one has such a capacity for work and the directness that DOGS possess.

In love, she is also honest and reasonable. Throughout her life she will have a love affair, caused, however, by her own volatility and eternal anxiety.

DOG can be happy with a HORSE that will give her the opportunity to defend great things in exchange for some independence. With the TIGER they will meet together great adventures and will fight side by side in the name of justice. Due to circumstances, she will often encounter TIGROM, who will be successfully assisted, staying in the shadows. But only with the benevolent and serene CAT of the DOG can find some peace. The DRAGON is too proud for her to accept her critical and sarcastic mind. As for GOATS, here DOG will not stand her whims. For her, the goat is mercenary and superficial.

Three phases of life DOGS will pass under the sign of impermanence. Restless childhood, a difficult youth, a mature age with a touch of skepticism from failures in work, old age, full of regrets about the unfulfilled.

DOG, born in the day, is more calm than the DOG, born at night. Always on guard, with pointed ears, she will bark and will not rest until the stranger retires. "Dog life"...