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Shri Muhurta / Sri Muhurta

Search for auspicious dates and times!

Sri Muhurta has an amazing ability to use the various methods of Muhurta combined and come up with a list of the best times for the selected event! None of the previous knowledge about Jyotish is required.

For all important events!

Before, you can spend a certain amount on the purchase of something, go to the salon, buy a car and 200 other types of events - you can predict a good time in which it is worth making this or that act in your life. Just press the button!

Characteristics of Sri Muhurta

  • The complete list of all Muhurtas covers a wide range of events, from the most general to the most specialized.
  • Muhurta's choice uses many factors, such as Panchanga, yogis, blemishes, the abolition of stains and much more.
  • The best dates allow you to avoid negative ones and to choose the most positive factors to the greatest extent.
  • After each search, the user is presented with a list of the best dates, each with a rating of their favorability.
  • Graphs auspiciousness of various times a day, to facilitate the selection of the best time.
  • Beautifully designed printouts.
  • Extermely accurate planetary algorithms, on the second arc more precisely, based on data provided by NASA.
  • Software takes Muhurta from theoritical knowledge for almost any kind of support you can use! Even if someone can use the results as presented, the astrologer is still given full support and flexibility to evaluate alternative offers, and apply his own insights in choosing the final date and time.
  • Sri Muhurta's possession finally makes him available and practical to use Muhurta on a regular basis.
  • Allows a professional astrologer to practice Muhurta more effectively and more accurately.

Muhurtas Settlement Sri Muhurta

  • Marriage, engagement, remarriage, etc.
  • House: Entering a new house, entering the old / renovated house, changing the place of residence.
  • Travel: travel in specific directions.
  • Purchase: items for business, land new items, vehicles, etc.
  • Applying for a job, joining a public service, filling out a lawsuit / court case, which does the will by adopting a child.
  • Construction: laying the foundation, installing doors, heaters, water tanks, digging, etc.
  • Agriculture: the purchase of land, the collection and storage of grain, harvesting, plowing fields, crops, etc.
  • Cremation and burial.
  • Shodash Sanskaras (typical of Indian culture): include Garbhadhan Sanskara, Annaprashana Sanskara, Upanayana, Naamkarana Sanskara, Daha Sanskara and many others.
  • Miscellaneous: Setting a deity, sharing property, horse racing, opening a school, dorm, beginning a mantra, etc.

The only program for calculating Muhurta according to Vedic astrology (Jyotish), that is, for calculating an astrologically favorable time to begin.