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Virgo Zodiac Horoscope (August 23 - September 23)

Virgo (August 24 - September 23)

Ruling Planet: Mercury.
Lucky number: 3,5,6,12,20,27.
Symbol: Virgo, cube.
Colors: white, blue, purple, light blue and green.
Stones: agate, jasper, jade, carnelian, carnelite, malachite, topaz, chrysoprase, marble, emerald.
Metal: tin, copper.
Flowers: aster, mother and stepmother, red poppies.
Talisman: blacksmith, aster.
Happy day - Wednesday.
Unsuccessful days - Thursday, Friday.
Countries: Greece, Palestine, Russia.

General personality characteristics

Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, rules over the Virgin and the Twins, but affects these signs in different ways. Virgo is an earth sign, and in its influence on Virgo, Mercury behaves more practical than in Gemini air sign, where it is windy and independent.

People of Virgo have a highly developed analytical mind, all the while trying to reduce everything to their basic needs and stick labels to everything they see. They have a keen sense of taste, time, hearing, and smell. The sign is symbolized by the Virgin. This does not mean that they are pure and above all earthly, but their amazing abilities to observe, allow them to see all human shortcomings. Usually they do not like everything they see, and they are removed, like the Virgin.

They are often immersed in work. Yes, work is the god of the Virgin. They excel in logic, sequence, and discipline.

Unlike other signs, air smiths - Gemini, Virgo does not easily lose her temper. It is very closed and, perhaps, not too careful. Most Virgo people are highly independent and believe that self-reliance and self-esteem give a person happiness and peace of mind. Their behavior is dominated by their intellectual interests. Their "paradise" exists only in the field of mind, in its secrets and achievements.

Virgo is a born critic. And usually the criticism of Virgo is just, but it hurts deeply. People of this sign should understand that criticism, which is unpleasant and deeply wound, seldom reaches its goal. They rarely praise and never praise. The most difficult struggle for them is the fight against compromise. Perhaps they should wear glasses with pink glasses and look at life with less cynicism, for them there is a danger of becoming misanthropes.

Since the Virgo people are endowed with such sharp analytical capabilities, they must do more than the rest of them to work out the brighter sides of their personality. They often become slaves to the house and victims of minor details, passing by more important things. When they can hold on to their analytical and critical abilities, they will be able to climb to the highest peaks. Out of them are capable organizers, prominent administrators, managers and directors of large factories. The greatest danger that stands in their way to success is that they may lose their simple ability to enjoy the pleasures of life.

It is also possible to become cold and ruthless. But Virgo rarely accepts help and sympathy for avoiding such a danger, because the facade of self-control hides internal confusion. Mercury, the ruling planet, endows his subjects with a long life, most Virgos look younger than their age.

Psychosexual characteristics

Virgo sign people are relatively cold and reserved in the pleasures of love. They, as it were, imprint their behavior and that of their partner in their brains. In general, they are given to the intoxicating charm of love once in a lifetime, usually when they are very young, and experience teaches us that rarely youthful idealistic novels withstand the test of time. After the first disappointment in love, Virgo takes a stoic clinical point of view: this is an unnecessary, out-of-fashion myth! Fear of disappointment explains the cautious attitude of the Virgin to love and sex. Because of their excessive critical, over-analytical, too prudent and discerning personality, Virgos often consider sex as a joke of nature, given to a person to continue the race. When they take such a negative, self-denied position, they see only the pain of suffering in love and little joy and delight. Unfortunately, it was these unachievable norms of Virgo that forced astrologers to symbolize this sign of the Virgin.

Thus, Virgos are among the great "solitary" in the zodiac family, oh, how often the pleasures of love are reduced to rare isolated moments that occur only out of necessity.

When, after all, the Virgin finds contact with the opposite sex, she is rarely cordial and passionate. These people are more like snobs with whom they will hang around in a safe zone of intellectuality, which are interrupted with the clinical rigor of the Virgin in the field of love.

Virgos are always skilled in everything (if they themselves want it), even in sex. But in these cases, when they decide to demonstrate their skills, this is ordinary bravado for the sake of praise. They want to convince themselves and people that they, too, can become passionate and humane.

But perhaps we are too harsh with our Virgins. Many of them are aware of their cold restraint and try to show affection, add fire to their work. Virgos may hate pompous displays of love and cannot stand to be petted.

Virgos see and notice everything well, and unfortunately, they cannot but express it all to other people without thinking about the consequences. Virgos rarely lie and never lie to themselves.

But let us turn to the positive qualities of the Virgin. When in the marriage this coldness on the part of the Virgin has already been discovered and accepted positively, they remain faithful and reliable spouses. Male Virgos supply the family well, and women become accurate, debt-fulfilling wives.

Non-sexual maneuvers

In general, Virgos cannot be controlled by sex, and this gives them a great advantage in practicing non-sexual maneuvers. The positive type of Virgo always follows the strict laws of fair play and refuses to use her mind to deceive people. Individual types, however, feel very comfortable directing their energy to areas of a more constructive nature, rather than to the merry-go-round of numerous novels. These independent and fastidious types expect people to love their plans and work tirelessly with them to achieve their goals. In marriage, Virgos require their partners to act smoothly and restrained. These types are similar to the company chief, they always assign the exact time and place. Everything should be in the "virgin" order.

Astrologers often believe that Scorpios are the most opportunistic manipulators of the Zodiac, but give this title to Virgos. In Scorpio, his energy is dissipated due to excessive mobility, while cold-blooded Virgos give them an advantage. Negative types of Virgo can be called energetic people, they show all the bad feelings of character inherent in people. And thanks to their sophisticated art, they successfully maneuver at the expense of other people. Their victims are rarely in the know until they are dealt a final blow, only then they realize that they have been deceived. Among these negative types there are many careerists, they are ruthless competitors.

If you have a friend of the sign of Virgo and you want to see how he uses his intellect, ask him to help solve a problem that you cannot solve for a long time. Then look at how he skillfully analyzes the situation, like a car, cold and reserved, and offers you his solution. You will find his solution is correct, and the advice - useful. And now think carefully about how he can use his intellect in order to achieve his goals.

How to satisfy the Virgin

Before considering this area, we must establish the emotional and physiological traits that astrologers consider inherent in Virgo. They are usually so obsessed with their bodily tension, thanks to an overactive mind, that in order to interest them in sex, you need to try to ease this tension. But it seems that the Virgin does not want it to leave her - as if she was so used to tension that she forgot what it means to just be relaxing.

Virgos also do not care about being caressed. They rather strange do not like such an incentive.

Since we have placed Virgo among the less passionate children of the zodiac, there is one means to satisfy them - to convince them that they are doing you a favor. They will easily fall into the trap and show how well they can serve, they will not be able to resist. With flattery, you can also inspire them to be extremely active, even if their passion is feigned.

Positive features

Now you can make a compliment to our Virgo, because they will accept him with modesty. They have many traits worthy of admiration: they are such logical, sensual and systematic people, but rather more intellectual than emotional, more practical than sentimental. They can take a big responsibility.

In relations with friends, they are not very generous in praise, not very sympathetic and cordial, but they are firm, consistent and give sincere advice. The children of Mercury can be interesting and versatile, albeit with a changeable mood: either hot or cold, sometimes their actions cannot be predicted.

Virgo people are not very sociable, but they have enough intelligence to understand that this quality is valuable and helps them relax and give more self-confidence.

Negative traits

People of the sign of Virgo, having the ability to understand people well, should not become intellectual snobs. Their ruling planet Mercury empowers them with analytical skills, but they should not be too critical of people. Not everyone endures harsh criticism. Since Virgos are passionate about work, they can become slaves to her and deny family, friends and entertainment, which depletes them physically and mentally. They can be admired for their tireless struggle for excellence, but they should not pay attention to details and pass by more important things.

Economy of love

Although Virgo is developed intellectually, she is not listed as a winner in the game of the economy of love. Why? Their concept of value is unusual. They prefer to be respected for mental abilities. Their pride will not allow them to buy love. In addition, the Virgin is always ready to protect her image of purity, rigor and chastity. In relationships with loved ones, Virgos will be able to hide their disappointment and then delve into any difficult work that will bring them praise for their efforts. Virgos adhere to a particular regime. In order to seek love, you need free time, and the virgins will not take it from the worker.

Most suitable partners

I must note sadly that although the people of the sign of Virgo have good qualities for love and marriage, they are not the most suitable lovers. But since their ruling planet Mercury is subject to change, they can change their personalities only with great difficulty.

Up to 29.5 years, the most suitable partners are among the signs of Taurus and Capricorn. All three are earth signs, and up to 29.5 years old they behave passively, their connections are random and sensitive, their relations are stable and close. People of the sign of Taurus can add a little softness to the nervous maidens, while the capricorns, with a high sense of organization, can turn to the practical mind of the maiden for help.

After 29.5 years, Virgos begin to understand the whole nonsense of their attitude to life and weaken their severity, but only after they have already accumulated a lot of knowledge and professional work. They can now be compatible with the signs of Scorpio and Leo. People of both signs appreciate the intelligence of Virgo and can lend a little of their own strength to the weaker sign of Virgo, which allows the benefits of life to bypass themselves, all because of their work.

After 41.5 years, the virgins have already developed spiritually. Now they can be compatible with Sagittarius, a mental, idealistic sign that possesses all the virtues of a virgin, only without their restraining, prohibiting restrictions.

Assessment of loyalty

In his youth - very good. But Virgos are always looking for relationships with similar people who are deeply interested in learning, work and their goals.

In marriage - very good, because Virgo usually marries after many years of courtship, during which time they have subjected their future spouses to many severe tests, after which they fell in love with them forever.

Questions to Virgo

Do you know that you can be boring, showing everyone that you know everything?

When will you learn not to notice minor flaws in people?

And if you can't do this, keep your criticism with you!

And, finally, why did the stars endow you with such enormous discipline abilities, if you are only interested in the process of any work, and not in the final result?