Zodiac horoscope Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

The ruling planet: Mercury.
Lucky number: 3,5,12,18.
Symbols: Gemini, hand, star.
Colors: sunny-orange, pale yellow, gray-blue, purple.
Stones: emerald, sapphire, agate, chrysoprase, jasper, garnet, rock crystal, beryl.
Flowers: daisies, poppies, buttercups, jasmine, narcissus.
Metal: gold, silver, amalgam.
Talisman: a snake, a mask.
Happy days are Wednesday and Sunday.
Unsuccessful day - Thursday.
Countries: England, Armenia, Canada, USA, Egypt, Belgium.

General characteristics of personality

The Gemini sign is represented by mobile, living Gemini, the legendary sons of Jupiter and the ice and, of course, the people of this captivating, mysterious sign are confusing all, including astrologers, with their wavering, unstable personality. What kind of joke did Mother Nature play? What makes the Pancakes look like, and next time different from each other? Perhaps, only an astrological explanation of their ruling planet of Mercury and its influence will help to partially explain their duality, their "mercurial" mobility, a wide range of features of their character.

Mercury, the "winged messenger of the gods," even controls our mental process. Therefore, the Gemini, directly controlled by him, is very intelligent, often surpassing other people in this area. Twins are people of mood. In a bad mood, they often commit stupid, unreasonable acts, which are later regretted.

Diversity is the main characteristic of Gemini. They are extremely versatile, but they must learn to concentrate on one thing and not to scatter their strength. Mercury puts in the brain of Gemini a model of curiosity, which forces them to analyze, split, reconnect, and then move on to the next task.

Perhaps no sign gives such importance to the impressions of youth, which have an impact on the rest of Gemini's life. Witty and resourceful, subject to the influence of circumstances, young twins begin as custodians of ethics. If they have the right moral concepts from their childhood, they will develop and strengthen them, turning them into a philosophy of productivity and satisfaction. But if in their youth they lacked the right moral attitudes, they will rebel against conventions: they will tear the family ties that bind them, they will deny power and society.

Some Gemini, conscious of their mental powers, become complacent and stiff, occupy a pose of excellence and begin to indulge their desires, which, in the main, results in intellectual exhaustion and fatigue.

The positive features that Mercury Gemini has given to it: versatility, ease, courtesy, talent, dilomania, intuition and insight. These are commendable qualities, and Gemini's duty is to use them more correctly to achieve high goals.

In the nature of Gemini, there is a certain coolness, which is often mistaken for the high feelings and the Gemini, and others. But they are not as emotional as one might think, because a quick change in their moods is a deceptive depth of feelings.

They adapt well to change. They are democratic in views, like to travel and find satisfaction in the professions that offer comprehensiveness. It's a cheerful, seemingly eternally young sign. It is also a classic type of "split" personality.

Psychosexual characteristics

Mercury is a planet located closest to the Sun. It also revolves around the Sun faster than other planets. One of its sides is constantly facing the Sun and constantly withstands high temperatures, while the other side does not see the Sun and keeps the temperature below zero. These extremes of heat and cold demonstrate the changing and ambivalent sexual behavior of Gemini. Among the negative types of Gemini, we meet an experimenter, a fetishist, a homosexual and a pervert.

Among positive types - a person who vows celibacy, a self-denying artist, a poet, an athlete, a scientist, a highly moral person. In general, the passion of Gemini is so connected with their mental processes that it is their moods, boredom or interest that stimulate sexual relations. Here you will find an eccentric who at one time denies all social conventions and adjoins the group of hippies and their social life, and then denies this bohemian life. If astrologers were allowed to give some other character a sign, they would call it a chameleon, which changes the skin color for camouflage and protection.

The liberated Gemini tries any kind of sexual intercourse at least once: nothing that does not shock Gemini. Since Mercury manages the letter, Gemini often keeps a diary of their sexual wins, recording there various advantages and disadvantages of partners.

Twins are not too aggressive and will be happy to go second in all areas, including sex.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Twins most cleverly operate with nonsexual maneuvers is a sign that gives the world people who decide big things, write scripts for Hollywood and TV, agents - and all for a fee.

In essence, Gemini is a cold-blooded sign, people of this sign always try to analyze the thoughts, words, actions and reactions of other people. Twins are living question marks, transforming their skills into benefits and a means of moving forward. This sign produces more bigamy (bisexual) than all the other signs combined. Twins are impulsive, love travel and change. When they decided to break the family ties, they already have not enough patience to wait until all the divorce procedures are over. Their solution is just to disappear. Twins often develop the art of lying in order to always preserve the "ideal of the moment". They rarely stop lecturing: if something is acceptable to him, then it can not be wrong.

How to satisfy Bleznetsov

Since Gemini has a very sensitive nervous system, they are very fond of touching. Is it necessary to say here that the Gemini is not constant in love? They often want to curb themselves, but they can not miss the chance to experience something interesting.

Positive features

People of other signs can act more easily, more gracefully, but they can never act more successfully. With a quick mind, they are able to see both sides of each object, which is a big advantage for their aspirations.

Gemini has an excellent memory. They produce excellent writers, editors, publicists, topographers and merchants. Mercury also patronizes teachers, accountants and translators.

Men born under this sign become excellent lawyers, bankers, diplomats and public speakers. Women become good housewives, try to keep abreast of all the topics that can interest the guests. In the kitchen, they have a lot of modern time-saving appliances, in order to prepare an appetizing treat for guests.

Negative features

Gemini needs to eradicate such feelings as disorganization, lack of concentration, energy dissipation, separation of interests and the ability to bring things to an end. They are prone to mental exhaustion, so they must beware of irregular life. They must make themselves rest, their brains want to work around the clock. Twins must fight against negativism. A possible solution to overcome the duality of Gemini is to develop two types of work, but at the same time attach more importance to one. Gemini should make an effort and become more compassionate to their friends, loved ones and family. Slowness annoys Gemini, but they must realize that few people are as fast and agile as the children of Mercury. They must develop patience. Gemini must remember: confidence in everything.

Economy of love

If the Gemini are not born rich or do not inherit special art in their youth, then they are rarely skilled in the love economy until the age of 30. It seems that Gemini always does not have enough time to devote itself to money matters and thus to be content with joys that can bring money to their curious personalities. Therefore, the sign produces two extremes: a rich amateur who inherited financial power and a carefree devastated godfather who gives away the treasures of his intellect.

Best partners

First of all, I want to say that due to Gemini's high sensitivity to the influence of circumstances, they are able to get along with all 12 signs, and, of course, many manage to visit 12 astrological bedrooms. But in general, up to 29.5 years of the best partners, Gemini should be sought among the signs of Libra and Aquarius. All three are aerial signs and up to 29.5 years they operate with ease, are rather liberal, impermanent and superficial.

After 29.5 years, the Twins begin to ripen (although more slowly than other signs) and learn their true nature, which becomes less troublesome. Then they often find compatibility with the signs of Taurus and Aries. Taurus offers them stability and comradely relations, Aries is an excitement and a good model of "I".

After 41.5 years, Gemini must already fully develop and acquire the highest intellectual strength and self-control. At this time they can be compatible with Sagittarius, the mental sign.

Assessment of fidelity

In adolescence, it's bad, excluding people of those signs that have many planets in four permanent signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. They stabilize the indecision of Gemini. In matrimony - medium. This is one of the real chronic "coquette".

The best period for acquiring fidelity is complete ignorance, insecurity in your victory. In other words, Gemini fascinates the unattainable. Most they are inclined after 40 years, when they are experienced and tired, when they are ready to describe their adventures, they want someone to wait for them in the evening.

Questions to Blaisevets

Do you know that you are not the only sign of the Zodiac that is mentally developed?

Do you understand that your ups and downs may also be bothersome to other people, how annoying are their usual, seemingly patterned lives?

Do you know that in the end people will begin to see your superiority through your facade if you do not begin to stabilize and realize anything?

And, finally, why did the stars give you this excellent intelligence, if you are still going to spend it on small things and the surface?