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Snake (wisdom)

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If a Serpent has a bad reputation in Christian countries, in Asian countries, on the contrary, it is revered for its wisdom, vision and will. The man-snake is sentimental and pleasant, has humor. Woman snake is beautiful and often enjoys success because of its beauty. In Japan, when they want to give a compliment to a woman, they usually say: "My way you are a real snake." This compliment would have sounded somewhat different in Western countries.

Snake dresses very elegant and even somewhat pretentious: always a little dandy. Women have a craze for exquisite accessories. Not talkative, ponders a lot and deeply. This is an intellectual, a philosopher. Although she is wise, she could do without this quality, since she has a wonderful intuition. If she is educated, her intuition can become clairvoyance. SNAKE trusts more impressions, sensations and sympathies than facts, their own experiences and the experience of others, judgments and advice. She seems to have a sixth sense.

She very resolutely brings the started business to the end. She hates failure, and although she is calm by nature, she makes decisions quickly. She can turn the earth to achieve the intended goal. This is a bad player.

Snake does not like to lend, but because of sympathy can come to the rescue. Rarely pays hard currency, often by itself. Alas, almost always goes to extremes, and her good will to help others always absorbs her completely. The Serpent is characterized by a tendency to exaggerate, and if it has rendered a service to anyone, it becomes obsessed and more constraining than useful. Instinct pushes her to twist around obliged to her and even strangle. Therefore, think first before asking for help from the Serpent. You may regret it.

As for the money, the SNAK is lucky. She doesn't need to worry about them. She will always find them when she needs them, and she knows or rather feels it so well that she does not bother in this regard. By old age, she can become a miser.

A SNAKE can do any work that is not associated with any risk, even in cases where you need to work hard. And yet the Serpent is lazy. In love, she chooses a partner. Intolerant and jealous, even if she no longer loves him. In any case, she clings around him, leaving him no freedom of movement, often because of a simple whim, as the anemone itself. This especially applies to male snakes.

A man or woman, SNAK will seek for extramarital affairs that complicate her life. It is desirable that she fights against this trend and, if she could devote her best feelings to the family, her life would be harmonious and serene. This is her sore point. A Serpent will often try to pin down a partner in one way or another, and one of these ways is having a large family.

The Serpent will be happy with the BULL, who will willingly allow the Serpent to take possession of himself, provided that he will play the main role that the Serpent will willingly yield. The struggle of the Serpent against the rooster, if they are married, friends or engaged in a common cause, will be favorable for the mutual correction of their shortcomings. It is a pity PIG, if it falls, let's say, into the clutches of the Serpent. She will be paralyzed, captured. The Serpent will turn it all over, confident of its impunity. You should not allow the Serpent into your life TIGER. TIGER is a destroyer.

The first phases of the life of the Serpent will be relatively calm. Attention to the last phase. It is at this moment that her sentimental and passionate nature, her taste for adventure, can do a disservice even when she could have a calm old age. Things can change depending on whether the snake was born in summer or winter, night or day, and even depending on what the weather was like that day. It suits only heat. She is afraid of cold, squalls, bad weather. In short, she would be happier if she was born in a hot tropical country on a hot day than on a cold December night. The fate of the Serpent is so dependent on the weather that, born on the day when there was a storm, she would be in danger all her life.