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Zodiac horoscope Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Ruling planet: Mars.
Lucky number: 4,7,9,11.
Symbol: ram.
Colors: crimson, red, golden yellow, brilliant colors.
Stones: diamond, aquamarine, amethyst, krovavik, heliotrope, lunar, emerald.
Flowers: hawthorn, anemone (breeze), sweet peas, violet, cornflower.
Metal: iron, steel.
Talisman: hammer, golden fleece.
Happy days - Tuesday, Sunday.
Unsuccessful days - Friday, Saturday.
Countries: England, Germany, Denmark, Syria, Italy, Asia Minor.

General personality characteristics

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, directs the people of this sign to an active life, giving them a constant supply of energy, making them careless, restless, ambitious and rival.

The place of this sign in the horoscope is the first - and the people of this sign also always want to be first in everything. Aries is a very selfish sign.

The symbol of Aries is a ram, an animal that blows its head to everything, and everyone who has dealt with Aries knows that they, like the rams, go straight to their goal.

Aries is also the first fire sign of the zodiac, and this increases its activity. Mars, the ruling planet, has a positive effect, making people confident and courageous. Unlike another sign controlled by Mars, Scorpio, young Aries is a warrior, restless and eager for battle, even if he lacks experience. There is a certain youthful naivety in the personality of Aries, which brings many disappointments to the people of this sign. Since they want things to be done quickly and rarely have patience, they often start a task and then give the right to end it to others. So, they begin their careers before finding their place in life. They often need advice from less ardent and fast-moving people. They are idealistic and romantic. Unfortunately, Aries rarely remembers his experience and often remains gullible after many insults and failures. They excel in the professions (especially in the theater), they are the center of attention, and there are many admired people around them. Under this sign many movie stars were born. Aries also succeeds in commerce, insurance, interior decoration and home decorating, in all areas where they have personal contact with customers. People of this sign are pioneers in many areas.

They have inexplicable originality, which always gains success. They are very extrovert. Aries is not a deep, not a wise sign, but sincere and loyal. Young people are often involved in a fight, young women also show similar strength and fury in sports and work, fighting for a higher place. Aries loves its independence. They quickly respond to the call for adventure, whatever the cost.

A distinctive feature is the ability to go further, "not complexing". Even when they are offended and angry, they will quickly forget about it the next day. Being rejected (in a business relationship or in love), they rarely spend time thinking, actively fussing to be accepted somewhere else. They like to be in the company and arrange evenings. Usually they are good owners, but if they feel that they themselves are not very suitable as the hosts of the evening, they will definitely ask their friend to replace them, making sure that everything goes well.

These people are noble and cannot but come to the aid of someone in misfortune. Aries men are men like Sir Walter Reilly. Women abhor all vulgar and vulgar things. Aries are very demonstrative in expressing their views. Rarely do they keep their emotions within themselves.

Psychosexual characteristics

Aries is active in sex. These people fall into the category of hot-blooded people. But since their "I" is never forgotten, even in the midst of erotic passion, there is a danger of engaging in such relationships where there is no spiritual satisfaction.

Unlike Scorpio and Taurus, who prefer long-term sexual intercourse, Aries often does it very quickly, even for the second and third time, he is very passionate and zealous. During sexual intercourse, Aries is so rampant that his partner is inclined to think that he will finish before the orgasm. Men of this sign often express their emotions during sexual intercourse by various moans and exclamations. Women of this sign, when they are very excited, often forget the posture put by the educated lady, and assume the male role.

As already noted, under the influence of planets, the distinctive characteristics of signs can be weakened, muffled. Aries, however, should be first in everything, and it would be reasonable to assume that if he is aggressive in conversations and other manifestations of his “I”, then he will be the same in bed.

Guided by Mars, these are warriors — men and women — themselves choose a partner, then “attack” him, sometimes modestly and shyly, and sometimes without any warning. How Aries will behave during intercourse is impossible to predict, just as it is impossible to predict his behavior at all.

One thing is certain: they want to be aggressive, they want to be winners. And how this role is fulfilled and what results follow from this depends on the influence of the planets on the individual horoscope.

Non-sexual maneuvers

Aries have achieved great art in non-sexual maneuvers in order to achieve their personal goals. Since this is a very romantic sign, they create a “pink veil” of perfection until they convince themselves that they are real knights in shining armor or the lady of the royal court. But in reality, this sign wants to be the center of attention and in personal relationships. Aries skillfully choose those people who will support their goals in deeds and in love. Anyone who is involved in any relationship with Aries will do well if he always remembers that in all affairs of Aries his interests come first.

In close personal relationships and in a married life, Aries usually have no remorse because of extramarital affairs. However, I would not like to create the impression that Aries has no positive qualities in personal relationships at all. Obviously, people who have any relationship with them should completely sacrifice their aspirations and goals. But if they do it well, then love, adventures, a variety of social activities await them. in other words, you won't be bored. Aries usually earn good money for the family and, as they love luxury, supply their loved ones with spectacular things.

Aries are usually not particularly eager to have children, but when this happens, they become their friends and advisers. Since Aries retain their youthful views, they are well able to communicate with young generations, the problems of fathers and children do not exist for them.

How to satisfy Aries

Provide them with an abundance of sex. But above all, flatter them. Since Aries rules the first House of the Zodiac, which touches the body, Aries live in the world of the "body" - they physically process, master all other areas of human relations. They love it when they are told flattering speeches during intercourse, they also recognize diversity in sexual relationships, considering that nothing goes beyond the bounds of decency.

Husbands and wives of Aries must be neat and clean. Spirits and silk pajamas, nightgowns increase their attractiveness for Aries. Soft light and music are very exciting them. Do not plan a connection with Aries for the early evening, as their boundless energy makes itself felt and then you will be left with an unsatisfied lover for the rest of the night.

Positive features

This is a charming sign. Those born under him know how to sympathize, care and make their care noticeable, always remember other people's birthdays and love to give flowers. Often find themselves at hand in moments of need and personal tragedy, will substitute a shoulder on which you can lean in misfortune. In marriage, Aries can be energetic (supplier, supplier).

Aries is Sir Galahad, a pure heart! This is Joan of Arc, brave and noble. They are not able to say: I give up.

Negative traits

The relentless energy of the ruling planet - Mars - has a negative effect on Aries, often allowing them to squander their efforts and opportunities to dissipate energy. Aries is a classic example of Stefan Lecoq Lominwara, who jumped on a horse and rode "in all directions at once."

Aries are too passionate. They should count to 10 before making any decision. Aries rarely look inside themselves. Sometimes it does not hurt them to explore their souls.

Aries, beware of your basic sin - self-centeredness! Beware also selfishness! Control over pride! Learn to finish the job! In your personal relationships, learn to give not only material rewards for love and affection, but allow your beloved to remain themselves, to preserve their desires, aspirations and originality.

Economy of love

Aries are champions in the economy of love. They know well the price of money and boldly intend to possess their share of the material goods of the world. Well-organized, they mentally control their passions. Aries demand the highest price for their professional merit. It means not only the business side. Some of the famous merchants with their bodies were born under the sign of Aries. This also includes people who, having successfully married for the first time, then marry again and again. In this they see the possibility of their progress.

But if we talk about positive features, Aries conquer their lovers at a high price, everything and even more than what our civilization can offer: modern cars, a beautiful house, a luxurious wardrobe, expensive evenings in the city.

Since Aries itself is not very wise, it applies to people who have superficial knowledge, feelings. Those who succeed financially often change the object of love, buying affection and sexual pleasures, but buying them where the most beautiful and graceful partners are sold. Aries treat them as pets, with whom they spend their time free from profitable business.

Most suitable partners

Up to 29.5 years, the most suitable partners for Aries are among the people of Leo and Sagittarius. All three are fire signs, and until this age they are extremely restless.

When Aries has passed this age, it gradually begins to mature, becoming more sedentary, less eager and passionate, more practical. At this time, Aries are compatible with the people of Capricorn and Virgo. These two earth signs have a great practicality - a feature that Aries lacks to succeed. After 29.5 years, Aries become less egocentric: they do not concentrate on love and sex and begin to direct their energy towards solid acquisitions and provision.

At the age of 41.5 years, which is half the cycle of Uranus, Aries must control themselves, as they have many negative features, such as the inability to complete what they have begun. At this time, they may be compatible with Libra (sensitive, mental sign) and Gemini (also an intellectual sign).

Assessment of loyalty

Up to 20 and a little over 20 years, Aries are looking for adventure and pleasure. In a married life, this is excellent provided that both spouses are deeply committed to the achievement of shared goals. For Aries, the best period for various pleasures, adventures and sexual compatibility is up to 29.5 years, if they, of course, are not forced to marry and settle down. After 29.5 years, the possibility of a strong family life increases.

Questions to Aries

Why do not you learn to control your inner "I"? Others see it and wrap your weaknesses against you. In fact, you see yourself through the eyes of others.

Why do you avoid confrontation with you? You do not understand that you are only taking your shortcomings with you, and then you will again have to stand up to face them in other conditions.

Why do you always have to be victorious?

And finally, why did the stars make you so seductive?