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Most often, the line of fate originates at the bottom of the palm of the hand from the bracelet, in the very middle, i.e., from the gap between the hills of Venus and the Moon.
On the line of Fate you can read about all the events, past and future. You can predict all the changes: success, failure, obstacles, the end result of a career.

If the line of Fate begins from the line of Life, then the success of a person depends on his own efforts and his early years will be full of difficulties.

At the same time, it very often meets the line of Life and seems as if coming out of it. This situation portends good health, a calm and happy life and is called its line of Happiness: a person will be able to realize his desires and dreams.

If the line of Fate goes straight through the center of the palm to the hill of Apollo and at the same time, if the line of Apollo is clearly defined, then this is the most striking sign of unusual luck, success and a happy life. But if, after the line of Fate departs from the line of Life, and goes very clearly and clearly, then a person will surely overcome all difficulties and will be considered a person who owes himself to himself.

If the line starts from the line of the Mind, then the success of its owner will come later, thanks to his mind. If the line of Fate originates on the very hill of Mars, then this is a sign of a life filled with a fierce struggle with fate; overcoming adversity with battle, with your mind, energy, will, courage.

The exit of the Fate line from the hill of the Moon indicates that fate will be very changeable, full of surprises, this person is very dependent on the whims and desires of others. Such a line of Destiny provides a great and fertile role of fantasy, inspiration, sudden thoughts of thought. These people are especially romantic, as well as prone to fantasy. They are said to be lucky that they will always come up with something to get on their feet; they overcome obstacles with sudden impulses, inspiration, luck, and fiction. This line is often the case with actors, writers and statesmen.

When the line of Fate passes through the palm of your hand, without branching to any hill, and goes straight to the hill of Saturn, its owner will be a toy in the hands of fate. He is not able to control his fate, his changes, and everything that will happen to him will be accomplished only due to a combination of circumstances over which he is not in control.

An island on the line of Saturn (fate) means adultery.

From the line of Jupiter (heart), a dash down to the line of Saturn (fate) means love without consequences on fate.

From the line of Jupiter (heart), a dash down, thicker, crashing into the line of Saturn (fate) means crazy love with important consequences on fate up to 40 years.

If the line of Fate goes from the hill of Saturn directly to the base of the hand, this means that fate leads a person through life.

If the line of Fate is absent on the left hand, but is on the right, this means that the person is the creator of his own destiny.

The absence of the line of Fate on both hands indicates the plight of a person.

If the line of Destiny is absent on the right hand, but is on the left, it means that a person is without a future.

The dashed line of Fate means a change in life, a change in working conditions, a change of work.