Representatives of which zodiac signs will be the best wives. Bachelors on a note!

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

The horoscope (from other Greek, ὥρα, time interval, period, etc.-Greek σκοπός, observer) is an ordered mapping of the relative location of the planets in the sky in a certain period of time. In ancient sources, the Ascendant or the sign in which the Ascendant was (the so-called ascending sign) was also called the horoscope. In the recent time in the press and popular literature, the horoscope is not the ascending sign, but the sign in which the Sun is located; Also the word "horoscope" refers to astrological "forecasts", made on the basis of the schematic image mentioned above.

In my opinion, Andre Maurois once compared a bad wife to the roof that flows. Something in this is, because every man, no matter how strong, courageous and courageous he is, you need a reliable rear in the form of a kind, caring and tender wife.

In this material, we tried to project the behavior of certain signs of the zodiac into their family life. More precisely, we will try to tell what it is worth to wait for men from their wives, depending on which zodiac sign is in the hands of the faithful. Of course, this should not be taken as the ultimate truth, but still take what you read for a note, it will come in handy ...

Aries is a rival wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

This is a strong woman who does not need some weakling next to him. The man who will be next to the Aries woman must be persistent, strong and ready for the fact that every day he will have to endure a small end of the world. When the young lady-Aries realizes that she has found such a man, then at the same moment becomes a sweet creature and marries.

Since the girl has found herself a strong man, their whole family life is like a struggle, where everyone tries to pump their skills as hard as possible. So pass year after year, and the couple is completely satisfied!

Taurus is a motivational wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

Girls who were born under this sign of the zodiac, usually marry nice dolts, because they are fun. But love is love, but you always want to eat. It is at this stage that the Taurus girl begins to include her true character, because she not only wants to eat, but also a good dress, and shoes, and also will not give up her apartment and car ...

Taurus begin to masterfully motivate their husbands. And not only to motivate, but also to manipulate, and sometimes even to use torture ... But soon the debt will necessarily become rich and successful if it survives ...

Gemini is a mirror wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

These are practically mystical entities. Wives-Gemini are able to peer into the most intimate corners of the soul of their husbands. This gives them an undeniable advantage over other signs. They can not hide from them ... They talk about you the whole truth, and if you want to be with them, you'll have to listen to this truth. Probably, it is for this reason that Gemini girls are the happiest wives. Just constantly hear about yourself the whole truth is ready only for the best husbands, almost holy ...

Cancer is the perfect wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

The girl-Cancer is extremely difficult to persuade to marry. But if it does, you will not be able to find a better wife. She and in the house perfect cleanliness will bring, and kiddies at it or her all as on selection of clever girl grow, and with relatives of the husband any problems are not present. And all because the family is the main thing in life! The main thing is what she said, and who does not agree with this, one can grab a steel claw and show him where the crabs winter!

Leo is the Queen's wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

This girl needs a kingdom, and right away. And then her man all his life must conquer new territories, increase the number of servants and so on. In general , the Lioness wife should shine, and her husband - to provide her with everything that is necessary for this. By the way, meeting too often is not necessary. You can once a week at some gala reception.

Virgo is an intelligent wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

It's very smart, no, you do not understand, these are damn smart girls. With them, and you can talk heart to heart, and learn something new, and get advice. They completely replace friends with their husbands. This is where the devil lies, because the husband of the Virgin can not complain to a friend when she is attacked by foolishness. And when the girl-Virgo attacks nonsense, she uses her entire sophisticated mind to properly dig into the gentle brains of her second half. Of course, in the end, like any clever woman, she will apologize and admit that she was wrong ...

Scales - wife-cat

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

On the one hand, the Libra girls are extremely sweet and charming creatures. But, on the other hand, they are absolutely useless in everyday life. Although, as they say, without a cat and life is not the same. Therefore, the girl-Libra gives some special comfort to the dwelling. But if you stop her grooming and cherish or, worse, forbid occupying the whole bed, she will just collect things and go away. At the same time, of course, he will logically explain his actions: "Because ... Oops, everything!"

Scorpio is a witch wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

Now without jokes, really a witch, real. Scorpio's husband is all envious, because his wife looks great, and yet incredibly clever, and indeed - the embodiment of an ideal woman. Yes, and her husband is intelligent, charismatic and sexy, simply because he has no other choice - you need to match!

Sagittarius is a war friend

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

With it you can and in fire, and in water, and in a copper pipe ... In the sense that it is more reliable to not find a person. And, in general, she hides behind her husband's back only because it is more convenient to give him ammunition from there. And the cartridges are oh, as needed.

First, shoot back competitors who somehow do not care that the girl- Sagittarius has been married for a long time. Secondly, during family quarrels one must shoot back somehow, although there are few options for a positive outcome for a man. To shoot off a war girlfriend will not help either cartridges, grenades, or an atomic bomb. There is only one correct password: "Darling, of course, you were right, but I'm to blame for everything and I will not do it any more!" Remember? Take advantage of your health!

Capricorn is a principled wife

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

This girl, from an early age, has a clear picture of what an ideal marriage should be. And no love there will not affect it. She needs a man from the same test as she, or rather, from the same tree. Until she finds her Pinocchio and brings him to the ideal (perhaps even with a plane or an ax), the Capricorn girl will not rest. But then in the family there will be peace and love ...

Aquarius is the wife of Schrödinger

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

The thing is, it's kind of like it, but it's not there at all. In the sense that a boring family life is not for an Aquarian girl . Family life is a great adventure and a daily merriment! With her so much fun that her husband does not have time to rest between campaigns for another portion of fun. But the fact that a few rodents in the refrigerator put their hands on themselves - this is a minor matter ...

Fish - wife-actress

Лучшие жены по зодиаку

The husband never guesses what his faithful thinks and what she did today. At the same time, he needs to be a good earner, handsome, excellent companion, smart lover and a real stone wall. If at least one of these items is not executed, then the Fish will simply wave its tail and swim to the other. And what does the fish itself do in marriage? She adorns herself with dull life!

In the end, I want every reader to wish to find the person with whom he will be happy. And it does not matter what the stars say, the main thing is that you feel good together. If you are in agreement with this opinion, be sure to share the article with your friends and acquaintances using social networks!

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