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Zodiac horoscope Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

Ruling Planet: Saturn.
Lucky number: 3,5,7,8,14.
Symbol: Goat, stairs, tower clock.
Colors: black, dark brown, ash gray, blue and pale yellow, all dark tones.
Stones: turquoise, lapis lazuli, onyx, moon crystal, garnet, lapis lazuli.
Metal: lead.
Flowers: white carnation, black poppies, ivy.
Talisman: black cat, the devil.
Happy days - Tuesday, Saturday. Unsuccessful days - Monday, Thursday.
Countries: India, Yugoslavia (Macedonia), Burma, Mexico, Baltic.

General personality characteristics

The astrological characteristic of the ruling planet of Capricorn - Saturn - gave the English language a new word: the adjective "Saturn", which means "gloomy", "lead". Usually meant sluggish, inert, moody character. All astrologers believe that this is the most accurate characteristic of Capricorn. He is constantly depressed and often falls into melancholy.

Higher Capricorns seem soft and meek, but do not allow yourself to be deceived by their appearance. They are rarely satisfied with what other people consider luck, and are determined to achieve something. Why not? Do they not rule the 10th house of the horoscope, the house of success? Isn't that the main sign that gives them unique strength? And is this not an earthly sign - a superpractical person, great discipline and a great view of the world? All this, taken together, gives them a great advantage over their rivals.

Capricorn's happiness lies in hard work. He is the main materialist of the zodiac sign, and, like Capricorn, his symbol, he must be sure with each successive step that his path along the ascending path to the intended goal is safe. Every birthday should bring him closer to the top of success, otherwise he will become sullen and reticent. Capricorns are intolerant of frivolity. It doesn’t matter to them if others notice their capabilities, since they value themselves highly. The goat also concerns only one thing: to climb to the top, overcoming obstacles with perseverance, endurance and ambition.

Psychosexual characteristics

Under the influence of Saturn, Capricorn is sexually shy and restrained. Saturn is a slow planet, completing the first cycle of the Zodiac for 29.5 years, and Capricorn is like him. Capricorn’s sex life can be divided into three periods:

1. Youthful years. At this time, he is very restrained about sex, prefers to think more about his studies and about the profession. Like people of the opposite sign - Cancer - Capricorns are shy, but behind their calm appearance there is a strong passion. Their passion is not as open and free as Scorpio’s, but restrained and disguised. Capricorn's sexual impulses are not regulated by their subject of love. Capricorn is an earthly sign, its desires are real and practical.

2. In the second period of Capricorn's sexual life (suppose from the age of 30), they usually achieve some success in business, and then, more confident, they begin to experiment in the field of sex. Fearing that they may lose a lot of precious time, they are trying to catch up with their astrological brothers and sisters and are really being disbanded. Male Capricorns rarely possess the seductive manners of Aries and the sexual dynamism of Gemini. But they feel comfortable in the financial world, they know the price of caress and what they want to pay. And they are related to love affairs from a position of money and power. Capricorn does not know how to play beautiful love, does not know how to flatter, although he is smart enough to somehow shape his interest outwardly, for example, to send flowers, candy, theater tickets. In a relationship with a woman he loves, he relies on his status and dignity, hoping that with this he will win her approval. He is pursuing women as he would have promoted. If he is also handsome, the woman will definitely hope that she has found her ideal. But let's be frank - Capricorn is not the most passionate lover. He is quite lustful, but cold and restrained and unable to create a romantic atmosphere of love.

3. In the third period, Capricorn shows itself. After 40 years he usually reaches the long-awaited well-being and decides to destroy the facade of moderation and restraint in sexual life.

Summarizing what has been said, it can be understood that very few achieve harmony between the romantic and sexual aspects of their personality; these two areas collide all the time.

Non-sexual maneuvers

To say that Capricorns are adept in non-sexual manners is to underestimate them. Because Capricorn invented non-sexual manners.

If we had to determine under what sign the most fortunate people were born, we would find that the largest percentage of them is born under the sign of Capricorn, then, in second place, Cancer.

Ambitious male Capricorn in an isolated world of business and secret love affairs. Capricorn's non-sexual behavior is always associated with the price that Capricorn offers. Capricorns are very patient and can wait a long time in order to get what they want, in other words, they can “wait out” the competition.

Capricorn women are no less skilled in non-sexual maneuvers; they need their husbands to succeed in business, friends to please their desires, and their relatives to support them in all activities. They are tireless toilers. When they are involved in non-sexual intrigues, they are extremely cautious and restrained.

How to satisfy Capricorn

First of all, you need to remember that the romantic aspect in a relationship with Capricorn rarely lasts more than three months (long enough to strengthen the relationship). Then sex. Aspect will be reduced to simple necessity.

Capricorns need to be able to sweep away Saturn’s cold embraces and show everyone that red blood is still flowing in their veins.

Positive features

Capricorns are organized, faithful and suitable for friendship. They are masters of their own destiny and are gifted with foresight. They are the most patient of all the signs of the zodiac.

The word "career" is synonymous with the sign of Capricorn. Men - Capricorns best provide the family. Excellent mothers and housewives come out of women, even if they are a bit harsh with children and they lack a certain talent to create a cheerful mood in the house.

Going up the goat, the symbol of Capricorn, usually always gets to the top. His star gave him the ability to overcome all obstacles in his path. Perseverance, perseverance, foresight - the majority of Capricorns are endowed with these qualities.

Negative traits

Capricorn's most serious shortcoming is their tendency to despondency and melancholy. They look to the future with horror. They must develop a "Jupiter" (optimistic) outlook on life and believe that tomorrow will be better than today and that everything will be fine.

We must not forget about the egoism of Capricorns, which can lead to suffering. In their struggle for their goals there will be periods of contention and depression. But if it seems to them that everything is in place, there are no changes, they need to take heart: Saturn will help them. But this planet is moving so slowly that Capricorn needs to get used to its rhythm. He must also understand that money is meant to be spent, and that Capricorn’s greatest fears of the future are not justified. He should stop being so suspicious, it does not go to him, and stop manifesting his temperament and bad mood.

Economy of love

Capricorns usually know the price of everything, they often buy things in advance, and sex is also on the list. Capricorn seems to have a strong sense of inferiority, and therefore they manage to acquire money as compensation, as power over things that they simply cannot achieve over love.

A large percentage of Capricorns live to a great old age and in recent years have been in good positions. And they hold this power mercilessly, but rarely do it in an open way, they do not like to be in the center of attention. But they want and will act in their own way. It seems that they are trying to catch up in their youthful years.

Most suitable partners

Up to 29.5 years, the most suitable partners. Capricorn should be sought among the char. Taurus and Virgo. All three are earth signs. The relationship between them is light and a little passive, but usually stable.

After 29.5 years, they begin to lose their restraint and become less strict. Here they are often compatible with the sign of Aquarius and Scorpio. Aquarius teaches them to be noble and kind, to look at life humanely. However, Scorpio is the best choice, since they are clever and smarter, business Capricorns admire them.

After 41.5 years, Capricorns usually reach their goals and the heights of their minds. Then they are often compatible with char. Fish, other "self-sacrificers" who give spirituality to Capricorn.

Assessment of loyalty

In their younger years, it is good, especially up to 30 years, at this time they are modest and take care of business. In marriage - very good, up to 35 years. Saturn, the ruling planet, makes the people of this sign go along the narrow path of loyalty. However, they are always a bit restrained.

Questions to Capricorn

When you realize that the only key to success in life is the mind of a person, and not the amount of money?

Why do you, the heads of business, not understand that your ruthless sales spirit almost killed all the humane in you?

And finally, we know that you are not very calm and frightened to death, despite the cold and calm appearance. Why, then, did the stars make you the ruler of the house of success, when success almost never brings you complete satisfaction?