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Panchanga [Vedic solar-lunar calendar] to date

Айанамша, Аянамса, Айанамса, Аянамша

Panchanga is a daily astrological reference book (Vedic analogue Ephemeris), used in the Jyotish of Vedic astrology.

The information on this page shows the current Panchangu.

The day of the week (Vedic day in general) begins in the morning, at the moment of sunrise and ends at the moment of the next sunrise.

Date time now March 25 / March / III 2019 3:16 EEST (UTC + 3)
Chandra [Moon]: 2 ° 36'55 " 8) Chandra is in the rushi of Vrishchik [Scorpio sign]: Perception (perceiving mind, thinking, “mind”) becomes transforming, emotionally unstable, vulnerable, hidden, mystical, introvert. (Chandra in Nitsche [debilitation] R8.) ///
Do not perform surgery on the genitals and lower abdomen. (R8)
Day of the week:Monday
from sunrise
on the next sunrise
2) Monday is the day of the "Moon" (Grahi Chandra, the Power of Perception).
Chandra is the Power of Perception, the Manas (Perceiving Mind), sensations / emotions / feelings, thinking (“mind”), susceptibility, Life Force.
Monday is the Day of feelings / feelings, the day of thinking, the day of the predominance of feelings, the day of susceptibility.
Chandra color: yellow-white, milky.
Chandra stone: pearls.
Chandra material: stone.
Numerology: the number "2" .
What kind of person is born on Monday: calm; sensitive; needs a patron; with a flexible mind; changeable, living joy and sadness ;.
What clothes to wear on Mondays: white, light.
Do not travel on Mondays: east
Do not make difficult or difficult decisions, do not start responsible affairs (as they overcome feelings / perception); don't hurt the feelings of others.
Council for this day of the week from Anton Kuznetsov: On Monday, pay attention to your Perception, sensations ("soul"), thank Mother Nature, thank Nature Force / Dark Force, say hello to your mother.
What food / food to eat on this day of the week: On Monday - food / food that helps Perception. Graha Chandra ["planet of the Moon"] in Tantra-Jyotish - Anton Kuznetsov about Chandra ["The Power of the Moon"], about the Force of Perception / Feelings, about the Feminine principle,
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Nakshatra: Visakha ( 16 )
03/24/2019 05:12
on 03/25/2019 04:34
16) Activities related to houses or lands; jewelry making; architecture (sculpture, construction); vehicle manufacturing; taking medication. ///
TM) The nature of Nakshatra mixed - T + M. You can engage in routine activities, daily duties, but you should not start new important things. {Bu: Kri, Vis}
Tithi: Panchami ( 20 )
from 03/24/2019 6:22 pm
on 03/25/2019 5:31 pm
5) Auspicious day for the start of important matters, marriage, treatment.
Karana: Kaulava ( 3 )
from 03/24/2019 6:22 pm
on 03/25/2019 05:50
3) Marriage, choice of bride, institution of friends, love affairs, decoration.
Yoga: Vajra ( 15 )
from 03/24/2019 5:34 PM
on 03/25/2019 15:43
15) 'Vajra' = "lightning / lightning strike". Not good for auspicious beginnings.
Ayanamsha (Ayanams) : 24 ° 07'19 "