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Zodiac signs and flowers

The signs of the zodiac are twelve segments of the celestial sphere, dividing it in longitude. In other words, the signs of the zodiac are parts of the sky divided into equal thirty-degree segments.

The names of the signs of the zodiac are assigned depending on the name of one of the twelve zodiac constellations, according to which of them the Sun is in its annual movement.

Signs of the zodiac are the main element of astrology. Since ancient times, it is believed that the movement and position of the Moon, the Sun, planets and other celestial objects within the zodiac signs influences the destiny of man and everything that happens on Earth.

Each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a particular flower. When you are going to make a bouquet and there are difficulties with the choice, we suggest using the gradation of species of flowers for representatives of different zodiac signs:

a lion

 Aries symbolizes a strong personality, so all his plants strengthen our ego, help to achieve personal success and temper character.  Geranium soothes, improves mood, strengthens self-confidence and self-esteem.  Helps to cope with sharp mood swings, tension, tearfulness and depression.  Geranium serves as a fire truck.  If violent debates often happen at home, if you take too much TV news to your heart, get geraniums.  It will soften the energy of anger and help develop a sense of humor.  It improves mood, helping to see fun in the most ordinary things.  Red geranium is a great helper for stress.  Azalea is useful for those who are afraid to take responsibility for a big deal.  Red begonia is good for visitors.  It will make the gatherings more interesting and organized, not allowing guests to interrupt each other.  Slow man, stupid, she will give speed and ingenuity.  Fire signs, especially Aries, do not keep a cactus in the house.  This flower condenses the energy of the sun.  Multiplied by the fiery temperament of Aries, it can burn a loved one nearby.  Taurus Persian cyclamen, Uzumbar violet.  Taurus is a sign of material stability, and its plants contribute to the achievement of material prosperity.  In addition, Taurus symbolizes endurance, and its plants help maintain strength.  Cyclamens are needed in homes where soft-bodied and alienable people live.  Under the influence of cyclamen, children cease to be capricious, and adults become more independent.  The aroma of violet helps to relax, soothes the nervous system, has anti-stress effect.  White violets soothe excessive emotions, purify the house of negative energies and sometimes even drive out household insects from the apartment.  Blue violets develop creativity - in the house where they grow, it is never boring.  Purple violets are needed when there is no understanding between family members.  They help to look at their problems more philosophically.  GEMINI Tradescantia, ferns, feathery palms, ivy, jasmine.  Gemini - a sign of friendship, their plants help to maintain relationships with close friends, and with friends or co-workers.  Tradescantia does not allow you to turn into an envious person and teaches you not to make tragedy a trifle.  The fern is absolutely necessary for maximalists - it helps to gain a sense of proportion, does not allow to lose the head.  It makes distinguish whims from real desires, develops a sense of tact.  Palm trees (coconut or date) are needed by superficial, unorganized people.  Ivy is indispensable when someone offended, betrayed, or when it is just hard on the soul.  It also helps get rid of addiction - for example, stop drinking or smoking.  Jasmine smell tones and stimulates brain function, stimulates creativity, the birth of original ideas.  It also strengthens self-esteem, a sense of well-being, helps to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.  CANCER Aloe, agave american.  Cancer is a home, family sign, so its plants are needed to save the family, improve relations with relatives and create comfort in the house.  Aloe has a strong character, it promotes health and is absolutely necessary in families where there are severely ill and often ill children.  Aloe develops strength of mind in people with weak temper who fear difficulties.  Aloe helps to be self-sufficient and therefore useful to people living alone.  Agave, despite its prickly appearance, is a caring nursemaid.  It is necessary in the family, where the child suffers from constant quarrels between parents, it calms and inspires tenderness.  In addition, it helps to develop intuition (in all areas - from personal life to commerce) and not to withdraw from itself and its problems.  LEO Hibiscus, zantedeshiya, balsam.  The sign of Leo is associated with creativity, spirituality and nobility.  His plants are talismans in love and creativity.  Hibiscus has a masculine character, it turns the energy of laziness into the energy of creation, neutralizes the aggression of the family member who is trying to establish his absolute power.  It is needed by people who are constantly not satisfied with something.  In addition, it strengthens the character: a man gives manhood, and a woman teaches to be independent.  Calla is needed in a house where people do not value their happiness.  It protects the family union and the human heart, makes a person more confident, helps to reveal his feelings to the one who used to be afraid of it.  Balsam creates a cozy, warm, benevolent atmosphere in the house, smoothes out the tension and teaches a person to enjoy life.  VIRGO Cissus, monstera.  The main task of the Virgin and her plants - to strengthen health.  In addition, they endow a person with intelligence and develop intelligence.  Cissus is a very common plant, unpretentious and omnipresent.  It develops the ability to adapt to a person, teaches to feel at ease under any conditions - from the most luxurious five-star hotels to a leaky tent on the river bank.  It has a neutralizing effect on those who are obsessed with the cleanliness of the house, always scraping out non-existent dust particles in the corners and stroking linen from three sides, demanding the same from the rest.  Monstera is good for people without a king in the head.  She arranges thoughts, helps to learn to articulate thoughts.  It also moves clear conservatives off the ground.  Scales, small-flowered chrysanthemum, Croton (Codeeeum).  Libra is responsible for the harmony in relationships and the development of a sense of beauty.  Their plants help to establish peace between partners and cultivate good taste.  Chrysanthemum is good for those people who can not balance the balance between mind and feelings.  She will dispel the atmosphere of constant doubt, give peace, help develop the qualities of your gender: a man will add strength to his character, a woman to femininity, and both to tenderness.  It helps to overcome selfishness, to listen to someone else's opinion.  White and yellow chrysanthemums fill the soul with peace and tranquility, immersing it in a happy dream world.  This is a flower of kindness and bounty of life!  Croton calms down creative twists, calms a head overloaded with ideas, especially if a person doubts what he is doing.  Teenager Croton will give confidence and insure against falling into the bad company.  SCORPIO Cacti, dracaena dragon.  Scorpio is cunning and knows how to tempt.  Its plants can look very attractive, but are often prickly and poisonous.  They help develop paranormal abilities, such as clairvoyance or just intuition.  Cacti are accustomed to the dramatically changing weather conditions of the desert and sandstorms.  Therefore, they are able to neutralize sudden outbursts of anger, fits of rage.  They are needed in families where the character of someone from the household is unpredictable.  In addition, they have a calming effect on touchy people and do not allow them to carry out plans for revenge.  Cactus helps not to dwell on the experiences and connect logic to the emotions.  Dracaena dragon helps people to stop eating themselves for their own mistakes and shortcomings, does not allow to fall into black pessimism.  It teaches empathy, calms fussy, strengthens memory and helps to achieve stable profits in business.  Sagittarius Lemon, bonsai trees, sansevieria.  Sagittarius - a sign of travel, both physical and spiritual.  His plants develop curiosity, increase the desire to learn something new.  Lemon will help to express themselves, become more independent, increase activity.  Bonsai will be useful to people who attach too much importance to the material side of life, they make the master wiser.  They help to understand dreams, awaken the most sincere feelings.  Sansevieria - the most unpretentious of indoor plants.  People say about it: where the Teschin is a language, there is gossip and slander.  In fact, everything is just the opposite.  Sansevieria saves the house from being rude.  She helps those who decide to study and then find a job in their field.  CAPRICORN Yucca ivory, rubber plant rubber.  The sign of Capricorn is associated with career and social status, so its plants help successful work.  Capricorn is the sign of a superior, so that such people need his plants.  In addition, this sign limits the form of strict frames, so its plants help those who want to lose weight.  Yucca will help to gather strength in difficult times.  She brings to the family an atmosphere that makes calm, trustful conversations possible.  It does not allow scandals and quarrels to grow, inspires confidence.  The ficus is unpretentious and does not like excessive moisture, which means tears.  It eliminates the weeping, gives peace to people who are constantly looking for a "vest", develops enthusiasm.  It helps to focus on the main thing, especially for those who do not know how to properly assess their strength and this is constantly flooded with work.  AQUARIUS Maranta tricolor, poinsettia.  Aquarius is responsible for originality, innovation.  His plants are unusual and rare, stimulate the search for new, support the "white crows".  Maranta is good in companies where there are many bright individuals, each of whom strives for leadership.  She as if builds them into a voluntary queue so that they do not interfere and overwhelm each other.  Maranta helps from insomnia and arranges the rhythm of "owls", makes those who have lost the meaning of life find it again.  In business, it helps to get quick profits.  Euphorbia gives the joy of communication, helps a young person to decide on a profession and discover new bright qualities in himself.  FISH Orchids, tsiperus.  Pisces is a sign of wisdom and spirituality.  Its plants help to distract from everyday problems and find spiritual goals in life.  The beauty of orchids ennobersizes, restores harmony, helps out of depression without loss, inspires, stimulates creativity.  Dark red orchids drive away laziness and apathy.  Tsiperus develops intuition and emotional sensitivity, he is good there, where there is nothing but idle chatter.  He is needed in families where too much cunning and deceiving.