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Zodiac horoscope Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The Lion (July 23-August 23)

Ruling planet: The sun.
Happy numbers: 1,5,9,11
Symbol: Lion, swan.
Colors: scarlet, yellow-brown, gold, purple and black.
Stones: amber, diamond, ruby, topaz, chrysolite, onyx, esmerald.
Metal: gold.
Flowers: peonies, marigolds, gladioli, chrysanthemums.
Talisman: Lion, Eagle, Ladybug.
Happy day is Sunday.
Unsuccessful day - Saturday.
Countries: France, French Africa, Italy, Czechoslovakia, the Arctic, Antarctica, Sicily.

General characteristics of the personality

When the heavenly rulers gathered to award the 12 signs of the Zodiac with their courtesies, they must have been in the best of spirits when they approached the Leo sign, because they were generous to him. Even if they had not given Leo anything but the ruling planet - the Sun, it would have been enough to thank them all his life. But the gods are more than merciful on this day, they have made the lion a permanent sign, giving it stability and showing it their own desire to help the lions on their way to success and power. Then the gods decided that Leo would be a fiery sign, making him energetic, warm, soulful. And, finally, the gods agreed to give Leo control of the 5th house of the horoscope, which is in love and theater. But one of the gods was dissatisfied with others, feeling that they spoil the Lion. Perhaps the August heat made him irritable, and he cursed the Lions, saying that they would have one drawback in character, making it difficult for Lions to benefit from the gifts of other gods. This shortcoming is extreme vanity and pride. The same god has watched, that being a permanent sign, Leo will be inclined to stubbornness. The moral of this story is that the Lion can benefit from all his virtues only after he battles his conceited "I" and accepts a little obedience and humility - the most difficult test for Lviv.

But the Lions are well-equipped with stubbornness to win this battle with themselves. They are endowed with intelligence and magnetism, which attracts people, but they should not rule over everyone. The lion is often called the royal sign, thanks to a highly developed mind and graceful manners. Their astrological symbol Leo is considered the king of beasts. But, like all rulers, the Lions must learn to wear their crown modestly. They must remember their great sin - vanity.

The sun, the ruling planet of Lions, gives them ambition and great aspirations, but they should not deplete their energy for various abuses.

Lions like to wear the purple robe of a person occupying a prominent position in society, and arrange receptions, entertain people, treat them to rich food and strong wines. But the Lions must beware of not becoming a simple poseur because of their love of theatricality. They must accept the fact that in order to reach the top, a person should start from the bottom step, even if he hates dirty work and believes that he is above small work.

People of this sign are natural leaders and leaders. In fact, the controlling position is what most Lviv aspires to.

Women of this sign are often attractive to men, but they should not let go of dust. Otherwise they will alienate the person they are trying to attract. Male lions, caring for women, talk a lot about themselves, about their abilities, and may seem like mere babblers.

The Lion Men are very energetic, often underdeveloped types of Lions resort to physical force in fury, entering into a fight with those who do not agree with their firm unchanged opinion. Undeveloped female types try to appear fashionable and refined, and, thus, look flashy, use cheap perfume and dress bright and tasteless.

People of Leo's sign are warm, friendly and compassionate, but always deep in their feelings. They seem to have a device in them that controls and switches their feelings, which always works at a time when the pride of Leo is infringed. No other sign can escape from the lover with such seeming incompleteness and indifference as Leo.

When the Lions learn to suppress their desire to rule, to minimize their boasting, and not to take the upper hand with their excessive pride, they can be wonderful: in this case, the Lion is worthy of the title "Royal Sign". They can be very noble. When they learn to be democratic in their relations with people, they will see that everyone automatically puts them in the spotlight. Lions should often save a bit of their theatrical art for a real view - their personal life. They need to stop being impulsive and impetuous, learn to show their feelings and accept the feelings of others. They do not have to demand so much from others until they themselves are ready to offer as much in return. They must understand that others do not care so much about how they look in the eyes of people. They are less tense and take care of how to get more out of life. So, the Lions must sometimes leave their kind of perfectionist (a man striving for perfection).

Psychosexual characteristics

Lions are usually very passionate people. Being a fiery sign, Leo is extremely sensual. Remember, Leo controls the 5th house of the horoscope, which is in charge of love and enjoyment. Lions can easily succumb to their love impulses and become ardent, passionate, with the characteristic of our age free attitude to sex. But Lions rarely resort to different, wild ways - their pride does not allow this, although the struggle with passion is great and the temptation is great.

Therefore, Lions are less aggressive than people of the other two fire signs: Aries, openly aggressive and romantic and fervid Sagittarius, who is constantly looking for an idealist. In fact, a Leo can become very tempting if he is interested in someone. He always does this: "I want you, but if you do not want me, then I do not need you."

In women-lions this passive temptation does not have anything bad, since traditionally a man is aggressive. But if a man - Leo, the king of the jungle, takes a position that forces him to become aggressive, then he risks losing his lady forever.

Because of his attitude "you must come to me", many Lions can not succeed in life. But do not misunderstand this seeming indifferent character trait of the Leo-man. They are supremely courageous, and women are feminine. The Lion-man loves to rule and is very gentle (never rude) and courageous during love. The lion always wants to show that he is the most courageous of lovers. He is deeply interested in whether he meets the sexual requirements of the partner. He usually presents himself as a Leo, a conqueror, a real king of beasts. Since he is affectionately affectionate, he will try to please, although it does not take him long to make relations stable and his noble male image become established. Only then can he perform certain sexual acts. And if he does this, he needs the Lioness, his queen, to understand that he does everything just for her, her pleasures and that it is not his style at all.

Lioness can meet the refined royal requirements. She may be passive to remind her lover that she is primarily a royal woman, but if she finds it necessary to resort to routine practice in order to keep her king, she can become a terrible, wild cat.

Both women and men lions prefer a strong, gentle and lasting connection, rather than pure sex. If they enter into relations with other partners, it's because they do not like how their real partners treat them. They are looking for new lovers, not just partners. When it seems to them that they have found one that meets their sexual, spiritual and intellectual needs, they hesitate for a long time before making a final decision and breaking with old love. Remember, Lions are constant in their manners and behavior, preferring to stick to the narrow straight path of their old habits until they seem unacceptable. Then they change their love completely and completely, without regretting those whom they abandoned.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Although Lions are warm and passionate people, they can please others to achieve any goal. When they try to maneuver with people in a personal, business and social area, they do it discreetly and skillfully. Both men and women lions have a lot of patience and therefore can lead a non-sexual strategy that requires a lot of time and effort. They go trumps and see to it that their royal court is filled with noble intelligent allies, executing their orders. They marry in accordance with the calculation, turn to achieve the favor of politicians, flatter them.

In general, we must imagine that Lviv can not be bought at a business price. They, too, will not choose second-class goods. They consider themselves to be of the highest quality. They are honest in their actions, and if they demand a lot from people, they are ready to give a lot in return.

How to satisfy Lion

First of all, flatter them often. Making love, Leo draws time, enjoying. They adore when they are caressed, kiss and say gentle flattery. Women of this sign want to listen that their face is the face of an angel, that their body is beautiful, that their presence ignites anyone. The Leo male also likes flattery. His mistresses get a lot more if they talk about his manhood and assure him that they did not love anyone so much before, even if that's not true. And indeed, the Lions can not stand the thought of rivals, their partners must be groomed and tightened. Women of this sign should not spare their wardrobe to create a seductive, feminine image. Anyone who wants to attract Leo, should make efforts to create the appropriate atmosphere, because luxury, intimacy, pleasant music weakens the resistance of the most stubborn Leo.

Positive features

A typical Lion is a powerful and noble sign, has great performing abilities. He was born to lead and to see to it that it was. He is very attractive to all people and when he needs to achieve a certain personal goal, his charms can not be resisted.

The sun, the patron of the Lion, a powerful ally and the Lion do not need to exert the same effort as all other signs, the Lion will still achieve his goals, because people adore him and help him. But the Lion should not allow his ambition to make himself miserable and grumpy. Fortunately for all of us, they tend to use their gifts of life in a noble way. They know how to use power, they are very disciplined in stressful situations. Perhaps they deserve to be kings and queens.

Negative features

Because the celestial rulers endowed Leo with so many good qualities, the Leo should be careful and not become self-satisfied. They love so much that people join them in their aspirations, that they sometimes do not understand that few people are ready to give up their "I" for the sake of Leo.

Because they always want people to think about them well, they often wear a mask of virtue, which they really do not possess, only to be praised. All this is good, if they really absorb the admission of virtue, then this negative feature - pretense - can be considered positive. Otherwise it will degenerate into a surface, shallow depth. Moreover, the Lions should not succumb to the food of fools - flattery.

Economy of love

Because it's fate, Leo usually reaches great heights, with all their economical rewards. But they rarely use their economic forces negatively, especially when they are afraid.

The thought of Leo, who buys sex and love, is impossible, extremely improbable. Lions can enter into a relationship with a man less beautiful, sexy and graceful, and smart until this person pleases his desires and provides him with enough flattery and approval that he so needs to succeed. Men-Lions often feel that their queens should not be as perfect as themselves. And women-Lions feel that their spouses should not be of the same royal origin. In fact, it has become a rule that the partners of Lviv have less individuality than Leo, they feel that the focus of attention is only for one.

Remember: a lion from the cat family. Have you ever seen a cat perform your orders?

Best partners

Up to 29.5 years of the best partners, Leo should be sought among the people of the signs of Aries and Sagittarius. All three are fire signs. And in these years they are very independent and act on an objective, unselfish basis.

After 29.5 years, the Lions begin to strive for a more sedentary life, more patient relationships and become more practical. At this time, they can be compatible with the sign of Capricorn, who, under the guise of the king, can also sit on the throne with Leo, even if Capricorn is rarely so cultured, affable and receptive. The lion can also be compatible with the Twins after 41.5 years, which fascinate Leo with his brilliant intelligence.

After 41.5 years, the Lions are already spiritually developed, have become less vain, eccentric and have reached the virgin of their intellectual development. Now they find compatibility with the signs of Libra and Scorpio. The combination of "Libra-Lion" - the famous astrological duo. Since Libra always tries to please and Lions also want to be pleased, together they make a successful and happy couple "master slave". The combination of "Scorpio-Leo" is possible only among highly developed types. But when it occurs, beware! Here is the real power, intellect, creative mix - emperors and empresses, not just kings and queens!

Assessment of fidelity

Of all the astrological signs, perhaps Leo is the most faithful. In the young years the Lions are warm and faithful friends. As they mature, they become extremely faithful and faithful.

In matrimony, their fidelity is different, provided that their spouses are lower, go one step behind and rarely challenge their common notion (image) about themselves. And never humiliate the Lion in society. For them, it's so important that others think of them, that they can quickly get divorced from a spouse who constantly embarrasses them in front of friends and family. Lions may even threaten to force those who criticize them before their fellow workers.

Questions to Leo

When you realize that if you put up with a lover who does not always please you, does not always flatter you, asks that you look at yourself from the side (revised your behavior), then you will justify waiting for your remarkable sign?

When you realize that pride precedes a fall, and when you fall, do you really fall? There is nothing more sad than the prisoner in the chain is the king.

Why are you, Lions and Lionesses, so stubborn? But then again, you can not help being yourself, because of all the children of the Earth you know the art of living better than anyone else. You are lovely children of the Sun!