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Russian-language free program in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish Grahas 5.0)

Русскоязычная программа по Ведической Астрологии (Джйотиш Grahas 5.0)

This program makes it easy to build Jyotish maps in the time interval from 1625 to 2200.

In the development of the program used data, texts and algorithms from books:

  • Maharshi Parashara "Brhat-Parashara-Chora-Shastram" Volume 1 and 2.
  • James Bracha "Ancient Indian Astrology for Modern Astrologers", Moscow, Kogelet, 2001.

When calculating the program uses the Swiss Ephemeris.

  • You can adjust the Birth Card and other cards with one click on any parameter (time, date and coordinates). And the map will be recounted.
  • The program allows you to easily (search by mask) to select the coordinates of a city from 1087 cities of the CIS. In addition, you can find out how time has changed (Time Zone, Time Zone) in this city depending on the date. On the territory of the former USSR, time has changed several times.
  • The program builds Fractional cards (Chora, Drekkana, ... Shashtiamsha, total 19 pieces).
  • It is possible to rectify the time of birth on the basis of several important life events.
  • In addition, using the mouse pointer you can get information about any object (Planet, House, Sign, Nakshatra, etc.). His constant qualities and properties that he gets in this position. This applies not only to Rashi Kundali, but also on all fractional cards.
  • The calculation of lunar days (Tithi) with the time of the beginning and end of Tithi is available.
  • Calculation of Dash (Planetary periods up to 5 sub-periods).
  • The calculation of the period of Saturn in the Seven and a half years "Shani Sade-sati" is implemented.
  • It is possible to view 2 horoscopes at once in one window, the calculation of compatibility using various methods is also implemented there. There you can also consider the Periods (Dasha) of 2 horoscopes simultaneously.
  • Grahas can save and open Jagannatha Hora files (* .jhd)
  • Properties Days of the week.
  • It is possible to save the Rashi Kundali map or any fractional map into a graphic file (* .bmp). Then you can print the saved files (* .bmp) from any simple and complex graphical program.
  • You can save and load the data of the horoscope and Dasha in the file.
  • There is a function "Drawing Map". Menu item "More -> Drawing Map". In this mode, the program does not calculate the card. Polkhovatel himself transfers the planets, arudhas and signs (the signs are transferred only to the Lagna) to the houses he needs. And in this way it can itself simulate a map. You can also select Fonts to display the planets and everything else. And also there are a lot of sliders and flags moving which can achieve the desired location of the map elements. Each slider has a tooltip. You can also save and load the created settings to a file (Pop-up menu on the "Drawing Map" tab). The result of Drawing a Map is a black and white bmp file that can be previewed and saved.
  • This feature was made specifically to prepare for the publication of the 2 volume "Brihat-Parashara-Hora-Shastra".
  • Grahas allows you to build graphs of the merits of the planets at different (1-10 years) intervals.
  • You can also build graphs of the merits of the planets individually or in any combination. For example, only Jupiter and Saturn.

And much more ... And all in Russian!

Download Grahas beta (build 3.50) from 01/12/2010 Grahas_Setup350.exe Grahas_Setup350.exe Virus Free by KAV
Download Grahas 5.0 beta (build 3.42) from 02.22.2009 (Shivratri Night) Grahas_Setup.exe Grahas_Setup.exe Virus Free by KAV

Detailed description

Using the tab "Projections of planets around the earth", you can find out:

  • 1. The current position of the Planets relative to the horizon, cardinal points and ecliptic points (Zenith, Nadir, Ascendant, Descendant).
  • 2. The location of the Planets at a given time (Signs, Houses, and Lunar constellations [Nakshatras]).

Moving the mouse pointer over the Planets, Signs, Homes, Nakshatras and special points of the ecliptic; You can get detailed information about the properties of the above objects.

Using the 'Up - Down' buttons on the 'Date' panel, you can change any Date settings (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Months and Years). After each change there will be a recalculation with the new values ​​of the Date, which will be displayed on the screen. Thus, MANUAL TIME FITTING is implemented. After you have manually changed any of the Dates parameter, you must click the Refresh button to recalculate.

On the 'Date' panel is available the button 'Automatic' :

  • 1. When you press it, the program will switch to 'Automatic' mode. In this case, recalculation and display will occur every time for new values ​​of the Date;
  • 2. The current Date (Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Month or Year) parameter will increase by one;
  • 3. In order to change the current Date parameter, just click on it with the mouse;
  • 4. The period of recalculation and display can be selected by right-clicking on the “Automatic” button;
  • 5. The period can be equal to: '0.1 seconds', '1 second' or 'Real time';
  • 6. If the Period corresponds to 'Real time', then the Dates values ​​will always be equal to the values ​​set in the operating system.

Using the top menu item 'Location Coordinates' you can:

  • 1. Select the coordinates of one or more locations (Total in the database - data on coordinates and time transfer - 1087 cities);
  • 2. When choosing a settlement, filtering can be used to simplify the search. For this you need to set the search mask.
  • 3. To set the mask, you need to use the symbol '*'. For example:
    • a) 'Ak *' - the names of localities starting with 'Ak';
    • b) '* ka' - names of settlements ending in 'ka';
    • c) '* frames *' - names of localities containing 'frames';
    • !!! To use the mask function, after setting it, you need to press the 'Enter' key.
  • 4. You can edit and save the coordinates of settlements, add new coordinates and delete.
  • 5. In addition, to change the values ​​of latitude and longitude, you can use the corresponding buttons 'Up' and 'Down' . Clicking these buttons will automatically recalculate and display with new latitude and longitude values. In this way, FINE AND LNG FITTINGS can be produced.
On the territory of the former USSR, the time zone of different cities has changed several times!

The program has a directory containing the geographical coordinates of 1087 cities, as well as changes in the order of time and time zones produced in the former USSR from 1917 to 1992.

The coordinates of extended cities were calculated by the geographical center, which can explain the discrepancy within a few minutes compared with other sources.

The handbook includes all changes introduced on the basis of resolutions and decrees of central authorities. However, in some regions local authorities introduced their own changes in the order of time.

To call the directory you need to press the '?' on vs. 'Time Zone (For Current Date):'.

After the directory window opens, and there is a corresponding entry for the selected city.

It is necessary to carefully read how the time zone changed in the selected city. And set the appropriate value.

Using the top menu item 'File' -> 'Save (Time, Date, Place, Ayanamsha)' and 'Open (Time, Date, Place, Ayamnsha)', you can save and load all horoscope data into a file (Time, Date, Coordinates Places and Ayanamshu).

Using the top menu item 'Calendars', you can count the Calendar of Lunar Days [Tithi].

Print the interpretation of the horoscope. 'Show Horoscope Analysis'. Treatments will be printed as selected in the pop-up menu - 'Tips-> Treatments'.

Using the menu item 'Fractional Cards' you can - calculate Fractional Cards (Chora, Drekkana, Navamsha, etc.).

Quickly open and close the windows “Ayanamsha”, “Fractional maps”, “Rectification” ... you can click on the corresponding item of the top menu.

Using the pop-up menu "Rashi Kundali", you can:

  • 1. View the current hint in full ('Show hint completely');
  • 2. Choose whether to show, and where (top or left) the Ascendant on the visual map below - ('Projections of the planets around the earth');
  • 3. Show the direction of the projections of the Planets on the visual map ('Show the flow of energy');
  • 4. Choose whether to use Ayanamsha in the calculation or not ('Use Ayanamsha');
  • 5. Select, show the Absolute or Relative coordinates of the Planets;
  • 6. Globally choose the language of terminology (Sanskrit, Russian, Latin);
  • 7. Choose whether to use color when displaying the properties of the Planets;
  • 8. Select the form and number of prompts ('Settings-> Prompts').
  • 9. Select the form and number of interpretations ('Settings-> Tips-> Treatments').

Using the Dashi tab, you can calculate periods (up to 5 under periods).

For the convenience of working with this tab, use the pop-up menu.

Where the following functions are available:

  • Add Under Period - Right
  • Delete Under period - Left
  • Show / Hide time - Ctrl + T
  • Show age
  • Set the beginning and end of the calculation - Enter
  • Increase the number of days per year - Ctrl + Ins
  • Reduce the number of days per year - Ctrl + Del
  • Save to file - Ctrl + S
  • Normal / Double window size - Double click

The number of days in a year is the average number of days in a year for a long period of time, taking into account leap years.

Using the mouse pointer you can get hints on the period for which it is pointed.

Receive this kind of information:

  • 1. What can bring Maha Dasha (the first period) or Antar Dasha (the second under the period);
  • 2. Depending on which house it stands or which houses it manages - what to expect from this period.

These types of tips can be disabled if necessary (Pop-up menu-> Tips-> Treatments-> Dashis (Periods of Planets)).

Using the "Save Map to File (*. BMP)" item in the File Menu, you can save the calculated map in the BMP File. Then it can be opened in any graphic editor and printed out or converted to any other convenient format.

To print Fractional Maps, right-click on the corresponding map and select "Save Map to File (*. BMP)" in the pop-up menu.

Using the "Horoscope Creation Wizard" (Menu File-> New Horoscope). You can easily, in a sequential form, set all the data necessary for calculating the Horoscope, and get all the hints on the transfer of time (Summer / Winter) and Time zones in different cities in different years.

Using the Rectification window (Top Menu Rectification). You can specify the time of birth to seconds.

Just want to say that maybe the method below is not quite classically correct. Since I do not have complete information about the conduct of this procedure. But if you want to try read on.

To do this, using the pop-up menu you need to add several important life events for example:

  • Joining Marriage
  • Birth of a child
  • Start date
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Divorce
  • Death of Relatives
  • Property acquisition
  • Loss of property
  • Moving
  • Illness (accident, operation)
  • Applying for a job (transition to a new job, starting a business)

You must accurately set the date of each event. And the number of periods (Each period of the planet includes 9 sub periods of 9 planets and so on).

You can add and delete events using the pop-up menu (right mouse button on the recipe window).

The following functions are available in this menu (you can use the quick launch keys):

  • Add event - Ins
  • Delete Event - Del
  • Add period - Right
  • Delete period - Left

For each event 3 periods will be counted (Dashi):

  • 1. Period to the beginning of the event
  • 2. The period during which the event occurred
  • 3. The next period after the event

Then, to MANUALL yourself, you need to change the birth time (in minutes, seconds or hours) and watch how the periods of the planets change.

Using the mouse pointer you can get hints on the period for which it is pointed. Receive this kind of information:

  • 1. What can bring Maha Dasha (the first period) or Antar Dasha (the second under the period)
  • 2. Depending on which house it stands or which houses it manages - what to expect from this period

These types of tips can be disabled if necessary (Pop-up menu-> Tips-> Treatments-> Dashis (Periods of Planets)).

It is necessary, without being tied, to INDIVIDUALLY see what exactly happened and what could happen on the appropriate date.

Using hints to assess whether the time of birth is entered correctly.

That's all. This is an experienced option. Waiting for your feedback on the possible addition method.

Using the top menu item Advanced-> Calculation of the Saturn period in Seven and a half years "Shani Sade-sati".

You can calculate the periods "Shani Sade-sati" for a given horoscope. To do this, in the appeared window you need to click the button Read.

You can calculate this period for any other horoscope. To do this, you must specify the sign in which the moon was in the horoscope of the born and press the count button.

Simultaneously with the consideration of this period, the program allows you to watch Dashi in the relevant periods.

What results will bring the period of Saturn in the Seven and a half years "Shani Sade-sati" can be found by reading the book "The Greatness of Saturn" (author Robert Svoboda).

Using the Horoscope-> Double Horoscope menu item (Compatibility), you can view 2 Horoscopes simultaneously in one window:

  • Calculate their compatibility by various methods.
  • Easily analyze 2 horoscopes using the hint while moving the mouse.
  • Consider the periods (Dashi) together for each horoscope. Moreover, the periods will be calculated for one time for each of the horoscopes.

In other words, it will be possible to watch how the periods of 2 people changed at one time (Which is very entertaining). And accordingly, receive tips on these periods.

Double-clicking on the Periods window (Dash) will increase or decrease its size.

Due to this, it is more convenient to consider Dashi on a large interval.

Now you can show the speed of the planets in the Settings-> Planets Calculation menu. And in a different form:

  • Do not show Speed
  • Show as% of Maximum
  • Show as% of Medium
  • Show Speed ​​° / Hour
  • Show Speed ​​° / Su

Now you can choose which calculation to use for lunar nodes (Average or True) positions. Previously, there were only average values.

Settings menu-> Planets Calculation.

Menu Using the menu item Settings-> Planet Calculation.

Ayanamsha, you can choose different ways of calculating Ayanamshy, which will be further used in the calculations.

Now you can choose different modes of working with prompts:

  • Do not show at all
  • Show while moving Mouse
  • Show when clicking on an object
  • The menu item Settings-> Tips

Now you can save the Horoscope 2 by different teams:

  • Save
  • Save As (with Friend Name)

Now Grahas can save and open Jagannatha Hora Lite files (*. Jhd) files. You can easily work with the data of the program Jagannatha Hora Lite 6.0.

Periods (Dashi) can save RTF files. Moreover, the periods will be printed in the colors of the planets (If necessary, this feature can be turned off - remove the flag to show Dashi in color).

It has become easier to work with the program due to the fact that the main commands are moved from the menu items to the quick launch panel:

  • New Horoscope
  • Save Horoscope
  • Save as
  • Save Map to * .BMP
  • Select Language of Terms
  • Show Hide Upa Grahi
  • Choose a way to display the map
  • Show hide Arudha Pad
  • Calculation of the calendar of Lunar Days (Tithi)
  • Transit Calculation
  • Calculation Shani Sade Sati
  • Double Horoscope

In order to view the full image of the screen forms, click on them with the mouse.

The main window of the program Grahas

Fractional Cards


Calculation of the period of Saturn in the Seven and a half years "Shani Sade-Sati"

Dual Horoscope - Compatibility

Drawing a Map

Calculation of Transits for Dasha

Tips on moving the mouse around the Transit window

Parallel calculation of Transits for two Horoscopes